Saturday, May 31, 2008

Long Day...

There was nothing that could make my day longer than when my dear hubby called to say he was in an accident. Let me first say both hubby and the other driver are safe and sound. There were no injuries other than the bits of twisted metal. Everyone is safe and that is the important thing. I could just hear how upset he was in his voice. It was his first accident.

I went on a calling spree first off trying to find someone to pick up my kids from school as I was at the store stranded a bit. Luckily, a friend had the chance to run and grab the kids. I am so thankful for the safety of the two in the accident and I am thankful for friends who are there in my time of need.

Today is a day for being thankful. Now, my long day headache is slowly fading and there will be nothing, but blissful peace. ahhhh!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Breaking Dawn preview...

if you would like to read the first words here you go!!!


NO ONE IS STARING AT YOU, I promised myself. No one is staring at you. No one is staring at you.

But, because I couldn't lie convincingly even to myself, I had to check.

As I sat waiting for one of the three traffic lights in town to turn green, I peeked to the right — in her minivan, Mrs. Weber had turned her whole torso in my direction. Her eyes bored into mine, and I flinched back, wondering why she didn't drop her gaze or look ashamed. It was still considered rude to stare at people, wasn't it? Didn't that apply to me anymore?

Then I remembered that these windows were so darkly tinted that she probably had no idea if it was even me in here, let alone that I'd caught her looking. I tried to take some comfort in the fact that she wasn't really staring at me, just the car.

My car. Sigh.

I glanced to the left and groaned. Two pedestrians were frozen on the sidewalk, missing their chance to cross as they stared. Behind them, Mr. Marshall was gawking through the plate glass window of his little souvenir shop. At least he didn't have his nose pressed up against the glass. Yet.

The light turned green and, in my hurry to escape, I stomped on the gas pedal without thinking — the normal way I would have punched it to get my ancient Chevy truck moving.

Engine snarling like a hunting panther, the car jolted forward so fast that my body slammed into the black leather seat and my stomach flattened against my spine.

''Arg!'' I gasped as I fumbled for the brake. Keeping my head, I merely tapped the pedal. The car lurched to an absolute standstill anyway.

I couldn't bear to look around at the reaction. If there had been any doubt as to who was driving this car before, it was gone now. With the toe of my shoe, I gently nudged the gas pedal down one half millimeter, and the car shot forward again.

I managed to reach my goal, the gas station. If I hadn't been running on vapors, I wouldn't have come into town at all. I was going without a lot of things these days, like Pop-Tarts and shoelaces, to avoid spending time in public.

Moving as if I were in a race, I got the hatch open, the cap off, the card scanned, and the nozzle in the tank within seconds. Of course, there was nothing I could do to make the numbers on the gauge pick up the pace. They ticked by sluggishly, almost as if they were doing it just to annoy me.

It wasn't bright out — a typically drizzly day in Forks, Washington — but I still felt like a spotlight was trained on me, drawing attention to the delicate ring on my left hand. At times like this, sensing the eyes on my back, it felt as if the ring were pulsing like a neon sign: Look at me, look at me.

It was stupid to be so self-conscious, and I knew that. Besides my dad and mom, did it really matter what people were saying about my engagement? About my new car? About my mysterious acceptance into an Ivy League college? About the shiny black credit card that felt red-hot in my back pocket right now?

''Yeah, who cares what they think,'' I muttered under my breath.

(c) 2008 by Stephenie Meyer, reprinted with permission from the Eclipse Special Edition published by Little, Brown and Company.

A few random thoughts....

First and foremost I would like to introduce you to the first plants i have ever grown without killing. I do not have a green thumb in any possible shade. My thumb is more black to be honest. I kill even hardy sad. But they herbs are growing quite well so I am thrilled. I look at them at points in the day...mostly the morning time when i am in the living room more and I am stunned that they are still alive and growing after 2 1/2 weeks. Amazing!!!!

On an incredibly different subject my dear nephew, Kenny, has graduated from high school last night. He is such a good kid and I met him when I began to date Don. he was two back then. We took a picture at the wedding with all of Don's nieces and nephews and they were all so young. It's amazing to see the time pass and the kids grow like weeds. What can we do, they eventually have to grow up.

Don felt proud to see his nephew graduate last night. Due to a few credits not making it to Don's transcript he wasn't allowed to walk with the rest of us that night. It is always a bitter sweet time, but since he has seen Kenny grow through the years it really made him happy to watch him walk last night. my ears are still ringing from the screaming he did for him. Congrats kenny and good luck in the Navy!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nothing at all to write...

Seriously, I have nothing to blog about...I just had to get that awful picture to stop popping up on my screen. It was far too creepy for me. This chick is so much more fun to look at anyway.

We are getting ready for school and the kids have been pretty good about getting up. At various times during the year I nearly have to throw water on them to get them out of bed. However, they only have about 4 1/2 weeks left in the school year and they are excited to move on...Molly especially. This year we have Ms. Gilmore as Molly's teacher and first and foremost I have a lot of respect for her. She has kept her class in line, but she is not the warm and fuzzy teacher that Molly has gotten used to. During the year Ms. Gilmore has truly helped Molly in all that she needed help with but she is strict and you really have to follow the rules ion her class. I am grateful for her help. She is a good lady, but tough. I don't mind, but Molly sure has. For her future students. Good luck!!! Bryan will be moving up to Corinna's teacher and Molly is excited to get Mr. Y. I ahve had Mr. Y. for two of my kids so far and I have to say he is one of the best. The one good thing about our school is we have so many wonderful teachers. hear so many kids who love their teachers even though they are tough. I have heard praise about Mrs. B. who loves her kids, but at the same time has a firm hand...Way to go mrs. B!!!! You know who you are!! back to my main topic though. Molly has wanted to be in Mr. Y's class for two years now and he has gotten to really enjoy talking to Molly and her friends. He even pinky promised not to leave the school until after they made it through his class. I explained to Molly that soemtimes even when someone pinky promises that he may have to move to another class or teach another grade and it is not his choice. She understood, but I think she is still depending on him to be there. We will see how that all works out, but silently I am praying...please do not break the pinky promise!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No, I wish I were kidding!!!!

