Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fabulous Picture!!!

I am thrilled to have received permission from my Bloggy Buddy Robin to post a picture of hers. She has the most fabulous crafts and pictures. Truly amazing to me! Visit Robin here. So, for all my Twilighter friends:

Bella's Truck...in Forks. With a wreath of garlic...Robin..was that you who did that?!?!!?

An Almost Perfect Day Off

I woke up too early, but I can't complain too much. I HAD to take the kids to school... the state tends to frown upon NOT taking your kids to school. After dropping them off I made my way back home, snuggled into my favorite chair, popped my feet up and wrote for a good portion of the morning. Hubby slept in while I caught up with my work. Such a quiet and blissfully productive day. Eventually it was time to pick up the kids and hubby FINALLY rolled out of bed, though I didn't mind because I was productive remember. We drove over and sat waiting for the kids to appear from their "incredibly boring day" and brought them home, sending myself out like a madwoman to try and make it to my tax lady in under 10 minutes.

In the "olden" days we used to be able to drive from one end of our city to the other in under ten minutes. Now, simply going 3-4 miles is mind numbing. Due to either my masterful driving skills or the fact less people got in my way I made it with a minute to spare. Oh yeah!!!! Life is good. Meeting with the tax lady went well and after I fax over the mound of paperwork I forgot she should be able to get underway.

I returned home to find my formerly quiet haven has now become a madhouse of kids and hubby running all throughout the house screaming, laughing and our general carryings on. The rest of the night was blissful and somewhat quiet. I caught up with an old friend IM'ing across space and time through the web.

And now...it has begun. TUESDAY...My tuesday is your monday. Ugh! The thought of going back to work is not my most exciting moment. The store is taking her last breaths these days as we are planning on closing in the next couple weeks. it will be sad to see her go, but it is time. I will also spend much of the day praying the young men who came in to view the property will come back with an offer. Now THAT would make my day go sooo much better.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I started the day an emotional mess. I am just so tired and stressed. People come to look, but never come back. It is frustrating and really hard for us to deal with here. This morning we decided there was no reason for us to keep the store open. We are simply watching the dust fall. It makes it ten times worst. So, we put everything on sale and once we are done the store will be closed for the first time in 32 years. Sad. It is the way of the world though.

You would think this would make us slightly depressed and down. Quite the opposite. our hearts felt calm and cheerful as we moved on and started what we had chosen to do. Normally that means we are doing the right thing!!!

Next, the group that had already visited twice had returned again this time with MORE people. More people wanting to see the same things over and over again. they walked around excitedly chatting as if they had found what they were looking for. It also looked as if they were talking to investors trying to convince them of their vision. I pray it works. Tonight temple time and we will have a great evening as today has been prosperous. Our hearts will rest as we desperately try to keep pushing along. I hope it works. I am grateful for all that we are blessed with. I am grateful for the friends I have and my blogging buddies. You all are such a wonderful support and I thank you all. Remember, there is hope in everything.


I find it hard to write today. As I drove home from dropping the kids off at school I watched two gentlemen standing at the intersection holding two very large American flags...glorious. Next to them a fire truck sat with its lights flashing for all to see as the firemen stood at attention for a man they more than likely never met. Four police officers are being laid to rest today, slain last week in a traffic stop. Four families hearts ache and what touching tributes to each and every men have been given. My heart is full and I pray for their families with tears in my eyes. I knew I shouldn't have worn mascara today.

Tonight my eternal hubby and I will travel to a place of peace, a place of serenity and a place where angels stand guard against the stresses and evils of the world. We never made it last week. Too much was happening and we couldn't cope...which of course means we needed to be there more than anything. Tonight is the night. My heart is filled with prayers and emotions boiling over. I need to feel that peace even my children recognize when they attend to do baptisms for the dead. I will more than likely cry more than any child in the world today, but in the end as I step out the doors to face the real world again, my spiritual battery will be charged. I will be able to stand against the winds that howl and know I am not alone.

The funny thing is...I am not alone now. In the past days I have had loving messages from my blogging friends left for me to encourage and inspire. I read Nie Nie and become inspired by her own struggles. My precious Laurels, so full of wisdom at their age, have supported and strengthened me. Friends from far away send loving e-mails filling my heart with happiness instead of distress. A dear friend stopped by last night and took the time to share his love with us, to know that we are indeed in his heart.

