Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's finally up...

Finally our sign had gone up but the word has spread that we are selling out. It's a good thing. it is time and I am thrilled. Our sweet agent came out and put up a small sign for now as he has a larger sign being made. Needless to say I have already talked to one woman who I think was seriously interested in buying this place. I hope she does. She is a sweet lady and if she bought it then it would remain a feed store. The people in town and around the area would still have the same things they needed to care for their animals. I am thrilled. I just hope she decides to actually go through with it
Now we play the waiting game. With all of the interest we are having I can't do anything but believe it will be gone soon and so will we. I know, you all are so tired of hearing about the move. i promise to stop soon.
I will forewarn you that I may be a bit dull for awhile. I have started on my latest story. The first night I was able to get the first ten pages out after moving from spot to spot. I am afraid that my nights will be completely consumed for awhile. So, we shall see what happens. Don was excited for me because he knows how much I love to drift off in another world and write about what I see happening in my mind. My mind is falling into the adventure that is brewing deep inside. I can't wait to get it all going fully. I will be completely obsessed by the time that I get to page 100.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh the fun we will have!!! Or not!!!

Today is a rather fun day here. First and foremost we have finished the inventory of the store that our agent requested so that way if someone requests the price with inventory included we have a number ready for him. All I have to say is that for two days OUCH!!!! Counting and adding together everything in the store caused my carpal tunnel to act up so bad it hurt for a good four hours after work was over with. The actual counting and adding wasn't so bad, but then we had to figure out the cost of everything as they are not going to want the retail price!!! Fabulous!! Now, if you see me cross-eyed you will know why.

I was actually happy to be finished with all of that so I could relax a bit and get back to helping our non-existent customers. Everyone has stopped or really slowed down on their shopping. It is killing us slowly, but that is exactly why we are selling. I am not sad or down at all. I am thrilled we found a great way to move our things that won't overload us. It is simply putting it in the trailer and then unloading the trailer. I am grateful for everything that we do have and hope that things pick up here a bit. I actually enjoy running to the store to pick up a few more boxes as we pack what we have. We are going to be so prepared it will not be funny. Our fabulous friends will be thrilled to see it all done and ready to load instead of having a ton of things left to be done and having it drag out forever.

Anyway, we apparently had a low wire from our phone that we were going to call and have re-tethered. A gentleman in an RV ran right through it and tore it completely down. FABULOUS!!!! Actually, it was still connected and it tore part of his RV off the top. Did he stop? NO!!! He took right off and left part of his RV hanging on the line. No worries, the phone company is on his way to make sure all is well. We would hate for anything to happen to the store now. That would be fabulous wouldn't it?

So, for the rest of the day I will just taking a bit of an easier time here. It's going to be a nice and quiet. I think I may pack later tonight. Sounds fascinating doesn't it?! I know! You are all so jealous of me!!!! HAHAHA!!!
Have a great day all!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wow!!! I am amazed!!!

I was talking to a friend who moved from California to Idaho and she had used a service i had never heard of. Normally I am used to the "U-haul" way of moving. Pack it up, drive it to where you want and then unload. This is WAY better. They drop off a 28ft trailer in front of the house. I have three days to fill it. They have given me an estimate for 12 feet in the truck. If I need more or less then the price will be adjusted accordingly. There is no need to worry about having too much room or not enough. They pay for the driver, the gas and all of the trucking fees to get our things to our destination. From there they leave the trailer again for another three days for us to unload. Then they pick up the trailer and I don't have to return anything. I LOVE it!!! I don't have to drive a moving vehicle along with our own car all the way to San Antonio. Sounds like a deal for me!!!! Especially since I have the hubby that knows how to pack a truck. Perfect! I am sure we will get it down a couple feet as he really knows how to pack it all in. Does anyone have any other advice about moving I have never heard of?!?! I love these tips. Oh...and in case you were wondering there was a difference between U-Haul and ABF of $400. I am quite sure that is made up for with the gas alone and the ease of the move!

It's been a busy far.

Yesterday was one of the busiest. We started tackling Bryan's room in the de-cluttering process, I finished cleaning out and packing my closet. I still have a bit of de-cluttering to do in the clothes department, but I will take care of that later. I am in no mood now.

