Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blessed Saturday...

You all should know how blessed I truly feel. The economy is in the toilet, yet here we are still making it. People are losing their homes and yet here we are safe and snug in our home. Many retailers around here are complaining of slow sales. I am still able to walk into the bank with a near healthy deposit. I am eternally grateful for the love of friends, prayers on our behalf by family and the sound of laughter over very stupid things. Things that aren't even funny.

We have to seriously thank Lupe...a woman that came in to take advantage of the sale. She bought a few item and the following day bought a few more. The day following she brought her entire family in bringing us more in sales. Today our dear Lupe appeared once more this time with her cousins and extended family to Christmas shop. I am not kidding when I tell you that she has more than made nearly 1/3 of our Christmas sales today. We love Lupe!!!!

I read about a Peruvian woman who worked for Iberian Airlines in Spain. While cleaning the airplane in first class she found...and I am not kidding...$20,000. She turned it into the airlines and they held it waiting for the owner to claim it. 2 years and 1 day later it was not claimed. Therefore, according to Spanish law the object, in this case the money was now given to the finder. What was so wonderful is that her father had passed away and she had taken out a loan to pay for his funeral and all expenses. She took the money and paid off all expenses and sent the rest to her mother. What a wonderful story off goodness and cheer!!!


I spent much of my Thanksgiving trying to stop my nieces from reading any part of the latest novel I am working on. They devoured the last book and wanted more. It got to the point while I was sitting in my parent's old armchair where all of the girls gathered around asking for storytime. It was precious. Although Morgan needs to be careful. She may not like what she reads. I pulled out my notebook to jot a few things down in between the men's turkey comas and she stood outside the window behind me trying to read what I have written. She was a true turkey. On the same note that morning my youngest and her father tried to crack my password on the computer to keep prying eyes away....the password was her name. Heehee!! yes, I already changed the password.


The greatest news ever is that I have narrowed the houses that I am looking at in San Antonio to 34!!! Hubby's eyes bugged out when I told him it was over 100. I am so thankful that he understands there is a method to my madness. I have a clear favorite and am hoping and praying that it doesn't sell until we are ready. However, I do know that if it does, there will be another favorite. There always is!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday...

I always wondered why they called it "Black Friday." Today I figured it out....

After all of the turkey from yesterday I woke up begrudgingly and had huge black bags under my eyes. Then I noticed at a time when we are traditionally slow due to all of the sales at the various other stores around ...we were packed. From the start fo the day until a couple minutes after closing we were running. My feet are black and blue from it all. However, I have to also say that I am soooo thankful and prayers were answered at the shop. We are eternally grateful!!! I amy fall asleep early tonight. Enjoy your weekends!!!!

We are in for a quiet day

Most people think of black friday and think about the ads and such. Customers running in and grabbing at whatever they can and hurrying on to the next store. In our business this morning wiull be the killer. We will more thna likely not see anyone walk through those doors until well after noon. It will be a decent day in the end but it will be very quiet nonetheless!!!! Enjoy your day after thanksgiving whether you are a shopper or a relaxer. I will sit at my computer more than likely forcing ymself to think of something other than how slow it is!!!!

Such a busy day!!!!

It's always fun to gather together to jump on the couch and watch a movie.

Or...hang out with the girls. May I introduce you to the triplets. Both Sister-in-laws from my older and younger brother and I ended up each having a baby one year. We all had girls and they are so different from each other, but when they are together they are inseperable. They were nicknamed the triplets. The last time we tried to capture a picture of the three was in Disneyland and came out as nearly impossible. To get this picture, which is not necessarily the best it took no less than 8 shots and then I gave up.

It was a time to snuggle with her favorite uncle. The Hubs was so cute with Cali.

It was a time to make the uncles nervous that a 13 year old was nearly as tall as them.

And afterwards we needed to get some exercise before drifting off into a turkey coma so we did what every other family does....wrangled some chickens.

Her is a picture of my favorite chicken whisperer!

We stayed away from the ducks. They didn't like to be held and also had a nasty biting habit.

In the end we had nothing to do but smile and be thankful...our tummies were full, our family was together, and our chicken friends loved being held...well most of them. We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

My dear friends far and near...may you have a beautiful day where you can see the many blessings you really have in your life. May your health continue and your love grow. May your heart be filled with your peace and your face be graced by a smile.

Enjoy your turkey dinner and remember all....calories don't count when you are grateful!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Counting the minutes!!!

Today is going to be a long day at work regardless of what I'd like to believe. I spent the early morning hours catching up and reading others' blogs and hearing the struggles they have. From cooking the turkey to letting your baby cry themselves back to sleep I have read what you have written about your struggles. What sort of wisdom can i possibly have that sums it all up?! I've thought long and hard about it and here it is:

Drum Roll Please!!!!

Nyah! Nyah!!!! I'm already done with that!!!!

Just kidding! My hearts are with you. I had to let my youngest cry it out at night just to get some sleep for myself. Being perfectly honest, I loved getting up in the middle of the night to change a diaper and have the nightly feedings. Aside from the fact I looked like a troll in the morning, there was something special about that magical time in the middle of the night. I know what you are the was Soooo not magical, but looking simply is.

