Monday, February 21, 2011

I Really Am Here!!!

Well, my life has slowed down for the moment. I find myself in a situation I'm not used to. I am off work for a minimum of 3 weeks, but find myself grateful I chose to have disability insurance both short term and long term. The Lord always knows what we need even when we don't. This foot situation is a long time coming. I've had a pain in my foot I've tried to ignore for over 5 years. Think of it as having a knife shove into your heel everytime you take a step. Uh...yeah....and I ignored it. Anyway, I FINALLY went under the knife today and I am on the road to the mend.

I'm also in the middle of my first semester back at school. I've found it a hard transition back. I'm not used to studying like I used to back in school. I'm doing very well in some classes and struggling in others. We shall see what happens there, but I will defintiely try not to be a stranger on this blog any longer.