So dear friends, though my future feels as if I am walking in the fog unable to see more than a step ahead of where I walk you can see why hope is always in my heart. I am walking in faith, not by sight. I have faith in my Heavenly Father that the sale will happen. We are not seeking to get rich off the sale. We are simply seeking to unload the property, pay our agent and have enough extra money to get us to our destination and have time to find jobs. We have had two different groups for a total of six people checking out the property this week alone. I pray more come. I pray more calls come into the agent and that soon we will be able to sell and move on. Until then, more prayers will be said, more hearts poured out, more faith to be grown.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Duran Duran Sings my life!!!

A New Game in Town!
You pick ONE band or artist, and answer the questions using ONLY song titles.
1. Are you a male or female: Girls on Film

2. Describe yourself: The Chauffer

3. How do you feel about yourself: Falling Down

4. Describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: I don't want your love

5. Describe your current boy/girl situation: Wild Boys

6. Describe your current location:

7. Describe where you want to be: Ordinary World

8. Your best friend is:

9. Your favorite color is:

10. You know that: Save a prayer

11. What's the weather like: New Moon on Monday

12. If your life was a television show what would it be called?: Come Undone

13. What is life to you: Is there something I should know?

14. What is the best advice you have to give: Reach up for the sunshine

15. If you could change your name what would you change it to: Rio

Okay, so come back and let me know if you do on your blog!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Waiting for peace...

I know with all my heart it will return, but in these stressful times At times I feel absolutely helpless. I pray...it seems non-stop...but nothing happens. My heart is seized right now with the stress of trying to sell the store. It hurts to feel like this. I know everyone has times like this and I also know this is a short lived feeling. The good Lord has promised us the store would sell and I have faith in that. Please don't feel sorry for me or offer sympathy...I will be fine. I, being the eternal optimist will change my mood as soon as I can find a cheerful song on my ipod. It is truly a scary time for all across the US. Belts are being tightened and to be honest I think it is a good thing for the greed to stop in this country and simplicity to rule the day. Where are our gardens? Where is family prayer? Where is family scripture study. I know we ignored all of those things before the economy took a dive. Has anyone else simplified their lives or are things business as usual? I am curious.
I'll let you know a secret...I am looking forward to finding a new job. I'm looking to learn something totally different. I don't mind craziness. I don't mind demanding. I don't mind a night shift. I can hardly wait to learn a new trade. I have such a variety of jobs in my past that it will be fun to find..."just another crazy job" to add to my list.
Here is my resume:
Assistant Head Cook in ski area- I was 12...and I was good!!!
Easter Bunny- at same ski area...yes, I skied the bunny slope!
Performer at Special Olympics opening ceremony--involving skiing in the dark with flares tied on either side of an 8 ft pole!!!
Burger King- We all worked somewhere like that didn't we?
Mom's U-Bake pizza--We make 'em U bake 'em! I make a mean pepperoni pizza and I remember all the codes for each topping. 5 +3+3- lite on 1= THE perfect pizza...enuff said.
Grand Auto- cashier- this was when I was offered a chance at the mike at the Improv in SF.
Grand Auto- Administrative Assistant to the regional manager
Pacific Bell- Directory Assistance Operator- yeah, I handed out phone numbers. 1,100 happy people a day and several drunks.
Hollywood Video- Courier for the head office and Distribution center- I always got to see what was coming out before it came out. Yay me!!!
Caldron's General Store- CFO- bookkeeper- bouncer- customer service- therapist and business owner extraordinaire.
So, where do I go from here?! What do you think?! Sea World, Barnes & Noble or the local hospital? So many to choose from!!!
See, I told you I would get into a better mood soon! Have a great evening all!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Value of Laughter...

