Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A funny thing happened at Girl's Camp...

Actually, it was most defintiely a good thing. As most of you can see I am home from Girl's Camp...temporarily. I was asleep late Sunday night into the Monday morning hours when I was awakened by a prompting...I needed to get home. I had no idea why and I had no idea what was in store for me and I couldn't possibly understand...until today that is.

Yesterday after the decision was made for me to follow the prompting tears came to my eyes. for those of you who have never experienced Girl's Camp...you are indeed missing out. Working in the kitchen is one fo the most wonderful palces in camp, to me. There is no drama from the girls...it is simply service lovingly given. Our staff is one of the most incredible groups of rag tag people I have met. Once I told them and was given hug after hug to show their support I jumped in the truck and drove straight through the three hours home. I called my hubby, with tears streaming down my face, I felt a disappointment that I had not finished my calling, and explained what happened he told me he loved me and would be waiting for me to arrive. Once I arrived home I got my hug and then realized that I still had no clear answer as to why I came home...until this morning. I had taken Don's truck to camp to haul all of the necessities needed to run the kitchen properly. With his truck gone, he is unable to pick up feed for the store. We are out, dead out. Our dear little store will never survive without it. I found out this morning that the shipment originally slated for today would not be here until Thursday. With me being home, he can take the truck and pick it up today. Thank heavens!!! I am so grateful for the gentle promptings of the spirit, evne if it is hard to follow sometimes. I will be returning to Girl's Camp tomorrow, with the truck, to haul everything home again Saturday. I am grateful to the Lord and I am grateful for my friends who made my departure from camp easier knowing I needed to follow what I was told. I will see you all in a few days!!!

Thanks for the awards...

First and foremost I would like to thank two fabulous people: Miss Emmy & Robin for the "Wylde Women" award. I am feleing a bit "Wyld" right now.
I would like to pass this one onto:
Jan- you are always inspiring me to look on the bright side...and to have a year supply of choclate
Red- I love your take on life, and tents for that matter. You have an incredible spirit that radiates back on through
Just Because- Your sense of humor...and photographs. LOVE THEM!!!
Jennie- Your pure love of your kdis and hubby radiate through the screen as well as your beautiful spirit--sorry all, this one is aprivate blog...you're missing out though.
Lynne at Sugar City Journal- your creativeniss, fabulous fashions, children and most especially your smile bring a smile to my own face.
Lora--knowing you and the thigns that have happened and are happening in your life...you just make me smile...inside and out.
Here is the information on this award and the rules.
And also, thanks again to my dear friend emmy for this award:

I would like to pass this award off to Liz
She makes me smile with the anecdotes about her kids & hubby for that matter. I love her creativeness and to see what she is sewing next since my talents lie elsewhere!!! Enjoy Liz!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

A fond farewell...for a week.

Here is my only problem with Girl's Camp....I can't take my computer!!!! I actually enjoy the break and my dear hubby and I need one from each other at this point. We are stressed to the gills and it is mostly because of my being Head Cook thing. Really, I am none too thrilled about it!!! However, it will be better once I get up there. I am truly going to be happy once I figure out that i have planned for enough food. the stress kills me!!! Of course, the happiness of knowing that I have a legitimate excuse of why not to accept next year is even better. That got rid of a major amount of stress right there!!!!

I will be bringing my camera...those joining me, be forewarned!!!! I am excited that we leave tomorrow. Don will be fine here at the store and I will get a much needed rest. That will be a good thing methinks!!! Of course, I don't think there is much rest working in the kitchen, but it is a fabulous feeling to serve others for the week. It seems funny to me that we have such different camps and experiences over the world. I have a friend whose daughter has bare minimums when she goes to camp and here we are having a state of the art kitchen...well, state of the art for most camps to be honest. how many do you know that have warming ovens? It is amazing and I am thrilled to death. hubby is always supportive of me attending, but also somewhat sad when I am not here. For that I love him. He is a good guy and I am thankful for him everyday.

Other than that we are feeling very good. We have shared the news of our impending adventure to Texas to those close around us. Truly, most of the customers and such will find out in November. I will call our mortgage company with some questions today. They have always been really wonderful to us, I am thankful for that. Other than that our decisions have been fairly easy. We will contact an agent coming in October to put it up in November. We shall see what happens.

