Friday, February 29, 2008

A quiet morning...

The bliss of having a nice and quiet home to really relax in! I revel in the chance to enjoy peace and quiet. last night I was thoroughly ready to beat the living daylights out of my husband. I was working on getting things done for Girl's Camp and starting to take in the portions and how much of the items I would actually need. Well, to be honest, my dear husband decided that very moment was the perfect time to have a war with the kids in the same room as me. I ended up getting shot in the bottom of my foot with a rubber back at the bas of my toes making me scream as it truly hurt. Once that war was not enough he pulled out the instruments. He has been trying to teach himself music on an old guitar. He can play part of one song andthen he messes around making incredible amounts of noise. I wanted to throttle him at some point. I am sure you all are asking: "Did you get anything done?" The answer my dear friends is a one word answer: NO!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Victoria, Victoria...

For my fellow Twilight fans here is an interview with Rachelle Lafevre who is playing
"Victoria" in our much anticipated movie...TWILIGHT!!! Her eis what she had to say to MTV:

MTV: We recently ran a story with Kristen Stewart talking about "Twilight." The old record on the MTV Movies Blog was 600 comments; that story now has 1,600 comments!
Rachelle Lefevre: [She laughs.] I've noticed. Twilight's got some avid — and rabid — fans.
MTV: And every other comment is: "OMG! Kristen is so beautiful!"
Lefevre: I don't think I've ever seen so many people [write] "OMG" in my life.
MTV: People are just now beginning to realize how big this "Twilight" thing is.
Lefevre: We are too.
MTV: So how did you become aware of it? When you first got the script, was it just another gig?
Lefevre: There were three things about it that made me want to go for the audition: The first one was that [director] Catherine Hardwicke was attached; the second was that the role was to play a vampire; and the third was that I could do an adaptation of a book that's a trilogy, with the potential to explore a character, hopefully, over three films.
MTV: So you've always wanted to play a vampire?
Lefevre: [She laughs.] I have, actually! It appeals to me. I wrote Catherine a three-page letter on why I thought I should get the part. And most of it was about how I thought that vampires were basically the best metaphor for human anxiety and questions about being alive. I also said I wanted to do something that appeals to both a younger and an older audience.
MTV: At the center of the books is the forbidden romance between Edward and Bella. And much like "Titanic" or "The Notebook," it's constructed to appeal to several generations.
Lefevre: Yeah, absolutely. ... She's not a vampire, and I love this idea that she can't be with him for all these reasons. It's the "Romeo and Juliet" thing that we love, that romanticism of "What am I willing to do?" and "What am I willing to sacrifice to be with the person I love?" Like "Titanic" or "Romeo and Juliet," these are movies where there's something that gets in the way of the romance, where you really have to sacrifice something in order to have it. And in this case, it's her life, so what can be more romantic than that — potentially having your life threatened every time you're with the guy?
MTV: You begin filming this week. What have you been doing up there until now?
Lefevre: I've spent a few weeks in Portland doing rehearsals, and it's amazing. The other actors are ridiculously committed to these roles. We've had cast dinners where we go out, just to bond — especially for the actors playing the Cullens. I think it's really important to them to be a family.
MTV: Are the Cullens sitting in the corner eating by themselves, like they do in the book?
Lefevre: [She laughs.] Well, it may evolve into that once we begin filming, who knows? But in the beginning, Catherine is very organic, and she really wants us to have it in our bodies about what it would be like to be a vampire. I remember that in your article, that Kristen [Stewart] pointed out that it's not just that these people are vampires. They have supernatural abilities beyond living forever. They have super strength and speed and hearing and agility. So Catherine really wanted us to feel what that would be like. And so there's been a huge emphasis on having the vampires work together and rehearsing together to get this cohesiveness.
MTV: And there's also tons of stunts. What kind of training have you guys received so far?
Lefevre: Oh my God, my favorite has got to be the wire-work. They put you in a harness and put you on wires, and you're flying through the air. It's really amazing. ... We also do this thing called "riding the magic carpet," which makes you look like you're moving extremely fast. ... They make you walk at incredible speeds, on an incredibly fast-moving thing, so that the effect is like you're walking with no effort at 30 miles an hour.
MTV: Tell us about how you see the character.
Lefevre: I play Victoria, who is in the book. There's not a lot about her backstory in the first book, but what I can tell you is that she's a nomadic vampire who is very, very feline and just pure instinct. This is a woman who is half-cat and is extremely powerful and enjoys her power. And she's got this flaming-red hair, which I kind of have.
MTV: She's a tough cookie.
Lefevre: Let's just say that hell hath no fury like a vampire scorned. [She laughs.]
MTV: Would it be appropriate to say that she is James' henchman?
Lefevre: They travel together; I will say that. They travel and feed together. ... You wouldn't want to meet a vampire in a dark alley, but I think you particularly wouldn't want to meet Victoria.
MTV: Now, these vampires have no teeth, right?
Lefevre: There are no teeth, no fangs.
MTV: For someone who always wanted to play a vampire, didn't you feel a little gypped?
Lefevre: Yeah, I did. That's the only thing I really wanted, was to put in teeth. [She laughs.] But there is something about no teeth that I find even scarier now, because if you think about it, think how hard and how aggressively you'd have to bite someone. Think of how aggressively you have to bite somebody to draw blood. Think about that for a minute. It's a lot scarier than you initially imagined, and probably not as neat and tidy as those two little holes.
MTV: I like that.
Lefevre: Yeah, these aren't gentle, "you may feel a little poke"-type of vampires.
MTV: What's the one line in the script that you can't wait to deliver?
Lefevre: Oh, well, Victoria has a line where she very aggressively says, "I love it when men chase me!" And it can be taken so many different ways. I find that line, as a woman, to say that in a really empowering way, is kind of sexy.
MTV: Ever since we announced your casting, there have been so many fan comments posted about you — some good and some not so good. I know you've been reading them, so I thought we could have you address a few. An MTV Movies Blog reader named "Shada," for instance, posted: "Rachelle Lefevre doesn't look scary enough to play Victoria."
Lefevre: What would I say back? Well, I would say that every picture she's ever seen of me is taken out at an event, where I'm probably happy to be there. How could I possibly look mean? Maybe she should come to my house and see me at 7 a.m., before I've had a cup of coffee. [She laughs.]
MTV: Someone named "Alexia" said: "Victoria looks fabulous and could definitely portray evil."
Lefevre: I would say, "Thank you for your confidence. I hope I don't let you down!"
MTV: And then there's "Rachel," who wrote: "Victoria looks too nice with her freckles and stuff."
Lefevre: [She laughs.] I would say that freckles equal Pollyana. And I will say this for all us freckled people, all of us red-headed, freckled gals: I intend to represent