We met with the agents yesterday and agreed on the price to list for. The goal is to get it sold as soon as possible. To be honest Don and I have absolutely no patience for this so that is why we are trying to get it all done and over with. If our clients weren't dropping like flies then we would have more time. As it is I am thrilled that we are getting it done and going. So, for now we are going to be keeping on with the de-cluttering and I am looking forward to the packing and moving bit of it all. I am NOT looking forward to the 26 hour drive from here to San Antonio. Nope! Not thrilled at all, but what can we do?! If only someone else would move us free of charge....ahhh calgon take me away!!! Ok!! Ok!! I know, quit dreaming. It will be good though when we get all settled in. I am looking forward to a new town and meeting new people. I am looking forward to decorating a bit and really taking what is old and turning it into something new. I have several pieces that need some change. We shall see what happens. Oh...and don't worry...I will blog it all for you to see what a strange decorator I really am.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A few very random thoughts...

There is a mouse in our house...yes, a mouse. I am not thrilled.

they are on our least favorite things list, but with all the packing and de-cluttering we are finding these little "friends" have been with us for some time. Again...not thrilled. So, as we continue to clean out the corners and rid ourselves of the clutter they love so much I will look forward to their termination...of residence in our home...yes, that is it. termination of residence in our home. Sure kids...don't worry, they'll find a happy palce to live with all their mousey friends...six feet under I hope!!!

Yesterday my son had a complete and utter melt down after school and felt his whole world crashing around him. Needless to say, I tried to cheer him up and that involved doing something with him. He chose to make his own after dinner we jumped in the car and ran over to the store where we he, having list in hand, directed us around the market to find all of his ingredients. We bought tomatoes,cilantro,limes, onions, garlic, jalapeno peppers...habanero peppers and whatever else he thought he would need. We threw it all into a blender and let it mix. Apparently he decided he needed more jalapeno peppers, but I can guarantee you the habanero pepper was HOT. No, I did not taste it as I do not have a stomach for the acids of tomatoes or even the hotness of the peppers. i would have stayed awake...all night. So, I helped him throw it all together and he was happy in the end. The salsa was sweeter than he had anticipated, but he still liked it so to each his own I guess. Oh and by the way I know the habanero was hot because several days ago i ahd a little accident and seperated my fingernail from the bed of the nail jsut a bit. it happens, I am fine. Anyway, apparently the "owie" did not seal before the juice from the habanero pepper found it. THAT was burning all night long. WOW!!! I would hate to see what would happen if you actually ate it. Ugh!!!

Many of you are posting about sending the kids back to school and during my de-cluttering I found a treasure I had stolen from my mother...


That's me!!! It was my 8th grade graduation and I just had my head shaved and styled that day. I ahd longer hair and with it being the 80's decided to see what would happen. I lvoed that hair cut and the fact that everyone's jaw dropped when they saw my hair. It was a great night!!! It's fun toa ctually see me thin and tan as well. Two things that do not remotely happen now. Well, the thin thing maybe...HAHAHA!!!! ANyway, I thought you all wouldlove to laugh with me...not at me.

Other than that we are just trying to get everything ready so that when it is time to move we are ready to go. I told Don that all we really need to do when the sale is going to be made is to head down to San Antonio for the weekend to look at houses. We will make it...I hope. I love to find them in my bro & sis-in-laws neighborhood. It would be so cool for the kids to take off on their bikes to their cousins house for an hour or two...and the same go for us. One thing I am really looking forward to though us the decorating. I can hardly wait as we will be buying a lot of new furniture when we move and so everything will be so different. Don't worry, I will definitely post pictures for you to see the new "madhouse."

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let go...

At times in our life we just need to let go...
Let go of the worries
Let go of the stress
Let go of your fears
Let go of the problems
Let go of the strings that bind us to our troubles.

Other times, you just need to elt go of the handle.
If you are not sure what I am telling you then click here to find out

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Molly's Henchmen...

Down the street from us is one of our customer's house. On the property he has a workshop he uses for rebuilding cars and I have to admit he does some great things with VW Bugs. Anyway, he rents out half of the workshop to the Henchmen, who happen to be the starter gang for the Hell's Angels. OK!!! Now I am guessing that you wonder what I am telling you this for.