Now, lately I have told you of my adventure with a chicken. We have a bunny and three dogs. We have had hamsters, goldfish, a kitten and even parakeets and finches. Our dogs have captured and killed, birds, rats, mice and even opposums. We sell feed for goats, horses, cow, pigeons, doves, guinea fowl, camels and yes, we have even ordered monkey chow when asked. Animals are nothing new to us. However today was something more different than I need to hear.

We received a shipment of feed today from a supplier. It was a good amount of dog food that we sell quite quickly. As the driver and Don were unloading it, the driver dropped a bag onto the pile and then he just about screamed. He claimed there was a spider that jumped out from under the pile and ran across the floor. Ok! Guess what?!?! I hate spiders, there is no denying that, but when he tells me that it looked like a tarantula and said the phrase: "It could eat a mouse!" I wanted to club the young man. he doesn't understand number 1 my intense fear of spiders...and number 2 I completely, utterly and incandescently HATE tarantulas. In answer to your questions: No, I never saw a thing. I looked as did Don and we never found any sign of a tarantula. We shall see though. Tomorrow, Don will unload feed and I will be alone in the store. Call out the MARINES!!! I need a tank!!! I need a flame-thrower!!! Any volunteers?!?!?! Somehow I don't think anyone will volunteer.

40 minutes...

That's all the time we have left. 40 minutes and my children will be dropped off at school for their final month. We have year round school and my kids have been off for the past month and honestly I am ready to see them on their way back to school. my only problem. That also means that we actually have to pick them back up as well!!! Oh well, this too shall pass. We've got a month left before my kids are moving on to the next grade level. They are so excited to get moving on to new teachers and new experiences. Corinna is really looking forward to her eighth grade year and moving onto high school. Can it be? Will I be THAT old to have a high schooler in a little over a year?!?!? NAH! They can age all they want. I am ageless...mostly because I can never remember how old I am anyway. Everyone seems to laugh at me about that. Oh well, I guess I can't be perfect in everything!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

This Memorial Day I Will Remember...

My grandfather served in the Army during World War 2 and though he never spoke of his experiences to us the love for his country was obvious and he was very willing to instill into all of his grandchildren the same love.

My husband's grandfather served in the Marines during World War 2 in an incredible battle where he watched most of his friends and fellow Americans shot down before his eyes. he contracted Malaria and barely made it home alive.

My father was sent to Vietnam by a country that he loved. He served his time with the Navy as a Sea Bee. When he returned home from his tour he was pelted with rotten fruits and vegetables by fellow Americans. I always knew he served in the Navy but knew nothing else. Just a few short years ago when my family had to move in with my parents he revealed papers he had hidden away in the back of his closet. He talked of the medals he earned and finally turned in the papers to receive what he had earned from the merits of his actions, but again I learned nothing of his service. he told us of general things that had happened, but no specifics. He showed us a newspaper clipping from the Navy's newspaper with an article written about something he had done. To break the monotony his fellow servicemen in his platoon donated ten dollars of their weekly pay into a pool and everyone's name was put into a hat. This time my father's name was pulled. He had nearly $500 given to him. At the time he found a local school and found out what the children needed for their learning and spent the entire prize on the school to the delight of the children. If you knew my father you would know how fitting it was to his character to do something like that. I was speaking to a customer who happened to be wearing a Navy Sea Bee cap. When I questioned him when he served it was at the same time as my father. I called my father to see what his company's number was and he replied by pulling the hat of his head, tearing up and replying how grateful he was to my father's company. he shook my hand and told me that he was in the most revered company of Sea bees there in Vietnam. He would not explain as he said it was not his place, but he was incredibly touched.

My nephew is a member of the Air Force at this current time. he goes back and from from the US to Iraq in rotation with the rest of his fellow Air Force servicemen. When he spent his first September 11th in Iraq he raised a flag in honor of his fellow Americans. He sent it to Don & I for Christmas. We promptly framed the large flag and hung it in his honor inside our store, where he worked when he was younger. he still continues his rotation and has signed on for another seven years serving his country. My prayers are always with him.

My dear friend from good ol' Tracy High School, Steven Bridges, joined the Army. I talked to him often on the phone while he was stationed halfway across the country. He loved his country and was honored to be serving a country and he truly believed he was protecting us all here. He died in Iraq and was brought home. I couldn't bring myself to attend the funeral because I could not remember him in that way. He was my friend and I remember sitting during rehearsals laughing at the most obscure things. He watched over me while I tried desperately to heal a broken heart. He made me smile when I didn't want to and made me laugh when I was so angry at the world. he was our protector and stood in harm's way for each and every one of us. His children couldn't have a more honorable Father.

Now in the next few months another nephew who will be graduating this Thursday from high school will be heading off to work hard to realize his dream of becoming a Navy Seal. This is the same young man who wanted to help his mother clean the kitchen for Mother's Day with a hose. This is the same young man who I held in my arms when he scraped his knee. Now, he will stand as a man in front of us all to protect and serve us.

My dear friends...Memorial Day is more than just a three day weekend. it is a time to remember those who stood to protect us, those who returned, those who had not, and those who are so far away from home at this time. Though war is not the choice any of us wants, sometimes it is a necessary thing to return the peace to the world.

I pray for the leaders of the world, I pray for the families who give up a family member to protect us and I honor the men and women that put on a uniform. Let us remember their simple and heroic acts of service and let us not forget the families they leave behind to protect us.

Happy Memorial Day.

Being an avid sports fan...

It all started because quite honestly there weren't any show that could keep our itnerests. I look back to the tiem where every thursday night we could sit and watch the Cosby show that was humorous and uplifting. I miss the days were we had those happy endings every half an hour. I miss the days where Tim Taylor wanted "more power" (insert grunts here). Entertaining shows!!! Where are they?! I can't watch the news any longer because quite honestly I am tired of hearing of the horrible things that happen in these times. Believe me, I am not out of touch with the happenings in this great big world of ours, but I read the news on the internet because I ahve a better chance of filtering what I see and read. If it is big news I will hear of it, but my kids don't have to watch it or hear it when they pass the tv.

