Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 7....Check!!!

It was a busy week. My last day off was a week ago today and I finished the long week with a splash....more like a shiver.

I've had training all week and realized just how spoiled I was.

Point and Click!!!

That's all we do. Move the little arrow and click where we want to look at the screen. Brilliant right?!?!?

Not when you have to go back to learning a DOS program....

Uh yeah!!! High tech job that I have leeaves me on 5 screens at once during the day. You'd think I'd know how to land a jumbo jet, but that perhaps is left for a later time....or the fact that I have no less than 12 login ids and 12 various passwords just to start work.


The result?!?!? Happy people because i am now turned into a one stop shop for them. The cream of the crop of our guests call one number and get everything handled by one person...Me.

BTW.....Did you know Paris Hilton is a Marriott Rewards member?

No...I'm not lying!!!

Anyway, With training my days off got switched leaving me with 7 straight days of work. Ugh...really?!?! Do I have to?!?

So, I survived. I made it through my days and smiled the entire time. And now...I am in recovery for one day. Hubby will rub my feet, draw me a bath and even pour bath salts in ready to make me one happy woman.

Yeah, right!!!

Have a great day all!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dearest Friends & Strangers,

It's been a long time. The move went well and we are now completely settled...with the exception of the two giant boxes in my bedroom I refuse to unpack. I've now given up my "cushy" job of working at home and commute again back into work. My job is now about 17 miles away which means by bus it takes me no less than 2 1/2 hours to get to or from work...IF I catch all of my buses....a bit longer if I miss any connections. I missed seeing actual human beings who didn't start their life in my womb. Actual face to face conversation is worth a great deal to someone who succumbs easily to depression.

I sit here at my bus stop, nearly a mile walk from my front door, at 5 am waiting for my first of three buses to begin my daily epic trek to and from work. I spend about 6 hours a day either on a bus or waiting for a bus. The blessing...I get to stand on an incredible old bridge at the Riverwalk each day enjoying the sunrise in the city and soaking in the vibe there....I love it!!! All in all In walk 5 miles each day.

Work-wise I've kept busy. I've been in training one day with two more to go. I am learning the Marriott Rewards system in three days proving myself more valuable to the company. My group I am in...which has worked with Resorts for over a year and a half since I've been on the team. We're now taking care of Platinum know, the ones that spend 1/3 of the year under the roof of one of our hotels. They bring in the money for us. AND now I am doing Marriott Rewards itself. Our group is so specialized we are the only group in the world that is handling so much...OH! And we are also booking the entire Autograph Collection by Marriott....when you call the 800 number that is....and if you want to see some incredible properties check those puppies out!!!

And for some reason it wasn't enough on my plate. I'm also going back to school full time. Yup!!! Fulltime along with working full time. What was I thinking? I have no idea to be honest except I've got a Pell Grant which is paying for it so why not. in fact, my oldest and I are currently having a race to diplomas. Who will get theirs first? She is getting her high school diploma and me my Associates....I'll beat her by 3 weeks if all pans out correctly....We'll see.

My fabulous foot is still here...causing me pain with each step. it has been decided that I need surgery but being that it will cause me not to be paid for one week and paying $350 I've put it on the back burner until our taxes come in and we can afford to let me take a week off. until then...I smile and endure it.

Thankfully through all the craziness I call my life the kids are doing remarkably well. Ages 13,14 & 15 now they are keeping busy with school and church activities. With one car being used at all times I am thankful that their church leaders pick them up for mutual and activities since our car is always gone. The older two are also excited as their high School varisty football team is in the State semifinals playing at the Alamodome this Saturday. if they win the team will take the trek up to Dallas to play at the Dallas Cowboy's stadium. And in the land of "Friday night Lights" THAT's saying something.

In this crazy holiday season I call my life I wish you all the peace I feel in my heart when I think of the Savior. i wish you the happiness I feel in my heart when I see my children standing upright before the Lord. I wish you the knowledge to know that what you want is normally not what you need. And most of all I wish smiles and laughter for your family throughout the holidays.

Merry Christmas to All!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

it's Official!!!

It's actually quite scary. Not Freddy Kruger scary or anything like that, but going back after soooo long. I'm happy to announce though, with thanks to a fabulously supportive hubby and friends I am going back to school. Yup! i am going back to earn my Associates Degree. Afterwards, I will focus on obtaining my Bachelor's Degree. I've received word that I am being given a Pell Grant and will more than likely start the beginning of next year. I still have to get all of my items in for that semester, but I am grateful right now that everything is falling into place.

So....Yes, changes are a foot, but good changes.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Changes are hard on everyone. Some shy away from the changes and others embrace them head on. Me? I hope for the best and expect the worst. Changing from the apartment to the house...definitely a good decision. I will never regret that one. Seeing the kids outside playing frisbee with my friend's family. Knowing that we all went to high school together and now our kids are going to high school together. When we graduated Bobby myself and all of our friends went on vacation and experienced hawaii for the first time. I roomed with my bestie...he roomed with his. We had a blast and it never fails to bring up the trip in the conversation when the four of us are sitting around talking about old times.

Now our sons are planning their graduation trip. they want to head up to Alaska to do some sightseeing and hiking. It's a good thing. We both have some kids getting ready to head off to college in the next few years. Change is good in this instance.

At work, it was recently announced that our Resort team will be merging with the Platinum team. What does that mean? Well, not only will we handle our resorts calls but we will also take care of our elite Platinum members (those who spend 75+ nights per year in a Marriott). It is a huge change and honestly is a bit frightening to most of us. We really don't know what to expect. What we do know is that we will all struggle a bit in the beginning and afterwards we will all be fine. Smart businesses evolve looking for ways to take care of their customer's needs. This is one way we're planning on doing it. Training will be taking palce before we'll don our new name....the Luxury Team. I don't know about you, but I like the sounds of that.

As for the rest of our lives changes are on the horizon...some of which i will keep under my hat for now just in case they fall through. I do know one thing. It is a good thing, that's for sure.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photo Shoot Day

I spent the afternoon with my girls taking pictures…and forcing my son to a few pics himself.
Here’s what beautiful teens I have walled up in my house. Somebody get the shotguns ready!!!

Miss Molly Bee…My 13year old

Bryan…my 14 year old doing his best Anakin Skywalker impression

Corinna…my 15 year old being as gorgeous as ever.

Happy Birthday Molly!!!

Oh yeah….3 teens in my house at once. We’ll see if we survive, but Molly never has been one to be ordinary…she extraordinary. She asked me before her birthday NOT to bake a cake for her. Oh no!! The child wanted simply a giant cookie.
One giant chocolate chip cookie.
Is she nuts or what?!?!
Not really…I am.
Because I was determined to bake this giant cookie when at my best I can count on one hand the number of times I have successfully baked a regular batch of chocolate chip cookies without burning half the batch.
I heated up my pizza stone…oh how I love my dear sweet pizza stone. I gobbed the dough over the warm stone and put it in the oven. Then I prayed…prayed big time that I wouldn’t fail. I’d gambled all or nothing. Here’s what happened:


Happy Birthday Bee!!!


Did I tell you we moved? Oh yeah…we moved. One day of insane craziness and we made it in.
My friend/landlord bought the paint in the colors specified and I have to say…some have been rendered speechless. My poor Sister-In-Law walked in, who absolutely loves the soothing feel of lighter colors. Not a word crossed her lips for the first few moments. We laugh about it. It was hysterical.
I never thought I would paint my living room…RED!!!! Oh yeah!!!
Think red brick red….or as the Home Depot Paint Guru calls:

I love it!!! A good friend came over and saw the living room when it was done and loved it. The reaction was incredible. Seriously, it literally makes you smile walking in. With all the trim in an elegant white it blends beautifully. Gorgeous!!! I am in love. I can’t wait until Christmas. It will be magical!!!
So, my dear friends…enjoy my pics of the new house and always know….my door’s open.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Whole New Day

The good house is painted...and it nearly matches my door. Nearly I say, because my living room is a deep shade of red. I haven't been able to get my photos up and online yet, but i will once I have some free time. I have to say...Red- I LOVE it!!! It's so vibrant and warm. Definitely a fun color. My poor sister-in-law, who is very much a lover of light colors, walked in and tried so hard to think of something positive. I laughed. It's all right. Red rooms are not for everyone. My neighbors LOVED it as well. It was simply just a fun color to play with and it looks great with our furniture as well. I can hardly wait until's sooooo going to be fun.

