Friday, February 26, 2010

Is It Wrong To Love A Chair?!

Yesterday I waited, on pins and needles. They gave me a 4 hour window to their arrival.

Since the downward spiral of last year and our move we didn't have room to pack all of our belongings in the truck...instead we left some behind. We left a lot behind. Our couches and chairs were the first victims. Instead, upon arrival we bought several cheap butterfly chairs. They were wonderful at first as an alternative to sitting on the ground. However, as the days, weeks and months passed so did their health as they all began to break apart. The frames broke, the cushions broke and were resewn several times. However, we made due, not complaining.

Upon arrival of our tax rebate check we began to snoop around the sales until we found just the right furniture. Instead of a couch we opted to buy two recliners, something to bring us our old age.

Yesterday we waited, hoping the wait wouldn't last too long. At 10:59am the call came, they were nearby and on their way into the apartment complex. Our beloved new family members have arrived...and we sat. Our backs screamed with gratitude as we set the recliners to their fully stretched out position. No much longer and I was dead asleep...Oh what a glorious nap it was.

Can a person fall in love with a chair?

Just checking!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ART Update!!!

Corinna received her results for the Visual Scholastic Art Event which happened on Saturday. After 6 months of classwork she earned level four for her art, which basically means she mastered the techniques she was taught. She was awarded a medal to signify her accomplishment. And though she will not head to the state competition we are so proud...especially when her art teacher spoke to us about the possiblity of her art being put in for the district competition in May and offering to write a recommendation letter for Corinna's college applications needed in three years.

Congrats Rinni!!! We love you!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Testimony...

One of the hardest parts of my life has been missing church. I'm missing my time sitting in sacrament meeting, feeling my knees ache, sometimes bringing me to near tears, as I listen to the speakers. I miss sitting in Sunday School...learning with my hubby next to me. I miss Relief Society, sitting with the sisters in my ward. I miss getting to know the sisters in my ward and silently wish I could get to know some of them. I miss having friends.

As hard as it has been to miss church, what an incredible blessing has fallen over my family, both blood and church. We have caring leaders of our youth who give my kids rides to mutual when needed. We have an incredible bishop who is filled with compassion of pure love of Christ. We have great scout leaders to guide my son to his eagle. My children have learned independence in my absence at church. They have been watched over by our home teachers as have we. My spirit may lack the the recharge I felt every Sunday, but as I pray I learn this will not last is simply a season. My family is blessed by the support they are given...and our ward is blessed by the unfaltering service they've given.

At first we questioned why we felt strongly we needed to move to San Antonio, but I now know it was for us all to learn. I needed to let go of the charge of my family in their church activities and literally depend on the Lord to guide us.

As I told you about before my son has taken charge of his spirituality as he prepared his talk. I asked how his talk went and he told me that halfway through the spirit led him to a different avenue in how to teach the young men and he folded his well crafted talk and taught from the spirit. My daughters are constantly excited about helping less active girls in our ward find a reason to attend and go to the temple once a quarter. They even carry their own personal limited use recommends. I couldn't teach these things to my children, I could only help create the atmosphere in which they felt comfortable to live their lives as children of God with no apologies to anyone.

This craziness in the past year has truly become an epic journey for our family and I am grateful for that trek. I'm even more grateful that throughout our journey when we were left with less than $3.00 in our pockets to feed our family we had the Lord standing with us with his arms around us. I know He watches over us and blesses us more than even we can imagine. I will always be grateful and will look back decades down the line celebrating our chance in the refiner's fire and remembering it as a triumph on this earth, drawing our eyes and hearts to His. I know the gospel is true and I know Jesus Christ is my elder brother whom I love dearly and feel his presence daily. I am truly grateful for the beautiful souls that surround my family and I and celebrate our triumphs and support us during our trials.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ...Amen

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Watched.....

I watched curiously as my son opened the printer and extracted two pieces of paper. He walked quietly back to his room. I peeked around the corner and watched him. There he sat, perched on his bed. His scriptures sat open in his lap and he held his "For Strength of Youth" pamphlet. I watched him for a few minutes as he read, then scribbled, read, then scribbled more. He followed this pattern for several minutes and I backed away feeling overwhelmed as a mother.

After he finished whatever he was working on he emerged from his room and I questioned him on what he was up to.


What was the paper for?

Oh, I just had to write a talk.

You're speaking in sacrament meeting?

No, for ward conference, I was asked to speak during priesthood.

Do you need any help?

No, I finished it.

Several days later I sat in his room talking to him and I asked if i could read his talk...He kept saying no, but FINALLY I persuaded him to let me read it. I was touched. His simple words were so beautiful to me. They touched my heart and as I drank in his message I thought of how blessed I feel as his mother.

He is a different boy. For the most part he is a happy, easy going, laid back kid. He is and will always be my beautiful, blue eyed boy. I can see an eternity in his eyes. His spirit is precious. I learn from his example. When it is time to go to do fast offerings, go to a meeting, call other boys in his quorum, speak...I've never heard a complaint pass his lips. When it comes to my cooking...that's a whole other ballgame. However, when it is the Lord's errand...not a hint of a complaint.

I don't know if that is normal. I can't seem to figure that out. I don't have anything to compare him to. I feel like the mother of a Stripling Warrior, but I recognize I can't take the credit. Sure, we love him and try to teach him as we try to teach all of them, but the credit truly goes to his young men's leaders and leadership we've been blessed to live under.

So, for now, I'll watch in the shadows and smile as I see my son grow into the terrific young man and future missionary serving the Lord with all his heart, all his mind and all his might. And every single day I will whisper my thanks to the good men who lead my son in truth and righteousness.