So, hubby and I have watched a lot of sports on tv. We enjoy it. It is healthy competition where one team wins and one team loses. Dr. Phil does not need to be called in, it is a fact of the game. You win some, you lose some. I grew up watching and palying sports so I enjoy the competitive edge, but am saddened by the use of steroids out in the sports worlds. As you all know I grew up in Lake Tahoe where I became a decent skier. I even raced for some time. My coach was previously a member of the New Zealand Olympic ski team. He could explain to us how to tweak our abilities to gain a faster line and lessen our times down the slalom course. When my brother broke his thumb at the beginning of our season a favor was called in and the US Olympic doctor set his cast to his ski pole so his season was not a washout. I grew up attending many pro sporting events and loving all of them. I believe I was a tomboy, if you will. My hopes of joining the Olympic team were killed when my father's job transfered him from our beloved mountains to Tracy, California...Farmland capital USA. My first day in high school I was nearly run over by a tractor in the hallway. The high school even had its own ski club. I tried that but it was truly a joke. They boasted about how good they were at skiing yet when I asked if they have ever hit a double diamond hill a look of terror shot through their eyes...well, at least it shut them up.

So, we do spend a lot of time watching various different events from soccer in the Uk and Italy to horseracing, basketball (not my favorite), baseball, football, hockey, rodeo, and...well pretty much anything else you can think of. One of our favorites was the Champion's League (soccer) over in the UK. Don had picked his time and I mine and then we see how they fare. So, I would like to offer a heart congratulations to manchester United hwo not only wiped out my dear hubby's chosen team...Arsenal, but also beat Chelsea to win the cup this past week.

Does anyone else get sick of some of the garbage that is on tv? or is it just me?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Twilight on the big screen...oh my!!!

I know you all are tired of my ramblings about Twilight, but as I took my son and a couple of his friends to see the Chronicles of Narnia last night we were watching the previews of new movies coming out. There is front of me were Edward and Bella. It was the same preview I have seen a hundred times, but I found myself bouncing on the chair excited. Even though it was dark I could feel Don roll his eyes. "Don't worry," I told him. "I won't drag you to this one." I jsut have to tell you it was incredible so far on the big screen.

Well it is off to work for me!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Places I want to see in my lifetime...

I was thinking about the different places that I want to go and see. Being a travel agent part time does that to me. I see all the wonderful brochures that pass through my hands and exotic places and so forth that are here on this earth and when it is slow in the office I think about them. Someday I hope to travel and see them at least once. So, here is my list:

1. Dundee, Scotland- My best friend in the entire world lives there. We have been e-mailing nearly every other day for over 6 years now. In all of our ups and downs in my life and hers we were there for each other. It is a friendship like none other. I want to finally see my girl face to face and tell her why she is my best friend.

2. Australia- I am fascinated by this, not because of Steve Irwin, Crocodile Dundee, or even Nemo. It seems like an incredibly wonderful place to me. The Great Barrier Reef is a must see to me and I am dying to see it in person. I am fascinated by the culture and the friendliness of every single Aussie I have met. Ayers Rock is a true landmark and I would love to see that with my own eyes as well.

3. London- Since I was young I have wanted to see London. Will i ever? I don't know, but I just want to wander the streets and enjoy the city itself. i want to hunt through the markets for something fabulous, see Big Ben, explore Harrods with no time limit, see a play on the West Side and just soak in the sights.

4. Alaska- Ok! You are going to see me for who I truly am. I want to go and see the grizzlies up in Alaska. I want to be close enough to take some great pictures that will fill a lifetime of memories for me. I want to see a bald eagle in its natural habitat soaring free high above the treetops. I also would love to see orcas in the wild. They are fascinating to me.

5. China- I want to see the Great Wall and walk upon it. I want to experience the culture there. The food...mmmmmm!

6.Greece- I want to see the ancient ruins and see where the Olympic Games truly started.

7.Japan- The people, the culture.

8.Tonga- The people

9. Capetown, South Africa- if I am standing here that means that I am about to get into the water with a Great White Shark!!! YAY!!!!!! I can see the looks on your faces: "WHAT!?"

10. Netherlands & Ireland- My ancestors are from there.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


As I wander around the internet I have caught myself laughing...out loud. For goodness sake, it is 6:35am!!! Nobody is awake in my house! Why in the word am I laughing?!?!? I have been wandering around from blog to blog and I jsut realized how completely insane my life truly is. While others are writing brilliant pieces on the kids, their worldly adventures, inspiring blogs about fighting cancer,wonderful stories on unexpected miracles they find in their lives...I am chasing chickens!!!!


I am dead serious when I ask: What has happened to this little thing I thought was my life? Where is my sanity? Have you seen it? Should I call the milk carton people and ask them to add a picture of my sanity? What would that picture look like?

I am afraid to even find out.

I will begin the hunt tomorrow. I am too wiped out today.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chicken Run!!!

Snuggled deep under the covers my mind exploded when awakened by the sound of my favorite three dogs growling while the sound of clucking in the background.

I ran outside in my bare feet as the wind nearly blew my unawake body over. I gathered the dogs into their kennel where they snuggled into their doghouses to begin their long hard day of napping. Behind me floated the soft clucks of a very confused, yet unbelievably stubborn chicken. It darted under the train car before I could catch him in my protective hands.

Being the genius that I am I gathered a handful of scratch in my hand and sprinkled it on the dirt for the chicken to eat when it felt safe to emerge. It had no reason to trust me. I was a stranger to the tired, feathered creature. While I stood there, it was not going to show its beak.

It stayed in hiding until we closed our store. One final try, we attempted to save the chicken but it still refused to show itself. we finally opened the kennel and let the dogs out to stretch their legs and do their business. We walked into the house when all of a sudden we heard the growling that stopped me in my tracks.

The last time I had heard that sound I needed a shovel to remove the offering of a dead animal my dogs had so lovingly left me. Excellent hunters that they were, the dogs cornered the chicken under a stack of stall mats.Don lifted the mats with the use of our forklift when the confused feathered creature darted on in hopes of escaping. Instead of running into the open trash can I gave it for a safe escape, that incredibly confused and rather stupid chicken ran directly towards our chocolate lab who wasted no time in grabbing the chicken by its neck as it struggled.

He ran off to his dog house to put his new feathered friend out of his misery. Unbelievably, he was not dead, but still clucking away. Buddy emerged from his doghouse spitting out a mouthful of feathers. After catching him I maneuvered the chicken into the can and dragged it quickly into the security of our dog free backyard. The chicken jumped from the can and tried desperately to wedge itself into the ivy covered wall.

My brave hubby dislodged our feathered guest from the wall and placed him securely into the safety of the small dog crate. Temporarily its name is Billy Bob Quincy aka B.B.Q.