I spent this morning wandering around the Riverwalk area here in San Antonio. I love it. It's so peaceful and soothing to walk along the banks....especially when you have a job interview looming. Yes, I still love my job, but I am looking to advance off the phones and get into a property. I spoke with a beautiful woman today who interviewed me for a fabulous job of a Conference Concierge. I am so thrilled with the hopes of getting this job. The bus actually drops me off directly in front of the hotel....AND it wouldn't take the same 4 hour long trek to make it home. 45 minutes and that's it!!! However, this was simply the first interview. If I make the cut I will go in for the second interview in the next couple weeks. I am hoping and praying because this one is day hours and mostly weekdays with occasional weekends. I can go back to church for the most part. I am hoping and praying, but whatever happens happens and I will continue to look for something to fit my schedule.

But tell me.....

Could you blame me for wanting to work in this environment?!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ever Have One of Those Days?!?!


Post may be graphic!!! It was a bad day...Readers who are squeamish may want to skip this post!!!!

Now that I got that out of the way I feel much better!!!
So I was starting back to work and needed to take the bus on in. It was a meet and greet for the newest Luxury Hotel in Waikiki. Amazing truly!!! I would LOVE to stay here. I needed to be thee. My stats have also been hectic crazy and stunk so i am going into the office anyway. I began my trek at 5am waking up and out the door to my first bus stop by 5:30am. After a shot 20 minute walk I amde it to the bus stop and waited for just about 10 minutes before I climbed on board. It brought me to my fist transfer at the transit center...then off to downtown and the RiverWalk area. I have to say, I truly love the RiverWalk. It is an amazing place with a great vibe. Old buildings, a meandering river and my bus breaks down. I can either wait for an hour for the next bus to come by or I can head back home....I head home. I get home at 8:33am...I'm supposed to start work at 8:30am. Life sucks now!!! Not to mention the fact that my cycle is in full Niagara Falls mode and I am literally dying. Hubby runs me to work I call and end up 45 minutes late. I make it in time for my meeting though and luckily for me I end up walking away with a beach towel. I work the rest of my shift in terror because I was lateand my stats are stinking so bad there is a chance I will lose my job over this. From there I finish the rest of my shift getting ready to leave and head to the bus stop. I am none too thrilled because of my experience earlier in the day....and I've just leaked all ove our office chairs that are covered in fabric....I SUCK!!!! A co-worker then is sweet enough to give me a ride to the bus stop which is about 2 miles down the road. I wait for the bus and realize I've just stepped in dog doo.


I then climb on the bus and suddenly realize I should've crossed the highway and grabbed the bus on the other side...I've now added an extra hour onto my commute. I then wait and head to the darkest reaches of San Antonio and transfer to the next bus. At this point my Ipod is running out of power and I've watched 2 movies already. Oh yeah!!! Two full movies!!!

I switch to my next bus, my foot still smells like dog poop, I am praying my pad holds until I get home, and I have no idea where I am. This next bus keeps me on it for another 1 1/2 hours crossing town slower than a turtle after smoking marijuana. Getting more and more upset now. By the time I make it to the final transit station where I am waiting for my bus I run to the bathroom and find out I look like I've performed a home surgery. Thank heavens I was wearing black. I climb on my last bus. I make it home...

Oh yeah...and I forgot...I haven't had my surgery yet so my foot is killing by now. I get off the bus and begin walking the final 20 minutes to home only to be bothered by a couple of little girls trying to sell kittens for $75 each. I was kind...surprised but kind. By the time I make i all the way home walkingin the humidity and it is over a hundred degrees I've made a journey from work that lasted...


4 HOURS!!!!!! That's right...4 stinking long hours. needless to say I googled a map and found a much better route with 2 express busses which I now take and get home within 1 1/2 hours. Much better.

The moral to the story?!?!?!

Hmmm....I can't really think of any at this point, but I was thankful for my two feet I had and even though I had pain I could walk where I needed to walk....though I think I could've walked directly home in 4 hours. Just a thought!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vacation Days & Lesson Learned...

It's here!!!! Glorious days are here again!!! it's vacation time!!! And yet, I'm going nowhere....for the most part.

Yesterday I had a very productive day of washing the car in the car this morning before it became hotter than the sun outside, making two batches of sourdough bread, making a new pair of pajamas for one kid out of fabric I'd planned on over a year ago. I entertained our neighborhood kids and got in a chick's all good!!!

Today's agenda...a little bit slower. I am heading out for a job interview. I still love what I do but at the same time I have an opportunity to jump for something. It's a position at a competitor's property to work the in-house reservations system. the job is Monday - Friday with weekends and evenings off with my kids. That would mean I could get back to church...which I desperately need. Hubby can drop me off in the morning and I can find my way back after an only 45 minute ride on the bus instead of 2 1/2 hours. Quite a difference don't you think?! I sure do!!! The pay doesn't change.

So, here's what I learned....#1 It was nearly a miracle I made it into Marriott as I've seen many try over and over again and not be accepted. Heavenly Father MUST have his hand in it. Now, after a year and moving into a house and living across from some terrific friends...this job post comes open. This company is about as easy to get into as Marriott. My friend applied for the same position having over 20 years experience working in a call center and working at Southwest business experience. She couldn't even get an interview. It's crazy the way they pick the people to interview. I don't udnerstand it at all, but I've learned to accept the good Lord offers us a path and it is our choice whether or not to accept it. There's really no stress involved today because I already have a job right now doing the exact same things they are expecting their new hire to do. The main difference is weekends with my family and being home at night with my family as well. I'll update after the interview to let you all know how it went!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

All About Molly...

For some who may not know this young lady...this is Molly. Bee as she was nicknamed upon birth...long story. ANYHOO...this young lady started out as a spirited baby who literally kept me awake rocking her during the entire length of Princess Diana's funeral...a connection? Not sure yet. She, as a toddler, would give her grandparent's nasty looks and refuse for them to even hold her. Oh yeah...she's got quite a sting.

As she prepared to go off to kindergarten I found myself handing her to the teacher and darting out the door while she screamed: "Don't leave me here Mommy!!!!"
That lasted for only a mere 6 months. For those same 6 months she refused to speak in class...not to the teacher...not to her classmates. Her shyness had control of her. In fact, during a presentation by the kindergarten class where every student said their name and age Molly refused. Fortunately, the music teacher had a solution. In chorus the entire class said: "Her name is Molly, she's 5 years old."

The following year at school she broke out of he shell and made many new friends...including several young men. As her class enjoyed the last 10 minutes of class at the playground Molly skipped over to the swings flanked by no less than 5 boys. They lined up excited, as if they were standing in line to receive an ice cream. But no...that was not the plan. They were to each take turns pushing Molly 3 times on the swing and then get in the back of the line. I watched for that entire 10 minutes as those boys labored .

Why you may ask?!?! Because my dear sweet daughter didn't feel like pumping her legs!!!


Growing up as headstrong as can be she is one that never gives up when she puts her mind to it. She has fallen in love with acting....something for which only a drama geek mother of hers can appreciate. She took an improv class back in California and loved the freedom she felt.

Lately, she has heard several radio ads about talent scouts visiting San Antonio and she has literally begged us 5 times to take her. Each time we happily found a reason to avoid going, but we ran out of reasons last week.

Early on Saturday we awoke Sleeping Beauty fairly early so she could gt up, showered and ready. She and I traipsed off to the given location and waited for her time to shine. As we waited, the kids were all given some tips on acting from one other than Phil Lewis.

I know...he looks familiar...kind of like your second cousin 3 times removed on your great aunt's side? Let me give you a better picture:
Yes, she was introduced to the charismatic Mr Moseby who encouraged her in the pursuit of her dreams as she waited for her turn with the talent scout.

Butterflies crept in her stomach...who she have the right look for the Disney Channel...her ultimate dream.

As we met with Jimmy V he took a look at her and got to know her. She completed a cold read of a GAP commercial in front of the camera. Jimmy asked us to return on an appointed day with the commercial memorized and giving it her best. She received her call back slip.