To know that they tiny little person that I held in my arms was crying...for me. She was crying to have me pick her up and soothe her fears and nerves. She was crying because she needed me to serve her and take care of her most basic needs and comforts. She was crying because she wanted to be safely in my arms and secure. She was crying for my love. So, at night when I held that tiny little sweaty body...all snuggled in her footie pajamas...and I brushed back her tony little carmel colored curls from her forehead I fell in love and realized something incredible. The lack of sleep....was sooo worth it!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A strange night....

Last night, as we were ready to close down the store, a couple walked in and was looking around at the sale items that we are clearancing out to prepare for the inevitable move. They walked around and we started talking about the store itself. The woman just looked around like something was brewing. She asked us straight out how much we were asking. We gave her the flier and told her it was $865,000 as we are on commercial property. Her eyes kept moving around imaginary objects in her mind making me crazy wishing I had an "Edward-like" quality of reading minds. She finally explained that she wanted to start a bakery here in town and she thought this would be the perfect place. Her husband, standing with her, works in construction and pretty much can do everything she would need to have done. He asked to see the rest of the property, excluding the house as we had not planned on that one. Once he came back in she told him where she thought the ovens should go and how the front could be blocked off as the shop area while the back could be the kitchen area. it was really sort of a surreal moment watching them. My thoughts fell to: "Are these the people who are going to buy the store?" "hat of the others who looked at the store already?" "Could there be a bidding war?" "Are we almost out of here?"

Honestly, I was almost in tears thinking that these people were REALLY interested. they sold their home in the country and moved into a small newly formed city and HATE it with a passion. They are looking for another home with a country-like setting which they include where we live. I was completely flabbergasted and what was happening. I just shot Heavenly Father a prayer of Thanks for His unbending love and support to us.

Afterwards, Don dropped us girls off at the mall where we all had dinner and then went to stand in line for the movies. We had a great time. I was looking forward to seeing Twilight with just my on each side of me and have a bonding moment. As usual with life, nothing ever ends the way you want it to be. The girls' friends from school...very sweet by the way...came to see the movie and their parents took the younger sister to see Bolt. So, the girls' friends came and sat with us. Not what I had envisioned, but at least we all had Edward. Afterwards, we got their friends safely back to their waiting parents and went out to call my own personal Edward to pick us up. He laughed teasing me that I called too early and he was on his way. The girls and I stood outside and giggled and laughed. Crushes were revealed and laughter at the film's funniest moments....we love Emmett. I had my special bonding moment with my girls...the evening wasn't too bad after all!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm in my own little world....

but it's all right...they know me there!!!!

Yesterday was a decent day. I made it through fairly well with all of the craziness around here. With three hours of sleep I happily found out that glasses can really camoflouge the bags under your eyes. FABULOUS!!!! Can I just tell you...I love my glasses. DOn't get me wron, it is a pain in the bheind to see better this way and to move my head so that I am looking through the lenses when i am trying to read something, but all in all I love being able to see better. I have no desire for contacts. Actually applying something to my eyeball and then taking them off on a daily basis simply does not sound thrilling at all. Besides, I think I look better in glasses. I know, I know...vanity gets you nowhere.

On a side note I have had to halt on the writing a bit as I have to do a little construction in the background of the story. Sad but fun at the same time. It seems funny to me that I am compelled to create this entire thing that lies in the back of my head, but I am excited and my hubby loves to see me working so hard on it. he knows I enjoy it. Most nights we are the old fuddy duddy couple sitting in bed. he is watching college football and I have my Ipod plopped in my ears while my fingers dance across the keyboard. he laughs at me because I have a specific lsit of music when I write. Certain moods and feelings are easier to write when you have a certain song playing in the background. For example, "A Te" by Jovanotti. I read the translation of his lyrics...beautiful, however from the recording it is the passion I can hear in his voice as he sings that really gets my heart pounding. Sounds strange? Not really. it's like an artist listening to music as they create their lastest piece. My artwork simply lies in the circuits of my laptop. It took awhile for me to learn that.

I am thinking now of revisiting one of my family's favorite "old pieces" of mine that has turned into a Christmas classic with some of my side of the family. I want to rework "The North Portal." It was inspired by my own Molly when she was just 5. With a vivid imagination and a little help from a Santa suit hanging in my father's closet...doesn't every Daddy own Santa suit? She told her cousins (all 5 years of age) that Grandpa was the "real" Santa and that in the back of his clsoet was the portal to the North Pole, hence the title: The North Portal. I know my father lvoes the story and he desperately wants me to get it published. I want to make him smile as he loves Christmas beyond any holiday on this planet. So, I am guessing I will start work on it again. I have grown as a writer since the last time I wrote it so maybe I can re-weave the story together a little better and get some interest in it.

Well, I am off to work!!! Have a great day all!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Stepping into the Twilight...