I have to tell you all that I am very excited about this. We will be moving to a new area of the country. it will be far more fun to not have to work with hubby. We were both enjoying that thought because in all honesty, when you work together all day, and then go home together at night...What int he world do we talk about?! Not a thing. We already know everything!!!! I think there is a chance that we could explore the lower half of the US on vacations and such which would be great. Of course, that also means that we will be closer to Disney World...a high point on my list!!! And, although we are putting on hold Don's 40th birthday cruise on the Mediterranean, we will still be going on our trip to Australia with the kids the following year. Don was happy that at least we could still plan on that adventure.

Well all, I guess I am signing off for now. Have a great day and I will write when I get home next week. Until then....keep smiling!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sorry for the lack of info...

We are planning on heading out of California and moving to San Antonio. I left out that detail...sorry guys. Don's brother and his family live there and I think now is a good time for them to be in the same city to have friends to spend time with. No, we are not planning to be live "Everybody loves Raymond" and suffocate them, but it will be nice to have their kids nearby. I have missed watching them growing up.
We will wait and see how they react to the news.

Here was the reaction from my kids:
Bryan: "Uh, Okay, whatever."
Molly: "I get my own room?! YES!!!" what you couldn't see is she knocked the chair over.
Corinna: bursting into tears thinking her life is over. Typical teen, but she has her best friend calming her down as she realizes that they still have phone, e-mails and they can still attend EFY together. She will survive I promise you!!!!
Don & Mine is pure excitement!!!

News...from the assylum.

Hi all!
Well, I hinted that things are changing here at this time and they are. I forewarn any family members that are perusing this page. We have not yet told Mom & Dad so please do not let them know before we do. Don and I, after much thought, prayer and fasting have decided to put the store up for sale in November. We see the trend of western wear and animal feed dropping and I don't see it picking up anytime soon. Due to the foreclosures happening here we have decided it is better to get out now while we can. We will be able to pay off our loan, buy a new house in a suburb and pay cash for it and live completely debt free. It sounds Heavenly to me. Don will get a job to pay our utility bills as well as our food bill and to have medical insurance for us. We can live within our means and really feel good about it. I like that!!! We have just made this decision and the kids have no idea quite yet. Don is picking them up from school right now. Hopefully, it will sell so that the kids can finish out their school year here and not have to miss out on anything. we are relaxed and excited for the change. now, we just need to tackle the kids. We shall see!!! As far as I am concerned though, our main objective is to live debt free. that will be the best.

I woke up at....and boy am I grateful!!!

5:13 am!!! Yay me!!! Well, technically I did wake up at 4:10am but I just used the restroom and got back into bed forcing myself to go back to sleep. IT WORKED!!!! For the first time in ages I got some sleep. I am so thrilled!!!! Ok! Yes, I did get up earlier than anticipated, but I think that is just the stress of trying to get ready. Tonight, I shall pack my clothes and items for camp. So, hopefully today I will be getting most of my work done... at the store and then we can come home and start packing. Yay!!!!I am so grateful that I have a hubby that is willing to help get me all situated. I am also grateful that he is willing to let me go for week and ditch him and the other two kids. Honestly, I think the stress has been too much for me and I doubt I will do this again next year. I don't think I can mentally handle it. I am quite sure though that someone else can. We shall see what happens.

I am also truly grateful for the spirit. Yesterday, while talking with my hubby we seemed to have both come to the same conclusion, but were afraid to make it known to the other person. I know that it was really a tough decision that we made, but we were able to finally get it all out in the open between us and agree on a decision that apparently has weighed down on our spirits. Once we made the decision our entire spirits felt lighter and we felt that calm assurance that you only get when you are listening to the spirit. I am truly grateful for that calm assurance and I am sorry that we cannot tell you of what this decision is yet. I assure you that I will let you know what the decision was that we came to, but first we need to take care of a few thins to make sure it will come through all right. I've got you curious...haven't I? It is a very good thing, I promise. I also promise I will tell you when the time is right. Until then, keep smiling and I will write again later!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are you kidding me?!

OK!!!! You smartie pants. I had several of you comment or rather guess that I had taken up the sport of curling!!!! I don't like to sweep at home let alone on an ice rink while a large stone careens down the ice. That just doesn't sound fun to me. However, fastening a couple of planks to my feet and careening myself down an icy hill at 75-90 mph sounds fabulous. And you all wondered why I have knee problems!! hee hee!!

