Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just Can't Get Into It....

I seriously can't get into Hallowen this year. I know! Me! The , whom with the help of my friend got our husbands to build a fake coffin to line with plastic so we could put drinks in for a party. I loved that thing...sadly it was sacrificed during the move. I love the candy, the trick or treating, the zombies and ghouls wandering the streets, but this year...I just can't do it. Perhaps I am too busy concetrating on work, or that I've just given up on my kids going door to door in cute little costumes. Is something wrong with me...well moreso than usual of course. Instead I want to concentrate on Thanksgiving. The 3 F's!!! Food, Family and Friends! I love to cook and spend all day in the kitchen...especially when someone else does the dishes!!! Making turkey with stuffing is truly one of my favorite things. We'll see what happens this year. I've got grand plans...Now I simply need to make sure I don't work!!! We'll see what happens!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

17 years ago...

All is quiet in my house this morning giving me time to reflect on the past 20 years of m life. 20 years ago my life was spiraling out of control and I was desperate to find a way to stabilize my life and feel happy again. I found my church. I love it here and I still remember the sadness of my B.C. (Before Church) years so that I can appreciate the way my life is now. 18 years ago I was baptized on October 16th. What a beautiful day and one filled with many tears for my family and friends. It was wonderful.

Three days after my baptism...well, this is when the true story begins. We had a large group of friends from church over playing pictionary. It was a blast and I spent the entire night laughing...Until...the doorbell rang. My older brother instantly leapt to answer and in walked this man. With incredible blue eyes, the likes I've never seen before, and a quiet smile he walked in with his brother. I'm sure he caught me glancing over to him several times throughout the night. As the night ended I finally was introduced to the man with the mesmerizing eyes. My brother was sweet enough to tell this man he should marry me.

He listened.

17 years ago today I drove up to our new apartment and picked up my hubby. We drove to the temple quietly agreeing that we wouldn't give the word "divorce" a spot in our vocabulary. Instead we would fight tooth and nail together.

17 years ago... We walked hand in hand into the temple to begin our new life as husband and wife. He laughed throughout the entire ceremony because he couldn't contain his happiness. I wanted to throttle him...and laugh at the same time.

As I look back on nearly two decades of rough spots and incredible times I find I still get lost in his incredible blue eyes, though he rolls them quite often at my bad humor. I can barely believe in 3 years we will hit 20 years, our oldest will be a senior in high school readying herself for college while the other two follow closely behind.

So today I have to go to work, leaving my eternal sweetie and family behind. Tonight we celebrate:

17 years down, an eternity to go.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

In my own little world...

In my own little world it made perfect sense....wear my ipod so that nobody would think they needed to talk to me and tell me their life's story. Yeah...I get it all the time. One spring afternoon in Cali I learned of the struggle of a single father with a three year old daughter. By the time my oil change was finished I knew his life backwards and forwards. It's a pattern that has repeated itself throughout my life. Apparently, I have the face of someone who is to be confided in and that loves to hear every one's history.

Of course, using public transportation you learn that not everyone on the bus is like me...wanting to keep their lives private. And so I smile politely and let them talk, all the time wondering if they know I can't hear what they are saying above the hum of the bus. But I again nod my head politely and smile.

I took a new route on Monday which brought me to downtown San Antonio. I got off the bus and crossed the street to my next stop and waited. While I was there I drank in the surroundings. All around stood high rise buildings. I was about 2 blocks, if that, from the Riverwalk, which was filled with gloriously old buildings with incredible architecture and design. One of these days I may take some snapshots.

My bus arrived and I climbed on and joined a variety of people making their way home from work. I watched as a pastry chef had a conversation with another gentleman who was as nice as nice could be though he was undeniably lonely as he struck up a conversation with everyone he could. At the next stop I moved seats as an older gentleman was boarding and I wanted to make sure he could sit comfortably. That was when the gentleman began to strike up a conversation about a hotel that was downtown. He told us of how beautiful it was right next to the Riverwalk and how it had been remodeled to look very beautiful on the inside while keeping that old San Antonio feel. I knew the building. I'd toured it in training.

The stranger motioned for me to pull off my earphones as he regaled me of it's beauty. After 2 minutes with no breath he paused and asked me where I worked.


"Marriott" I told him.

For the next ten minutes until he left the bus he went on to describe each of the 20 or so other properties in San Antonio that Marriott owns. I smiled and said good-bye as the gentleman exited the bus. Silence...Ahh yes!!!

I took off from my next stop and waited for my last bus to arrive. It was a nice wait and I enjoyed siting and watching the people go by. I indulged in a movie on my Ipod and jumped on my bus when it arrived. Again I silently prayed for no words to come from anyone's mouths. Nope...not going to happen. As I was watching my movie a gentleman behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked me what movie I was watching and then continued to watch the movie over my shoulder until I exited the bus.

One thing for is never dull.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hele mei hoohiwahiwa!!!!

It never occurred to me when I was applying to this position that I could work hard at something that I love and literally enjoy work. The concept of loving what you do was completely lost on me.