For the next hours she read and re-read her commercial bringing it to memory. When we returned on the appointed day she performed again, no other kids in the room...just she, Jimmy V and I. After her performance he agreed she certainly had talent and mentioned that she had a great physique for print ads and modeling as well. he liked her look and told her to go into auditions as herself instead of trying to add extensions to her hair and being something she's not. He felt she could go far.

At the end of our meeting he handed me his cell# and took down her information in case he finds something for her.

As we walked from our meeting while other kids waited anxiously for their call backs Molly jumped and pumped her fist in the air.


Looks like my girl has her course steady. she is heading full steam ahead for her dreams.

In My Mind...

Tonight is my last night of working a night shift. My last day off was Monday and my next day off is's a long week. However, my vacation starts on Monday so I will have several days off to take in a deep breath and enjoy myself long enough to sling a paintbrush around the house and finally get rid of the awful brown color that is staring at us each and every day. Hubby and I picked the colors for our house a couple weeks ago and were thrilled with our decision...until yesterday. For some odd, strange reason he picked arctic blue for our living room. Not good enough. We wanted something to really pop as you came in and we are thrilled with our new choice. Honestly I don't know how dating I am to actually paint my walls a deep red, but with the baseboard and banister being painted white it's going to look great!!! It can't be worse than the brown can it? it can't. I've taken some truly horrifying before pictures and I can't wait until I am done to show you the after pictures. It's going to be fun...besides, the kids are helping me!!!!

Oh joy....someone pass the aspirin please!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Tales of the Scorpion, Unpacking and Sweet Revenge...

It happened. I've been here a full year and the one thing I was afraid of happened. As we were walking home from our friends house, I love having friends right across the street, scurrying across our driveway was one of the most fearful creatures in my nightmares...the dreaded scorpion. They creep me out just as much as a spider or a snake...most definitely a snake. That night I overcame my fear and smashed the critter under my flip flops. The Scorpions will bother me no more!!!!

For the past week we've been unpacking and we are fairly well settled we simply need to paint. I'm so not looking forward to that....however my vacation is coming soon....and guess what am doing for vacation...Painting!!!! it's nice to be settled into our home now and feel normal again. My office AKA the in a hidden room next to our pantry/washroom. I love the privacy I have. We even made it to our new ward and met some fabulous families. I felt so comfortable. It is the smallest ward we've ever lived in. However, the numbers may be small but the hearts are large!!! I can't wait to get to know these ladies.

4th of July came about and we spent the afternoon after church with our fantastic friends, with whom we could've never made it through our trials without. This is the friend who literally kept me at an even keel and called me each night to give me encouragement when I was alone back in California as Hubby searched for a job. The nights I felt I couldn't take another step and go on...He told me I can and I will. Hubby struggled with depression at the same time I did. There was no way he could help me. Our dear friends across the street did. When Anne of Green Gables talks of kindred spirits....I now know who she is talking about.

As luck had it not only do we have some of our best friends across the street, but his father owns a firework stand. Oh Yeah!!!! Connections baby!!! His father already offered Corinna a job when she turns 16. She's thrilled. In fact, he offered jobs to all three of my kids when they turn 16. Suh-Weet!!! How can a teen turn away $10 an hour?!?! So he supplied our fireworks show. There are definite advantages to living in the county.

Have you ever seen $900 worth of fireworks?!?!

I have and we started approximately 9pm when the sun was completely own. We didn't finish until after midnight and there were still fireworks left we didn't get set off. It was a show to end all shows.

Oh...and the sweet revenge we were talking about?!?! Well, do remember when my dear friend Bobby introduced himself to my co-worker as the "shmuck she wouldn't date in high school"?!?! So, as his other friends showed up and I met them. I introduced myself and added..."I'm the girl who refused to date him in high school." They all enjoyed that and he turned beet red...Revenge is sweet.

And here's the thing. I told him I seriously never remembered him asking me to prom. I told my dear friend that the only thing I remembered was him approaching me and saying: "If Jeff asked you to prom would you go with him?"

I can barely believe what he said in return: "Yeah, you were supposed to say: No, I'd rather go with you Bobby."

What a dork?!?!? His fiance and I agree he's most definitely a dork, but he's our dork and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Red Door

When I was little, my friends and I all dreamt of what our lives would be like as we played with our Barbies. One declared she was going to marry a doctor, another a lawyer and me?! Well, I drew a lot of strange looks from my friends as I declared I would live in a house with a red door.

Why "Red"?!?!?!

To me having a red door meant I was more than just the standard white or brown door. It meant there was something fun and whimsical about the person residing behind that door. I've always had an independent streak in me and a love of being different, mind body and soul. And now I've found my way.

As a family we've made our way back into something resembling a life. My children....are happy. My husband, who I discovered owns more than 40 pairs of shoes in this move, is content. I, though waiting for my impending surgery on my foot, can finally open my eyes and feel the sun on my face....even though I discovered today the previous tenants forgot one of their weaves behind one of the drawers in my new bathroom....let's just say rubber gloves were in order.

So my friends, you now know why I've changed my identity to Red Door Girl when I sign into your comments. It reminds me of the vision I lost through this trial.

Almost Home...

I am sitting here in my dungeon...literally, although I think we need a few more gargoyles and skeletons hanging in the corner to be perfectly honest. Oh and by the way....I HATE MOVING!!!!!

The start of our moving season was beautiful...all three of my children were off at scout camp or Young Women's Camp. Bryan had a great time earning 7 whopping merit badges bringing him within 1 merit badge to earn his life rank... And of course he has 5 1/2 months to wit until he can advance. the girls had a blast of their own learning the power of prayer is great. While the other cabins at camp found spiders and scorpions lurking in their cabin, theirs was the one cabin with absolutely no incidences. The girls even enjoyed their horseback riding lessons at camp. It was great in their eyes.

While all three kids were gone we bagged and boxed all of their things and moved everything but the furniture. Moving day came and the hectic pace began. I consider ourselves blessed that we had so much help loading up...and there were 6 moves happening in our ward that day. We even had my car loaded to the hilt!!! I received a call from a friend saying that the girls would be arriving home in 1 hour. My care was packed to the roof. I had no choice but to run to the house, unpack my car and then run to pick the girls up. I made it about 5 minutes late. Once we loaded the girls into the car along with all their gear we ran back to the house. I knew I had about an hour before Bryan would be arriving home. So we loaded some of the final kitchen items...not all would fit in the car and began our journey to the new house.

Our friends, and new neighbors, lent me one of their cell phones since our phone would soon be down. As we were driving past the church the cell rang and we found out Bryan would be at the church in about 10 minutes. We turned around and drove back to the church and then desperately tried to rearrange things so that we could fit one more body AND all of his gear into the car. Let's just say there's a reason I'm good at Tetris.

For the past 3 days we've done nothing but unpack and rearrange. So much to do and never enough time let me tell you!!!

Today is a little slower pace. Don is at work and this is my final day off.We have just a few more boxes to unpack and then we can get back to our previously scheduled programming.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Remember That Light at the End of the Tunnel?!

I've asked myself constantly...

"Are we there yet?!"

And guess what?!

WE'RE THERE!!!!!!!!!

Hubby and I have spent the weekend moving whatever we could into our new home. The carpets have yet to be cleaned, but it is planned. From there the house needs a good scrubbing every corner of the house. We ran over there this morning and borrowed my best friend's SUV again to bring as much as we could before Saturday. Besides, a few of the things we needed for Corinna for camp...were brought to the house...Ooopsie!!!

We picked up the items and dropped Corinna off for camp. We bid our eldest good bye. Our sweet Bryan was woken up this morning at 4:15am to head off to scout camp. Tomorrow brings one more farewell as we send our youngest to Girl's Camp for the first time...she is so excited about the shows, the fun, the learning and most especially the horseback riding.

Tomorrow we begin our 4 nights with no kids in the home. That can only mean one thing....


I instead we are working our week while trying to make usre everything else for the move is finished.

The best news is that after a long hard hunt for Hubby to find a new job with fulltime hours I am happy to report...the search is over. today after dropping child 1 off for her trip up to cmap he received a call offering a job as long as he passes the criminal background check. I am so thrilled. He was offered a position at the high school my daughter just finished her freshman year at. She is moving to another school so there won't be any problems. He is literally dancing and the move is a good thing for him. Yes, we will lose our discount at Target, but it will be so worth it in the end.