As you sit at your computer I ask you to think about the last time you laughed...I mean REALLY laughed!!! Was it something simple or did you just lose your marbles at one point? I come from a family...as I have more than likely blogged before...which has a saying that lives in our hearts: "Sometimes you need to choose whether to laugh or cry....our family chooses to laugh."
It is a true thing. Our family dearly loves to laugh. It can be anything...an inappropriate bodily function at an inopportune moment...a case of the giggles...an errant mouth forgetting how to put words in a specific order ...for example when my child explained she was going through a "hobo phase"...though we are still not quite sure how that came about. My parents brought us up this way. My father laughed dearly as he tried to spoon up some of his homemade soup, complete with his cow tongue seasoning. I absolutely refused soup on this day as he held the tongue up in the ladle...go figure. My parents struggled to stifle their laughter as my graduation turned into a free for all. The students took charge.
At my uncle's funeral we laughed as a family member nearly passed out when my father walked in...apparently he looked a little too much like his brother. We laughed.
And tonight while talking on the phone with a good friend from high school, he reminded me that even in the worst of times in teen times I always laughed. He then explained that is why he wanted to date me so bad...too bad he was nearly 6 inches shorter than me. Anyway, with all the stress of the days and weeks with trying to sell and unload the burdens I have been weighed down pretty heavily. Along with a good dose of sweet counseling and pure friendship he gave me 200 cc's of laughter and I had a great conversation and laughed hard as he reminded me what nuts we were and still are...and of course how much our children will all need counseling with our fabulous parenting skills!!! Thanks Bobby!!!
My challenge to you my friends...let go and laugh. Laugh hard, laugh well, and laugh loud....it burns calories!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Forget Hollywood Premieres!!!

When you are welcomed like this...how can you go wrong....HE-LLLOOOO Edward!!!!
Most of you know when I travel to a friend's house...I don't travel lightly. Popcorn anyone!?!?!
The treats these women put together were absolutely incredible!!! However, calories don't count on Girl's Night Outs!!!!!
After our FABULOUSO movie night we were given time to flex our mind muscles with some trivia!!!

With the fabulous gifts given away...it was time for a group photo. A truly fun night gals!!!
Thanks hostesses for a fabulous night!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

It Was Expected...

It happens every time. You make plans to go to the temple and at some point during the day you plan to go anything and everything will go wrong. It is that sort of day...although I have to admit, nothing seems ALL that bad. Ask hubby and he will tell you he thinks differently.
We decided to downsize a few items in anticipation of our move and since we have the space available we have put our patio furniture set...10 pieces and extremely bulky inside the store. While cleaning the cobwebs I was crouching down and my knee decided it no longer wanted to straighten. It comes with the territory...years of volleyball, skiing and soccer will do that to you.
My point is...does this happen to you?! well, not the knee thing, but does your whole world seem to be crashing around you everytime you decide to go to the temple? Everything will hit from traffic issues to work. It will be miserable up until the time we go....and yet we will go and we will energize ourselves in the heavenly peace that prevails within the hallowed walls.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

5 gallons!!!

Yes friends, I have done the math and that is how much Soda I would drink in one week. ONE WEEK FOLKS!!!! Are you kidding me?!?! It makes my stomach turn to think about it!!!!! one of my earliest and cutest pictures is me as a baby kneeling out in the sand by the beach drinking a black-cherry Shasta...good times...oh yes they were good times. Last year I gave up my beloved Cola drinks and that fabulous caffeine which has made me the butt of many jokes two Christmases ago. I remember someone bringing me a ginormous 84 oz drink and me talking at a clocked speed of 120 mph. It was a week later I dropped my colas....and I haven't had one since unless you count the half a cup I used for a marinade for our Ham the kids still dream about. And now it has been a full week since I have drank any soda...I miss it. The carbonation is what I miss the most. It really wasn't a choice I made...the juice was just a better price. I have my Sunny D and got connected on that for awhile. If I drink it again it will be nice, but I am not craving it like I had before. It just made me wonder just how much soda I had drunk. I broke out the calculator and added it up...5 gallons a week!!! Now that is WAY too much. Has anyone else ever had this problem?

I let hubby peek....

I don't normally do this...Nobody sees a work in progress...Nobody. The kids plot as I have mentioned before and hubby keeps a safe distance trying not to interrupt the good writing Juju I have going on. He is simply not a reader and is not worried about what I am writing though he encourages me in every way shape and form. He is my cheerleader...without the pompoms and short shirt thank you very much.