Tired with messy hair...

I really tried to blog earlier in the day, but it was impossible as those pesky customers kept coming in demanding service. Oh well, i guess we have to make a living right?!

Anyway, I went to my hairdresser's place ready to get my hair done and feel like a new woman when all of a sudden my hairdresser disappeared. She apparently forgot our appointment. So, here I sit all ragged and sad. I was in need of pampering tonight. I guess I can't have everything can I?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A memory...

I was thinking back to when the kids were tiny. My babies were a year apart each and so that was a very trying moment in my life. I learned patience beyond anything anyone could expect. i learned how to line three little ones up to change all three diapers at once. We lived in good ol' Tualatin , Oregon then. Now, my oldest was a sunbeam and Molly was barely toddling around. This particular Sabbath Day I spent most of the time in the hallway taking care of the kids as they were all cranky beyond belief. I wondered if, even though I had not made it to one class, if Heavenly Father counted that as attending my church meeting. I had to wait for Don as his meeting was still going and the kids were crying needing a nap...I needed a nap. I just remember each step I took repeating my mantra for the day: "They are children of God...They are children of God..." Over and over to remind myself that although it didn't feel like it at that moment they really were special children that I truly loved. Besides, it cheered up my Relief Society President who walked out of the RS room hearing all three of the kids crying. She was more thankful for her grown children....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Don't call me "Baby"...

In a last minute effort to save myself from having to buy a new stove I was buying new coils for my ancient stove and waited patiently for the young man at the checkout to help. he was very cheerful, but at some point in the process he said: "OK, baby, that will be such and such dollars." EXCUSE ME?! I looked him in the eye as I squinted Don took a step back knowing exactly what was about to happen. Naturally, I straightened the young man out and I am quite sure I ruined the rest of his day. Of course, i don't think he will call anyone "baby" again.

I am happy to announce....

I am very happy to announce I have been turned down again, but this time from the publisher of one of my favorites...Harry Potter. I can't tell you just how happy that I am to get that rejection notice. You see, aside from my little celebrations every time I get turned down it tells me something....I am still trying to make my dream come true. Funny isn't it? I believe this just proves the insanity in my head. I celebrate the phrase "no" when it comes. I am a bit afraid to see what my reaction if someone had the nerve to take me on. I am going to try my hand at something a bit different...humor. I have been told all my life that I have a great sense of humor. A curious bug hit me yesterday that I wonder if I can get it to translate onto a piece of paper. I have no idea of where to start, but I am sure that someday it will emerge if I stay open to ideas. Hmmm....any suggestions?

Allow me to clarify...

I want to clarify something. i totally understand when there are circumstances that the bishopric is not well informed on in a person's life that will not allow them to give their time to that calling, but I am talking more towards the people who have to think about if that is what they really want to do. I didn't think that was an option. If I had the choice to be perfectly honest I would not choose to have a calling as my life is busy enough that I never feel that I can give my hundred percent. However I firmly believe that our bishopric takes the time needed in praying about specific callings that when my name appears in their thoughts then there is a reason for it. I totally understand when schooling or work perhaps, may get in the way of that calling and sometimes it cannot be arranged on a different schedule. So, for those of you who fall under that circumstance I am really not talking about you. It is the ones who want to pick and choose their callings that I am referring to.

Monday, February 25, 2008

A bee in my bonnet...

I am hoping I do not offend too many people. Perhaps this could turn into a big discussion which would be great. That way I could achieve a greater understanding. Or perhaps this is just a big whine session for me. Either way I am sure that a few feathers may be ruffled.