I also made it to the doctor again for my third cortison shot into my heel. It's not working my friends, but we are hoping for a miracle. My dcotor and I have discussed the surgery which he is believing may be necessary at this point. He explained the procedure and told me it would be an outpatient surgery that would keep me out of work for just a few days to recover and that is a good thing. It is a 15 minute procedure I would be awake through. Only an hour before the surgery for prep, 15 minutes for the actual surgery and 1 hour after for recovery. From there I will go home wearing a foot cast for three weeks to allow my foot time to recover. I can hardly wait to walk without pain. This is a good thing.

So my friends, I THANK YOU ALL!!! for your incredible support you've given myself and my family. I am grateful for the prayers and strength and the friends along the way who wound their way into my heart. I love you all for your kindness and your cheering. Starting July 6th...Hubby's first day....I will step out into the sunlight for the first time in two years.

Perhaps I should wear sunglasses.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

More To Come...

Starting move....

Foot is killing me....

More to move tomorrow...

Final moving....Saturday.

Praying for strength to lift, patience to not kill my husband when he is tired and grumpy, a smile to keep everything cheerful, and the men at church to show up and help.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We Have A Date!!!

AND I am thrilled!!! Hubby came home with notice that he and I have the same Saturday off that we were hoping to plan and so we are going to move on the 26th. I am hoping and praying that all will go far so good. Most of the important things are packed and ready. THe loose stuff? Well...we'll just say we're going to do our best!!! As soon as I get into the house I'll be updating with new pictures. Until then...pray for me to have strength to make it through this!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's been a long couple of weeks....working hard, playing hard, praying hard.

Long hours on the sales floor and connected to a headset listening to people tell me a bit about their lives. This morning I had a wonderful conversation with a woman who worked in a bridal shop part time and was taking her husband into the doctor to get his check up with his Parkinson's. Her oldest son has just sold his house and is living in her brother's condo, of which he is going to out in the next week or two to find a new home to start out his new life with his new job. And how do I know this? Because resevervationists are the bartenders of the travel world, dontcha know?!?!?

In between the packing we've found our way to the pool, doing a quick road trip...just to drop hubby off at the airport. All the while getting hit on by a guy in the Shell station...Here's what happened....and please keep in mind this is a biker with tattoos up his arm with a handlebar mustache.

Him "Hi"

Me "Hi"

Him "How are you?"

Me "Fine thanks, how are you?"

Him "Better now that you got here!!!"

OH MY!!!!

And finally, my best friend, My Bobby. He called and asked for a favor. For a friend? Absolutely!!! Can I watch his girlfriend's kids? No prob. Why?!

Because he is in the hospital and when his girlfriend finds out she's going to FREAK and will be wanting to get to the hospital to see him. Truth be told...she sure did. She did what she was told....brought the kids to me and left for the hospital. We watched their kids. her darling 4 year old son came up to me and fluttered his big brown eyes and said: "You're pretty." Sucking up?! Nope...far to innocent. Molly however was given a better offer: "You're pretty...will you marry me?" The little guys older brother who just happens to have a crush on Molly seems to agree.

...oh dear!!!

Come to find out our dear Bobby had a sugar level so high it made the doctor's scratch their head trying to figure out why he wasn't in a coma. YOWZA!!!! Apparently he has been diagnosed with juvenile onset diabetes. I told him he needed to grow've gotta love our friendship. He's the one that is renting us the house so our kids can be together and play together. The beginning o his own community. One where the kids can be kids and the grownups can shut down the street for a block party, just because we want to.

He is now recovering and slowly making his way back to work. He's a nurse and all of the doctor's he works with are keeping a very close eye on him...he is adjusting fine.

And finally, I am grateful for the goodness in my life and the close friends who I can depend on and who can depend on me. I am grateful for the love of my life who is at this moment celebrating his parent's 50th anniversary and for the first time in MANY years having all of his brothers and sisters in one place. I am grateful for the gospel that keeps my feet moving even when i don't want to move them. I am also grateful for the cool weather that will invade San Antonio on whatever date we decide to move....I can dream can't I?!?!? Just a little faith!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Aside from working a ridiculously 40 hours workweek...I know horrible isn't it?!?!
Aside from packing the house and getting ready for the move...though I'm not sure yet what date this will happen...Aside from trying to get all three kids ready for Youth Conference and their camps which are all happening within a few days of each other...Aside from getting hubby ready and taking him to the airport at some incredibly horrible hour of the morning for a weekend trip (Happy 50th anniversary to his parents)...Aside from hobbling to the doctor only to hear the words: "We'll give you a larger dose of Cortisone and re-evaluate if we should even do a third dose in 4 weeks...Aside from realizing the larger shot of Cortisone didn't work, but appreciating the pain in which I felt as it was injected into my foot...Aside from the loss of my sanity and taking a brief moment to enjoy the incredibly beautiful lightning storms...Aside from attempting to remember how to spell my own name....I'm here and I'm the side of course!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And so it begins...

Do you see this? Oh yeah! The move is on!!! The current tenants vacate 2 weeks from tomorrow and we will then be allowed to come in and paint, clean and get ready to move in.

We have until July 5th to get out of the apartment. My prayers until then are that the 26th will run smoothly for us....Don will be off that day...I will be off that day...we'll find a full crew of willing helpers in out ward to move us. From there...the rest will be simple. Or as simple as moving can be.

Seeing boxes again...I'm thrilled!!! I am truly thrilled to see the move is not so far away!!! And oh yeah...there will be pictures... and the unveiling of a new blog...a new me!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Good News VS Bad News....

If someone gave you a choice....which would you choose?

I chose bad...I always choose bad first. Why?! I love to get the bad news over with. So...the bad news? I have a major cold. I despise colds!!!

The good news?

Oh my there's so many to choose goes:

-I had today I relaxed a bit

-I was able to help a friend in need

-I packed a box

-Today was the last day of seminary....I no longer need to wake up at 5am to make sure Corinna is awake.

AND....the #1 Good news of the day?!

The current tenants of our home are vacating as of the 15th of June...2 full weeks ahead of schedule and my landlord offered extra boxes if we need them to pack AND we have 2 weeks to move in without paying any rent!!!! We are able to start moving in a little over 2 weeks!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?!

Oh yeah...I am. So, we are planning on starting to move as soon as possible so we can be out by my birthday. Last year I celebrated my brithday in a nearly empty apartment...but my family was together. This year, I will be celebrating my 39th birthday by unpacking.

I can barely believe in one month I will be starting to move and unpack my home. A beautiful 2 story brick home with a fireplace and a red door. I know it's crazy, but I LOVE red doors. In honor of the move I am planning on renaming my blog. I don't know what yet, but I've got a few ideas swimming around my head. If you've got any suggestions throw 'em at me!!! I want to use this as a fresh start...leave behind the baggage from the recession and the loss of our lives into something fresh and fun. Any ideas you have I'd lvoe to hear!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I survived....or did I?

it was the beginning of a marathon week for me. Running back and forth to the office and enjoy some really nice treatment. With Associate Appreciation Week coming we were expected to come in at least twice. I came in on monday...happily. It was nice to ahve co-workers around me to be able to speak to and have an adult the guests I talk to each day don't count. It's nice to talk to adults you're not trying to sell anything. Anyhoo...I came in and received my fabulouso t-shirt to celebrate our office being named the comapny's best reservation office of the year. I was there for the last half a=of the year...enough to feel I helped earn that award. I enjoyed an incredible dinner of chicken alfredo with some french bread on the side....very tasty.

In the middle of our week we watched intently the Valero Texas Open not because we like golf, but because our resort was the host to the PGA golfers who invaded....and we sold out the rest of the nearly thousand rooms. It was the best advertising ever!!! Our lines have been lit up causing us to sell out nearly three weeknds in a row with visitors even from Mexico longing to play the course Greg Norman designed. And for those "non-golfers" in the play 18 holes you need to be a guest at our resort AND pay $175 to play. To give you an idea...For one night with 2 people golfing and breakfast it is running at $678 per night. No...not kidding. I tried playing golf...and I don't understand the draw. However, in the words of Field of Dreams....'if you build it...they will come." and if you get that great of advertising...they come in droves.

