Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photo Shoot Day

I spent the afternoon with my girls taking pictures…and forcing my son to a few pics himself.
Here’s what beautiful teens I have walled up in my house. Somebody get the shotguns ready!!!

Miss Molly Bee…My 13year old

Bryan…my 14 year old doing his best Anakin Skywalker impression

Corinna…my 15 year old being as gorgeous as ever.

Happy Birthday Molly!!!

Oh yeah….3 teens in my house at once. We’ll see if we survive, but Molly never has been one to be ordinary…she extraordinary. She asked me before her birthday NOT to bake a cake for her. Oh no!! The child wanted simply a giant cookie.
One giant chocolate chip cookie.
Is she nuts or what?!?!
Not really…I am.
Because I was determined to bake this giant cookie when at my best I can count on one hand the number of times I have successfully baked a regular batch of chocolate chip cookies without burning half the batch.
I heated up my pizza stone…oh how I love my dear sweet pizza stone. I gobbed the dough over the warm stone and put it in the oven. Then I prayed…prayed big time that I wouldn’t fail. I’d gambled all or nothing. Here’s what happened:


Happy Birthday Bee!!!


Did I tell you we moved? Oh yeah…we moved. One day of insane craziness and we made it in.
My friend/landlord bought the paint in the colors specified and I have to say…some have been rendered speechless. My poor Sister-In-Law walked in, who absolutely loves the soothing feel of lighter colors. Not a word crossed her lips for the first few moments. We laugh about it. It was hysterical.
I never thought I would paint my living room…RED!!!! Oh yeah!!!
Think red brick red….or as the Home Depot Paint Guru calls:

I love it!!! A good friend came over and saw the living room when it was done and loved it. The reaction was incredible. Seriously, it literally makes you smile walking in. With all the trim in an elegant white it blends beautifully. Gorgeous!!! I am in love. I can’t wait until Christmas. It will be magical!!!
So, my dear friends…enjoy my pics of the new house and always know….my door’s open.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Whole New Day

The good house is painted...and it nearly matches my door. Nearly I say, because my living room is a deep shade of red. I haven't been able to get my photos up and online yet, but i will once I have some free time. I have to say...Red- I LOVE it!!! It's so vibrant and warm. Definitely a fun color. My poor sister-in-law, who is very much a lover of light colors, walked in and tried so hard to think of something positive. I laughed. It's all right. Red rooms are not for everyone. My neighbors LOVED it as well. It was simply just a fun color to play with and it looks great with our furniture as well. I can hardly wait until's sooooo going to be fun.

I spent this morning wandering around the Riverwalk area here in San Antonio. I love it. It's so peaceful and soothing to walk along the banks....especially when you have a job interview looming. Yes, I still love my job, but I am looking to advance off the phones and get into a property. I spoke with a beautiful woman today who interviewed me for a fabulous job of a Conference Concierge. I am so thrilled with the hopes of getting this job. The bus actually drops me off directly in front of the hotel....AND it wouldn't take the same 4 hour long trek to make it home. 45 minutes and that's it!!! However, this was simply the first interview. If I make the cut I will go in for the second interview in the next couple weeks. I am hoping and praying because this one is day hours and mostly weekdays with occasional weekends. I can go back to church for the most part. I am hoping and praying, but whatever happens happens and I will continue to look for something to fit my schedule.

But tell me.....

Could you blame me for wanting to work in this environment?!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ever Have One of Those Days?!?!


Post may be graphic!!! It was a bad day...Readers who are squeamish may want to skip this post!!!!

Now that I got that out of the way I feel much better!!!
So I was starting back to work and needed to take the bus on in. It was a meet and greet for the newest Luxury Hotel in Waikiki. Amazing truly!!! I would LOVE to stay here. I needed to be thee. My stats have also been hectic crazy and stunk so i am going into the office anyway. I began my trek at 5am waking up and out the door to my first bus stop by 5:30am. After a shot 20 minute walk I amde it to the bus stop and waited for just about 10 minutes before I climbed on board. It brought me to my fist transfer at the transit center...then off to downtown and the RiverWalk area. I have to say, I truly love the RiverWalk. It is an amazing place with a great vibe. Old buildings, a meandering river and my bus breaks down. I can either wait for an hour for the next bus to come by or I can head back home....I head home. I get home at 8:33am...I'm supposed to start work at 8:30am. Life sucks now!!! Not to mention the fact that my cycle is in full Niagara Falls mode and I am literally dying. Hubby runs me to work I call and end up 45 minutes late. I make it in time for my meeting though and luckily for me I end up walking away with a beach towel. I work the rest of my shift in terror because I was lateand my stats are stinking so bad there is a chance I will lose my job over this. From there I finish the rest of my shift getting ready to leave and head to the bus stop. I am none too thrilled because of my experience earlier in the day....and I've just leaked all ove our office chairs that are covered in fabric....I SUCK!!!! A co-worker then is sweet enough to give me a ride to the bus stop which is about 2 miles down the road. I wait for the bus and realize I've just stepped in dog doo.


I then climb on the bus and suddenly realize I should've crossed the highway and grabbed the bus on the other side...I've now added an extra hour onto my commute. I then wait and head to the darkest reaches of San Antonio and transfer to the next bus. At this point my Ipod is running out of power and I've watched 2 movies already. Oh yeah!!! Two full movies!!!

I switch to my next bus, my foot still smells like dog poop, I am praying my pad holds until I get home, and I have no idea where I am. This next bus keeps me on it for another 1 1/2 hours crossing town slower than a turtle after smoking marijuana. Getting more and more upset now. By the time I make it to the final transit station where I am waiting for my bus I run to the bathroom and find out I look like I've performed a home surgery. Thank heavens I was wearing black. I climb on my last bus. I make it home...

Oh yeah...and I forgot...I haven't had my surgery yet so my foot is killing by now. I get off the bus and begin walking the final 20 minutes to home only to be bothered by a couple of little girls trying to sell kittens for $75 each. I was kind...surprised but kind. By the time I make i all the way home walkingin the humidity and it is over a hundred degrees I've made a journey from work that lasted...


4 HOURS!!!!!! That's right...4 stinking long hours. needless to say I googled a map and found a much better route with 2 express busses which I now take and get home within 1 1/2 hours. Much better.

The moral to the story?!?!?!

Hmmm....I can't really think of any at this point, but I was thankful for my two feet I had and even though I had pain I could walk where I needed to walk....though I think I could've walked directly home in 4 hours. Just a thought!!!