During my quiet time I contemplate a great many things and yesterday was no different. Yesterday, I was stretched out coming ever so close to that elusive nap that seemed just out of my grasp yesterday. Well, needless to say while I was sitting in my favorite chair I began to think of callings and such and I wondered, to myself, why people turn down callings. Truly, I have never been in a ward where so many people turn down callings they are not fond of. Nearly 16 1/2 years ago I joined this church and was given my first calling. When I was extended the calling it was by a very dear bishop. He explained to me that unless there were circumstances that would interfere with my accepting the calling....and those circumstances had to be something huge indeed...that I should accept them as they are intended to help me grow spiritually. i have had a great many callings since then that I have argued in my head. Believe me, I don't always agree with the bishop's decision to extend certain callings to me, but in the end I find I have learned a valuable lesson. There was a lesson in each calling and although there are times when my stomach turns sour when a calling is extended, I tend to accept quickly before I can think of a reason not to accept. If I could I would say to them: "Are you insane?" (especially about the entire head cook at camp thing) I am quite sure that there is a purpose in all things and I will learn them one way or another. For now, I choose to accept.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lesson Learned...thanks teacher!!!

This morning I watched an incredible video that a friend had sent. it is an excerpt from a gentleman on Oprah. He is dying, but is leaving it on his terms. he is passing on some wonderful insight into our own lives that can help us become better people, parents. He has changed my outlook today and hopefully I will keep this in my heart as I make my way through my life. I hope you all enjoy it as well. It is definitely soemthing to remember.

Friday, February 22, 2008


I have to admit when I added the map to the bottom of my blog I was wondering just how big I could get that dot in the bay area, but I was shocked to find dots located in Mexico, the middle of the US and near the great lakes. Sorry, I have never been great with geography, which seems kind of funny since I do book travel part time. The good thing is that I am excited to meet new friends and have new visitors!!! So, for all of you I do not know: WELCOME!!! I love to read others blogs so feel free to make a comment so I can check out your blog!!!!

Well, I done did it....

Well, I am still working on my publishing of my book and I took some advice from a friend...thanks Liz... and I found my way to which does self publishing. I still retain all the rights to the book, but they will display my book on their sight and supposedly within three weeks give or take a day, they should be able to have it listed with and be made available to retail stores to stock. My mom also encouraged me to do this while I still work at finding a regular publisher. I don't expect too much...I never do, but it will be a new thing to keep me busy while I wait for my turn down letter to come in from the various publishers. Eventually, some crazy person will agree and i can withdraw it easily from Lulu. It will be fun to see if anyone looks and decides to buy it. Stranger things have happened. Believe me, I do not expect any of you to go out and buy it. most of you have read it already. So, it will be fun to see if anyone...not related to my dear friends actually bites and buys one.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Keeping in step...

Just to make sure you are all updated on the Twilight Movie. Stephenie made her way to Oregon, which I must add is a fabulous place to film in with greenery everywhere. Nothing like California that is for sure. Anyway, here is what she said about her visit to the set:
"Hey guys, I thought you might enjoy a couple of pictures from my weekend on the set of Twilight the movie. It was an amazing time; I had the chance to visit some of the film sites (Oregon is gorgeous!), go through the story boards (if just scanning through the sketches is so exciting, I can only imagine how much more thrilling the live action will be), watch some brief videos of stunt work (ouch! but so cool), and even catch a little bit of a vampire baseball game (look out—James is a ringer). My favorite part was dinner with some of the cast and crew. You don't know surreal until you sit down at a table with people out of your imagination. It was more than a little bit disturbing how pretty everyone was, and who knew movie stars were so nice? Anyway, if you ever get a chance to visit the set of a movie based on a book you wrote, I definitely recommend that you go for it.
Check out the website for another picture!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Great news!!!

I am excited that I finally got in touch with my niece in Mali. She is in the Peace Corps there working in a small village on a sanitation project trying to help them stay healthy and change their lives for the better. She is a good kid...almost 25 (though technically only 5 since her birthday is on February 29th). She has worked her way through college and graduated from UOP. She spent a semester in Senegal and came back absolutely fallen in love with the people there. She loves to help others and enjoys her adventures as "the only white girl the village has seen." I miss her, but I am happy that she is helping others. Get to know Michele a bit. She doesn't get a chacne to update her blog often, but I love to read her entries when she does.


Has your hubby ever surprised you with a reaction that you did not expect? Mine did today, but unfortunately I cannot just tell you what he said without going through the history behind today. Enjoy!!!

There is a running joke between Don and I....and please believe me that we are not serious about this at all. When he was out of town 3 weeks out of the month he would call me every night and truly worried about my loneliness as it was just me and the three kids. I would often joke with him that I was never alone. That Raul, my latin lover, was with me whenever he was gone. I joked with him that the love of his life, and every other teen boy in the 80's, Cindy Crawford.