Today was different...it was an odd feeling. I paced the floors of the store and I allowed him a first glimpse into my story. I had previously wrote 54 pages of what turns out to be...nothing but a back story. I am now on "page 2". Ugh!!! It sounds so dreary...only page 2. I still have the 54 previous pages that are sitting quietly in my notebook.

So...what is the verdict?!?! I anxiously waited to hear what he thought. he said he was "hooked" from the beginning.

One burden lifted...

Earlier I wrote how I had asked in my prayer for the property to be sold to reduce the stress in my life and I received a call to be the head cook at Girl's Camp the very next day. Well, a strange development has come full circle. I was walking through the house and it literally felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I stood in one place stunned for the time being and hubby asked me what was wrong. I smiled and explained that I wasn't going to camp. His reaction was comical as he didn't understand at all. I told him I wasn't going to camp and therefore needed to ahve no anxiety over leaving in the middle of trying to sell the property and the possibility of a move. Needless to say I was thrilled. He still believed me to be crazy.

I spoke to the camp director two days ago and explained to her the anxiety of me possibly moving before camp even started and stating how difficult it would be to actually be there if we moved. She said there was no problem. If I could make sure orders were in and everything foodwise was taken care of that would be great. My assistant could take over there in camp. So, my assistant asn't thrilled, but I was. If I were in Texas with a new job it would make it VERY hard to make my way back here for a week. I am so grateful she understood and even more grateful I don't have to go to camp...did I say that?!?! Now we just need to get the property sold. I'm working on it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our house...

Our house has never been quiet...except when all but me are sleeping...I tend to snore... Oh well, hubby got beauty and intelligence in his wife...what else can he want...wink wink..I know sleep!!! In fact, if you were a fly on our wall you would see me all tucked into my chairt clattering away on the keyboard attempting desperately to link word into a sentence that flows and doesn't sound incredibly lame.

**Side note...can you think of a word that describes arrows flying? It took me nearly 20 minutes to pick out the perfect word. I beleive all authors have incredibly major OCD's whether they admit it or not.**********

I came across this Mormon Ad on which reminds me so much of our family. Though there are no babies...it is sooooowhat it is like here in Neverland. Enjoy!!!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

For a change...

I've noticed that when you go through trials your focus remains on one thing and one thing alone...your trial. However, do you ever look around in the midst of your trial and see the amazing works happening in your life...in your family.

Before this trial:

We loved our kids like anyone else would love theirs. We struggled to hold family home evening. Personal prayer was left up to you when and if you decided to say a prayer. We had a great time with the kids on our many different adventures and exploring different places. we loved to go out and spend moeny and find those great little things we "just had to have."

In the midst of the trial:
We still love our kids, but even moreso. Family Home Evening happens regularly. We pray together as a family once. Our personal prayers are getting more frequent. We pray at the opening of the store and at the closing to thank Heaveny Father for the business we have at hand.We read scriptures together everyday and I am working at my own personal scripture study...something I haven't done in years. We do not travel to exotic places any longer though I have found great tools through my years as a travel consultant to save myself the most money I can on vacation with the family.

At the end...I'll let you know when I get there ;)

I have to admit...thinking of the worst case scenario has created a bit of excitement in my heart and a skip in my step. I have peeked in at some of the jobs available down in the San Antonio area. There are so many different positions available that I am qualified for that I am actually excited. If we do have to walk away fromt he store and our life here I see the adventure awaiting me down south. Many positions are available at the local hospital system...I could learn so much in just a support setting...no deskwork for me I am hoping. Retail positions are available all over the area. Not that retail life in your own store is unfulfilling, but if I had to find something other than being a stay-at-home Mom (my dream job by the way) there are so many jobs to choose from. See, even in the worst case scenario...there are good things. So, everyone keep your chin up and remember there is ALWAYS a ray of hope!!!! I lvoe you all and thank you for your constant support and good cheer. I wouldn't have made i this far without your incredible words of encouragement!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Plan B

