Saturday, January 31, 2009

And so it has ended...

She laid in my arms 11 1/2 years ago. So sweet, so silent. And so her childhood has come to a sweet close and she has entered into her new phase as a young lady. Tonight we celebrated being girls and all the perks that go with it. I did mani-pedis for my girls while we chomped down on pizza while watching our chick flick. The boys were away watching boxing on ice a.k.a. hockey. After beautifying ourselves we relaxed while having a special party of our own and then it was discovered...our party had changed from just hanging together to celebrating the newest woman in our family. Yup! My youngest has officially begun her period. Am I THAT old? Oh please!!! I hope not. I am not worried though. I LOVE having girls this age. They are so much fun and the world in their eyes is most definitely fun to see. I am grateful for our special celebration, though hubby may need to bring in Ghiradelli by the truck full!!!

What Matters?!

It does not matter...

If I live is the most beautiful mansion on the hill.

If I have a closet filled with the most chic clothes.

If I own a Ferrari.

If I have a ton of wrinkles on my face or cottage cheese thighs.

If I paint a piece of art that rivals the Sistine Chapel.

If my house is neat as a pin at any given hour of the day.

If every dish in my kitchen sink is washed.

It does matter...

That my husband knows he is the love of my life.

That my children know they are loved and valued.

That I serve the Lord with all my heart and all my might.

That I remember who I am.

That I return with honor.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Thoughts from a friend...

I received an e-mail from a friend this morning and she had forwarded on a talk by Jeffery R. Holland at a fireside last year for the young adults. It was truly what I needed to hear this morning. I was thinking back over the events of last year. I, truthfully, learned so much about myself. I learned I am not the type to sit on the fence. I can and will stand up for what I believe is right, even if it doesn't make me popular. I can stand in the face off insulting opposition and feel the peace only the Lord can give those times. It felt good to learn that. This is what he said:

"You can have sacred, revelatory, profoundly instructive experience with the Lord in the most miserable experiences of your life—in the worst settings, while enduring the most painful injustices, when facing the most insurmountable odds and opposition you have ever faced."

I understand what he said more than ever these days. I felt comforted though in this scripture he quoted:

Regarding our earthly journey, the Lord has promised: “I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up” (D&C 84:88).

I feel that strength, protection only He could give.

Prayer Update.... and advertising!!!

A light on our answering machine was blinking quite rapidly last night...It's great to be popular. Of course I was sure it was a telemarketer trying to drive me bananas!!! Anyway, it was that newer member to our ward to call us and tell us that he had received an offer on his place. I was so excited for him. he had put his faith in the Lord and an offer was given. He, being the sweet man that he was, is still praying for us. I appreciate that. the good Lord keeps telling us that it is going to sell and it is hard to argue with the sweet spirit that resides in your being when you receive such confirmations. However, we figured it couldn't hurt to try and help out our agent a little bit...

We normally spell out names. We have had George Albert Smith in there for some time and then we decided to have a bit of fun. We used nicknames: Cindy...the name my high school history teacher called me back in the 80's and still calls me. he never had my name right. We had "Ted" for the hubby as we have sung the great 80's hit "I Wanna Be A Cowboy." We even through a few of your names in there as well. Just for fun. I can't wait until my agent comes into the office and goes online to see how we are trying to help him!!! What good clients we are!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To see her smile....

There are times when, as a parent, you catch your child's vision of something they really, honestly, and truly want beyond all else. I'm not talking the latest Wii game or even a signed special edition Stephenie Meyer book. We have encountered one of those times. It started quietly computer and I sitting alone in the store, ticking the minutes away, waiting...waiting....and would you believe more waiting?!?!?!