So grateful was worth losing everything.

Sometimes you need to lose gain everything...worth gaining that is.

Getting Up at 5:30am on Saturday...Priceless

Waking up at 5:30am on a Saturday may not seem like fun for all, but for was priceless.

My alarm went off and I leapt from my bed on the way to wake up my oldest. She was able to sleep in today...5am wake up on Seminary mornings after all. She was awake...for 10 minutes trying to calm her nerves. Today after all was her day.

I showered and got changed while hubby, begrudgingly rolled out of bed and forced his eyes open...he has never been a morning person, but he woke up. The three of us quickly ate and headed out, my youngest two snoozed away as we left.

We drove through the fog to reach a high school across town. Outside we waited and waited until Corinna's teacher FINALLY arrived. As the other high schoolers rode in, cars, busses, whatever it took Corinna held tight to her artwork her teacher had asked her to enter into the Visual Art Scholastic Education regional competition. School after school began to appear as the artsy kids we know and love talked exitedly about their craft. Such amazing talents of the youth around here.

One by one the kids were led to their assigned classroom where a Juror anxiously awaited each student. Each student was questioned about their piece of art and the technique they used. They also were able to talk about their feelings and what message they hoped to accomplish with their artwork.

VERY few parents were there in support of their children. It's not like we can go into their interview with them. A handful of us sat watching the artists of tomorrow nervously await their judging...

The verdict? We won't know until monday. However, I think she rocked it with her self portrait!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

C'Mon Ref!!!!

Their job is to know the rules an enforce them, even when it makes them less popular. People yelling at them all the time, getting boo'ed, making tough calls that aren't always easy to call. I honestly felt sorry for them.

How stupid was I?

I'm talking about referees, NFL Refs in particular, or at least the one I spoke to the other day. Here's the scenario:

When a conference group wants to come meet at one of our locations they talk to our Group Housing Division. Larger resorts have a group housing person directly on property as was this case. A group will come to the Event Planner and tell them how many rooms they need. A contract is drawn, signed and the conference is set. Nothing to it really.

What gets ugly is when the rooms start to run out. I spoke to this paticular referee who informed me that I was being ridiculous in telling him there were no more rooms in the block, or the resort for that matter, as he hadn't received a room as of yet. He told me in the paper he received he would be able to book the extra room nights he wanted. I tried over and over to explain to this gentleman that the entire resort was sold out. He refused to listen as he had a paper with words printed on it. Every time I attempted to explain how this works he bcame argumentative and rude. In the end, I told the dear man that what he held in his hand was not a contract. It was a piece of paper the confrence organizer had typed out. It wasn't the contract.

I couldn't beleive how angry this man left me feeling. I had to take time off my calls to calm myself to keep it from floating across to my next unsuspecting guest. Somehow, I don't feel sorry for these men any longer.

You need some glasses Ref?! Uh...I mean for the fine print.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Thankfulness...

It's Valentine's Day and I spent the day taking reservations for those who are deeply in love and canceling for those who'd broken up. I'm not one that ever swooned about Valentine's Day. In my past years the day has pretty much came to the same outcome every year...I work, Don runs off in his overly loud truck to pick up a dozen roses for me. This much different.

I finished my shift and unplugged for the day, my kids made their way home from church and my hubby was on his way to work. So much different, but so much better. I received a sweet hug and a hubby who made me a delicious breakfast on friday morning. So sweet.

I'm not one to watch the news, much to negative in my opinion, except tonight. The daytime running of Olympics program finished and the news just happened to follow. They mentioned a young confused teen playing Xbox live who was bragging he had a plan to overrun his high school, shoot a pregnant girls and shoot his best friend in the face, among others. A Canadian teen who happened to be alarmed by this talk notified the Canadian Mounties who in turn notified the San Antonio police department which followed the lead and arrested the young man before any harm could be caused.

I am thankful that my baby is safe and the young man will now get the help he needs. Today, I am thankful for so much more than a day to celebrate love.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Closing in on my 40's...

Some may balk at my claim that I truly don't care how old I am...but I don't. Age is simply a number after all. Besides, if you really think about it, with the belief system I have, we lived in the pre-existance and how many birthdays did I have there? Hundreds? Thousands? age here? PSHAW!!!! Doesn't matter!!!

Why yes, I am phylisophical genius!!!

Anyway, I am nearing my 39th 6 months and I've begun to think about all the fabulous things that will happen in my 40's. You see, in my 20's I was married and had all of my children. My 30's...guiding my kids to the incredibly awesome people they are becoming.

Here's my list of what can or will happen in my Fabulous 40's:

Teaching my kids how to drive
Kids all gradute from high school
Taking my kids off to college
3 college graduations (crossing fingers)
Sending my son and maybe even daughters on a mission
Becoming an empty nester
Possible weddings
Slightest chance of a grandchild
Learning to vacation without my kids

Can this fill an entire decade?

And just think how close I'll come to the senior discounts!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Grim Reaper of Reservations

Friday was impossible. Saturday was bad. Sunday was looking that way too. The weekend is a true killer on reservationist's stats. However, this weekend I felt as if I should be carrying a scythe and wearing a long black hood.

Pointing my bony fingers at the screen I erased the hard work of a co-worker somewhere as I cancelled the resrvations one by one. I didn't ask to cancel...the guests did. Perhaps they should don the long black cloack isntead, but it didn't feel like it. I wondered how many more wee out there feeling the same way. How many were canceling out my reservations? Drats...there goes more of my stats!!!

Monday brings happiness in my agents, secretaries and personal assistants all calling to make new reservations. For now the cloak hangs in the closet and the scythe off for sharpening.

Who says Monday is a bad day?!