So...last night as I was trying to sleep it hit me..."What is the worst that could happen if we have to walk away?" 4am I dropped out of bed to my knees and began to pray like there was no tomorrow. What would we do? How would we do it? Then it hit me...the migraine to end all migraines..as I prayed. I never had anything happen to me before like that. I ended my prayer and crawled into bed wishing it away.
During this time I was very quiet. I didn't make a sound. Unfortunately, my sweet hubby was snoring. I actually had to ask him to roll over which he did most graciously. My head was pounding and my pillow felt like rocks were inside instead of my favorite fluff 'n stuff. Next thing I knew hubby sat straight up ckimbed out of bed to hit change dish and picked up something. walked around to my side of the bed and gave me a blessing while I was half asleep. I was so grateful as the pain dissipated a bit. What I didn't realize was how nauseated my stomach had become. Hubby crawled back into bed silently and just held me all morning. At one point he knew my stomach was in an uproar...again...not saying a word from my lips. he got up again and blessed me. The nausea left.
When it was time to get up for work he left me to sleep, but I can't miss work so I got up as well. My head still hurt a bit as I was waking up, but much better than it had. I told him about my experience and he reminded me that the blessing is according to my faith. I said a silent prayer and heard the spirit whisper:"headache first, then property." To most of you it makes no sense, but it did for me. I was given the opportunity to rid myself of a headache using faith. After that I just put my whole faith into the Lord for someone to buy it. It was an important lesson I needed to learn.
So, where does Plan B come into all of this? Well, if for some reason the store does not happen to sell we remembered we were in a worse position than this up in Oregon. We can turn things around and land on our feet. Worst case scenario...we sell out the remaining product in the store and walk away. Sure, our credit will be ruined for a good seven years, but you know what? That doesn't really matter...none of it does. The fact is, we will still have each other. We still have the gospel and we still have family. Don will head down south and find a rental for us and search for a job. When we get down there...I will search for a job. Just looking around there are plenty of different positions that I could possibly fill that I would find interesting. I could most definitely work in retail and perhaps find a mangerial position. There are plenty of positions at the local hospital that I would easily qualify for that I would find very interesting. It would be a big step into the unknown that has become my life. So as you can see, the worst case sceanrio...is not so bad after all. So realize my friends, if you are getting lost inthe shuffle of the economy and you are in fear for your spouse's job disappearing....really take a solid look at the worst case scenario...it's not as bad as it would seem!!! Have a great day all!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

It happened...

Normally I stand as the mountains, majestic, strong against the winds that howl and the rains the fall. I bend not to falling snow or any other of the minutest discomforts. I am a strong person, Heavenly Father has made me this way.
And then it happened...
Slowly, erosion from the outside world causes me to crumble until my entire life rains down in a free for all rockslide. It wipes out everything in its pathway. And now here I am parts of me lying everywhere...not literally please ;). However, it is in these times and these situations I remember who I am and why I am here. It takes a rockslide for me to realize that I am too strong and I need to pull back and I need to look towards my Father in Heaven.
After my crumbling I read my scriptures. Not quite randomly as I have not read on my own in some time. It was like coming back to an old friend. I looked down where I left off several months ago in my personal studies and my answer was there staring me in the face:
1 Nephi 7:12-13
"Yea, and how is it that ye have forgotten that the Lord is able to do all things according to his will, for the children of men, if it so be that they exercise faith unto him? Wherefore, let us be faithful unto him.
And if it so be that we are faithful to him, we shall obtain the land of promise;"
I am ready to finally put that scripture to the test...my land of promise is Texas...my heart is full and my desires are pure. I am putting my trust in Him and all the faith in my being will be placed in his capable hands.
As an afterthought...I really am all right. I was reading scriptures after work...after many prayers and it started to make all the sense in the world and I am trying very hard to officially let go. I am putting my faith in the Lord...The pain you feel in trials such as this is but a blink in the eternal perspective. I'll make it through it all!!! I promise!!!

I Detest Springing Forward!!!