I made my way slowly through the rest of the week. Molly made it through her induction into the National Junior Honor Society so that was interesting and fun to watch her go through it. I amde it through the rest of the week and celebrated our survival on Saturday hanging out with our friends. Hubbies hung out playing pool while us girls gabbed in the kitchen...they will soon be my neighbors. I also received my first look at my future home...let's just say there is a beautiful red brick structure which has inspired a new name to my blog that I will reveal after we move in...I can hardly wait to unpack my belongings...all of them. And say hello to my mother's hutch she had given me, my antique piano and the beast of an armoire I keep swearing I will never move again.

I began again working the weekends after enjoying being off on Sundays for a couple months. I missed being at church, but at the same time I am indeed grateful for the job which has kept our family afloat when we never thought we'd make it. Yes...the sun is coming out to great us more often. There is sunshine finally peeking into my soul as I've battled depression throughout this trial. It has been difficult.

The last little bit of my busy week finished yesterday when I made my way back to the doctor's office. He quickly set me up with the second painful shot. Unhappy with the results from the first injection this time he unloaded a larger dose into my foot nearly sending me through the roof. I ended up in tears by the time I made it home. Our next meeting in 4 weeks he said we will decide whether or not to even bother with the last shot....translation: we will be talking about the surgery. Fabulous....right as we are moving. As promised to my hubby...I'll wait until after the move for the surgery if needed. We shall see...then I'll have plenty of time to between eating bon bons and wathcing soap operas that is.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let the Whirlwind Begin!!!!

It's Sunday...The Day of Rest, some may call it. Me? I call it the beginning of a very long week. It won't be dull, that I can guarantee. However, it will allow me time to break out of the depression that seems to be my constant companion lately. that in itself is a good thing.

Today, church...dinner at my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's house...then home.

Monday, get kids up and ready, take bus into office, change into new shirt provided by office and enjoy being spoiled on breaks, compete in balsa wood glider competition and paper airplane making competition.

Tuesday, get kids off to seminary and school, work at home, get off work early and RUN over to middle school in time to see my youngest be inducted into the National Junior Honor Society...come home and collapse

Wednesday, get kids up for school and seminary, make sure they get to where they need to. Steal car from hubby and strand him at home while I work in office. Schmooze with the properties that pay my salary... it's Salad bar day along with some fun activities and contests...I think the Wii will be going during breaks and lunches. Drive home and collapse.

Thursday, get kids up and out of the house for school and seminary. Make hubby give me ride over to work, enjoy a day with Shamu and animal friends visiting us and snack on sandwiches and games. Wait after work until nearly 11pm for hubby to pick me up...go home and you know it...collapse into deep coma.

Friday, wake up and get the kids off to school and seminary. Do grocery shopping, come home and put everything away and then go back to sleep while hubby heads off to work...all before 8:30am. wake up late afternoon refreshed. Take shower and get ready for an evening with that's the way to celebrate the "almost closing" to a long week.

Saturday- wake up early and take bus into work while hubby gets kids up and ready to drop off somewhere while he works....we haven't figured out the logistics yet, but we will...i hope. After work wait for hubby and rest of family to show up and enjoy spending time together at the company picnic to bring to close Associate Appreciation Week.

Sunday- wake up early and work from home....yup...schedule changed and I am back at the grindstone on Sundays. Pray often to make it to Monday where I am just responsible to get the kids to school and then make it to the doctor again to enjoy another shot of that FABULOUSO cortisone!!!! Oh yeah...I'm so ready!!!

I'm having a feeling there is no way I will be blogging this week. Of course, I'm also having a feeling these is no way I will survive!!! We'll see though!!! have camera...will travel!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Taking Care of Mom...

It's inbred, natural really...
When we, as mothers, make dinner....we serve others first.
As women I find we watch over others moreso than ourselves.

Yesterday, after...well....let's just say several years...we needn't be too exact anyway...what's the point?!

I FINALLY took that step, albeit painful.

Why after so many years of dealing with the constant pain have I given in? I can't tell you an exact reason, but reality hit Sunday after church.

We walked home. Living less than a half mile from church is definitely a blessing when dealing with one car. Hubby unfortunately had to depart for work right before church ended to get make it to his shift on time. The kids and I...walked home. They never complained, but I found myself blessed to see their sweet spirits as every few minutes my girls would look back at me to make sure I was still with them. My son, walked next to me, hand in hand, watching over me the way only he can do.

As I approached the stairs, 3 flights of the most insane way to finish a half mile walk, I inwardly groaned, knowing the throbbing burning aching pain which would soon settle in and I would hide from my kids as we celebrated Bryan's 14th birthday a day early.

Going back, my feet began hurting several years ago whenever I climbed out of bed or sat for a length of time. It was never too bad and the ache went away after awhile. I've also never received much help when going to doctors. Upon going in for my knees when they first began hurting I received the admonition that I was too fat and needed to lose weight. Twice doctors have told me these words causing me to never want help from them again. it was an unconscious decision. Sunday, however sent me over the edge. i slept for 2 hours before being awakened at 1:35 am and desperately trying to get back to sleep while ignoring the pain.

Enough was enough. I'd done enough research on the Internet to diagnose myself with Plantar Fasciitis with possible bone spurs causing the pain. I searched my provider's directory silently feeling thankful I didn't need a referral which may have caused me to decide not to bother. I called my first choice after researching the doctors to find the earliest they could get me in was July...are you kidding me?! However, I had another idea to call another doctor...I can't explain why I picked him but let's just say his name stood out to me.

I called to check and see how early I could get to see him. I was aiming for is my day off so a perfect way to waste my day away. Was I in luck or what?! They had a cancellation if I could get there in the next 45 minutes. Seriously?!?! NICE!!!

Now, about this know, the random one i picked out because his name just stood out to me. Pshaw...what a stupid way to pick out a doctor!!!! Not really!!! It seems he is VERY well educated and was appointed by the governor to be on the state board of podiatry examiners. NICE!!! My first thought...get a lottery ticket...just pick the numbers that stand out...yeah right!!!

The sweet ladies in the office took the xrays and it was discovered that I am such an overachiever that they considered calling the Guinness Book of World not really, but close. He showed me on the xray where I had not one but 2 fabulous beautiful bone spurs. The one on my heel...Not so bad, just good info to know. The one on my heel...big enough to be counted as an extra toe in my opinion.

The course of action...

cortisone shots, 3 of them spread out in a 6 week plan. By the way, if you've been blessed to never have a cortisone shot, feel blessed, but I'll liken it to being the Devil's own medicine, second only to Pitocin...ugh!!!

Wrapping my foot. Done!!!

Insoles, highly uncomfortable, but Done!!!

Not walking long distances if not needed. I'll give it a shot!!

Putting my feet up. NICE!!!

Not lifting heavy objects...including boxes while we move....I am loving my doctor!!!

All this in avoiding the desperate act of surgery.

After the doctor's office I ate a bagel and rushed to get dressed because I was supposed to make it into the office. One of our resorts was slated to visit so i was supposed to be there. I had a wonderful talk with my manager who gave me so much support and told me to keep her informed on the progress with my foot. And then we found out the property wasn't showing. I was there for no reason. I worked my shift and then sat down to wait. I was off at 8:30pm and unfortunately buses don't run at that time so I had to wait for my sweetheart to pick me up after his shift...he was off at 11pm. Oh yeah...

Before you get to feeling too sorry for me, I kicked back in the massage recliner in front of the big screen watching whatever I felt like watching. I know...I'm spoiled, but it's all right I'm good with it!!!

By the time I made it home, my foot was aching, my eyes were drooping as I was nearing the 23 hours awake mark. Hubby tucked me in bed and before he could say goodnight I was sawing logs, better than a lumber mill. was your day?!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Finish Line...or the Beginning.

Today was another big day for our family. Corinna earned her Young Women's medallion and today the bishop took a few moments to award it to her. What was sweet is I had many parents approach me and tell me what a beautiful young woman she was and how the medallion enhanced her beauty.

I agree completely, though I may be partial.

What touched me the most was as we headed out the doors of church to start our walk home the young men came up high fiving her and congratulating her for earning her medallion. They applauded her standards and her hard work.

This is what I've noticed about the youth in our ward. It's been noticed that at dances when most of the kids spread out and hang out with other people from other wards our ward is different. They all are in the center of the room dancing and enjoying being together. I'm kind of sad for moving the kids away from such a group, but I know they'll be all right. They'll bond with the new ward and become a great addition. Until then, we'll celebrate the good times!!!