The night had finally come...Twilight was released. A large group of us from the ward gathered together and took on the local movie theater. Ok!!! So here are my thoughts...really you need to allow us to gather up in the lines earlier than 10pm. we were there at 8:30...waiting. Anyway, far beyond the point. We stood in line, reminding me much of the wait for the Finding Nemo ride...without the cool views. So, once we managed to get into the lines we were much farther back thanks to a bunch of cramming teenage girls...which apparently didn't have school the next day. Besdies the point I am sure. So as we were all moving into the theater they tried to run. Luckily, wehad some great connections and they saved not only one entire row for our group, but it was the row that had the fabulous handrails so that we could lean back in the seats and put our feet up on the we are talking comfort...Thanks Kellie and Chris!!!! now, onto the movie. I truly enjoyed it. I went into with absolutely no expectations. I find it is better that way because then you are not disappointed!!! Trust me on that one!!! Anyway, I really enjoyed it. It jumped a lot in the book but I really liked it!!!! I will be watching it again tomorrow...with my girls this time, and a little more rest. At the end of the evening we headed back to the car when I realized my house keys were still sitting on my bed. Now, here it is 3am and I realize there was no way I was getting into the house without waking someone up. Ewwww!!! Not good considering hubby asked me not to wake him up when I got home. Luckily for me, Hubby also scarfed down about 10 twinkies during our workday so the sugar was still coursing through his veins. He was still awake. He laughed at me when I called him on my cell phone to ask for entry to our castle. I don't blame him. I would've laughed too. So, with three hours asleep I am up and functioning...I said functioning people, not bright and cheerful.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Girl's Night Out!!!

Ok!! So how insane is it that we are having a girl's night out to see Twilight? Not too insane really....although if you ask hubby his eyes will roll. i ame xcited to see it finally. i will be the first in the family to see it. My sister-in-laws have been calling and are supremely jealous!!! That's Ok! They will see it soon. I am looking forward to tonight with the girls and then saturday soem time with my girls. I thought they were cute when they were little. I am soooo much happier now that they are entering the teen years. Even though I am still Mom it is great to go see chick flicks with my girls. I love it! Besides, it won't last forever. Someday they won't want to see movies with thir "old decrepit mother." Some days it feels like tomorrow, but we won't go there.

Well, today was a great day at work. We were not too busy, but we had some good thigns happen. For example, our agent calling to have the place be seen today by a prospective buyer. Did you read that correctly? Someone is interested!!!! Enough to have their agent look at the place. It will more than likely turn into a liquor store which is a sad thing to see your businnes turn a complete 180 degrees from what you beleive, but it is not my call is it? We shall see what happens here I need to do some serious number crunching to find the correct number that is our low point so we stay away froma ccepting anything below that. So...we shall see what happens. it will all work out. It always does. i ahve a new motto for all the craziness in my life: "Fear not, just believe." Plain and simple...just like me!!!

There is so much to beleive in right now. I believe in the goodness of my children. My oldest found out that the class would be studying to "mormon trek to utah" in the coming months and was concerned on what was being taught. She wanted to know if I would give her permission to approach the teacher to tell her what she beleives in and thinks about what is being taught. She wanted to make sure, since her 5th great-grandfather was born in Nauvoo under a wagon and their family crossed the plains among the first group. She really wanted her teacher to understand what was being taught was more than just history....It was her family history. I teared up and quickly blinked them back giving her my whole hearted consent for her to proceed. I'm having a good "Mom" day.

I've also been relieved of the role as veggie tray provider for thanksgiving and now I am providing the raspberry, apple and lemon meringue well as the deviled eggs!!!! yay me!!! It's like getting to sit at the grown up table!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Whatta Day!!!

Seriously, I have been hoping for something great to post...You selling our place!!!! But No!!!!! No!!! I didn't get that. I knew this morning I should've faked an illness and hide under the covers. I seriously should've listened to that prompting, but no!!! I am stubborn and I really just wanted to get the work day over with. Hubby awoke and getting dressed opted to wear his workboots with the heavy soles instead of his tennis shoe sole style workboots. He also opted for a long sleeve thermal shirt instead of a short sleeve t-shirt. Why?! Well, he had no idea. So as we drove the kids to school I rubbed my eyes wishing I had stayed hidden under the covers. We got to work and as we walked in something was completely off. We made it to the back counter and then stood there as cars passed by without their noise being muffled. There was also a crackling sound along with a quiet tinkling. It took a few seconds to register exatly what was happening. That was when our eyes focused on the front door. Here is what we saw:

Not really thrilled we had the glass replaced and this time with tempered glass. We assumed it was a couple of kids palying and throwing rocks at each other. Our door simply was in the way. I'd rather think that, than something such as some board youth with a baseball bat. Right after we started the clean up I had to help a customer with boots. As I grabbed the box WHAM-O!!!! A cardboard cut spanning the entire tip of my index finger. Yes, i am wincing while typing, but truth be all are worth it!!!

Anyway, that was my blogworthy day. Perhaps tomorrow will be a bit easier!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Winner Winner Pheasant Dinner!!!

My great hunter brought home an offering...It was such a beautiful bird. Great job Hubby!!!

Mission Accomplished!!!

I came, I saw, conquered...I napped!!!!

