Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Walking Away....

I don't know if there is anyone still out there who used to read my blog. If you are still there...I'm sorry. I truly had to walk away. I was becoming too negative and spreading my least in my mind so I needed to regroup, rethink my attitude. Yes, I am thick headed and so it truly took some time. I often remarked to my co-workers it would take a two by four to knock some sense into me. In this case it took several months/years.

So, here's where we left off:

My beautiful oldest daughter is back for her second year in college and she is freaking amazing!!!

 My son graduated from high school and consequently left me in tears for several months.  It will make sense soon.

The bonus to working near the Alamo is getting to run off to see Phil Collins, yes from Genesis, donating his collection of Alamo artifacts back to the Alamo. Phil, you'll be in our hearts....    THANK YOU!!!

 I love dressing up like Bob the Builder to get an exclusive tour of one of the newest and most incredibly renovated venues for music, theater and all around incredible performances...         the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts
 Oh what to do when your oldest decides to be an illustrator....Yeah...She's incredibly talented.
 Getting to sneak over to Houston to celebrate the wedding of one of my best friend's kids and bringing the girls along.

                I've been picking up with some strange critters while traveling this past fall.

                 AND, now you see why my son left me in tears. He is freaking amazing!!!

 Our first dinner after his graduation from boot camp. I miss this guy, but he is doing what he dreamed of....becoming a US Marine.
 My youngest daughter being her typical crazy self and entertaining me beyond all belief.
                                                           She freaking amazing!!!

 When my artist has to complete a project which takes all weekend and gets labeled "eccentric."
                                                                             Love it!!!
 New Job! New Haircut! New Me!!! Check out that sassy new Sales Manager at the Fairfield Inn & Suites Sea World Westover Hills.....Getting a job that I never applied for? Check that off the bucket list!!!
                                                    Trying to organize my new office!
                             My new neighbors....I love that I get to visit them. So fun!!!
                                What happens when Sea World is closed? I get to go play!!!
          My baby boy is now growing into a terrific young man. My son, my Marine!!!

                It got cold this I ended up being the Pig in the Blanket!!!
Oft times I desire to feel normal, like every other woman in church, then I look down and realize it's never going to happen....and I'm okay with it!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Wicked Life For Me

It's not often Hubby and I get out.

It's really not often when we get to the theater.

It's truly not often that I hang out with my coworkers after a long day at work.

Last night, we did all three!

Working in a hotel can get you to get to know a wide variety of  characters/guests as they com and go. One of the best parts of my job is getting to know the guests in these groups. This week the cast from Wicked arrived. They are staying with us during their run here in San Antonio. I've met a few most of them now and I have to admit this is now one of my favorite groups I've ever had. I've also become friends with one of the sweetest men I've ever met, also known as the Wizard of Oz. They stop by and chat while they are on their way out.

Part of my job offers me some incredible perks. The company manager offered us 6 free tickets to see the show.

My coworkers and I went and were surprised to find us in the 7th row opening night. Not only is the Majestic theater and truly incredible venue, but to be sitting 7th row and not paying for the tickets are absolutely incredible.

If anyone gets the chance to see this it!!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

5K?!?!?!?!? What was I thinking?!?!?!

First and foremost...I've survived. You see that banner behind our heads...It's the finish line and we are still smiling!!!!!

Second, you should also know it was a 5k WALK not run. I wouldn't have survived the 5k if I were running. As it was, Hubby asked me every hundred yards how I was doing. I was fine and I had my fitbit going as well.

I served on Team Wingman, one of the top ten teams. Hubby and my 130 something teammates accompanied me. We were walking for a find a cure for MS. More than likely MS is wreaking havoc in the lives of someone you know...even if you don't know they have it.

So, today...earning my 10,000 daily steps was easier knowing I had a purpose and I had two friends in mind as I crossed that finish line. They amaze me. I hope someday I can be like them!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

One Step at a Time

It's a crazy phenomenon...I can't stand it but I now find myself part of it. It started simply enough, at work of all places!!! Our manager in an effort for us all to focus on our health and well being had opted to purchase Fitbits for all of the managers. A Fitibt is part pedometer part facebook, but it focuses on making you healthy. Wearing a Fitbit keeps you alert on how many calories you've burned and how many steps you've taken each day. It syncs to your phone/computer and allows you to have friends who also show how many steps they've taken. You can cheer or taunt them. It's a fun way to make ourselves aware of where we are and from where we've come.

I received mine yesterday and find myself today walking more than I was used to. All I want is a steady gain from the day before until I level off where everyone else is at. Our property goal is 10,000 steps a day. Nothing much for my crazy marathon runner of a coworker, but she is my biggest cheerleader helping me move my pudgy feet a little faster.

How far will I get? Only my Fitbit will know!

***Update- I made it over 10,000 steps today - Now that is a WIN!!!***