I hope you all enjoyed my adventure!!!

Where's Wile E. Coyote and ACME when you need them?!

This story acutally started yesterday...and truly before you ask. Yes, this is my life. Nobody could make this up. A customer drove in yesterday and unbeknownst to him a chicken from his yard had somehow gotten inside the truck to the point that he had no clue it was there. Well, he came to our store to buy, no joke...chicken food. This must be heven for all chickens to see stacks and stacks of food just for them. Well, as he was inside paying and my hubby was dutifully loading him up the chicken ran for it and has decided to stay. Since dear ol' george could not catch his chicken he left it here!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!? I have three dogs who are not fond of any creature, feathered or not, invading their back yard. We have found mice, rats, possum, birds and yes, even cats and bunnies. I promise not to go into details. However, we were not holding out hope at all that this chicken would survive the night. This morning I go out and try to find the body as my dogs were barking and growling like there was another victim ready for me to clean up. No remains anywhere. Curious as I was I had initally figured that the chicken actually did leave with George, unbeknownst to us. Nope! I went out again and our dear friend the chicken was clucking over in the corner...alive, not a scratch on it.So, now, we basically have to find a way to catch this fabulous creature and keep it safe until george comes back two weeks!!! I am not thrilled, but I will need to work on a way to trap this chicken. Call the boys at ACME and let's put on our thinking caps!!! We needs to catch us a chicken fellas!!!

Well, it should be easier than a greased pig!!!! RIGHT!?!?!?!

Review of "The Host"

I will not go over the storyline or ending as I think that is a cardinal sin when others have not read it. I also want to tell you up front that I am not a fan of sci-fi and alien type books. However, I do REALLY enjoy Stephenie Meyer's writing . so I gave it a chance. While on the camping trip I brought along my book and read it all of my free moments. Truly she is a masterful storyteller and it was very well written and let my mind drift off from reality into the book and let the story play out in my it should be when you read a book that you enjoy. If you do not mind the sci-fi/alien elements then this is a must read. If you are like me and it is not your favorite genre....then read it anyway and broaden your horizons for goodness sake!!! Definitely worth the read.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mary, Mary Quinte Contrary...

It is actually kind of a neat contraption really. As you can see my Genovese basil is growing quite nicely. There are others starting to spring up and out. My Thyme is wonderful and I have garlic chives starting to reach towards the light. I am looking forward to using my herbs as soon as they begin to be ready. It is "thyme" to start looking at the recipes a bit!!!

It happened...

Well, yesterday after recovering from a weekend filled with sunstrokes we headed off to the mall. I told Don that I needed t-shirts for the summer and so we headed over to Old Navy just to pick up a few random t-shirts. Nothing too strenuous or major. Now, you need to know that I am entirely a creature of habit. I love to be in my home and not be disturbed by the outside world. Much like a turtle, I like to have my home nearby in case I need to hide away for whatever reason. The same goes for clothing. I like my safe and "normal" clothes. Most of you may not know...I am not a shopper. I grew up playing in the dirt with my brothers. I have seen the dark side when I created my own outfits when I was a teen...not a good thing. Let's just say I could have given Amy Winehouse a run for her money (fashion only, not drug use). Well, I hadn't paid so much attention to it at first and then I opened my eyes a bit as we stood around the t-shirt racks my children and hubby dutifully picked out 8 new t-shirts in various shades and patterns. I looked over at another rack that had screen printed t-shirts in fun and vibrant colors. I started to walk over there when it was explained to me in no uncertain terms that "women my age do not wear t-shirts like this." We are apparently boring old hags that are allowed only plain colors and nothing exciting. OUCH!!!! See if I ever take her anywhere...ever again, because people my age get cranky easily!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm ba-ack!!!! Recovery...and then some.

Well my fabulous friends. I can honestly claim now that I have survived the weekend!!! We made it back fairly early which was fine by me. We spent 5 hours on the lake this weekend attempting to catch a fish. Our fishing derby was set, but honestly. Bragging rights were there for the taking for any member of the Caldron clan willing to give it a shot. Everyone did their best, but Alas...the fish had outsmarted us 100% and the only thing we came back with were sunburns. I enjoyed spending time with the kids as they whined and moaned about being so board in the boat and being hot. I had no problems... of course I had kicked off my shoes and let my feet dangled over the front into the water. Fabulouso!!!! Anyway, we got back and rested for a bit before we decided to head to the beach. When we went to the beach I swear it was the funniest thing you had ever seen. Here I am the whitest (with Dutch descent what else could I be?) walking onto the beach that was filled with the Latino population. They were barbecuing with family dancing, playing, swimming...their food smelled amazing by the way and it reminded me of being in San Diego (where I was born). People were friendly and the kids had fun as we laughed about the time I went on a cruise to Mexico with my sister-in-law. We brought home a video of myself and my niece swimming with the dolphins. When I proudly showed the video to my mother (my dream of swimming with those magnificent creatures fulfilled) my mother's first comment was: "How long did it take those poor Mexican people to regain their sight after you blinded them with your legs." Hey!!! Thanks MOM!!!! It was rather funny and the itty bitties running around in their swimsuits were adorable. We finally made it back to camp and honestly too much sun for me. I was ready to pass out from too much sun. We made..hee hee...tacos for dinner...and then sat around watching the fire as the kids made 'smores and I read a book. my oldest asked me a question about the book I had been working on for ages. She asked me if I could add more to the story because it didn't seem completely finished to her. I asked her if she expected an epic battle in the end and she said: "No...but it needs something." So, I am back to work on my precious book again trying to make it just right for my most truthful, but never harshest critic.

Now I am just going to relax, enjoy the rest of the night and count the minutes until tomorrow hits and I have to go back to work. Oh and by the way...with our date with Kat Country radio was phenomenal. Totally worth it. For those of you who do not know the radio medium is fairly expensive, but after adding up our totals for Friday and Saturday afterwards I can tell you was we.ll well worth it. Now, one more time at the concert. I am going to be selling our own t-shirts from the store that I had a hand in designing...I will show them to you all when they are delivered. I am grateful that we have survived the first year of running the store on our own making our own decisions. It's a good life. Our next destination will be at the end of June...a couple days in Tahoe at a great condo. I love it!!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

A long day ahead of us...