Can you blame me? I managed to get most of the Christmas shopping for my kids done in one trip. We are waiting however for hubby to join me in a bit to pick up one last present for my son. I need his input...safer you know!!!! I even got his shopping done for me!! What a great wife I am. Actually, I have been needing a thesaurus and Dictionary for ages for my writing, but somehow it never made it. I told him what I wanted for Christmas and since he was afraid that he wouldn't get the right one I offered to pick it up today. He readily agreed. What a smart man he is!!! hopefully he will be happy with what I got him from Bass Pro Shops. That is a man's idea of paradise. Well, at least my man's anyway. He gave me a list. Wouldn't you know I could not find anything the way he described. Figures!!! So, I did my best. he will more than likely grumble, but hey! I tried!!!! I should get some credit for that I would think!!! Other than that I picked up my tickets for Twilight so I was thrilled about that one. At one of the stores I was buying gifts in the girls working there were going to be at the midnight showing as well. I told them I would see them there. We shall see if they actually remember me. Not too much else happening here. We are going to ahve to wrap after I pick up the kids from school. it's time to lock the doors and sing very loudly to annoy the dear children. Honestly, I had a great time picking up the presents. it was fun to had out on my own and I look forward to next year....I truly hope I will be moved by then!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Spiritual Tag

This looked like fun so...why not!?

1. What is your fav. Temple and why? San Diego Temple- My extended family all came from Southern California. They were so upset about us being members of the church they refused to talk to my other for some time. When the San Diego temple held their open house we took 30 members of our extended family through...We've never had a problem since that day. Also, when I was pregnant with Corinna I was about 6 months along when I was down south visiting my grandmother in the hospital. Afterwards hubby and I attended the temple. From the moment I stepped foot in the temple Corinna was moving A LOT!!! It gave a case of the giggles to a fellow patron. She whispered: "It looks like this one loves the temple."

2. My favorite calling that I've had in the church? It's a tie!!! I love my laurels!! They are the most completely different group of girls personality-wise, but they are all daughters of God and hang on to each other in that respect. The other calling is a camp cook. We have a massive amount of girls and leaders that go for a week every year...250 give or take a few. What fabulous week of spiritual uplift!!!

3. What has been your hardest calling in the church? Sunbeams or Nursery. most women are comfortable with babies and toddlers...I am not. I do better with teens. It's like hearing nails of chalkboards for two hours every week for me.

4.Favorite scripture story? Jesus' death. I know..that sounds's because he asked for forgiveness for others with his final breaths. Makes me think about it often.

5. Where would you like to serve a mission? One of two places. Italy, I am so excited there will be a temple there. I am hoping we can make it to the open house. Scotland, my best friend lives there.

6. When did you know the Gospel was true? I knew when I was 20 years old. I searched through many different churches before coming to this one...2 years after the rest of my immediate family, always late, but worth the wait... During discussions, the missionaries asked me to pray about it. When I did...I experienced an incredible dream. If you are interested I will share it at another time.

7.Who has been a spiritual giant in your life? My kids. My oldest came home from a fireside tonight and told me that she wants to go on a mission. She is growing like crazy and her testimony grows by leaps and bounds. My boy takes his ordination as Deacon's Quorum president very seriously. He doesn't whine about having to collect fast offerings. He never cries about his meetings. He simply does what he needs to do. My youngest is amazing in completing her parts in Primary programs and her interest in the scriptures. She is amazing.

Hubby gave me a fabulous gift!!!!

Now, some of you may say this is a horrible attitude, but you really need to remember these few things:
1. We sleep next to each other
2. We work together
3. We are together 24 hours a day!!!

We are truly never without the other unless it is at church. It truly does get old after awhile. I am a solitary person at times. I like to have my alone time. I like to have nobody looking over my shoulder at times, but I love to have his company as well. I know it sounds horrible!!!!

So, when he asked me today if he could go out and do some pheasant hunting tomorrow morning while he gives me the time to do the Christmas shopping for the kids a smile slipped across my face. I can finish Don and the kids all at once. I told Don I would hold off on one of my son's presents that he needed to be there for, but I could handle everyone else. I am so totally excited about this all. I get to go and take care of Don's first and then I will tackle the kids' I know what I am getting everyone so it will be a lot of fun. I need to get my list together so I will be ready. Sooooo!!! Cool!!!!! I may even buy my Christmas present from Don to me...I desperately need a thesaurus for em writing. I am tired of clicking back and forth on the computer. It just bugs me. So, perhaps I will pick that up as well. Don can wrap it at least!!! What a great gift he has given me!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

You're not alone...

I simply wanted to say that if any of you are tied up in knots about the protests today please read this article. It gives you an up close and personal view of the protests here, but at the same time has solutions to help keep the peace inside of you from departing.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I know how it feels...

My dear friends. Hold your heads up high this weekend. I know there will be protests raging across the country in regards to the Prop 8 vote in California. I feel the sadness deep in my heart, feeling only a fraction of what our Father in Heaven must feel when we rebel against him. I have made my decision and cast my vote. Though my heart is heavy at the protests I do not and certainly will never regret the way I voted. Living in this beautiful nation allows us each to voice our opinion. I have learned through all of this that we no longer have the luxury of sitting on the fence. Majority has spoken and I pray that the courts do not overturn it. As for protests this weekend. I pray they are peaceful and that those on both sides of the fence remain safe.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Something I already knew...