Well, on the side of the workshop they have had painted the logo of the Henchmen and then their name plus the initials: "MC"

My darling 11 year old has decided that the "MC" stands for her initials "Molly C." So, every time we drive past it she says: "Look! It's my Henchmen!" she squeaks and she tells us that she wants to walk up to them and say: "You are my Henchmen!!!" honestly, I thought I would let her. What could they do? They are always there with their families. How funny would it be?

Just to let you know I have had them come in and truly with all my heart I know they are good people...just really off the path of what they could be doing. Besides, they have offered to "take care" of anyone that crosses me. Anyone want to dare? Just kidding!!!

Do you want the giid news or the bad news?!

Bad news wise I jsut talked to a customer whose husband just passed away in a motorcycle accident. Bless her sweet heart she is holding together as well as she can. My thoughts and prayers are with her. To share with you, he had a sweet sweet heart. He would ride his motorcycle down to Palm Springs to help his in-laws with anything they needed. He was a hard worker and never had anything but a smile on his face anytime I ever saw him. He was a sweetheart and I will forever be grateful for his friendship and his laughter. At least Heavenly Father will have another carpenter home with him.

Now for the good news...Our UPS lady came in today. She disappeared one day and we had a new UPS driver for some time and I often wondered what happened to her. She ALWAYS had a smile and ALWAYS was in a good mood, even during Christmas season. She mentioned that she had found out she had breast cancer. She was in stage 3 and it was a tough uphill fight for her, but she made it...chemo, surgery & radiation. She will have reconstructive surgery later on this year. With her hair short and gray she had a smile that could light the western half of the US and shared with me that after dealing with the cancer she decided that there was no reason to sweat any of the small stuff any longer. After watching her and Jan I can honestly appreciate the beauty of trials and the lessons learned while walking through them.

I am grateful for my friends...even when they push me into pools. I am grateful for my trials because that means I will trust more in the Lord. I am grateful for blessings because that means He cares. I am grateful for craziness because that means I am alive and kicking. Enjoy the day and be grateful for the people in your lives!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Bee!!!!

Today was my little Molly's 11th birthday. My little Bee is getting so old!!! We had a nice family party with a few friends to join us for dinner and celebration. It was a fun day until...

Now, let me tell you. We all had a good time talking and enjoying and it was time for all to go. My dear friend who just happens to be the Relief Society President asked to see the barn. I am not sure now if she was setting me up or what. We made it to the pool and somehow I ended up falling. I am telling you. It was like David and Goliath. I am nearly 6 ft tall and she is a tiny little thing. So, like Goliath I fell directly into the pool.

As I tried to get out she ran out the front door and screamed: "Steve, get the kids in the car we have to go now!!!" Let's just say, pranks are coming my dear friend!!! Just you wait my friend!!!! I will return the favor!!! Any ideas?!?!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Could you please read my mind?!

So, I am sitting here and my mind is mush right now concentrating on the move and such. I am exhausted and ready for a ton of sleep, but guess what?!?! The Olympics are on and I am an addict.
Anyway, being that my mind is mush I was trying to describe what I wanted to pick up on Monday. So, I told Don & my friend Becky that I needed some pop it paper...

Can you guess what I am thinking of?! If you do i would be surprised!!!

Random Thoughts...

So, there we have it!!!! I receivedthis fabulous e-mail in my box today declaring that Twilight will open on November 21st!!! Three weeks early!!! I am thrilled!!! Of course I am a bit sad also that we may or may not be here at that time. We shall see. I just thought it was great news all around anyway, since my also beloved Harry Potter won't be released until next summer. I can wait patiently...I WANT IT NOW!!!!!

It's official. We have shared the news with everyone...well ALMOST everyone about the move. Both sets of parents know. We are getting closer to finding an agent that will suit us perfectly. I am going to be sooo happy once things are rolling. I am thinking that by next week the sign will be up and we will be on our way. I was surprised of how my father-in-law had taken it, but how can you argue when most of the country folk I love so dearly have moved out of state looking for the quiet town we used to live in? So, he offered any assistance that he can give. I appreciate that. There is really nothing that he can do unless he finds a buyer for us. We shall see what happens. I am grateful that Don is happy about the decisions so far. he is a good man and I am grateful for him.