You see, with my lovely daughter 14 now she qualifies for attendance at EFY. She is a good kid, always concerned for her grades, her friends and others around her. Although she sees different outfits and things she would like she understands we are planning a move and must therefore conserve...especially in this economic unrest. her greatest desire WAS to attend EFY in Provo because she has dreamed of going to BYU since she was 5 years old. No, I am not kidding. She can do it too!!! Anyway, back to the subject...EFY was booked solid in Provo...except for a session in the middle of June...My kids get out of school at the end of June. Bummer!!! However, Corinna had seen another session that piqued her interest....Nauvoo Special Edition. Her 4th great-grandfather was born under a wagon in Nauvoo so it is a special place in our family history. She has held a special love for family history for some time and so this was incredible. An incredible week that includes doing baptisms for the dead in the Nauvoo temple, visiting Carthage Jail, learning so much more hands on than I could even teach her in a family home evening. We tried initially to get her in, but it was booked. However as I went through the details once more I found the session now had 9 simple openings. I jumped at it.

I called Corinna to come over to the store. When I told her she looked at me and pumped her fist and screamed "Yes!!!!" She was so excited! I'm so excited. How many times can you see your kids get THAT excited about church?!

***Mom points +1***

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Trials...

We all seem to going through trials here. Some lose their jobs, others lose their homes. The economic outlook is bleak to say the least these days. I was listening to a sister who had spoken this Sunday and she said the phrase: "Walk in Faith, Not by Sight." It must have affected me because I now mention it constantly right?!

Well, today here at the store a brother from our ward came in and mentioned that he too is trying to sell his commercial property and he simply mentioned that we should say a prayer together. Wouldn't you know it...he wanted to say it right then and there....and we did. there was such a peace that was drawn into our hearts and the three of us prayed to appeal to our Father in heaven for his favor in helping us to sell our properties. Though it is a difficult time we all appreciated the peace we were given and the special gift the brother gave us by suggesting we pray together. What a wonderful spirit he left in our business being anew member and still learning. I was grateful for his suggestion and grateful we could join together in prayer. I know we will all have our prayers answered and I am thankful for the gift he had given us today, by praying with us.

When Naps Go Bad!!!!

What was I thinking?! I was sooo tired!!!! I spent the afternoon after church sending some info to another...relating to church of all things... and once I settled in for a little rest time I realized it was time to work on dinner. Fabulous, so I make my way into the kitchen and whip up some of my "oh so fabulous" tacos using my leftover roast as the meat...nothing going to waste. I am earning my wings and halo today!!! After dinner I lay down as hubby is watching television. He looks over and sees I am heading for "Naptown USA" smiles and says don't sleep too long. Nearly 3 HOURS LATER!!! I am woken up and guess what? I can't get back to sleep until the next morning at around 4:45AM!!!! AAAARGH!!!!
I already know what is going to happen. I am not going to be given the chance to sleep in...It's inevitable. The next morning hubby rolls over to snuggle with me.
I told him in no uncertain terms to let me sleep until noon, I am exhausted. Does that work? NO!!!!!! He suddenly gets this wild hair that he needs to talk. And he talks....and talks...and talks. I even mentioned that perhaps he was being led stray in talking so much since I was so incredibly exhausted...still!!! Sorry, the hint was not taken. Instead he chattered on about what we would be doing that particular day. Guess what?! I didn't care one bit.
And so my day starts...
We head out to eat breakfast with the fam and then we pay PGE because I have to recharge my laptop somehow!!! Afterwards we head to Bass Pro Shop, because y'know. When i am fully exhausted I want to walk around a ginormous "man store" with my kids who really have no appreciation for the store. We I am not kidding...nearly 2 hours in the store looking at everything...because apparently last week's trip to the same store was not quite enough. Hubby picks up new car camo... along with a new steering wheel cover in none other head is hurting, but at least I found a giant bag of Bit O'Honeys for some energy. From there we head over to the mall here in town where it seems every single store inside is destined to be going out of business. My oldest is in search for a pair of jeans. What the heck...she's buying and somehow my youngest ends up with a pair that I ended up paying half for and my darling boy picked up a new used video game to which he promised to give up his allowance the next two weeks for.
We head to the grocery store to pick up the ice cream to go with our Ghiradelli chocolate raspberry fudge mouth waters just thinking about it.
Afterwards we make it home and all I am planning to do is play a simple game of Mario Party 8 with my's our traditional monday afternoon game warfare. Does that happen? Nope! it seems the little man's video game is not working properly. Hubby asks me to return it as he is feeling worn out and his temper may get the best of him if they argue. He does come along though which is great because my eyes are blurry and I don't think driving is a good thing for me at that point. We return said game with absolutely no issue whatsoever and on our way from the mall we run into a friend who we find out just received notice he is getting laid off next week. So, then our wonderful friend and us get into this great conversation about the economy....I hate the economy.... to which the little man is bored and starts hanging on me...Did I mention I'm exhausted. Our friend mentioned how fabulous I look in glasses...why do you think I keep that sweet friend around?! Love him!!!!
Anyway, we get home and I melt into chair where we play a quick game. After game it is time to make dinner. Youngest decides she is making spaghetti...I love when the kids cook...and I don't have to. I whip up a quick batch of garlic bread. We head starts to pound...I fight it off with will power....we complete Family Home Evening...lesson and all and hubby declares I am in charge of the treats. No problem. Sundaes for kids...banana splits for us...we all eat. I head tot he bedroom. I am truly ready to drop. At 7:41 i look at the clock and enjoy watching Bear Grylls try to warm himself up while I am encased in a toasty cocoon of blankets. Sorry Bear! I wouldn't want your job....nope!!! Not one bit!!!! Within 5 minutes hubby looks at me says good night and I am out!!! I wake at 2am to find hubby still watching tv....I'm glad its him and not me!!!!Needless to say I wake back up a few short minutes before the clock strikes 6am. I feel refreshed, but still tired. How sick is that?!?!?!?
I've come to the conclusion that if I fall asleep THAT late next time...they had better let me sleep all night!!!!
***Quick Side Note*****
Hubby only got 4 hours of sleep last night!!!!
Mwahahahaha!!! Where can I drag him?!?!?!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I "Chews" to Serve!!!