With Twilight coming up in the movie theaters I have always stated that my hubby is my Edward. Well, I finally have proof. I mentioned to him that I took the test and found out I was Bella. Then I did the test to find out who Don would be...knowing his answers inside and out. Not satisfied with that he asked to take the test himself. Wouldn't you know it!!! He came out as Edward!!!! Go figure!!! Eat your hearts out girls!!!

A craft idea for the Christmas Season!!! Enjoy!!!

Hi all!! Since you gals are so fabulously crafty I thought I would help you out in putting up your Christmas tree!!! Just think!!!! You can totally recycle this Christmas tree!!!! Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Leveling Out...

Thank you all for bearing with me during my tailspin. I have found today that I am done. I am done dwelling on something that is no longer in my control. I was so frustrated that I spent the afternoon creating my own amusement park on my computer. It is a lovely little park. I even have little medical centers within the park in several strategic locations for my guests that get motion sickness. I can't tell you how much pleasure I find in seeing little computer people hobbling off the roller coasters covering their green faces with their little hands and then end up letting it all go on the pathway. Truly funny. I sense of humor needs work today, but at least I keep someone there to clean up after their little "accidents".

I truly want to just go to bed tonight. I am trying so hard to stay up on what I am supposed to be doing. It's difficult with my mind on the whole Prop 8 thing and the store sell. As usual I will keep plodding along... After all...only 9 days from today I will be watching Twilight!!!! Yay me!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Soemtimes you find a song...

That makes everything all better. This is one of those songs. Perhaps the most beautiful I have heard in a long time. Jovanotti is one of my favorite Italian artists. i first heard his music while touring the Tuscan countryside and fell in love with his music. This is one of his newest songs released earlier this year. Unfortunately, I hadn't heard it until a few days ago. Here's the video. I am not quite sure about the jacket (it's an italian thang), but I love the socks.

If you are curious of the lyrics here is the translation:

To you, because you're unique in the world
The only reason
To go till the end
At every breath of mine,
When I look at you,
After a day full of words,
Without you saying anything to me,
Everything gets clear
To you, because you're the one that found me
At the corner, with my fists closed
With my back against the wall
Ready to defend myself
With my eyes facing the ground
I was standing in the line
With the disappointed people
You've picked me up
Like a cat
And you've taken me with you
To you I sing another song
Because I don't have anything else
Anything better to give to you
Of everything I do have
Take my time
And the magic
That with one jump
Makes us fly in the air
Like papules
To you, because you are
You simply are
The substance of my days
The substance of my days
To you, my great love
And my biggest love
To you, because you've taken my life
And you've done a lot more with it
To you, because you gave time some sense
Without measuring it
To you my great love
And my biggest love
To you
whom I have seen crying in my hand
So fragile that I could have killed you just by squeezing you a little stronger
And then I've seen you
Having the strength of an airplane
Taking your life in your hands
And draging it into a safe zone
To you, because you've teached me how to dream
And the art of the adventure
To you, because you believe in courage
But also in fear
To you, the best thing
That happened to me
To you, because you change all the days
But you always stay the same
To you, because you are
You simply are
The substance of my days
The substance of my dreams
To you, because you are
You truly are
The substance of my dreams
The substance of my days
To you, because you never like yourself
But you're wonderful
Nature's forces gather in you
You're a cliff, a plant, a hurricane
You're the horizon that welcomes me when I go away
To you, the only friend
That I can have
The only love I'd want to have
If you weren't with me.
To you, because you've made my life
So beautiful
that you can turn fatigue
Into an immense pleasure
To you, because you are my great love
And my biggest love
To you, because you've taken my life
And you've made so much more out of it
To you, because you've given time some sense
Without measuring it
To you, great love of mine
My biggest love
To you, because you are
You simply are
The substance of my days
The substance of my dreams
And to you, because you are
You simply are
My days' partner
The substance of my dreams

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Seriously, I am sooo sorry!!!!

I hear of all the protests around the country and I feel sad that you all are seeing firsthand the attitude after the vote. Protests in Salt Lake?! What are they trying to prove? They weren't the ones that voted!!! We did!!! WE DON"T WANT GAY MARRIAGES!!! Majority wins. If you had majority I would not be going to your front door to protest!!! Are you heading to the Vatican next?!?!?! You were given the same amount of time to let your voices be heard!!! As you can tell my frustration is nearing the boiling point. I definitely need to head to church tomorrow!!! I need to recharge my spirit beyond all belief!!! Please all...If you encounter any of these people please may I give you advice. I realized while dealing with the screaming and ranting. Ignore them as you would your children's 2 year old temper tantrum. They go away peacefully if they find that you are not going to argue...the Savior was quite right in turning the other cheek. It works....and again i am sorry if this impacts your life. Believe me...we understand!!!


I totally loved this. I was terrified that I amy come up with some really bad songs. Out of 410 I didn't know what would come up...seemed pretty right on if you ask me!!!!

This is a different sort of tag that is truly pretty funny. Here are the directions:
1. Put your music listening device on shuffle
2.For each question press the next button to get your answer
3.You must write the name of the song no matter how silly it makes you look.
4.Title this post what your last question is
5. good Luck and Have fun!!!