Last night I spent a fabulous evening at the temple with the youth. It was so touching to see my daughter take care of the baptism for her 5th great grandmother. It borught tears to my eyes as it did when my son took care of his 3rd and 5th grat grandfathers. What a great evening. Other family members were done, but those were the closest!!! I can't wait to go back.

My littlest girl's birthday is tomorrow. It is the big 11!!! Molly is a sweetheart because with all of the working on selling this place she has sweetly whispered into my ear that we can just have a family party, since I had forgotten to get her birthday party invitations. What a doll!!! I still have to buy her borthday present and find out what I am cooking for her tomorrow. I also need ice cream as well. Ahh so much to do and not enough time!!! Perhaps I can sneak out today when our extra help gets to the store and buy a few presents and then we can buy the groceries tonight. Sounds like a plan to me!!! We shall see what happens

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just another day...

That's what it is today for me. Just another day. We have spent most of them "de-cluttering" the house and working at the store. I have managed to declutter most of my half of the room, but as of now I have yet to tackle my closet...mostly out of fear. I am not sure what lurks in the other half of my closet and likely will put it off as long as possible. Of course the quicker I get to it the better things will be. Perhaps if Don doesn't make it home until later I will tackle it so I don't have to hear the whining and complaining. Oh wait...that's me!!! I guess I can't escape it!!! I am going to be so thrilled when I am finished with the house and this process. I truly look forward to going through the kids' room. Bryan is the closest thing to me as a pack rat that I have. He still ahs toys that he had when he was 5. It is time to get rid of them. I also need to go through his clothes and get rid of the old ones he doesn't wear. much fun so little time!!!! I would invite you all to help, but I think I will be selfish of my enjoyment of this...or rather spare you the horror of my children's rooms!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I've been out of it...

Sorry all, I have been completely out of it lately. It's funny though. Normally, my blog is the palce where i can go and visit and take myself out of the crazy world which I live in. For now, my crazy world is turned upside a good way...

We spent the weekend with Don's family. His brother, from Texas, is visiting with his family. A few of you at church may have seen a couple of my nephews who stayed overnight with us while Molly fled to the mountains with her cousin. Here are the two of them...two peas in a pod. Although her cousin is a year older, Molly stands a foot taller. They had a great time together. I saw the future with them when we arrived. They were sitting out on the deck looking out at the mountains and the valley while sipping on some ice water. They were so cute!!!
The boys were taking off to another brother's house to go golfing and such while us girls stayed behind with the kids. Poor boys, as they were loading up when they walked back into the house we would boo them, but as they left we would cheer that we would have free time without them!!! FYI Don thought it was hysterical while his father wasn't as thrilled.
We stayed up that night looking at old pictures of the family. Don was adorable as a boy riding his bike and "Big Wheel" Then we got to the teenage years. I forgot how strangely we dressed in the 80's. I have say though...if I would have seen Don on campus in high school (we attended the same high school, graduated the same year, but never met) I would have thought he was hot. My brother-in-law had on some of those hugely tight pants of the 80's and we were laughing so hard because we couldn't figure out just how he could breathe. I even got a picture of Don and his date at the girl's Treat dance we both attended!!! I'll have to see if I can find my picture and I will post them both. It was a great evening...even if my date did eat escargot.

Anyway, we took the kids to the park and palyed for a bit before we settled in for a chick flick and relax. It was a good weekend but long. I am still recovering.

Yes, I haven't been on the blog much. Mainly because when I get home I am "decluttering" the house. We have made it a project to get rid of all the useless things we have. So, we are going through everything. I am packing away soem things I don't need right now and making the house look like a normal house isntead of one that a packrat owns. Go figure!!!! I will update of the rest of the craziness soon, but for now trust me when I say...yesterday was not a normal day around here. Then again, what is normal around here?!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

He's Home!!!

I truly do not know what I am going to do when my Bryan heads out into the mission field. I miss him so much after just a couple days. I really do. Well, whatever the case...he is home and i am happy to greet him. I was told by his Young Men's rpesident some great things about how he behaved and I am grateful. He said he was as well. He was very impressed with Bryan spending jsut a couple days around him. As a Mom aren't we always happy to hear that?

Anyway, he had a blast. I didn't realize they would have the Young Men's General President there to speak as well as L. Tom Perry. he said he really liked getting to hear them in person. Bryan was more impressed with a brother that he got to meet and talk to. He met John Bytheway and really enjoyed listening to him. I really hope someone took pictures because that would be a great addition to the family history seeing him do all of these fabulous things. I will wait and see what happens, but he had really great time and I am grateful for all of the men that helped pull this experience all together.