So, I have also been asked questions about my offer to be do stand up. While working as a cashier a gentleman's car broke down and he was fixing it. While standing in line myself and the other cashier were handing out put-downs back and forth to each other. It kept the customers happy and while we had a long line it was a great trick to keep people quiet. The one man happened to be the owner of the Improv over in San Francisco. He offered me a shot up at the mike and I thanked him, but I didn't really want to be a comic. I've never regretted it.

Also, yes, I do have quite a fascination with Great White Sharks. While I was tiny my father would go fishing and at his spot he caught sharks and sting rays. he would hand us a baby shark and we would play with them all day long and then let them go in the evening. I know, I was saying the same thing!! What was he thinking handing me a live shark. Needless to say I blame my Father!!!!

Are you happy you asked?!?!? Oh...you didn't did you. Oh well!!! You have now glimpsed into my crazy and somewhat pathetic little life!!!

I had way too much fun on this quiz.

This one was much more fun to make. Enjoy it and you will know way more about me than you had anticipated!!!!

What do you NOT know about me?!
1) What event was I training for to try out to make the Olympic team on?
Downhill Skiing
Figure Skating

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How well do you know Tammy?
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How well do you know Tammy?
1) Where was Tammy born?
Chicago, IL
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Tualatin, OR

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What the Heckie!?!?!?....And a Tag!!!

I was sleeping... Nice and comfy!!! No stress in my life and that was a good thing!!! A lot of the items were picked up yesterday for camp...including 10,000 cups. I have two more people picking items up before the weekend so I am feeling fairly confident in getting everything all together. So...then why am I awake at some fabulous hour of 5am (note...I've been awake for an hour). Our dogs began to bark. A lovely little creature called a possum wandered along the fenceline. FABULOUS!!

So here I am!!!

Now, to complete my tag and hopefully go back to sleep. I received a tag to write down 6 things that describe myself..my life...something of the anture so here they are!!!
1. creative
2. cautious
3. frustrated
4. hopeful
5. exhausted
6. growing

Let you all figure that one out!!!

And now for my tags!!! Here they go: Jen, Lora,Laura, Emma, and....Tami


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

At what time!?!?!?

I am not kidding when I say this: "Let the sleep deprivation begin!!!!" After acquiring most of the items needed for camp there ar two that I know I am missing. I can't believe it but I am still wkaing up early. Why?! Because now I am worried about financial items at work that need to be done before I can fully rest. It won't happen, but I can dream....if only I coul sleep. my thoughts woke me up at 4:23am this morning. Not cool!!! Not one bit cool! I am none too thrilled about it but what can I do?! Tonight, the girls come by to fill their cars up and leave the rest with me. I am not too sure on how much I am going to need to be hauling so we shall see what happens. If only I could get rid of the 10,000 cups sitting in my garage. That would be a dream!!!!

Don't worry all. My anxieties will be eased when I leave for camp as I have no more control over the situation. We'll see though. So much to do and not enough time!!!!

You all will be so happy when my Camp Rants are all finished.

Just as a side note, my oldest camp home (the one who will attend camp with me) and mentioned that some of the girls at school were asking her where she was going next week as she is out of school on travel study. She explained that she was going to camp and that I was the Head Cook. To which they replied....Wow!!! That sounds like "Camp Rock"!!! too cool!!!

My illustrious daughter replied back : "It is except there is no hot rock star that will be there."

Can someone get me a milk carton. I need to find my baby again!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Almost there....

Well all...my dear hubby helped me finish the shopping for Girl's Camp. The only thing I have left that I need is: some baking powder and baking soda. not bad to be honest and unbelievably I have come just under budget. I am hoping that I make it completely, but the jury is still out on that one!!! We shall see... Here is what my living room looks like:

I can tell you all are jealous of me having Costco in my very own living room. I hope that it will be gone soon. I have some of the cooks loading up kitchen items tomorrow night and taking them home with them. They will bring them up. It's all good from there. I have more things to haul up in the garage. How thrilled am I?!?!?!

The funny thing is...this isn't all of our food. We have a half semi coming up on saturday. Now I know you are jealous!!! Wouldn't it be great if we could buy our groceries and have everything delivered when we wanted them. I know I know, Safeway does do it around here. I may have them do it over the holidays. Until then, we shall see.
I am hoping the stress is gone now. Anxieties will arise. I can pretty much guarantee that. I am grateful to my friends who have really checked in on me knowing that I am going downhill. please know, anxieties always hit me when I am dealing with being in charge. I despise being in charge, but I know that I will grow from all of this. From the moment I stop the truck at camp they will all be gone and I will then let the games begin and pray I did all right. I am so not good at this.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day!!! And remember: Whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger! I wanna be weak though!!!!!