Next week...Mother's Day and being there when my son is ordained a teacher. Pictures to follow!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Can you change the world with a cup of lemonade?

I wanted to share a little story about 2 girls, friends really. They wanted to make a difference....and they have. A big difference. Oh! Did I mention they are only in elementary school.

These two girls decided to make a lemonade stand to support Relay for Life and help further cancer research. Read about their big day here!!!

I am honored to say I know half of the duo. Her father is a cancer survivor. Her mother is an amazing woman who works had to help Relay for Life where I used to live. And this young lady and her friend are going to change the cup of lemonade at a time.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Sunday for the Ages...

There's always that one Sunday when a plan always comes together...everything clicks. It started out early. 7:21am to be exact. It felt good to sleep in. Oh yeah, that WAS sleeping in for me...


It was the monthly early morning Presidency meeting and breakfast for the Young Women Presidencies which meant I had to roll my two girls out of bed. Clutching their binders, and stumbling blindly in their PJ's to the door it was a miracle they stopped yawning before walking into their YW President's home.

On the way home I pulled past the dumpster and scored with a large stack of moving boxes broken down and ready to be used!!! SUH-WEET!!!!

Afterwards they came home and hubby started a massive squirt gun war in the house...with the tiniest squirt gun imaginable. All while I attempted to domestic aren't I?! So, once the kids were sufficiently doused and it came to near tears I ended the war with a glass of cold water to hubby.

My sweet visiting teachers stopped by while the Fam got ready for church. I was incredibly entertained as were my visiting teachers when hubby entertained us with a rousing concert while he took a shower....Boy did he turn red when he found out they heard him. Oh yeah...they were so jealous!!!

Church went really well as and I survived my calling. For a woman who is not naturally drawn to babies being an Assistant Nursery leader, when our ward has no less than 4 nurseries, can be the true meaning of "enduring to the end." I felt blessed to be able to watch Corinna receive her final two ribbons of her Young Women's Bookmark. I was able to arrange Corinna's interview with the bishop and she will receive her Young Women's medallion next Sunday. I am so thrilled for her. I arranged for Bryan for his interview since he will be turning 14 next week.

After church Molly and I began our walk home. Hubby had to head to work the late shift so we opted to enjoy the fresh air. Corinna and Bryan had to wait after church for their BYC meeting. Our YM/YW leaders always make sure they get a ride home. We didn't even make it a full block until a wardmember pulled over and picked us up.

The reason our ward is so incredibly awesome...Thought we've tried many times...we've never walked the entire way home. Someone always stops. Too sweet!!!

So now, I am home with my feet up relaxing. 2 out of the 3 kids are home with me...Corinna opted to head out with her YW leaders for a special fireside with Brother Marvin Goldstein. He speaking to them all about developing their talents. I hope she has a wonderful time.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lights!!!! Camera!!! Roadshow!!!!

The many weeks of practice had passed and it was down to this day. I've become so desensitized from people never wanting kids to be a winner or loser I didn't realize prizes were on the line for their performances. We were entertained by each ward. The kids truly put their heart and soul into their performance. And it was time to shine.

Molly arrived ready for transformation. She is our drama diva in the family. She loves to sit in a chair and have someone do her makeup and hair. It doesn't necessarily matter what she looks like, it's a pampering aspect to her.

Our ward's time... "Back to the 80's!!!"

Oh yeah!!!

They wanted to experience a slice of life...dressing in the 80' truly was hysterical to see just how they interpreted the 80's.

They sang, they danced, and with a strobe light for added effect they even had a fight scene. In the end, everyone won a prize just for competing. When the announcement was made, though, our ward came out triumphant. Each rehearsal, every moment memorizing their lines, every dance rehearsal was worth it...they had fun in the end. That IS the point after all.

And for busy day had almost come to an end. I simply needed to pick my eternal sweetheart up from work. While I waited for him to finish the skies lit up in a bright lightning display... I think Heavenly Father was quite proud of all the kids in our stake who participated.

I know I'm proud of my three.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Your Highness

Yes, you may all address me as your highness. I've been officially crowned. Well, temporarily until the 21st anyway. Oh!!! You're trying to figure out what I'm talking're not alone...many people wonder on a daily basis.

I visited the dentist today. Now, I must warn you...I can't stand being at the dentist. jaw always aches for days following. Today was a big day for me. On the ToDo List:
1. Cause great pain while injecting novacaine into my system
2. Grind Hillbilly tooth down
3. add insult to injury as we perform a root canal
4. Shove foreign object into tooth to keep tooth strong
5. Crown patient/tooth.

Well, the wonderful woman that was my dentist crossed number one off my list with less pain than I was used to. However half my face was literally numb as I wondered just how long the proceudre was intended to last if she gave me THAT much novacaine. In fact, while we waited for the novacaine to spread to my toes I found I had no feeling in my right nostril. NO!!! Not one iota of feeling. As she began working I closed my eyes and silently mused whether or not someone could pick my nose and I'd never know a thing. Weird..I know.

She grinded that tooth down into my darling little nub. I love my nub.

To my pleasant surprise my tooth wasn't as bad as she thought and I needed no root canal or a post implanted in my tooth. It was just meand my nub. As they prepared to make the crown my dear little dentist remembered the materials she needed weren't being delivered until that afternoon. So, a temporary crown was fitted. And I will go back on the 21st to receive my full crowning glory.

After escaping the office and wandering outside I realized what a beautiful day it was. Not too hot, not too cold, overcast with a nice breeze blowing. I know, I love overcast days. Perfectly favorite!!! I walked home. As I approached the apartments I saw hubby heading to the car to come and pick me up.

For the rest of today I shall sip away at a tall drink while hubby takes care of the kids while I remain close friends with my bottle of extra strength Tylenol.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Breaking The News....

Oh's coming.

Moving time...again.

They all knew it was going to happen....and boy did it.

Our main goal was to find a place that was a bit less expensive so we could live within our means. Our ideal was to stay in the ward that has nurtured us during the dust settling. Our ideal was also to keep the kids in the school they've attended all year...though secretly Molly has prayed against staying in her school. Why? Nerd Uniforms. Yes, they have to wear uniforms...which are an incredibly large pain in my behind to find might I add.

Goals? We apparently need to stinkin' goals!!!

I received a call early yesterday morning from my friend, Bobby. He told me that one of the tenants of one of his houses wee coming available and he and his father were interested in renting to our family. Our rent right now is $1040 for a 3 bedroom apartment, on the third floor, with 1200 square feet. It was doable, and we made it work though many of our belongings remain in storage gathering dust. Like my favorite century old piano...I miss dear friend...sniff sniff!!!

So, instead of paying oodles of cash for a tiny three bedroom we will pay only $950 for a 1900 sq foot home. Of course, since we can pull our items out of storage we eliminate the rent from our storage as well. I fully understand the energy bill will be a bit higher and our water bill will be a bit higher as well and there will be the new bill of trash collection. However, after going through the figures we still come out ahead.

So, we are moving again in July. Out of our ward boundaries. Out of the school boundaries, yet still in the same district.

And how did the kids react?

Bryan was good with it...he's heading into high school anyway and most of his friends were headed to a different high school.

Molly? Oh that was easy...she won't have to wear her "Nerd" uniform any longer. She was ecstatic!!!

And finally...Corinna. My high schooler. The one who cried when we told he we were moving to Texas. She shrugged her shoulders and said: "OK."

Really? Just "OK"?!?!?

She was literally fine with it. The good Lord has prepared them for the move. now we just need to pick up our boxes from storage and get ready.

Monday, April 12, 2010

And So It Begins...

The past few days for me have been filled with complete and utter pain and nausea. Why? No, it's not the flu. I gave up my Dr. Pepper. I am in my first detox week from that evil drink. Perhaps I'm going a bit overboard calling it the drink of the devil to my children, but it's still too fresh.

In an effort to be a team player and to change my life I am competing AND joining in with my team to become more healthy and active over the next month. My office has introduced a new activity to be offered to improve our lifetime health habits...completely voluntary of course! It's called "Game On! Kick your friend's butts while losing your own!" Now do you see why I love my office?!