Friday, August 8, 2008

What a gr8 d8!!!!

For me this is one of my favorite days every two years. The start of the Olympics!!! I have to warn you. I am a huge Olympic fan. I had major desire to compete, but life and my knees told me no. So, here I am...a huge fan!!! Tonight the Olympics starts and for the next 2 1/2 weeks I will watch the stories from athletes around the world. I will cheer for my country...and if they are not in the finals i will cheer for the others. It is the one time where countries can gather without politics getting in the way. Yes, I cried when North and South Korean athletes marched together for the first time. They showed courage and heart. I cheered for a man who swam and came dead last, but would not give up though the race was over seven minutes earlier. When asked why he bothered to finish his small but humbling words fell from his mouth. "My country did not send me halfway around the world to quit. They sent me to finish the race." So, as you are flipping through the channels through the next weeks, take a moment to reflect and maybe even cheer for those who are competing and who are filled with the spirit the Olympics represents.

Have a great day all!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thank you for all your well wishes...

Although there is a sadness around our house as Buddy was...well...our Buddy. he was a big goofy guy filled from the tip of his nose to his tail with pure love. We will miss him, that is for sure, but at the same time he is back in that big hunting grounds in the sky. Molly smiled and said: "I wonder if Heavenly Father will play fetch with Buddy for us." then I got this image of Buddy getting to play fetch with God. I am sure He knows just how to rub his tummy, scratch him under the chin and just give him all the love in the world for us. We all smiled when we had that image in our minds.

Bryan took off for the encampment today and was really excited about it. I can't wait to hear all about his experiences. It will be a fun thing for us!!!

Tonight, I am excited about my knee. I have bursitis in my right knee and right now I am laid up in bed. Why is that good news? Well, because I have started writing a novel that my youngest has requested. She grew up as an itty bitty loving Beauty & the Beast. Well, now that she is growing up she has requested a modern day beauty 7 the beast with a twist. When I asked her what she meant by a twist she smiled and said: "That's for you to figure out!!" So, for my dear little Molly I have started my Beauty & the Beast. I have found my twist and have started. I needed break for a second but i am excited to start a new project and so is Don. he knows that it will take me a bit longer than a year to finish, but he is excited to find out what I come up with. It should be interesting.

Well, I am back to work. Have a great day all!!! And who knows, maybe there will be a chocolate lab named Buddy in the story. Hmm...sounds like a thought.

Oh! Don't worry about my knee. I will be up and running by tomorrow morning!!!

Our little Buddy...

Well our good day has turned dismal. Our sweet Chocolate Lab, named Buddy, has passed away. He was a sweetheart and a goofball. Poor Bryan found out before heading out to the "Son's of Liberty" encampment this morning. He shed a few tears, but he is fine now. Although sad, he will be enjoying his exeprience for the next few days and that will keep him busy. Buddy though was our little sweetheart always loving to get his ears scratched and give puppy kisses...even though he was an adult. I feel worst for Don. He loved Buddy so much. I am sure that he will be fine, but today will be a sad day for him. I shall never forget him jumping in the swimming pool to swim with the kids, catching our customer's chicken...and not killing it, and the endless humping on my poor dog even though he was snipped a long time ago. He was our goofy little guy and I will miss him.

I've found them! I've found them!!!!

We have worked hard on Don's side of the family it our family history, but there have been some blockades that we can't explain. In Sicily for example there is a clan of Salamones and of course everyone in the entire family has the same names!!!! Ugh! My brain hurts just thinking about it, but I was able to link and start thinking on another generation last night. I am also searching for Pedro Mendoza, in Mexico...How hard can it be?!?!?! Kind of like finding: "John Smith" in the US I guess. FABULOUS!!!!Needless to say, it has been a long haul on this little branch of the family tree, but the branch is starting to extend now. I am thrilled to finally have a breakthrough!!! It's about time!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Welcome Home Mom & Corinna...Good-bye Bryan!!!