Today at work we were looking through a trade magazine and there in the center was good ol' Cindy Crawford looking as fabulous as ever, which incredibly enough irked me that she looked so good after kids!!! Anyway, Don and I were laughing about how we refered to Raul and Cindy, but I had to warn my poor hubby that my heart no longer belonged to Raul. I have moved onto Johnny Depp. I mean, for goodness sake, I have watched him since 21 Jumpstreet.---I can just hear half of you in your mind saying "What was 21 Jumpstreet?" Especially since none of you were probably old enough to remember. How tragic! Don started laughing and shook his head.

He kissed me on the forehead and said: "Well, if anything happens to me and he walks through the front door I have a feeling he would fall head over heels in love with you. Everyone does." Then he gave me a big hug.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Introducing the Cullen Family...

Now, since I am the psycho of the ward about the Twilight series I thought I would shae with you the first shot of the Cullen family. You can pretty much guess who is who. I was hoping they would change Alice's hair a bit and dye it black, but I guess I can't have everything. Oh well, it was worth a shot. More can be seen on the movie page following the link I have on the right side.

Late Valentine's Day...

As promised, Don took me shopping to one of my favorite stores up in Tahoe and this is what he bought me. I am not the diamonds type of girl...Don would love it if I were. Instead I like the natural stones from the earth...yes I know diamonds come from the earth but I am just not a blingy girl. Sorry. This stone is actually Larimite. The only known place of its existance is under the Caribbean near the Dominican Republic. There is a small under water mountain that is only one kilometer wide. I truly love the colors of this piece. Along the edges is a sandy color but in the center is bright white mixed in with the same turquoise color you associate with the water in the caribbean. If you hold the pendant to the sun or another light source you will find see the turquoise inside actually light up and shine on through. I am totally loving it!!! I always have loved the ocean and so to get something from the ocean to wear is incredible to me.

Monday, February 18, 2008

What Happens in Tahoe...Stays in Tahoe...

We just got back and I am uploading my pictures of the weekend. We had a BLAST!!! Aside from the flat tire in Folsom we hit no glitches. We had some great friends willing to turn around from their trek home from Tahoe just to help us...Thanks Lora & Anson!!!We love the Riddle & Silcox families. They were so fun! It was a totally kick back weekend where there were no rules. I cannot tell you much more because we did make the agreement of What happens in Tahoe...Stays in Tahoe. So...Instead I will simply share a few pictures that were snapped.

You all can claim it as much as you want, but my Superman can really fly!!!

Our view from the condo. Believe it or not I remember racing down this particular run in my teen years. 65 miles per problem!!!

Every Family needs a "Snow Bunny." This is ours...

My second favorite guy in the entire world!!!

Can't forget my Molly Bee!!!

The rest of these photos are...well...they may require an explanation, but you will not get one. That falls under the agreement! Enjoy!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why do they make things so difficult?!?!?!

AllI wanted to do last night was to simply put gas in the truck for the trip and then pick up a few essential items from the store before packing and spending the rest of the evening lounging and relaxing. We went to the store to pick up the few essentials and then went to the gas station and came home. So far so good!!!! I then pulled out the two pieces of luggage we would need as one I was pretty sure would house all of our snow boots, pants gloves, etc. Never before has he messed with my packing checklist, but last night he was in the middle causing more harm than good and dragging it out almost an hour longer than needed. I was thoroughly amazed and slightly upset. I spent the rest of the night babysitting him on loading up his new Ipod...courtesy of me for Valentine's Day. Is it THAT difficult for him to look for things on his own!?!?!? thankful if your husband is computer saavy. you will never have to deal with this. He is getting there though. It will just take some time and then he will master Itunes...I hope.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Guess what?!?! I am blowing up today!!!

No, I am not allergic to something or bloating or anything like that. I was in the bank trying to get change for the store when a gentleman who became irate in the middle of the bank and threatened to blow us all up. Don't worry, he was absolutely off kilter. I'm really not upset or anything like that about it either. I have heard of thigns like this happening, but I am truly happy to know how I would react to this type of thing. If I had kids with me, how would I protect them?! I saw the gentleman in the line next to the merchant line and I had a dark feeling so my first thoughts are always: 'If something goes wrong where is my best chance to get out of the way?' I found a little spot where I could be out of the line of sight and be tucked away quite nicely. I felt grateful after he stormed out knowing that I was lead by the spirit in looking for that spot and felt confident that as long as I keep my life on track with the Lord then I will receieve those messages when needed. What could be better than having the still small voice whisper in my heart to be aware in what could have possibly been a really ugly moment?

Workin' for the Weekend....

I am sooo ready for some time away. I know it seems like we go away for the weekend a lot...well we do, but that is not the point at all. the point is that we are acutally going back to my childhood. I truly feel sorry for my friends who will be there with me. I will be sort of quiet at times as I look around because oten I find myself drifitng back into yesteryear remembering the things I used to do when I was a kid. Every corner and every snowbank I guarantee will take me back. As I am driving past Echo Summit sno-park I will remember it as the old ski area i would trek to every weekend and all of my winter breaks for practice and races.

I will remember taking part in the Special Olympics torch lighting ceremony, our pathways the ski patrol never knew we took, or knew but never told our mother. Either way...sweet!!! i will remember sitting on the ski lift while it was cold and snowy down at the lake and looking as if I was skiing down a mountain floating on a cloud.