My dear resort team has girded our loins and are ready for battle. This game is very simple. They've given us the tools to create a new diet for us and encourage exercise as well. We are to pick one habit in which to kick to the curb for one month. I myself, chose to rid my life of drinking Dr. Pepper/sodas. I never knew the extent of the withdrawls my body would go through when the dark brown substance left my menu. The first day was impossible...headaches began immediately. Hitting migraine status was a new low for me. I could barely move and I became literally nauseated and sick on friday to the point of not being able to work. Can a little drink possibly have THAT effect on my body? Impossible!!! It was unbelievable!!!

Saturday the headache wore down to a dull nagging ache. I managed to get my kids to where they needed to, ironed the backdrop for the kids' roadshow at church and came home 2 hours later feeling completely and utterly exhausted. Again, I fell back into my chair no wanting to move.

Sunday came around...The headache remained, though dramatically lighter, being in nursery would most certainly have an effect on the well being of my head. I felt light headed and shaky. Apparently I was literally shaking. I made it through and by the time we made it back to out apartment I was out of breath...remember we live on the third floor? Needless to say I sat back in my chair and my kids did their best to bring me an ice cold drink...non-caffeinated of course.

Today, the headache is all but gone and I now wonder to myself....if the caffeine alone did THAT to me...What does the rest of the drink do to me?

I guess it's time to go back to the basics!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Chameleon...

On a daily basis I speak to people from all around the world. I hear their beautiful accents and find myself playing a mental game of "Name where this person comes from." If you've never lived in the south you may never realize how completely different the accents are as you cross the state lines. Texas has their twang while Mississippi lilt is as smooth as it can be. I also hear a difference in the asian countries as well as scandanavian.

Perhaps it is the theater background I have, but I find myself begin to blend in with each guest. The chameleon in me begins to peep out. As I greet the guest with the Hawaiian Resorts and using the hawaiian words so often my mouth begins to form around and my mouth morphs into those beautiful hawaiian natives. I've had many hawaiians tell me that I speak with a hawaiian heart. It was an unforgettable compliment.

A few weeks back, I spoke to a businessman who asked which province I lived in. Confused, all I could mutter was: "Excuse me?" In essence, he thought I was Canadian and was curious what beautiful part of Canada I was from. We laughed as I told him I'm in Texas. He was floored. Apparently, my chameleon tongue snuck out.

My children have inherited the same trait. As a toddler, my son was a little englishman. He hated getting dirt on his hands outside and played a game of screaming "Mama! Dirt!!!" in his tiny little voice. I would brush it off and he would repeat the scene. Our game had begun.

My youngest has always had a peculiar way of speaking. A cross between Bostonian, English and Californian. There's nothing wrong with it, but she definitely hails from her own world. Yesterday, some truly rude classmates began making fun on her speech. They've teased her before. This is nothing new. Before they've tried to get her goat calling her "Mormon." I asked her if she wanted me to intercede. She simply said: "Mom, don't worry. I am a Mormon. No biggie." Yesterday, their focus was her speech. her friends had enough. They began calling her...well a word that rhymes with witch. While Molly chose the pathway of ignoring the boys, her friends were not willing to stand by and let it happen. They went straight to the principal and told him this had been going on for some time. Molly was called in and she answered the questions truthfully and the principal decided he needed to intercede in her behalf. At some point these boys could come back at her, but I doubt they will. Her friends are there watching her back.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Guess It Happens...

It seems funny to me looking back and seeing how miserable I was. It felt like I was buried deep into a swirling black vortex of destruction sucking every ounce of life out of me. Every corner I turned it was as if my nightmare got continually worse and worse.

These days, as many of you have noticed...I am not dealing with the same issues. No, the free weekend in LA sure cured me of alot. Of course, apparently that wasn't enough to cure me of EVERY little issue in my head.

Nope, the good Lord had something else in mind.

Here at work we are asked to take quizzes here and there to familiarize ourselves with the properties we take care of. There are over 3200 worldwide and more to come. I take the quizzes, even if they aren't in my area...WHY?!

To participate.

Marriott loves it when people participate. I will participate in any event I can, within reason of course. So, I turned in my quiz.

Today, while I was helping a delightful guest with his reservation in one of our luxury resorts an e-mail popped in. The results from the quiz. At the end...the winners!!!

Would you believe it? I won...Again!!!

No exciting trips this time...just a shiny new BluRay DVD player.

I'll be picking that up early on Monday!!!!

If you feel the earth shake...don't's me dancing.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I received a call today...a rather entertaining one to be perfectly honest.

It went something like this:

"Good Afternoon! Thank you for calling Marriott reservations...How can I help you today?"

"Hi, I'm looking for a suite in April for two nights."

She proceeds to give me the dates and I search....nothing.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am. I've got no rooms available."

"Are you sure you've got no suites available. I'm in desperate need."

"Sure, let me double check."

"Thank you so much. I'm Paris Hilton's assistant and the home she had rented for the weekend is not in livable conditions any longer. I'm desperate to find a place for her."

Now, here's where things go silent in my head...your family owns the Hilton chain and you can't get a room at ANY Hilton. I was so tempted to as if she'd like to become a Marriott Rewards Member...Just a thought you know!!!

I so enjoy my job sometimes!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I DID IT!!!!!

I felt as if I were making my triumphant entry back to church. We walked in and sat down early as the girls rushed off to their quick rehearsal before sacrament meeting began. All was quiet. One after another the nameless faces began filing in. I remembered some of their faces, but their names escape me. I haven't seen any of them since last was I supposed to remember their names. I sat quietly and read my scriptures...soaked in the spirit. As sacrament meeting was getting ready to begin the bishop and his counselors emerged from his office and took the stand. His eyes looked out upon the congregation and fell upon our family. All 5 of us...sitting quietly. Both he and his counselors saw me at the same time. I received three big smiles from the stand, a wave from two counselors and two thumbs up from the bishop. All through sacrament meeting I saw our bishop's eyes glancing in our family's direction with a big smile spread across his face. I may have even glanced upon a little tearage up there.

After sacrament meeting I went to play with all of my little friends in nursery. I still had my calling to attend to. I found myself grateful for the leaders who give my children rides when we can't make it. I am thankful for the leaders that teach my children how to have strong testimonies. I am thankful for a bishop who pulled back on the ourse strings for the adult activities in the ward so that our youth could attend both Young Women's Camp and Scout Camp compliments of our ward. My jaw dropped as we were told no payment was due for either camp. I felt a thankful burning in my heart knowing what a blessing it was to be in this ward.

I remembered back to the afternoon in California when I was lead to the apartment complex nearly 30 minutes from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's home. I was literally lead to this ward....and I feel blessed and now I know why.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Beginning...of the End.

Is it "The End" already?! How could the time have flown past my eyes?! She was just an itty bitty!!!

All right!!! I confess!!!! She was NEVER "itty bitty" to anyone but her abnormally tall parents. I'm simply milimeters from being 6 ft while hubby is well over 6 ft. "Amazon" children were most certainly guaranteed.

So, Why?!

Why am I going on like this?! In less than a year my oldest is going to be turning 16!!! We just received her education packet in the mail from the State Of Texas. Now I have to pick out the right course for her and begin her driver's training. In less than nine months she'll be driving, dating and become a Laurel.

Do you know what that means?!?!?!

No, I;m truly not hyperventilating, but truly our children are with us at home for a blink of the eye before they prepare to go out on their own. Only 3 years until leaving for college I already see her preparing to fly from the nest. She is excited to learn to drive, a skill she will need her entire life. She just finished reading the entire Book of Mormon and is 1 small project away from earning her Young Women's Medallion. She has also decided on her own to earn the Honor Bee in which she needs to read the Book of Mormon...again and provide 40 hours of service. She prepares to be sealed in the temple by holding her own limited use temple recommend. She prepares for life by working hard on her schoolwork. She prepares for her eternal salvation by being a good example and a terrific leader for the rest of the Mia Maids.

Where did the time go? She used to need me for everything. Now, she needs me to start letting go...bit by bit.

However, dear friends...this is not the Beginning of the End as I originally thought.

It is the beginning...of a new beginning.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'll tell you a secret...

Come closer...

C'mon!!! You can get closer than that!!!


In my family, we've tied, and failed multiple times, to hide a secret from the world.

We're not normal.

More than once we've been told by people we know, and some we've never met how our family is strange. We've heard it all before.






completely and utterly entertaining.

Many have told us we should have our own reality show. Wouldn't that be interesting? A camera crew following us all around on our adventures. Watching them. We're not that amusing...or are we?