"Let It Be"- The Beatles

"The Secret Life of Daydreams"- Jean Yves Thibaudet--So the truth about a writer!!!

"Can't Let It Go"- The Goo Goo Dolls

"In My Head"- Your Vegas-- EXACTLY!!!!

"Box Full O' Honey"- Duran Duran

"Eight Days A Week" The Beatles--It seems like I am THAT busy

"What I've Been Looking For" High School Musical-- OF COURSE...I AM THEIR FAVORITE!!!

"Things Can Only Ge Better"- Howard Jones-- you all know it's the truth!!!

"2 Stars"-Meaghan Martin

"Full Moon"- The Black Ghosts

"Kiss From A Rose" Seal

"St. Elmo's Fire"- John Parr

"At Wit's End"- Hans Zimmer

"My Happy Ending"- Avril Lavigne (Too Appropriate!!!- The first line is: "Let's talk this over, it's not like we are dead!!!!)

"Slam"- Haley Bennet--i am scared to death to get my work slammed and hated.

Dirty Little Secret- The All American Rejects--way too funny!!!!

"We're All in This Together"- High School Musical--LOL!!!!

"Wild Boys"- Duran Duran

Seriously...that was incredibly funny...especially the death question!!! I hope you all do this! It was a blast!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Let's change the tide!!!

no, i am not talking about laundry detergent...although that is not a bad idea. However, I don't do the laundry right now. Iwill not be in charge of it until hubby lands a job down in Texas. Soooo.....I am enjoying my freedom for the time being. besides, we haven't even sold the silly thing yet, but it will happen soon. I can only hold onto that. let me share a little fabulously embarrassing story that happened at the store. I am still so tired of the political garbage that will not die here in California. many of the stars in hollywood are throwing in their boo hoos about Prop their vote should count more than mine or that they are far more intelligent than I am. We won't even go there. i don't want to get started!!!

Anyhoo!!! A friend of ours pulled up to the store. She was out in her truck and getting ready to come in to visit for a few minutes and I swear I saw her exiting the truck. I hid behind the shelves ready to pounce... the pumas have nothing on me!!! I heard the door open and waited for just the right time.... Charge!!!! my head cried out and jumped up screaming "Boo!" at the top of my lungs!!! i waited for the scream...

Much to my dismay it was not my friend, who had not left her car yet due to a phone call, but a complete stranger looking for dog food....Awkward.

It was a busy saturday and a gentleman walked into the back room looking for a pair of wranglers...girls go nuts for wrangler butts, don't you know.... i walked up and since i have the worst memory on the face of the earth...they are considering me for early Alzheimer's treatments...JK!!!!!....So I walked up in my usual manner and said : Can i help you find anything, hon?" I am telling you it usually works!!! Hon or sweetheart works for every man and yes even the health inspector which I will share with you next... the man looked back at me and said: "Wow! You haven't called me that for years." HUH!? Holy Cheese Nips batman!!!! It was an ex-boyfriend from high school!!!!! luckily, this was the one that Idated because I loved his car and not the one who truly believed he was David Lee Roth...oh yeah! I had ultra high standards. needless to say I had to act interested as he told me of the things he had been up to. In complete honesty, while he was talking I was drifting off to remember his car...1969 Ford Mustang! Wow!!!

Last week our health inspector showed up. he has always been a good guy and yes, I have literally charmed him better than anyone I have ever known...ok...there are a few customers who sickingly enough, who seem to think I ould be interested in them if Don ever dumped me. EWWWWW!!! Anyway, the inspector is nearly 20 years older than me with yellow dentures from the incredibly large amount of cigarettes he apparently goes through each day. he told me I couldn't move to Texas...that I should leave my hubby and kids for ....gulp...him. Hold on, I am dry heaving!!!! OK! I am much better now. What is wrong with these guys?OK!!! I will admit that I am not the ideal of beauty. I have a great personality I am charming funny and VERY humble. No really, I tend to get along with a lot of people as I have a natural understanding on how to deal with them. I can get away with saying just about anything to a customer and they do not get offended. So, needless to say I am just so adorable!!! I will never be a candidate for Mrs. America...especially is they still have the swimsuit competition. I feel that I very much resemble the character in Return of the Jedi at jabba's palace. You know the one...the dancer right before he drops the good looking one down to be eaten by the monster. I am the one with about three rolls of boobs!!! I told Hubby that if it wasn't for that modesty thing at church I would most certainly dress as that person for halloween...small children beware!!!


Now, before you start those monster posts telling me how beautiful I am please don't bother. I truly know that I am beautiful. Beauty comes in different packages and though I am not the world's idea of beauty I am my Father in Heavens and that is soooo much more important to
me!!! I love knowing who I am and I am confident int he person that I am and how I view myself...realistically. I have a fabulous sense of humor...I have been blessed with that...of course it is often misguided, but who is perfect so I am happy being "Just me" therefore you have learned the secret of my blog's name. I am very happy being Just Me and knowing who I am. I accept my faults as I learn a great deal about myself when I overcome a fault and turn it into a strength. life would be plain boring if I didn't have anything I had to conquer. I am simply me. i do not look like a Supermodel, but hubby tells me I am the most beautiful woman in the world in his eyes. That's all I need.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I thought it was over...

