Sunday, January 15, 2012

A New Year....A New Me!!! has nothing to do with losing weight...though I can guarantee you it would be a wonderful thing....if it happened. No...I am thinking more of my attitude. I've always tried to keep upbeat and that has shown through, but my life is getting now in order more than anything and I am thankful for it.

I love my job at the front desk of the Residence Inn. There's nothing like knowing my job is to really get to know the guests and spend my time talking and showing them the best of San Antonio. So fun!!!

My kids are doing so well in their perspecitve classes. Yes, there are challenges. There are always challeneges, but we still push on.

School starts up again this week and I am thankful I was able to receive enough mony on my pell grant to supply me with a new computer to bring with me as I travel to and from work....oh and there is free wifi on my bus. Life is good.

So, when the challenges hit this year I will continue to push on in hopes of making this new year more fantabulous than anything. We'll see how that goes!!! It's onward and upward!!!