When I pass across the Upper Truckee River I will remember the summers we used to raft all day. My older brother and I had a raft and my parents had another. It was a fun way to experience the true Tahoe...away from all others. I will see the exit to Emerald Bay and remember ALL of the hikes down to Vikingsholm Castle and spending the day on the beach there. I will remember catching tadpoles and crawdads and bringing them home to my mom who patiently discarded them when I was not looking.

I will never forget the days we would cruise around on our bikes all over having a great time. It was a dream childhood. I ice skated on a lagoon with my friends, oaddles all over the Tahoe Keys with my best friend and stood in the back of a truck while we sped along the dirt trail to Fallen leaf Lake with our boombox blasting Duran Duran in the background. Life was definitely good!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Ok!! I am not by all means being too critical. I read the little parts of "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer and I from what I read I just could not get into it, but that's just because I felt completely lost as to what in the world was happening at the portion where I read. Perhaps part of it is our fascination with "Edward". i really do not know, but I do know that I more than likely will not be buying it but looking forward instead to getting the final Twilight Series book. I am really looking forward to it. I guess I will have to live in my own little world writing my own stories until then. I already have the project that Molly put onto me. It is turning quite interesting on its own. I am thinking of changing the dynamic of it all, but we shall see what happens with it. I think I may just let it go and think about the changes later on. We shall see. I will update the progress on the other blog as that is primarily what it is for, I suppose.

On a side note, I truly hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines Day...

Happy Valentine's Day (in Eeyore's voice). Well, Don and I decided once the kids were asleep we would celebrate Valentine's Day. While I spent the evening helping in the torturing of the youth...and handing out Girl's Camp forms. When I got home it was business as usual. We broke out the kids' Valentine Cards and wrote little notes in each one and sealed them up. Since Don was not shocked at all that I purchased an Ipod for him I gave it to him tonight so he could get some of his cd's loaded up on it tonight...keeping him busy. He presented me with a vase topped by this huge balloon. When it is tapped the silly thing sings and very loud. Don danced holding the vase sending me into hysterics. He also had a black teddy bear tied to the vase along with a box of yummy truffles and a card. He said that was to keep me busy until we made it to Tahoe where I am allowed to pick pout whatever I want. Hmmm. tampting let me tell you, but I have a feeling what shop I will be going to...if it is still there. I am looking forward to it. it should be a lot of fun for the weekend to peek around knowing that I am gettng treated to something special of my own choosing. Don't worry, I will post my oddball it will more than likely be a choice of sentimental value there. We shall see...and so shall you when I get back!!!!

Let the craziness begin!!!!

I am truly not in the mood for this beware anyoen that comes near me in the 24-48 hours. Today is calm at this point, but once the kids get picked up there is nothing but craziness in store. I am not the type of Mom that enjoys running from place to place. I will be dropping Molly off at a school dance today at 4, finish off work, come home, Don will head off to take Molly, I will head to Costco to pick up Don's Valentine present, from there we will attempt to meet over at Subway for dinner and then head out to mutual where I will do my best to get the girls excited about Girl's Camp coming up. I will stick around for the entire mutual and I amy take some time to get some work done on the computer before I head back home and then wrap my sweetheart's present. i will have you know last night we picked up some small gifts for the kids. We also picked out cards for the kids. In the end, I picked up a card for Don while he stood right there and he didn't even notice it. i was very amused, but yes I did have pity on him and told him that I bought him a card. he thoguht I was joking because he never saw it. I told him that he could buy something for me up in Tahoe while we are there this weekend. So believe me all is not lost.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Hate Valentine's Day...

I am sorry, this may seem sacreligious to admit this, but I cannot stand Valentine's Day!!!! Here's the thing. Most of you know I am a plain jane. I do not enjoy dressing up too much. May a formal night on the cruise, but mostly I hate to go out to crowded restaurants with other couples. I am NOT a jewelry person. I have no fondness for diamonds are any other accents. To give you an example, while picking out my wedding ring Don and I argued. I wanted a tiny diamond, as I knew there was no way I was going to go without one, and he wanted a larger one. In the end, I was sent to the opposite side of the store by Uncle Richard who discussed the diamond with Don. Don's Uncle Richard...of Caldron's Jewelers on Central Ave downtown... made my ring specifically for me. Don, who used to work there while we were in high school, picked out my diamonds. I don't mind flowers, they are nice, but they never stay. I can never find a decent outfit around lately. I do not need any more projects. I can't even finish the ones that I have. I don't have any books that I want. I buy whatever chick flicks I want when I want them. I don't have too many things that I truly want. A nice, but honestly have you seen the cards around there?! I guess perhaps I am a sour puss, but I seriously have a tough time with this holiday....I always have. Perhaps it will disappear quickly!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

The winner is......