Well, my dear friends, we have another long day ahead of us, but a good one I assure you. We are expecting 300 people to hit our store from 11-1pm today which will be slightly insane, but hopefully the revenue will cover everything. It worked last time. We are again having our local country radio station coming down for the Listener Appreciation ticket stop and I am thrilled that we will not have to worry about this again. Needless to say, the cocnert will be next and I am not looking forward to that craziness but we are getting prepared. As we speak I have new t-shirts being printed off to sell at the concert with our logos covering them. I know I know...boring business stuff. I get bored by it daily, but I am going to be taking a ton of things to sell down at the concert so it might as well be a bit of fun in the process right? I think so!!! So, today will be crazy. I will promise you that I will take come pictures for the blog.

Just a warning. We are leaving for the weekend for a camping trip so when I get back I will update you on the results of today, the fishing derby between Don, the kids and I and all of our good fun that comes when we camp. It's never dull I guarantee it!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Please believe I am not least this time. Our weather has turned unusually warm here and we should hit the hundreds. So, why am I smiling? To be perfectly honest. I don't do heat well. Normally, I am grumpy and irritable and I do actually pass out in the heat, but I am trying very hard to not complain at this time for one reason and one reason alone: allergies. I don't know about any of you, but the allergy season here has been horrendous. Nothing I take gives me complete relief from the symptoms. It will merely take the edge off. So, I am hoping and praying that this heat will bake off all of the allergies producing plants and such so I can finally take in a deep breath without sneezing, coughing, watery eyes,and feeling miserable for the next 12 hours. It has gotten so bad that I can barely stand being outside. While Don and the kids weeded I had to be tucked away inside the house by hubby's orders. He hates to see me suffer and this season he has seen me going non-stop. So, for the week I can deal with the lack of air conditioning here at the house. Yes, when the economy picks back up and people start spending money again we will be putting money aside for the wonderfully pleasant air conditioning. I am going to love that!!! Until then i will soak in the pool to stay cool...or invade the homes of my friends to lower the body temperature down a bit.

I just hope this heat wipes out the allergies for good this time, especially before we leave for camping saturday!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My silly boy

I truly thought things would change with Bryan turning twelve and being allowed added responsibilities at church. My daughter, Corinna, blossomed overnight into a teen. Quite honestly I love this time in their lives. Don't get me wrong it was great to watch them learn all their firsts...crawling, walking, talking, etc. However, I find that they are fascinating now that they are stretching their wings and starting to fly a bit about the nest. Luckily, they have kept their attitudes in check, so far, and are actually pretty cool kids.

Anyway, my son comes into my bedroom this morning and crawls into bed with me, kisses me on the ceek and tells me I am the best Mom in the world...or at least in the top five anyway. I can go for that. He gave me a big hug and a big kiss on the cheek. I hope he stays this way, but I know he won't. All too soon he will enter those years where he will try to grow up too fast and I don't like that part at all, but I will have to put him back into place and he will be fine as they all are. It was a very nice start to the morning.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just beginning...

I jsut thought I would update you all since I have no new news or thoughts. We had a bit of fun tonight. The girls and I ran off right after work and tackled a few items that needed to be done. Friday will be another visit from our local country radio station Kat Country. Our gimmick this...This friday, May 16th, Don and I are clebrating not only owning the store for one year, but the 31st year in business for the Caldron Family. A feat not easily done these days. I am grateful to own our business although altely I have found myself grumbling. I beleive a change in attitude is in order. My Daddy is coming to barbecue hot dogs for us and we are serving free lunch from 11-1pm for all of our guests that show up. So, today the girls and I bought over 200 hot dogs and chips. The radio station is providing the drinks. SO...we are ready for the barbecue. We already have people coming in to check out the items we have in stock deciding jsut what they want to buy on friday's sale. I am grateful. Believe me, if I could kneel down I would. My heart is so thankful for my prayers being answered.

Also, I had to pick up my fishing license for this weekend. We have decided to head out camping for the weekend and Don and I are renting a boat each to take the kids out to give them a good appreciation for fishing...and a little bragging rights. Don has never outfished me. My father has never outfished me since I was itty bitty. To give you an idea I grew up in gorgeous Lake Tahoe. My father was and still is quite the fisherman. When I was younger...around 3rd grade... we went to the eastern shore to do some fishing. My Dad was throwing in all of his fancy lures with no such luck. I asked my Daddy for some fishing string to tie to my stick and he agreed happy that his daughter was going to be the best fisherwoman in the entire world. he offered bait, but I shook my head, being the stubborn dutch girl that I am. Legend has it that I plopped my little hook into the water off the rocky shore my father had unsuccessfully worked on for several hours. Not five minutes later without bait I pulled a fish out of the water on my stick and brought it to my proud Daddy. I believe I remember him chucking a few of his lures directly into the lake moments after he unhooked my fish. Now that I am older and less cute when I fish with my father I find a certain someone is throwing rocks at my line while my head is turned. I have kept this going with every man that I have ever fished with. So, in a surprise move I have gone to Wal-Mart with my girls and shown them my bait. In truth, the only thing that keeps Don from beating me is patience. I have learned it and he has not. Who knows, perhaps with his own boat he will finally overtake my luck...stay tuned.

The real reason I started this post was to update the news on my little garden. The basil and thyme have barely started sprouting. It will take a few more days before I can pull the domes off for them to start growing faster. I am completely fascinated with the idea of growing plants with no soil. It is an odd move for me because I am not a gardener. I kill everything so I was hoping thsi might help. We shall see. So far so good though!!!!!

And I had nothing to write...Hmmm.

Mother's Day and Beyond

I woke up on mother's Day while everyone else slept. It seems to be my major flaw right now is not sleeping at the correct time...Hence the fact that I am wide awake at 3:15 this morning. Needless to say I enjoyed my Mother's Day. We woke up and dressed before bumbling off to church. Afterwards, we came home and my hubby and kids slaved away in the kitchen making me a delicious Mother's Day brunch. I sat relaxing the rest of the day while they waited on me hand and foot...I love this day!!!