Who thought of this? Seriously, whoever came up with this idea should be punished most profusely!!! What do you say? I am pretty sure this person who came up with this should be forced to teach a class of 2nd graders an art project during their Halloween Party at school!!!! Just a thought.
I've got to admit I am not a fan of Spring. first off we have the time change. it does nothing for me. The older I get the harder it is for me to adjust to the changing time. Allergies come up next as all the trees, flowers and weeds are blooming. Again...it's not looking good here. Our noses are reacting at an alarming rate and my sinuses are already begging for mercy.
Not to mention the fact that Mother's Day is approaching. I know I am going to catch a lot of slack for this one....I hate Mother's Day. I seriously do....what's the point?! I know, I know...it's the "Honor Your Mother" excuse. So, my question is....Are we only supposed to honor our mothers once a year?! Shouldn't the family choose a day at random, and more than once a year might I add, and simply be nice to Good ol' Mom?!?!? Just a thought!!! Instead of banning me from the kitchen and making me call upon my family to wait on me hand and foot...why not just take care of the kids' needs so I can take a nap? It doesn't work that way!!!
OK! Enough ranting....Why can't we be like Arizona and ignore the time change?!?!?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What I've Learned...

We are all encountering trials in our lives right now. Much of them have to do with fears of what could happen. Could my husband lose his job? Will I lose my job? How will the mortgage get paid this month? How will I afford food? Will this property EVER sell? Fears give satan the foothold he wants to direct our lives in a way we don't want them to go. So, how do we stop him?
I've been contemplating a great many things as we struggle to keep our store running, attempt to sell our property and keep my sanity all at once. line upon line and precept upon precept I have made some incredible discoveries. I'd like to share them with you.
Stuff is Stuff- material goods do not equal happiness. It doesn't matter if I have what everyone else does. I turly don't care. I am grateful for what I have. People mean more to me than the wordly things that will delight your eyes for only a season.
Friends Matter- A smile from a friend can turn any day from drab to fab in a blink of an eye. A hug can bring us up from our hands and knees. A kind word can send our hearts soaring.
Attitude is Everything- Turn your hearts to have an attitude of gratitude. If your husband has not been laid off then don't dwell on what could happen and be thankful for where you are now. Now, is all that matters. You can prepare for the worst, but always, always hope for the best.
Simple Matters- How often do we get cauhgt up in an idea that snowballs into a project that is unmanageable? Think simple!!! I was working with Corinna on a pattern to sew a skirt for church. it took so long and for a novice sewer with an audience it was too dramatic for me. Another friend suggested a different way to sew a skirt. What took two days to work on for one daughter was simplified into 20 minutes for the other one. And they both looked beautiful.
Family is Forever- I am and will always be grateful for the family I have. This trial we are delaing with now has brought us to having family home evening...every Monday...not just when we wanted to. It has given us the strength to begin family scripture with an old friend...Matthew. Family prayer is a delightful moment, not a whining and torturous event.
Patience- This is the most important lesson we have learned. We have been told "Soon" the property would sell, but our soon and the Lord's are two totally different things. Trust in him. He will not lead you astray. If He tells you something it is a promise. Count on it. Also, understand that others aren't on the same level as you. Some may be a bit ahead on the pathway and others slightly behind. Compassion and patience are needed for not only yourself but everyone else.
Anyway, I wanted to thank all of my dear friends who have commented on this blog and given me your support. If you are a lurker who takes peak, but doesn't comment you are very welcome to visit anytime you want. I love you all and I am grateful for the blessings you are in my life!!!

A Little Ray of Sunlight...

You all know the road we have been on is rocky lately and believe me when I tell you I know that when we hit these trials in our lives we tend to turn inward and away from everyone. Hubby was struggling a little more than me last week after a few fairly hard days here at the store. Emotionally we are both shot, drained completely. Yet, we push on. We try not to complain, it does no good. We still push on. Last night, Hubby met with the bishop who lovingly allowed him to vent. He then brought up scriptures to show Hubby and eventually myself, as I was in the middle of mutual, that even the prophets of old would get frustrated and feel the same things we did. The property will sell. We simply need to ask for more patience in our prayers. We do ask for patience, we beg for patience however now, reading and then re-reading that scripture we find that even the prophets get frustrated when they feel they are receiving no answers. There is that ray of light shining through...we are not alone. So, please dear friends, when you are feeling that frustration understand, you are not alone. There are many involved i your exact same struggles spread across the lands of the world. Kneel in prayer and then trust in the Lord.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I kneel and pray...everyday....