The Caribbean has been the idea on everyone's tongues and I have always wanted to head out with Disney on a cruise. totally celebrate my turning forty, which truly I am so excited for!!!! Lots of totally exciting things will be happening in my forties and so I am thrilled about heading into that decade. you all are going to think I am more insane than I already am. Age is just a number and not meant to get people down. Besides. it is not my true age anyway...remember our spirits were born before we came down here. I imagine that I am 3284 years old. It's a ncie age, but there is never enough room to put all of those candles. So, i will settle for a nice ghiradelli candles. So, for my earthly age of forty years I am excited to sail with my kids. They are thrilled that we are going to be with us for once. If any other families would like to join us then let us know. We are looking forward to some fun in the sun...However, it won't be for three and a half years. Two and half years from now we will hit the meditterannean...without the kids. if you feel like joining us for that one..feel free. That will be Don's fortieth birthday. Ahh the fun and excitement!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nervous Breakdown, USA!!!

Well, I tell you. My nerves were shot today. This, I beleive, is why the good Lord sent me my three all at once. He knew that I am not a small child person. Let me explain. Do you ever look at friends or people that you know in the ward that you can tell are hitting their parenting best whe the kids are a certain age? Some people are excellent with toddlers, infants or even teens. I am quite sure that I do better with older kids than toddlers and infants. Please do not get me wrong at all. I loved my kdis when they were babies and even toddlers...I just was not good at it. I didn't ahve that ability to talk to them on that level as easily as with my kids as old as they are now. I know that sounds really strange. For example. My dear friend Lora is fabulous with younger kids...any kids, but younger right now...I enjoy so much teens and such. I love the fact that my daughter and I can go out to see a chick flick together and really enjoy it. We watched Pride and Prejuidice with me at home and had a great time. We are making plans to go to see Twilight when it comes out in December. I truly enjoy this time in her life. I feel I am at my best with her at this age than when she was a baby. Amazing but true!!! I will survive the sunbeams though...I hope!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pancho People Update

Well, for those of you who remember my rant about Pancho People I have a fabulous update. My dear friends, The Wilson's are down in Disneyland right now and yesterday they went on the grizzly Water Rapid Ride. Normally they wear panchos, but after my rant they went without the panchos and got completely soaked!!!!! I was laughing so hard when i received the voicemail today hearing him tell us all about it. I loved it!!! i have a feeling next time they will break out their ponchos and not listen to those of us who scorn their habits!!!

21 days and counting....

You all are going to see me for the nut that I am. I have given up my precious Cola habit. I have been trying for some time to get rid of it, but it takes awhile. I still can't figure it out because when I joined the church I gave up coffee instantly with no fuss. I can't even stand the smell of coffee to this day. I have very strong issues when it comes to drinking just plain water, but that is my the end of my strange plan. Now I am drinking Sprite. I know, I know. It isn't any better in some ways, but I am done with the caffeine headaches and with the major urges to just grab a bottle, which is sad since we actually own a Coca Cola Cooler here at the store. I can drink a bit of the vitamin water, but my stomach gets upset if I drink it too much. So, I will step down to the vitamin water and juices from here and then to the water with the Crystal Light packets and eventually completely to ice water. I cannot drink room temperature water...pregnancy issues you don't even want to hear. I am happy to be done with the whole cola thing though. I am sad though when I see my mexican Coke sitting so nicely in the cooler calling to me. How sad it is!!!!

A request...

Molly and I were talking on thursday and she asked me to write her a story. She said it didn't have to be a super long story, but she wanted a story that she helped make the idea for. So, curiosity took over. I asked her what sort of story she wanted me to write and she explained that she wanted a modern day beauty and the beast. So, I have begun work on that. I have twisted it a usual, but it will get there. I already had a bit of an idea in my head which fit in perfectly for her request. I have not yet given up on my other story as it is till floating out there in the publishing world. Time is the key factor in it all. I also notice, not to sound pompous or anything, that my writing has improved. I know that after 3 million rewrites this one will take on an amazing look, but until then I will start with what I have got!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Anywhere I want to go!!!!

That was the offer I got. We are heading out for a ncie cruise for Don's 40th birthday so i thought I would schedule one for my 45th being that the kids would be pretty much grown and gone. Don said no way!!! He said if I don't plan a trip for my birthday then he will throw a huge party for me. Needless to say I hate being in the spotlight so I am taking the opportunity to travel with my kids for my birthday. We were thinking on finally taking the kids on a cruise with us and were leaning towards Disney since there are no casinos on board and it is geared towards the family. I am also looking at the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas which would be incredible!!! I defintiely want to take my kids with me this time.Where would you go?!?!?! Aside from Paris that is!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Being that I am the freak of Tracy...

Now please, do not give me that roll of the eyes. I am not talking about a normal freak. I am the Twilight freak who really knows way too much about the series and the movie coming up. So in the spirit of making sure that everyone gets hyped up for our Girl's Night at the movies...when it opens up that is...I introduce Kristen Stewart and what she says about filming going on right now:

“People really love these books,” said Stewart. “Right now it’s a trilogy, and a fourth book is coming out, so hopefully we’ll get to shoot all four.”
For those who haven’t yet been bitten, “Twilight” will feature Stewart as Bella Swan, a teenage girl whose life gets turned upside-down after she meets and falls in love with a vampire. Additional names will be cast in the next few weeks, but according to the actress, 21-year-old Pattinson is already sinking his teeth into the role of Edward.
“He’s so good and he’s so soulful and he’s just not a liar — you can feel pain from him,” Stewart cooed. “The cool thing about the story is that it’s a seemingly wonderful fantasy — let’s fall in love with vampires and live forever — but it’s so much harder than that. Imagine living forever. Living one life is hard enough.”
But don’t get fooled into thinking this is going to be “The Notebook” for the undead. “The main character is like, superhuman,” Stewart said of the action scenes in the script. “He’s a vampire, but with really [heightened powers]; he can run faster than a car can drive, and he’s super strong. He throws me over his back [in one scene], right before he’s going to tell me that he’s a vampire, and then he runs over the treetops. And we’re going to be in real treetops; we’re not just going to CGI it. We actually get to go up there, and that’s what I’m stoked on.”
“It’s a pretty triumphant love story,” Stewart concluded, looking forward to stepping in front of the cameras. “It’s gonna take a while, and it [deserves to be] at least a series of three.”

So, I thought you all would really enjoy that little update since the fact that the release date has been met with such a huge excitement!!!

I was shocked!!!!

What most of have noticed is that I am fairly laid back. I don't get too upset too easy for the most part. However what you don't know is that when I do happen to get upset it is because someone has said or done something incredibly stupid. I do not use the word "stupid" lightly, but this last week someone hit a nerve. Also something that you may not know is that our store is the local school bus stop which means our driveway to the house and parking lot are often filled with kids heading home after school or getting picked up. I ahve to pick up trash and items they decide to throw on the ground every day, but even that is not quite the big deal as that doesn't happen too often. However, one day last week I was helping a customer who had parked in front of our store. He was in the middle of buying boots which is always a big deal here at the store when the school bus driver sent a child in to ask us to have our customer move his truck sothat she could pull through on our driveway that the school district does not pay us a dime to drive on at any time. I just boiled over and told the child to please go back and tell the bus driver that the truck belongs to our customer as does the property and we are not moving it until he is ready to move it. Am I wrong?! I promise you I was very sweet to the child as it was not his fault the bus driver had nerve to ask such a stupid question.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Ok! So I was saying that I was waiting for something, but then I realized it was time to close the shop and that I need to pack my dear pink computer away to take home. I am actually waiting to see my kids grow up and fly on their own. Corinna is in a really special time in her life. I am moving from managing her life to slowly change into the counselor position. She is independent and that is fine with me and she is being able to do so many things in her life. She actually is a pretty easy kid. Aside from the normal teen whining and self importance it really is a remarkable to see her grow from being completely pure and helpless to being strong willed and having an excitement for life and stretching out her wings ready to test their strength. She is completely concerned about her grades and making it to BYU. She has a great love for attending mutual. She wants to learn how to cook. Photography has turned into an incredible passion for her which I love to watch. She and I are more alike than I thought. I can sit and council her through things telling her from the heart and share small experiences, not everything, but some she will hear. It's really a cool thing to see your kids ready to fly!!!

Breaking Dawn!!

OK!! Some of you are obsessed with the Twilight Series. Although, now I am quite certain that I have you all beat!!! Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the Twilight Series, will be released on August 2nd!!! I am so thrilled!!! That will be the day that I am coming home from Girl's Camp so I will be stopping at the book store on the way home. Beleive me when I say, that is not a joke!!! I will deserve time to read after a week at Girl's Camp!!!!

Fully ready for a nap!!!!

I tell you, sometimes I feel like I am on a hamster wheel...a very large hamster wheel at that! Gals, if you don't work outside the home count yourself blessed. I feel I am running non stop and by the time I get home I have to keep running because it is either the laundry, the house needs to be cleaned, meetings, ward temple night, Sundays at church, dropping off kids to various places, attempting to grocery shop, keep track of the kids' homework, yucky business meetings, and occasionally I totally zone out and plug my headphones into my laptop and watch movies and not listen to anything else or anyone else. I am just waiting to...well I am sorry I can't really tell you. I have to go now!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Surprise Surprise!!!

Before you all beign to let your mind wander to what the surprise is...NO I AM NOT PREGNANT!!! I no longer have the ability to reproduce and after my threee I don't know that I could handle one more. I am also warning you of the graphic nature of this post..Now back on track!!!
For those of you that have wandered into the store you may have noticed that Don and I play with walkie talkies all day long. He is usually working with the feed outside, loading up customers or filling propane tanks. We have found the easiest way for me to call and let him know what else he needs to load up i call back on the walkie talkies. Well, today I was caught completley off guard with my dear little monthly friend starting. So, I called my hubby to whine. I simply was just whining because I didn't expect it to come this soon. when I walked out of the restroom to find my purse for my emergency supplies in walks Don. he went over to the house to retrieve supplies for me. I didn't want to tell him that I already had it because I didn't ask him and that simple act reminded me what a sweetheart he really is. I am grateful for him even though