After brunch my kids presented me with their offering this year:

A few of you might have the raised eyebrows and saying "Huh?", but really this is a very thoughtful gift from my kids and family. I love to cook even though I rarely get the chance to really go for it instead of making thoroughly boring feed and run dinners. I also really wish I had a garden. Unfortunately, my allergies, won't allow it. Right now the thought of even going outside is terrifying to me. Allergy season here is fairly bad, but I just heard last night we should reach the hundreds this week. I hate the heat but if they kill off the ickies in the air I will be thankful!!!! So, my family bought me the aerogarden which is situated right in the corner of my living room. It is basically a hydroponic garden. I am starting off with some italian herbs. Apparently they need three weeks to grow and then I can harvest for the next 4 months after that. They also bought extra seeding kits for other growth including a salad kit which i can grown my own salad in my living room. Sound fairly odd, but yummers at the same time. I will update you on my progress. So far, not seedlings yet, but it is only tuesday!!!!

Yesterday we joined my in-laws in heading up to Yosemite at a horrible hour of the morning, but nevertheless we made it. We hiked to bridal veil falls and then off to Yosemite falls. Afterwards, we stopped for a picnic lunch and then Don, the kids and I split off from the group for a bike ride. We covered about 8 miles round trip and by the time we were finished so was I!!!

We loaded up the bikes and I fell asleep right away as we exited the park. I woke up a little while later when Don claimed he was extremely sleepy. I drove the rest of the way home and paid for it in spades. All that great fresh air apparently shocked my system and I developed a full blown migraine by the time we made it home. I pretty much laid in bed and whined about it for the next couple hours and fell asleep. Now, it is very early in the morning and I am happy that it departed, but I am still not asleep...bummer!!! It was a fun day. I am not looking forward to my work day, but who does right?!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Do you know what I really want?!

I want to sit in one place for more than two minutes without someone calling me saying: "Mom! I need you!"

I want to talk on the phone without all three of my kids wanting attention the minute my attention is diverted to someone else.

I want to eat warm food and not worry about making sure everyone else is fed.

I want to go on vacation by myself without worrying about anyone else's needs.

I want to sleep every night and not worry about my kids' grades, friends, etc.

I want to know they are safely tucked into bed.

I want to walk through the supermarket without hearing: "Mom, can I have...?"

I want to wash my clothes without finding numerous toys, chapsticks, markers and such have ruined all of my clothes.

I want to watch an entire episode of my favorite show without interruptions.

I want someone else to clean up the vomit when my kids are sick.

I want to relax out by the pool without the kids cannonballing in just to get me wet.

I want to sleep in without being awoken by a child's complaint of a headache.

Do you know what I really want?! None of that...I want my kids!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

One for the weekend!!!

Happpy Mother's Day to all of my favorite mothers wherever you may be!!!!

Seriously...what is the point?!?!

Today started out crazy. I woke up at 5am for no particular reason...too many things on my mind I think. Perhaps a little Tylenol PM is in order. We shall see what happens with that...I don't even think there is any in the cupboard anyway. I'll have to settle for Sudafed which will help with these horrid, where was I? OH!! The start of my day. I woke up unbelievably early and then the dogs were wrestling bothering my concentration on drifting back into my dreams. I went to kennel them up and on the way back I looked down into the bottom of my pool. I will tell you i have found odd things in my pool before. Once while cleaning out the filter I found a pair of mating toads...Ewww!!! I did get them out believe it or not.... I had to squint at first because I wasn't sure I was seeing what I thought I the bottom was a dead creature. We still cannot tell if it was a rat or a mole. Either was ugly and needed to be disposed of. Enter, my fabulous husband. Well, I take a shower and get ready for the day which has already been ruined by my early waking and the dead creature. Don decides after that to fall back asleep...I hate him at that point being all snug in bed while I am hopelessly awake. Needless to say I head over to the shop to open up while he finally crawls out of bed and gets into the shower. What is waiting by the back door?! A dead bird. Apparently, Stephen King has broken into my back yard and left dead creatures everywhere!!!! This is not Pet Sematary!!! I managed to make it through the day and get to the grocery store to buy the food for my mother's day dinner....WHY AM I HAVING TO GO SHOPPING FOR MY OWN MOTHER'S DAY DINNER!!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!

So...How was your day?

New movie poster

Makes me want to see the movie!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

13 years and counting...a look back at my motherhood years

I have been thinking back about being a mother and these are the things that really have touched my life so far.

*Corinna's entrance- I gained 75 pounds and she would not come out, no wonder...she was 10 pounds of pure love. A week later we were visiting my parents and Corinna was tired and needed to be rocked to sleep. My mother commented on how much weight I had lost (50 pounds and counting) and not thirty seconds later I sat in her brand new rocking chair and rocked three times when the entire back snapped in half sending Corinna and I backwards head over heels.

1 year later- Bryan's entrance-He was the first baby born in the hospital and was followed within twenty four hours by 18 more children. He has always been a leader.

1 year later- Molly's entrance- Now, by this time I already knew this was my last baby. 3 c-sections in three years is never a good thing. While I was 6 months along I required surgery to remove a pesky gall bladder. Never a good thing. She came out not breathing, but soon the pediatrician got her lungs going and although she had fluid left in her lungs she was a fighter and was as healthy as healthy can be. When i held her in my arms for the first time the words came to my head: "This is my trial in life."

Through three babies in diapers at once, chicken pox, holding their hot little bodies against my chest as they get what little rest they could as I rocked them. There was cleaning and and non-stop laundry. There was non-stop diaper rashes, potty training, doctors visits, surgeries,scrapes, bruises, shots, bathing, feeding, crying, frustration, pain and all while my husband traveled three weeks out of the month while I raised them. There were late nights of praying there would be enough money to make through another week and enough sanity to make it there as well. There were nights of sitting in the hospital watching while my baby laid helplessly in the hospital bed looking so frail and so tiny.

There was laughter, giggles, hugs, kisses, playing, sillyness, kids covered in ketchup, kids covered in flour, kids sneaking and eating a brother's first birthday cake while he opens his presents, learning to walk, playing with friends, water balloon fights, art classes, soccer games, cheerleading, holidays, vacations, traveling, concerts, smiling, girl's night out, chick flicks,games and just being together.

Through all of the ups and the downs, the goods the bads, there was my small family. Sometimes together, sometimes apart, but always in my heart. I am so grateful as I look back remembering everything I have been blessed to experience. yes, i feel blessed even in the bad times. I have learned so much and become a more patient and stronger woman. All the good and all the bad has made me who I am. So, when I wake up in the morning on Mother's Day and my three pretty cool kids come to scream: "Happy Mother's Day!" to wake me up I will remember it all and be thankful that I have these beautiful spirits in my life for time and all eternity.