I truly thought with the election over and Prop 8 voted and accepted by the Californians that everything would be over...It's not. I am sorry but I must ramble on once more. Please forgive my rant, but I can't hold it in any longer.

Radicals from the No on 8 side are calling for our temples to be burned down and churches as well. They have a desire to murder all of us who were supporters and make us suffer. there is one thing they don't know...we've got the Lord on our side. I pray the churches of all the supporters...not just Latter-Day-Saints...will be protected and encircled by angels. I pray that all who voted yes will be protected the same. Even after the threats we have now heard from the not everyone feels that way who voted no...I don't regret my stand, I am not ashamed of what I stood for during this fight nor will I ever renounce it.

Here is a message to the people who are so irked at our actions:
It strikes me as odd that throughout the campaign we were told we needed tolerance for all people who walk upon this earth. Screamed in my ears were the words that I have been teaching my children how to hate and that I was turning this country into a socialist nation. Now, I see who needs the tolerance training, who needs some teaching in how not to hate and they have just proven what a democracy this is. You can stamp your foot like a two year old wanting a cookie before bed time, but you will not get your way. You see, this IS a democratic nation. I have the RIGHT to my beliefs...even if they do not agree with yours. I have the RIGHT to decide how I raise my children. I, with my husband, brought them into this world with the blessing of my Father in Heaven. You accuse me of teaching my children to hate. I find that a cop out on your part. I have taught my children nothing but LOVE. You see, when teaching a child to love you have to show them. Emerson once said: "Your actions speak so loudly, I cannot hear what you say." Or rather simply, actions speak louder than words. I have held my children through the night when fevers ravaged their bodies. I bathed them endlessly when they were covered in chicken pox. I held them while they got their broken arm casted. I gave them my dinner to make sure their stomachs were full when we had little or no money. I cheered them on as they played a sport for the first time. I ran next to them when they learned to ride their bikes. I watched over them while they laid helplessly in a hospital bed. So if that is teaching my children to hate, then I will continue. Yes, the majority won. Your vote was counted and just as important as any others. What you said counted in this vote. I know you feel passionate about this issue. The problem do I. If I had lost then I would find legal ways to try and fight for what I believed in...never would I resort to violence. I would never consider causing harm to you simply because you belonged to a specific organization or church...that would be a hate crime and label you as religiously intolerant. Funny that everything you called me on that street corner on Sunday...seems to apply to what you are showing your character to be.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Need laughter...ENJOY!!!!

If you need some laughter, go here. No wonder they think we are a curious people!!!

All is well...

For now the family is safe here in California. The race has become official and the state constitution has been changed to define marriage as between a man and a woman. I am sure Legal battles by the losing party will now ensue, but the voters have spoken...twice. For now I will sit and take a deep breath and wait until the next round...there is always a next round. Already the city attorney of San Francisco is filing with the California Supreme Court. At a time when we would rather just close our eyes and sleep for a time vigilance is necessary. no longer can we close our eyes to what society is doing. I sound more and more like Harry Potter character, Professor Moody: "Always Vigilant!!!"

However, I have done all that has been asked of me and have faced the trials without flinching. All we can do is wait to see if the same courts that allowed gay marriages in the first place will try and overturn the will of the people...I pray they won't.

Counting my many blessings...

There are so family...hubby and kiddos. What would I do without them.

I am sooo thankful for the journey that I have been on with this entire Prop 8 fight to protect marriage. It has made me stronger and shown me that I CAN stand in the face of adversity. I CAN remain rooted when opposition takes the form of another human being screaming their opinion of why my choice to support this proposition is wrong. I never knew I could do that and not flinch. I never knew my children were stronger than I in that respect. They too are so proud of their actions and easily acknowledge the reason they could do this is because they had an army of angels standing behind them supporting their choice to make some noise and show people what they believe in. I have seen strength in my children and in myself that I never knew existed.

If we had moved earlier I never would have learned this lesson. I am truly grateful to a Father in Heaven who doesn't give us everything we want right when we ask for matter what the reason. If in the end we lose I will know in my heart I didn't. I will know forever I didn't fall from the fence we all sit on at times...I made my choice and jumped to the Lord's side with no regrets.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What I have learned...

I am not into politics. In fact, mention the presidential election and my eyes will instantly glaze over. No, I did not vote for Obama, however by popular vote he has been named the next President of the United States. I wish him well and will pray for him to lead us well.

I have learned many things during these past months. I will be honest. I was not thrilled that we were taking upon this burden. I was not happy to take a list and knock on the doors of strangers to talk about proposition 8. I cringed every time a meeting was called where our leaders would speak to us about how we should gain a testimony of marriage and that Heavenly Father loves all his children, He just doesn't have to love their choices. We were asked to stand in the forefront of the battle. I followed the request of our leaders and completed my tasks when I believed there was no way I could. Standing on the corner was my least favorite idea. I didn't think I could handle it. I was amazed as I stood there while people mocked us from the passing cars and also standing right next to me screaming at the top of their lungs how we were intolerant and we were teaching our children to hate. At times it was unbearable, but I felt strengthened. I walked away feeling calmer than I did when I arrived. I watched my daughters...I watched them smile and hold their signs for passing motorists to see. I watched as three people flipped off my 11 year old and my heart ached until I saw her smile. She told me she knew she was doing what was right...that was all that mattered.