Ok! I am so thrilled that I am jumping for joy!!!! Well, not literally as it is way too early to wake the masses, however, what I am thrilled at is that my children are back at school!!!!! Now, I love them dearly, but it had become increasingly difficult to keep them entertained. They have been off since before Christmas which kept them occupied for a bit. Of course, as usual, Christmas passes on and there really isn't a whole lot to do after that. During the final week I smiled when I heard they had chosen to have a movie week. Each day they would take turns picking out one movie and Molly would bring out her air popper, which is a smaller scale of my giant popper, and make popcorn for everyone. During their break I am happy to report my kids have learned a few more cooking skills. Bryan can now make his own macaroni and cheese...from the box. I am very proud of my little guy. he has learned to measure out the milk and butter and how to boil the macaroni. He already makes a pretty good pancake, from bisquick...meaning he has to actually follow a recipe, and even omelets. All three of my kids make pretty good omelets...Too bad I don't like omelets. Corinna and Molly have become very good about doing their own laundry while Bryan is still learning. All in all it has been a pretty productive six weeks off of school, but I do have one question....Who will make lunch for me now?!?!?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

My dream home...

With my upcoming trip back home to good ol' South lake Tahoe I was thinking back to the thigns I did as a child. One thing we did often when visitors would come up is take them down into Emerald Bay to see Vikingsholm Castle. They once made a staircase one mile in length down the side of the mountain. When they realized that most people could not make it back up to the top without needing an ambulance they created a switchback trail that they still have to this day. Let me tell you, walk down and then up and you will truly learn how ell your personal trainer has done their work!!!! Anyway, that is beside the point. At the bottom is a little jewel named Vikingsholm Castle. It was built between 1928-1929. I fell in love with the simple elegance of this home. it has become my dream home and I asked Don if when we hit retirement and go to build a home on our property down in Texas if I could have my own Vikingsholm. He smiled, kissed me on the cheek, and said "Of course." So, I wanted to share with you a picture of my dream home that someday I will call my own personal piece of heaven.

Being myself...

I have whined before about not feeling as if I belong anywhere. It seems sometimes while everyone else is "normal" I am always feeling like I do not belong like I am different from everyone. I received an e-mail from a friend I traveled through Italy with and she included this picture. Looking at these tulips (being quarter dutch, I have always loved tulips) I realized that although the one yellow tulip is different from the thousands of is not meant to be looked down upon, but to shine for the world to see and appreciate. We are much the same way. We are asked not to hide our light under a bushel but to let our light shine. I am grateful now that I do see things a bit different and I am able to share my different views and opinions with others that may ask why I see things differently. When I look at this picture I no longer think about how ostracized that one yellow tulip must feel, but I now wonder: How many of those red tulips want to be like that yellow one? Interesting question isn't it?

I've done it now!!!

Re-reading whatI had written I am sure that I have irritated more than a few of you. Trust me, if it happened it was not intentional. I was going through a very exhausted whiney stage. We all hit them. I guess i jsut look at everyone in our ward and I think to myself : "How wonderful would it be?" From the bottom of my heart I mean that. how wonderful would it be to have all my friends together doing service for the borthers and sisters who have passed on. It is really a special session when you fill it up with wardmembers/friends to be there with us. Granted, I have never had more than ten couples show up for the ward temple night anywhere else.

I also totally understand that everyone in this ward is truly busy. I know that the hours at work can run late and there are always things to do when we get home. Some people sneak in when they can and I can totally appreciate that. I guess I am a dreamer of sorts and a major control freak...believe it or not. I am not feeling very controlling in this. It is more of my dreamer self. I dream of a day when we have our ward filling the seats of even the small endowmwnt room. How cool would that be? We would be united in purpose and serving together, taking a rest from the weariness of the world we live in. Our hearts would be filled with the spirit and know that our friends were there with us. That's my vision of heaven on earth!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I didn't want to go.....

Truly, I didn't want to go. I had every reason not to: electrical problems with the house, exhaustion and I just plain did not want to go...but I am sooo happy I did. Two nights earlier I receieved a call from a friend asking if we were still going to ward temple night. We completely had wiped it from our memory in a vain attempt to be a bit more selfish with our time, I suppose. It's always so sad when we go. We and the other couple are the only ones who seem to go for ward temple night. beleive me, I understand everyone has their times they can make it. Some have to come earlier due to babysitters and such. But honestly I thought to myself..."Why do we even have a ward temple night once a month?" If everyone goes at different times and doesn't show up on that one particular night a month, then why bother? Please believe me when I say I am not being judgemental at all on anyone as I know schedules are very hectic. Last night was the most incredible feeling that I have had in a long time while serving another sister in the temple. After the phone call, I really thought about everything going on, especially the death of our dear President Hinckley. I thought: how best I could thank him for the service he had given while on this earth? The answer was simple...go to the temple. The way I see it, he was a tool in the Lord's hands to dot the world with temples allowing members worldwide the blessing of eternal marriage. I was not disappointed last night. When we arrived and managed our way to the chapel waiting for our turn we managed to scoot into the last group. when I walked into the large endowment room and saw it was packed with very few seats left open it nearly brought tears to my eyes. I was not the only one who received that inspiration to attend the temple that night. It was a touching tribute to such a sweet man. One stake had five buses!

Today we lay our dear prophet to rest. We thank him with tears in our eyes and hearts full of gratefulness for all he has taught us and done. I will miss him greatly, but he has made me a better person and for that I will always be thankful. Rest well, dear brother.