Twilight Preview!!!!

Check this out. Even though it is not following the books looks sooo good. I am thinking that a girl's night out is indeed in order! Let me know if you want to come!!!!
Twilight in HD

It's Tradition!!!!

I am teaching a lesson on Sunday about heritage and traditions. I laughed as I realized what tradition we had followed yesterday. Don, the kids and I jumped into the truck and rumbled off to the store. As we walked in my girls escorted me off to one part of the store leaving Don and Bryan alone with a cart. This happens every year. I am forced to look at something I have absolutely no interest it and fake the smiles to show the girls that they are doing good at "distracting" me. The funny thing is...Why don't they go to the store without me? Who knows what goes through their mind. I am looking forward to Mother's Day because I am not allowed in the kitchen....although that truly annoys me. In truth all I want is to not have to wait on anyone else. That's it! Plain and simple!!!

What are some of your traditions for Mother's Day...or any holiday for that matter?!

Monday, May 5, 2008

A special day...

We made it to church early as Bryan was very excited about not having to attend primary. Our family from both sides filled 2 1/2 pews to support Bryan. We watched as he walked and stood by the bishop. He looked so small but he is getting older and soon he will start getting taller and taller until he towers over me. We listened to the testimonies and one young man,a friend of Bryan's from primary that won't join the young men until next year, stood in front of the congergation and bore his testimony and said: "I know Byran will make a great priesthood holder." It was touching to here a young man say that. To be honest I was excited for Bryan. There was nothing in me that was going to feel emotional, but as the men placed their hands on the top of his head and I heard Don's voice begin tears poured down my cheeks and everyone else's in that room. Afterwards, he stood a little taller and smiled a little bigger.

After church I know that the family was expecting a luncheon even though we made it clear this was not going to happen. Don wanted to teach bryan a very quiet lesson that was incredible to watch. After church on a fast Sunday Bryan, who normally would be cranky because he was hungry, smiled when his Dad whispered the words: "Now let's get to work." Bryan smiled again and said: "Ok, let's go!" After dropping us off at home I watched as my young man stood a little taller and jumped into the truck and they drove off to collect fast offerings...smiling big.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Long Day...

I was thrilled to have finally made it to that concert and see the love of my youth...John Taylor...and really be someone other than "Mom" and "wife" again. I guess we all need those time outs and for me I don't ever find time to fit them in although there are a wealth of opportunities to do so around me. We made it home nad I went to sleep expecting to at least get a good 6 1/2- 7 hours in before having to wake up and get the store open. So...when my sweet little boy climbed into bed with us at 6 am and stared at me until I woke up...because it was his birthday...I never made it to those sleep totals...I managed about 4 1/2 to 5 hours of sleep. And, after those smae totals for the previous two nights I was exhausted from the moment I woke up. I made it through the day being absolutely useless at the store, but it was fine. I survived though and so did the customers. Now I can take in two days off. Rest and relax. Well, not relaly because the kids aren't in school right now. So, we have a few errands to run tomorrow, but it should be fairly simple and easy. That is what my body needs right now as my knees ankles and calves are still sore from the concert. It sucks getting older sometimes!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Well worth the 24 year wait!!!!

So I woke up early after the alien invasion in my head. I thanks everyone that commented and you are right...sometimes Mom literally does need a timeout where she doesn't have to worry about being "Mom", "Wife" or even "All around incredible goddess divine." So last night when I took off for the concert being spoiled by my hubby my stomach was in knots. The last time I had taken any time off from everything was several years ago when I made my way down to Mexico and lived out a few of my dreams. So, when I found out from a friend that my teen loves Duran Duran were coming to Concord I was thrilled. I was sorry Don was already scheduled to spend some time with his friends, which is fine with me, because honestly, like David Cassidy is to others Duran Duran is better experienced with the girls. Of course I also have to add that if Don HAD been able to come. I still would've had a great time.

So, when that glorious time hit...I left work early...and in some style my hubby insisted on for this night. I guess waiting 24 years has some perks. Laura was a sweetheart and picked up sandwiches for us and we sat back enjoying our feast and not having to drive.

In no time at all our driver maneuvered us expertly into the VIP section, though our parking passes called for regular parking and a bit of hiking. We kicked back in the car until it was time for the concert and headed in. What I wasn't expecting were the people there. We were laughing so hard at some of the nicknames that we had come up with. There was a man that wore a leather suit. Not so bad really, it's not my thing, but hey whatever. What made us giggle was that it was brown, way too tight and he wore a fedora style straw hat with it. "Leather Man" as we called him attracted a lot of attention as he walked up the aisle. The groupie was there. She tried several times to talk herself into the backstage area. She gave it everything she had, but alas security didn't care and kept her rightfully out. On our way in we saw a man we nicknamed Guido. Now, this man was standing outside IHOP staring at our limo chewing on a toothpick and pacing back and forth. He had a up front and party in the back... and a couple thick gold chains around his new and every few steps he would spit. we were thankful our doors were locked at that point. Anyway, back to the concert.

We saw Jen and Mark and just had a blast. I enjoyed the opening act: "Your Vegas" who are a new group from the UK. They have a sound similar to Duran Duran and I have a feeling in the next couple years they will hit the forefront. Talented young me. I got their album off Itunes and played it for my daughter and she loved it. What I didn't expect was what happened when the concert started. I danced. I danced the entire time only resting a bit. My knees ached...when don't they ache, but you know what...I don't care.

I don't care what the world thought of my 6 ft tall body dancing and enjoying myself. It was great...Now somebody get me the icy hot to make it through today!!!

I know what you all are asking: "Tammy!? Forget the concert, what about the souvenir?" Well...I am not into the entire t-shirt thing any longer and decided that anything I bought would clutter up. My pictures were my souvenir along with this:

What you are looking at my good friends is a Dasani Water that I purchased for more than one gallon of gas!!! Yup! $5!!!! It is cheaper to buy it in Disneyland!!!!!
Wow!!!! I about fell over!!!

Well all. In the end I had a fabulous time and I am still son woke me up at 6:30 am because today is his 12th birthday. I went to sleep at 1 am. It's going to be a long day, but at least I don't have to cook tonight!!!! Let Bryan pick the restaurant. We are going out!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

It was inevitable....