Much too early...

You would think that on my day off I could sleep in. No, not the case. I still ahve to get the kids to school and start my day out. Today on my adventures we are going to be heading over to Ripon to pick up cases of pourable eggs for camp. My entire life this week revolves aorund camp...except friday night that is. Friday night hubby and I are heading out for a date night. we are driving in to see Toby Keith over in Mountain View. It should be fun and take my mind off of camp. Because, what you don't know is that I woke up this morning at 5am and my thoughts were focused directly on camp. Oh my brain just hurts thinking about it!!! I am dead tired of thinking about it but the only thing I can do is to just head over and complete all of my shopping trips. Then I can focus on packing it all away and being ready for it all. Ahh the fun and excitement!!!!

And I still have to pack and do the laundry...and clean out the fridge!!!! I am leaving grocery shopping to the hubby and two kids. I jsut cna't even think about it all!!!! AAARGH!!! I am losing my mind!!!!! HELP ME!!!! Waaaaaahhhh!!!

No really, I am fine...just fine. No, there is nothign you can do to help me! I can lose my mind all on my own! I am quite self sufficient you know!!!!!

Just kidding. i just can't sleep. That's all!! I haven't gone completely insane...it's just my personality anyway!!!

Have a great day all!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Someone pass the hot water bottle!!!

Most people hear the state name of California and think of sun, beaches and fun. So, then why am I wrapped up in one quilt, a down blanket and another blanket wrapped around my shoulders?!?!?! It seems like a cold spell has settled into us. It truly seems odd for us to be wrapped up in our quilts and such at this time. How is the weather where you are?!?!

Please let me sleep.....

Seriously. I just want to sleep through this week and get to camp so I know that there is nothing left that I can do here. Sad but true!!! needless to say my anxieties are up to a boiling point. My dear hubby reminds me that next year it will be easier because I know what to expect....No, it will never get easier!!!! Are you kidding me!?!?!? If it is true that I will be head cook at camp for more than jsut one year then I will be getting started in January of next year. Nothing will change as far as I am concerned. I think the hardest part for me is to find people to work in the kitchen. At camp it is not one of the glorious jobs. Truly it is not. There are quite a few perks to it though. #1 a bed---yes, we do not sleep on the ground, we have our own beds...with mattresses. of course they look like beds that were taken from an insane assylum and the mattresses are not the best in the world, but it is ultimately better than sleeping on the ground. #2 the drama---we escape the drama that always follows young women around. I am most definitely happy to not deal with the drama. #3--- the cooler. It is the one place in camp that even when camp is incredibly hot you can walk into the cooler and let your body return to its normal temperature. #4---the fellowship. Not that you can't truly love your girls and have a great time. I am incredibly sure that is the case. At the same time though we become a close knit group in the kitchen. We call each other. We give nicknames to each other...for example: "She WHo Must Not Be Named" and of course my personal favorite: "Kitchen Nazi" Yes, they were both me last year. What some of you may not know is that in California it is required to have a licensed food safety manager in the kitchen at all times. I happen to be the licensed one for our stake. So, if there are issues that need to be addressed, safety wise...including wearing hats or scarves on head around food and making sure the food is allowed into the kitchen itself then I have to make that call. I am in charge of making sure the young women and their leaders never get food poisoning. No easy feat when you are delaing with 250 people at every meal. Now, back to my point. At one point while we were working on prep work someone sang a few words of a hymn and in unison everyone else began singing. it was the most incredible feeling to have that comraderie in the kitchen. We love the girls. we love to serve the girls and are grateful for the opportunity to do so in our own way. yes, we may be in the kitchen from 6am until about 8pm, but to be honest. It is a good place to be and I am grateful I am there...I just wish I was not in charge!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Gnome news is good news!!!

Well, I have officially received my dear new friend "Gnomey" he is working with me today. First off I must stress that Gnomey is a really class gnome. He believes in Safety First!!!

He has been a very big help here at work:
Before we could start though, we had to cowboy him up a bit.
Tsk! tsk!!!...Those boots will never do...

Perhaps a nice pair of John Deere boots....much better!!!

A little bling doesn't hurt anything....hmmm maybe it does!!!

He has stocked our soda cooler...

Loaded up the trucks with straw...