When I pray to my Heavenly Father I talk to him like I would my Dad here on this earth.Some may consider that a little irreverent, but at the same time I think my Dad is the greatest ever so it is really a compliment.I prayed a new prayer this morning. I'm not afraid to admit my weaknesses to the entire world and let you know the stress that has compiled over and over on me. Many of you know the pressures of attempting to sell your house. Compound that by an economy in which nobody is buying anything and your business going down the tubes. Right there you have just mixed a recipe for chest pains. So while praying this morning I didn't ask that my trial be removed from me. O no, I am way too smart for that...I asked for the stress to be lessened.

It didn't seem like an unreasonable request by any means except for the fact that on the phone tonight I spoke to one of our high councilmen who asked me to attend Girl's Camp this year...as Head Cook again. I made it through last year and a major anxiety attack. Girl's Camp is just around the corner in July. Can I pull it all together and be prepared to go by then? Will chest pains be a thing of normalcy? i don't have any answers for that. I simply do not understand. So, why am I telling you this then? I am telling you so that together we can watch it unfold. I told Don that it wouldn't be too stressful to complete this calling if we sold the property....just a thought, but i have no clue what is going to happen or how it will play out.

However, let this serve as a reminder to all of you attending or sending your daughters to camp...The Kitchen Nazi...a.k.a. She who must not be named is back!!!

So, there was this weekend....

My weekend contained more twists and turns that Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at Disneyland....is it possible? Hubby, the kids, and I bolted from the house saturday evening for our own "wild ride."

we planned on heading down south for a quick overnighter with hubby's cousin who I actually knew in high school. A reunion of sorts. The plans were simple...get together, talk, reminisce, BBQ, let kids all play together, walk the beach, relax and enjoy each others company. We had to be back Sunday night, as the kids had school Monday. So...we were ready for the crazed visit.

As with anything in my life...simple and I apparently don't mix... remember that pesky detail that I knew his cousin in high school? Yup, well....I had a MAJOR crush on him. I know. Wow!!! We are talking major surreal moment.

After we arrived the kids quickly split off and disappeared having a great time together. We all sat in the back around a fire pit where I sat between hubby and the crush. My eyes darted back and forth between the two men who were excitedly chatting and catching up on life and then it hit...I burst out into laughter. The entire situation was odd and hysterical to me. They both stared at me as if I just arrived from another planet which sent me into even more giggle fits. They fell back into the conversation and I watched as they caught each other up on the goings on.

That night we all climbed into bed and fell promptly asleep. I, as always, woke up early and climbed out of bed, showered and got myself looking remarkably decent. I tiptoed into the other room where I spent some time writing in my notebook. The kids were asleep around me and I was simply stealing some private time before the chaos hit.

As his cousin came down the stairs I was chastised for not waking him up...well excuse me? I don't believe it would be appropriate to sneak into another man's bedroom and wake him up. Just a thought. needless to say we worked on breakfast while Don was getting up and showered. Once he was ready we had everything else completed. That's when our visit started it's downhill slide. The plans were simple....walk along the beach. Nothing more, nothing less.

While waiting for the sun to peek out from the clouds the kids began wrestling with Don while we all stayed off to the side watching. 6 children darting in and out doing their best to attack the grown man. Everyone was having a great time until....

Whoops! Wrestling doesn't equate too close to having just eaten. Don ran for the bathroom and slightly missed. I of course, having an iron stomach and "Mom abilities" go in to clean it all up...on my knees. Now, if you know me well you can see this is a bad idea getting worse. being on my knees...not a good thing. So, I clean up the mess and then hand my supplies and everything to Hubby who promptly takes it all out. Then disaster hits again....my knee won't straighten.

Are you kidding me?! When this happens it is nothing short of embarrassing let me tell you. I called for the Hubby and he looked at me face and then looked down at my knee knowing full well what had transpired. Bursitis...His face fell, I tried to get to the couch, but it hurt so stinkin' bad. I was given some ibuprofen, which normally works to stop the swelling...normally. So, there I sit and wish I was completely invisible because the entire day is now shot since I can no longer walk.

Embarrassed enough, I simply wanted to hide my head in the sand. I set to work starting on the pasta salad I was making for dinner. All day, as I hobbled taking care of one thing or another I began to hear whispers behind my head. Dear cousin would walk by whispering..."sit down, let us wait on you, don't be stubborn, you are very pig-headed." I have to admit all are true, but I can't help it. I like to be embarrassed in my own home, not at someone else's house. What would you do?