I'm sure I'll get some nasty notes from people, but I've got be hoenst of how I view the world.

For example, last night I was relaxing and watching TV with Molly Bee. With nothing to watch and flipping through the channel aimlessly. I came across a show about small children competing in pageants. As far as I am conerned, pageants for children that young are nothing more than child abuse. Who wants to take such a pure beautiful face...and oh yes, each and every single one of those children are adorably beautiful...with pounds of makeup, hair sprayed so much it wouldn't move in a Class 5 tornado. If they want to dress in elegant dresses, go ahead, but remember...THEY ARE CHILDREN!!!!! And when they cry, love them...don't force them to keep practicing. When they're sick...forget the stupid pageant and KEEP THEM IN BED!!! Don't tell them the "show must go on."

Utterly Ridiculous!!!!!

Anyway, in our efforts to entertain ourselves my youngest did a pageant walk, best imitating the lessons each young girl worked so hard at. From there...our lack of sanity just took over.

We began walking the runway as...



Women going into labor,

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade baloons,

babies learning to walk,

and the Easter Bunny.

It was fun and hysterical...especially to us.

So...what happened? My darling youngest told her friends all about it. They laughed and told her...we should have our own reality show. Oh yeah...I'm sure the world is ready for that!!! However, if we get some free time, maybe we'll recreate our walks and post them. We're like that you know.

BEEP!!!! This is a recording!!!

Seriously, I don't know whether to take it as a compliment or just feel plain insulted.

No less than 5 guests in the past week have told me my voice sounded like a recording.


I thought to myself: "Really?! My voice must sound bad!!!"

However, today one of our dear Platinum Members (Platinum= Living in any Marriott for approximately 1/3 of the year) explained sweetly I should take it as a compliment.

His exact phrase was: "If I could hear your voice everytime I called to make a reservation I'd be staying at Marriott 365 days a year."


Oh yes, these men flirt. Regardless of age, they enjoy flirting. Mind you most of them are single. I won't guarantee all. I'm not THAT naive. I've had gentlemen ask me out to drinks when they visit the resorts I'm booking for them. I've had cameramen offer to bring me a loaf of sourdough bread fresh from San Francisco. After saving one gentleman over $1600 for a group of rooms he was booking for himself and co-workers He wanted to have all of his co-workers take me out to dinner. They even planned on renting a stretch limo so that all 12 of these men could escort me out to dinner. I've taken care of ambassadors, members of congress, producers, music legends, vice presidents of Major League Baseball Clubs and others.

The sweetest moment was an elderly man was making a reservation. In my old jobs I've often called my customers "sweetheart" or "honey." I let it slip when I was talking to him. He choked up a bit. I apologized profusely thinking I'd offended him. He quickly regained his composure and asked me not to worry about it. He said his wife of 40 years called him sweetheart the same way I had. She passed away 5 years earlier. I let it slip one more time and he wished me a good day, this time on purpose.

On a daily basis I feel honored with the sweet words of praise they send my way. However, I find myself stuck. The whole recorded voice thing...should I take it as a compliment? Or should I take offense?

It really could go either way...I think I'll take it as a compliment.

Who knows?

Perhaps someday...I'll be the voice of Marriott.

Oh yeah!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm spoiled...

Rotten to the core...that's what I am. I had to go into work during a last minute rush as my computer refused to upload the Marriott system. Needless to say I was unthrilled as I hadn't bothered to dry my hair...being a little lazy that day and it looked bad...I mean worse than bad. I looked like one of the homeless wandering the streets of San Antonio. However, I was there. My boss greeted me with open arms welcoming me back into the office and making sure I was paid for my time, even though I was sitting in the car on the way to the freeway. I got paid to drive into work yesterday...NICE!!!

Of course I paid for it later when my third and final bus transfer came in nearly 45 minutes late...I could've walked home from the Medical's only a couple miles.

Anyhoo!!!!My boss was quick to ask if I'd received my certificate for my free weekend stay. When I admitted I hadn't she said in her sweetest voice.

"No worries, sweetie, I'll take care of everything." She is the tiniest little woman and I adore her. She was born in Turkey and grew up in Germany...there are times when her english makes no sense structurally, but we all adore her and understand what she is telling us anyway.

A few minutes later the Southern California manager arrive with certificate and folder in hand. He gave me a quick political correctness in our office. We all love each other and look at each other as a family, nothing more, nothing less. I was congratulated. Of course I thanked him and told him how excited I was for this. He quickly explained this certificate is one of the most expensive prizes they have given this year. 2 nights= over $1,000. WOW!!!! I am in shock. Hubby has agreed to go along even though the thought of being in California reminds us of the heartbreak we've endured over the past couple years. The manager also was quick to tell me to call and book quickly as they wanted to provide 2 tickets to the Grammy Hall of Fame museum which was nearby.

I'll book when I get to my day off on Monday.

And yes...I'm not just well taken care of...I'm spoiled.


I am THRILLED!!!! I found out the woman Don works with was offered a job in my office. She will now become my sister in the Marriott family. It felt good to help another who has been struggling.

Monday, March 15, 2010


One of the blessings of Marriott is working with fabulous people and being able to meet some incredibly fabulous people at incredibly fabulous properties.

In a crazy turn of events the lovely men at CPS were working on replacing the electric boxes at our apartments. Knowing the power had gone out 3 times before I managed to get the kids off to school I jumped into my, nearly forgotten, business attire and woke my hubby to warn him I was running into the office to work that day.

AND it was a good thing I did.

L.A. Live J.W. Marriott & Ritz Carlton was visiting to promote their property. One team in our office books the Southern California area which was the reason why they came to visit. In true LA style they catered in lunch to us, brought in the red carpet as I rambled on about before.

One thing that ALWAYS happens on these visits is a quiz that helps us to familiarize ourselves with the properties.

Being the Cali girl I am an LA quiz was nuthin' I know the area and it was easy to familiarize myself with the property. Located across the street from the Nokia Center, where American Idol and the Grammys are televised from and within a block of the Staples center, where the Laker's play I knew that area. Wolfgang Puck's is there. There are incredibly Chic restaurants in the area and a fun place to be. Selling this property, was going to be a snap.

Being the travel nerd I am I check my work e-mails several times a day, even when not working, to keep up to date. I received 37 alone today.

Tonight a special e-mail was in my inbox. One that was mailed throughout my office.

Ken, our So. Cal Manager announced the winner of the quiz....Really? There was a prize? I had no idea.

Can you believe it?!

I WON!!!!!

I started screaming...the kids ran into the room wondering what was happening. I won a 2 night stay on a friday /saturday night in the Junior Suite including breakfast for 2 and valet parking. I can barely believe it!!! What a wonderful blessing!!! My kids were thrilled, but knew I wouldn't be able to take everyone. My youngest threw in the suggestion that I should use it to go away for the weekend with hubby for our anniversary this fall.


How fun would that be for us?!

And hubby? Is he excited?

Well, he's at work...he has no idea of our upcoming adventure. I can't wait!!!

Faith...Part 2

Faith, I believe, is a very hard trait to refine. You can have faith in others, that may or may not let you down. You can have faith of the sun rising and know it will rise...or will it? You can have faith in your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but once you know....knowing with every fiber of your it faith at all?

I've tested my faith this week. I called Heavenly Father with every ounce of my being. My desire to return back to church has come full circle. I am done playing the missing Mom at church. I am done not knowing anyone at church. Most of all I am done receiving the looks from some of the sisters in the ward which adds up to them thinking I am inactive. Am I taking it to heart? No. Does it bother me? Perhaps a smidge. It reminds me often not to make judgements on anyone as we don't know their circumstances.

So...when the bidding day came up for my job I requested each and every schedule that included Sunday off...including my 3:30pm- midnight shifts. Believe me, it's not my favorite shift in the world being that I have to get up at 5am every morning to prepare my oldest for seminary.

This morning, I received my schedule for next month....



So I put in for a shift change...having faith.

Nearly 6 hours later I received an e-mail agreeing to change my shift from the 3:30-midnight to....

Drum Roll Please....


Still not my favorite, but I have Weekends off. I CAN GO TO CHURCH!!!!

Not only that, but hubby has been given a time slot for an interview with Amtrak on the 26th.

My faith is growing. My heart is full and my children are smiling...