Organized our sale pants...

Fully stocked our pig ears...yes, I said pig ears

Brushed up on our brushes...

Loaded feed...

Organized the train car...

weighed feed for our customers...

And even worked on his roping.

It's not always easy to work in a general store...sometimes it can be quite dangerous...

But, working with country folk...it is easy to make friends...

Of course as we know all work and no play makes for a very dull gnome...
Can you find Gnomey?

All in all it was a fun day with Gnomey...during the slow moments we loved to just hang out!!!

It was great to see Gnomey and have him visit with us for awhile...my hubby even got his much needed rest...

Thanks Gnomey!!! You Rock!!!!
I wonder what Gnomey likes to do during his time off?!?

And just who do you think is going to get Gnomey next?!
Hmmm...it's a really hard decision because I know you fabulous ladies have such busy lives, but I truly hope Liz enjoys her time with Gnomey...Don't hate me Liz it was Don's idea!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A sliver of my life...

Hello all...I thought I would share with you a sliver of my life...So, here it is:
I came home from church ready to drop into bed and found a jam session going on whilst I was out...apparently my family knows how to party like rock stars!!!

After work today, I came home and hubby barbecued some yummylicious ribs. the kids went swimming and what do I do...take a picture of my little paradise...

Now that I pulled out the focus a bit you can see in the upper right our train car and a thought entered my mind...how many other people keep a train car in their back yard...I think I may have something Paris Hilton does not...along with a few more morals and such, but we won't even go there!!! You can also see our barn in the upper left...I know I know...you are all saying: "Why can I have a barn and train car like Tammy?!" I can just see everyone jealous around the world...hahahaha!!! Quite honestly, if we had the choice that train car would not be here either. Of course, I have to admit...in case of an emergency, for example earthquake, it is going to make a great shelter!!!

This is my oldest daughter's boyfriend...Robbie. he is a sweetheart and we love him to death. How could you not love that face!!! he is incredibly cuddly and loves to snuggles in our arms. I have yet to try him out in the swimming pool, but perhaps sometime this summer...we shall see!!!! Does anyone know where to get bunny board shorts? just checking...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lake House...And Twilight

Ok!! So, after tackling the "blob" in my room I have found one of my ultimate favorite chick flicks. It is not because it contains Sandra Bullock, one of my many faves, or even Keanu Reeves, not that it hurts, but I love the storyline. Have any of you seen the Lake House? I love the fact that it is a fabulous love story with a twist. It doesn't involve sex right off the bat ...in fact...no nudity. LOVE THAT!!! Am I the only one gung ho for this movie. I know, it is an odler one, but i still love it!!!
* * * * *

And here is a link that will take you to ET to see the latest of Twilight. Enjoy checking it out!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ready for bed...

We kept VERY busy today. By the time we dropped the kids off at school we were ready for breakfast so we headed out to the good ol' Banta Inn for our weekly breakfast date. Afterwards I kept my poor hubby busy running from one place to another trying to finish all the excess camp things I needed to finish. I managed to pick up some gloves...Thanks Brent for your help!!!.... check prices on all the things that I need, buy hand sanitizer for the week, check more prices at several stores and then pick up the kids before they think we forgot. We come home and head over to the local music store, then to the grocery store to buy garbage bags. I then come home and clean up my half of the room...yes, it desperately needed it. Picture a giant pile of clothes and shoes that never got put away properly. They add on more and more until finally it turns into the blob and is swallowing other items, purses, hats and small children. I am very thankful the blob has been sent away...possibly to my children's rooms. Slowly, i will pick up the rest of the house...in all of my free time. I am concentrating mostly on the camp items since I have very little time. FABULOUS!!!!

Well friends. I have done enough...I am ready for bed!!! Good night! And Sweet Dreams!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beach Trip...enjoy!!!

Here are some pics of the youth, and some leaders, at the beach trip!!! Enjoy!!!

The boys are digging for sand crabs

Go Raelynn!!! After a couple tries she got it and started flying towards the shore!!!

Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun!!!!

After dutifully cleaning up the beach...

The Young Men took care of the girls as if they were princesses...

Hey...at least they put a towel behind her head for a pillow!!!!

And now our leaders....

Can we get anything for you Grant?

Great balance Pace!!!

Ooops! Not so great balance Pace!!!
C'mon...did you really believe I wouldn't post it?!

Thanks for the fabulous day Youth!!!

Thanks for organizing the event Tami!!!!