By the end of the visit I learned a few things:

#1- Crushes are crushes- It was a good memory to think back about my high school crush and then see him nearly 20 years later. I love him to death, but I love my hubby more.

#2- If your man vomits at a family member's house...make him clean it up if you actually WANT to WALK on the beach

#3- It doesn't matter what you do...as long as you do it together.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I feel like I have been Missing In Action lately.
My re-energizing days off have been less than re-energizing, but please know I am not a "Wo is me!" type person. It is never a pleasant thing to know that your life is going down the toilet, but instead of being flushed away with despair I choose instead to do the backstroke.
I've been spending a lot of my free time lately concentrating on my latest writing project. When I start writing and get into I lose all track of time and senses. I am however grateful that my hubby is understanding enough to not lose his cool when he asked me what I am preparing for dinner and I look at him with a blank stare and say: "Dinner? what's that?"
So, today I kicked him out of the store for a day of fishing. It's been so slow around here there is no doubt in my mind that I can handle it. The best part is....during the quiet moments here int he store I can catch up with my bloggy existence before dropping back into the facebook world and eventually ending up back writing the novel again.
Tonight we fly off again. it is something we haven't done in quite a bit. We canceled all vacations to save our pennies, but it is time we flew the coop. So, for little more than a tank of gas we are driving down to the coast tonight to stay with Don's cousin who I happened to know fairly well in high school. It's one of those twists in your life that makes you turn around and repeat my youngest's favorite thing to say when she was three...."What the heckie?!?!?!" The best part is that I met his Mom at a family reunion and we spent several hours talking and laughing when I found out her last name. I mentioned I knew someone in high school with that same last name....Yup!!! It was his mother. She and I have kept in touch all of these years and we just got back in touch with her son and finally made the time to go and see him before we eventually move.
It's some psycho, crazy, weird, time warp thing happening here in our lives, but it promises to be a weekend with more fun, twists and turns than Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in Disneyland.I am a bit worried as the testosterone will out number the estrogen...pray for me girls...pray for me!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thinking back...

I normally try not to look back to often at my life as change becomes drastic from year to year. Although I couldn't help thinking back to our last really big vacation. We never told the kids we were even going. I watched them get excited as Christmas neared and our plan had already been put into action. When they opened their gift from Santa to find a bathing suit, flip flops, a towel, sunglasses and sunscreen they looked at each other as if Santa had truly lost his mind. In perfectly timed form, even the Olympic synchronized swimming team would be impressed with, all three stared up at us. I truly wish I'd had my camera with me at that point. It was priceless. once they found out we were giving them a trip to Maui they ran around like a group of kids allowed to have a Wii before the rest of the public.

What was my point? Oh yes...I miss vacations. I miss running to the airport right after work to jump onto our flight to our latest and greatest destination. My poor hubby has not had a vacation in 2 1/2 years and yet we still push on. What I loved most about Maui...aside from the people, the beach, the fun, the relaxation and of course my favorite frozen lemonade were my feet. I can see each and every one of your faces right now..."Your feet?!?!?!"

I managed to get a rather severe sunburn on my back and I was attempting to lay comfortably in my small cabana on the beach. Hubby snorkeled out in the surf while whales breached several hundred yards out. The kids built their latest and greatest sandcastle on the beach. In each picture I snapped, I found out later, my feet were int he bottom of the shot peeking up from the bottom of the shot...and the fish picture. Apparently he wanted to talk to us. My kids named him sushi.

Now that was a great vacation!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What will they choose?

As I sit here at my little pink Dell a very important meeting is happening in the hallowed halls of the California State Supreme Court arguments are flaring of whether or not to uphold the voter's decision to support Proposition 8. For now all is peaceful in the streets here in California. When the ruling is read within the next 90 days it will be another story. It would be a shame if for the second time the State Supreme Court decided against the will of the people. I am sure for making a stance and supporting traditional marriage there will be some notes from others who oppose. The saddest thing of it all is that others complain that the supporters of Prop 8 are taking away their rights, but at the same time they want us to roll over and not use our own rights of free speech. I don't mind opposing views, but there is no room for ANY side to hurl insults. So, we shall see what the judges decide...until then. I will pray.