I found that we had prayers sent not only from my blogging friends, but from perfect strangers. I talked to a brother who flew in to visit his daughter in California and joined us in the rain and wind to hold a sign on the corner last night. He told me of the testimonies born from his ward members telling of how their hearts and prayers have been coming to strengthen us. I feel weakened and humbled at this very moment. I also feel an army of angels watching over us and filling our hearts with serenity. It is hard for me to describe the feeling as we do not have the final results of our efforts. From all indications right now we are ahead by 10% however that is with only 12% of precincts reporting in. We could easily lose, but at least I know...I didn't sit on the fence. I took a stand and have no regrets. I am grateful for all the prayers and warm sentiments in our behalf here in California. Win or lose we chose the right and in the end we know whose side we stood on. Nothing else matters.

A new look...unveiled.

Well, I have finally had a decent hair day so I bribed my hubby to take my picture again...Yesterday's picture I took out in the backyard and quite honestly was not attractive. I am happy with todays although I am wishing I could airbrush the double chin away. I guess we can't have everything can we? Have a great day!!!!

I'm tired...

I am so dead tired right now, but today is an emotional tired...not physical. We went out onto the street corner again this time with our children to hold signs the rain. we had a lot of support from people including the fire department, School Bus Drivers, Postman and other various people coming home from work. My 11 year old daughter was flipped off several times and cussed at. My 13 year old had the same reaction by people passing, but it didn't affect her. Afterwards, my youngest said: "I don't understand, Mom... all I was doing was holding up a sign for what I believed in. If they believed in something else then why don't they hold up their sign? Why do they have to say horrible things and flip me off?" I had no words to say to her other than to explain that people are pretty passionate about this cause. Fortunately, last night the opposition on the opposite corner was friendly and respectful and we kept it that way through the evening. They screamed in our faces on the way back to our car, but my children learned a valuable lesson, the scriptures are for today (Tree of Life). Today we will find out the verdict in our efforts of what people believe. Today also the opposition is airing some very disturbing commercials that are hurtful and shameful. In response we have our own ads airing showing what their supporters have done to our supporters. Watch ">here if you would like to see what a horrible fight this really is.

I think the hardest part of the entire evening was explaining to my children that although they opposition can be hurtful sometimes, they have the right to campaign for what they believe in. My youngest summed it up best saying: "Mom, we believe in what we believe, they can believe what they why does there have to be mean words said?"

Today we find out the results of our efforts like I said. I pray you never have to do this. I pray that this passes here in California and shows the rest of the country that their efforts failed here and makes them incredibly gunshy in even attempting to legalize gay marriage. Tonight, I will rest.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Putting on the Armor of God

I received this picture from a member of our ward. I am hidden in the back, behind our new friends from the 1st Covenant Church who joined in. Great people supporting a great cause showing their beleifs and standing side by side...I love America!!!! Please don't forget to vote!!!
I know to some that are reading this you may not believe it could ever happen where you live. We voted down gay marriage 6 years ago and the State Supreme Court ended up ruling in favor allowing against our wishes. Now, we fight to include 14 words in the state constitution once and for all stating marriage is between a man and a woman. The fight will continue in other states at other times. It will hit where you live eventually and you need to take a side. There is no fence sitting on this issue. I never thought I would ever be standing on the street corner receiving abuse and mocking from people driving by. We had the opposition join us and scream at us on the corner from behind our backs. My dear friends. I pray that you never need to stand and go through the things we did last night. I pray it never comes to this where you live, but I also pray for your strength and courage if it does. When all is said and done and the votes are cast we will find out what the majority truly is, but I will never have to say...I didn't do enough.
Again I ask for you please to remember to vote tomorrow how your heart directs you.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Whose on the Lord's Side who?

We went out to hold signs for the vote of Prop 8 coming up. As you can see we started out with a small group from church on the street corner. it wasn't too bad. There were some thumbs up and honking and there were people who told us we were #1. At least that is what I want to go with. We also heard soem really crude remarks and threats. Sad but true. I stood on the corner waving at those who were for passing the proposition and smiling and waving at those who gave us the thumbs down. Let's be realistic, not everyone will agree and honestly I have no problem with that, but we should be able to voice our opinion. We had a group of "No People" show up on the opposite corner. A few of them came to our corner thinking we were going to argue, but really we just looked at them and shook our heads. They were screaming about how we should have freedom from religions...Funny, isn't that what we wanted in Missouri when the US marched against our church because we weren't like everyone else...just a thought!!! Anyway, we had plenty of honking and people happy, other showed us their displeasure.

We were blessed to even have a pastor from another church join us and call some of his parishioners to join. It was wonderful to join hands with other people to stand up for what we beleive in, but honestly i am so happy that the voting will be done and over with on Tuesday. In fact Prop 8 I think has eclipsed the presidential race here in California. We shall see what happens. Until then, please don't forget to vote in whatever state you live in. Vote with your heart.