Pizza maker, cashier, parts department, administrative assistant, operator, cook, fast food worker, courier, business owner are some of the jobs I've held in the past. I've found something to love at each and every job I've worked...even if it was simply a paycheck. It was only when I worked part time as a travel agent that I really found something I loved, second only to my

During my teen years my walls were adorned with posters of London and Paris, the destinations that have escaped me, for now. Travel was something I'd always loved. The expectations of packing your bags knowing you were going somewhere to experience something fabulous. Of course, my youthful vacations were filled with camping and such...and that's all right. I enjoy the great outdoors, every kid should experience a vacation of sleeping on the ground and sitting by a campfire roasting marshmallows.

For me, that was never enough. Although I do love camping, there is something to be said for standing in the Sistine Chapel staring up at the work of a master painter. To stand in the Colosseum and know of the brutal gladiator battles that had taken place there in the name of sport. To walk the cobblestone streets once walked upon by Roman Centurions and yes, even apostles. To watch your children play on a sandy beach and boogie board in January. To swim with dolphins, one of my most favorite creatures in the world. To horseback ride in jungles of wild mango trees. To snorkle with my oldest and while holding hands have a large green sea turtle swim directly underneath us. To walk through Disney World and spend my time with my family, laughing and singing as we ride rides and just be happy together.

It's the experience. It's the feelings. It's traveling for me.

At this time I'm not able to travel and yet I look back at my memories of the beautiful places, remember the beautiful faces and know...this is why I am who I am. When old and withered I pray I will have worn my feet out wandering the earth and getting to know all about the different cultures and people.

This is why I am so excited to be working where I do. To know I am working to give others those same experiences. Yesterday I began training and it took nearly one day to cover all the Hawaiian resorts we service and to help others understand the culture and the island life. If you've been know what I mean. Today we conquer the mainland resorts and I am able to go in depth on the many amenities in fabulous places such as Vail, Vegas, Scottsdale, San Antonio and yes good ol' L.A. I am thankful to have learned about the Hawaiian Islands and look forward to a field trip in the future to see Kauai and the Big Island first hand. Until then I'll rely on my experiences in Maui and Oahu. And as a wise friend once told me as we sat on the beach in Oahu...What happens in Hawaii...stays in Hawaii.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Not Even Two Months....

I arrived at work early ready to start another great day of making people happy....and I must add there are plenty that weren't, but with a cheerful attitude and a smile on my face, their anger was diffused and their days brightened just a bit. That is the part I truly love about my job. I can spread those smiles across the phone line and give someone that extra boost. It's an awesomely powerful position to be in.

Yesterday was made even better to know it was payday. Oh yeah, it's getting better! As I entered the door the room was already in cheering mode...literally. Yes, the office was celebrating the reservationist's opinion of our workplace. We were the top results for all reservation centers in the Marriott chain and the managers were taking care of our needs. ChaCha's catered in mouthwatering fajitas, with incredible handmade tortillas and freshly mixed guacamole to go along with cupcakes and even a margarita machine...non-alcoholic of course.

At this point, my day was already on the road to being a good one. Life was all good at that point, as far as I was concerned. And then it got better.

I was asked to apply a couple weeks ago for a position with the Resort Desk. Last night as I leaned back in my chair recovering from my intensely delicious dinner, Nilay approached and asked me to come to her cubicle. I walked in and she greeted me warmly. Then she said the words that sent me over the edge of happiness.

"I would like to offer you a position at the Resort's Desk."

Those simple words are a coveted commodity at work and I was offered a position after starting at Marriott less than 2 months ago. I spent one month in training for the regular job and introduced myself to Nilay on the last day of training and told her I was looking forward to working for her in the future. Many of my class thought I was being forward. One applauded my attitude and tenacity. I've worked on the floor less than a month and now I had arrived at the first step in my goal.

So, why am I telling you this?

I want to share two somethings I've learned.

The first:

Worse case scenario...I would've been told "No." There would be no painful torture or mobs with pitchforks and torches had I opened my mouth. I simply put myself out there.

The second:

And most important might I add!!!

Heavenly Father prepares us for reasons we don't always understand. Several years ago, I took courses through an online school to become a travel agent. I worked part time planning vacations and business travels for others for 3 years. Why? I had no idea. I was already running a business with my husband...why in the world would I need to be a travel agent?! It turns out THAT was the reason why I was asked to apply for a position with the Resort Desk.


That Heavenly Father.....

He's one smart cookie!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Wanna Hold Your Hand!!!

Every night as I walk out of my office there he hubby. Sitting patiently for over an hour after he'd already gotten off work, waiting for me...his one and only true love. OK! So I admit, he has never used those exact words, but holding his hand on Monday night said it all. We drove home together recounting our adventures in work and how I so totally saved one family's vacation. Let's just say they thought they had reservations in Maui and were leaving the next day...and there were no reservations. I swooped in and saved the day, but that's neither here nor there. As we arrive here at our complex we park all the way at the end of the lot. Near 1am we walk hand in hand up to our apartment. This time it was different. We were recounting our past year and the stresses and trials that had come about. In a quiet voice he simply said:

"If I had to go through it, I'm glad I went through it with you."


All is well with the world.

UPDATE: I was interviewed for a seat at the Resort Desk. OK, so it's more of a cubicle, but it involves specialization and a raise. A fellow trainee and I were invited and he will be interviewed today. 8 specialists will be hired. I look forward to find out if I am one of them. What could be worse than planning fabulous vacations in incredible resorts...most of the in Hawaii?! LOVE IT!!! I will find out at some point tomorrow and will let you all know!