Not to keep our family together for TOO long, but Bryan will be departing again fro a scout experience that will be a once in a lifetime thing. he is heading off to the Son's of Liberty Scout Encampment thursday morning. Yes, I know he will be missing school, but when you hear who he will be with you can decide if you would send your son there. He will be there for fabulous scout experiences as well as spiritual ones. He will be listening to counsel from the likes of John Bytheway and L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles for those few days that he is there. There are more inspirational people that will be there, but those two are the ones that stick out in my mind. Youth from all over Northern California are joining together for this experience. If it were me it would be mind blowing. I truly hope that what Bryan sees, hears and does makes a good impact on his life. I know it would mine.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Released...Read...and Report!!!

754 pages!!! I loved coming home from camp with a new book to read. Yes, I know, I was released Saturday at midnight and it took me about 6 good hours to read it. Yes, I am a speed reader. I can read rather fast and retain information. Another friend has also read the entire book and we have already had quite a good converstation on it. Fort hose of you who have not read it then please do not continue reading this post as it will spoil the ending. So, here is my review:

In the beginning, when Bella was driving her new car, or shall we say missle proof car, I was laughing so hard. It was so like Edward and I was pleasantly surprised that I just fell right into step as if I had just finished reading the last book with no breaks. I admit that I adore Stephenie Meyer's writing style and her ability to tell a story. I admire the way she weaves her story and hope someday to make readers feel the same way about my writing. She was very inventive and I loved the way the story progressed. I could even stand Jacob in this book. I hated him the past two books. he rather annoyed me. Anyway, I loved the book from beginning until almost the end. I wished they would have battled the Volturri and come out triumphant. I would have rather lost a few souls and made the ending "bittersweet" as a kind friend put it. It just ended too simple for me, but that being said I still loved the book!!!! Stephenie Meyer is a master in the art of story-telling. I admire her greatly and look forward to any new books she writes to come out. Please do not take offense. My opinion is my opinion and means nothing more than that. I do not need a lot of hateful comments left on the blog.I still adore Edward, I love Bella, Renesmee is adorable, and I laughed out loud when Jacob got food in Rosalie's hair. I look forward to Stephenie's next book...and the movie.

It's ok!!! Girl's Camp is over!!!

Welcome Home!!!! It rang throughout my ears from the kids as they ran to greet me. I was dirty, grimy, exhausted and my hair...well, let's just say with no hair dryers allowed, as they drain the generator, there was a reason I was waering a hat all week and it had nothing to do with the kitchen!!!!

This is home sweet home for the week. This is one of the perks of being a cook.

We get our own cabin with actual beds and a shower with enough pressure to strip the paint off of an old barn door.

One thing you will notice about our beds is the place to slide in a card with the patient's name...yes, our beds are brought from an old decrepit assylum for the insane. hmmm...any connection with being a cook? Perhaps!!!

The week was fun. As cooks you are pretty much spending most of your time in the kitchen, which some people look down on, but can I share a secret with you? We have such an incredible spirit in the kitchen I recharge for the year every time I go.

No, we don't get to mingle with the girls except for meal times and a special occasion on friday.We have such a wonderful spirit when we work together. By the end of the week we had become more than just "friends." We became true brothers and sisters serving these wonderful daughters of God. To see their smiles, hear their songs and bask in their heavenly glow during the entire week was priceless.

I know that all stakes and wards run their girl's camp differently, but for ours the entire stake full of girls arrived on Monday ready to spend a fun-filled week making new friends and enjoying old ones.It was a time to be silly, learn about yourself and stretch your gospel wings a bit.

We brought in 250 girls and leaders for the week and it was challenging but fun to supply them with all their meals. The camp we attended was even visited earlier by the general authorities, including the young women's general presidency. They deemed our camp the "Taj Mahal" of Young Women's camps. What a wonderful thing to hear. It looks like the church is taking an interest in buying the camps the girl's attend to bring up the rest of the Girl's Camps to the same standards and really give all the girls the same experience ours have. We shall see what the Lord decides regarding camp.

I have survived another year and have made girls smile by being jsut a bit, yet slightly crazy. Perhaps I do deserve my bed after all!!!!Well, other than that I will say that I am happy that I am home and that life will now be returning to that I have completed 2 out of the three of my callings. Now I just get to be the "Laurel Advisor." I like that!!!! Of course, now that we have decided on selling the place we have a ton of things to do and it looks like we are ready to get started on that list!!!!