So, every time I have an event coming up which is all about me doing something for myself it happens. I am not kidding when i tell you this either. I have a dream normally in the middle of my deepest, most restful sleep, that involves a chance of one or more of my kids getting hurt. This time it was nothing different.

I was walking happily along with my girls when i spaceship circling over head...several of them actually. They were searching for people to blast with thei laser beams. As long as we stayed perfectly still there was no problem, but it always frightens me when I get woken this case at 4:23 am and then i cannot go back to sleep. So, needless to say all day I will have a feeling in the pit of my stomach and feel horrible until i get home.

Yes, this is a mental issue for me. I ama mother and have been for over thirteen years now. In that time I have learned that as a mother we always put our family's needs ahead of our own. So, whenever I do something for myself I get anxieties. Ahh, you all thought I was perfect I know! What a shock! I do get anxieties, but in the end I feel completely and totally refreshed...except for the fac that I am going to feel completely and totally exhausted after all of this. Amazing, isn't it?

Of course, once I wake up my mind is going three thousand miles a minute trying to figure out just what other horrible things are going to happen because I was so selfish in taking one night for myself. Some days are easier to shrug it off, but honestly, this time is hard. I guess it is because if anything happened to any of my kids while I was not here I would never forgive myself. What can i do though. I have found in battling my own anxieties that the best thing to do is relaize that I am not being rational and that 99.9% of the time nothing is going to happen. I also have to push on with my plans and not give in to my fears.

After 9/11 I had to push back my fears in traveling on airplanes. I've also had to push back fears as I traveled to another continent and left my children with family. Again, it was a fear and anxieties that tried to rule my life. I realized something though. As I left the ground in San Francisco to head off to Rome I relaized that if it were my time to go a spare piece of satellit from out in space could break into the stmosphere and clonk me on the head and I would be gone instantly. When it is my time to go it is my time and there is nothing that is going to change I might as well try to lvie each day with all of the passion I can muster. never easy, but in the end ...worth it. Don't worry I shall sleep well tonight!!!
As a lot of people are Twilight fans around here I just thoguht I would dhare that Stephenie Meyer has been named to Time magazine's 100 most influential people of the year. She ranked in at number 74 and here is what Orson Scott Card wrote about her:

"Nobody was looking for Twilight. A Mormon housewife writes a young-adult novel about a love affair between a teenage girl and a vampire?

Is this Anne Rice lite? Not in the eyes of the teenagers—and their mothers—who have embraced the book.

But Stephenie Meyer's Twilight does raise some questions, and I've asked them. "You really want your teenage daughter to live inside the story of a girl who lies to her parents, invites a boy to sleep in her bed and trusts him not to take advantage of her?"

These women look at me as if I'm insane. "But she can trust him. He really loves her. He's...perfect."

In an era when much of the romance genre has been given over to soft porn, and dark fantasy is peopled with one-dimensional characters bent on grim violence, many readers have become hungry for pure romantic fantasy—lots of sexual tension, but as decorous as Jane Austen.

Meyer, 34, did not calculatedly reach for that audience. Instead, she wrote the story she believed in and cared about. She writes with luminous clarity, never standing between the reader and the dream they share. She's the real thing. Still, who'd have thought it? Today Mr. Darcy is a vampire.

Congrats Stephenie!!! Oh right! I forgot...She doesn't read this blog!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Update on D-D-Day!!!

I was talking to my Mom tonight and I said to her: "Hey, Mom? Remember when i was twelve and I wanted to go to see Duran Duran in San Francisco 24 years ago and you said NO?"

"Yes, I remember whined for ages. They were pretty good. I enjoyed their music."

"Really?! Well, I am going to see them tomorrow night."

"Does that mean you will never whine about it again?"

"No, that means I can remind you that I had to wait 24 years to see them!!!"

"Are they using walkers now?"

"No Mom!!!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Mom!!!"

"You're not going to get arrested are you?"


"Don't forget to wear clean never know if you will get into an accident." laughter on the receiver.

"Quite honestly Mom, if I do get into an accident the cleanliness of my underwear is not going to be my main concern as I might mess them anyway." Insert eye roll here.

"Just wear clean ones anyway...and have a great time!!!"

"Thanks, Mom. Bye"


I figured you all would enjoy this conversation between my mother and I. Go ahead keep laughing!!! I actually enjoyed it. The entire conversation was sarcastic as usual. Gotta love that sense of humor. And by the way growing up she forced me to hear every version of "Copa Cabana." I still have nightmares that involve Barry Manilow to this day. Go figure!

24 hours until Double "D" Day

Can I just say I delight in the simple things and tomorrow is going to be simply: just plain fun!!! I have beenn looking forward to this for awhile now and I am excited to go and see Duran Duran. I know, I know...the 80's are over, but I was simply in love with Duran Duran. Simon's voice was heavenly and John's bass guitar playing helped move my heart along as I listened to their music. I am an oldie person. I lvoe the 80's and although the drugs were out of conrtol then I never got involved I have to say, the music was the absolute best. So, I am thrilled to see them...finally. I have been waiting, and I am not kidding when I say I ahave been waiting a long long time. Let's just say it's been 24 years. Nearly one quarter of a century have I waited to attend the concert. My good friend will attest to our devotion towards this band. This will be the perfect girls' night out and I promise to post most pictures!!!! I can't guarantee everything!!!

Last night...

Last night was a very busy night for my entire family. Molly had an activity day meeting at 5:30, At 6:30 I picked up both Molly and her friend and dropped them each off at home. From there I ran to bring Corinna to mutual and then helped out a bit there. Don brought my Bryan to church at 7:15 for his interview with the bishop about becoming a deacon. I have never seen Bryan wear a suit...even when we picked it out earlier in the week and had him try it on. So, when I saw him walk into the church in a navy blue suit with a red tied and white shirt it almost brought tears to my eyes. you have to understand this kid loves to wear sweats and nothing else more. So, to see him dressed to the hilt was amazing. He will look that good again on Sunday...girls beware!!!! I will try and get a picture of him and post it, but I am a proud mother so I am a bit partial. From there he went and changed into his scouting uniform and put the suit away for the night. He had a board of review to advance himself in the scouting program. He managed to finish that and then exhausted from both interviews he went home and threw on his sweats again before I managed to get home. I am thankful for my little guy and my entire family, but i am happy that day is over. I am done!!!!