You know how sometimes going to church can seem like a chore. Really, waking the kids up, making sure they are all presentable. I admit now that they are older it is much easier though there are more details rather than just having the right shoe on the right foot. It is still tough to balance that along with having the lesson ready and set to teach. Today though I woke up while hubby was showering and getting ready for his first meeting of the day. I decided to rise and shine and to get up and go over my lesson one more time. It was nice before the kids

woke up to have some quiet to get the spirit on my side early. As we came into church it was a really nice morning. Clouds hung overhead, Birds were chirping...OK!!!! So I enjoy clouds..there is more to life than sunshine everyday. Anyway, I made it through sacrament meeting. I enjoyed the talks especially one from the mother of one of my fabulous laurels. I loved listening to her talk and I now have taken something she said to be my own personal motto...WALK BY FAITH, NOT BY SIGHT...what a beautiful thing to always remember in our hearts. It is true I am walking by faith now, not by sight and I am letting go of everything I can't control. I like it better that way.

Anyway, towards the end of the day a brother in our ward began to hand out gobs and gobs of chocolate. I am not talking Hershey's here people....we are talking Ghiradelli's and Lindt. MMMmmmmmmm Good!!! Somehow, I needed up with two large Ghiradelli large chocolate and raspberry bars. Now, if I didn't know this wonderful man I would think he held up a chocolate truck. He had even gone so far as to give my hubby 5 bars of Lindt Milk Chocolate with caramel filling AND a jar of raspberry chocolate fudge sauce....I am wishing I had bought a few gallons of vanilla ice cream....that is definitely on my "To Do" list for tomorrow!!!

Thank you Brother Davies!!!! We appreciate the sweet treats!!!! And don't worry....I will "Chews" the Right tonight!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Where would I go?!

We have come up with a question here at the general store. We both feel very strongly that it will sell and it will sell soon so our minds are free from the stresses of now and everything. Anyway, needless to say, hubby asked me a question. You see, moving to Texas is what we are doing because we both feel there is something for him to be doing there. Not me...him. We don't know if it is work or calling wise. I am just along for the ride. Anyway, needless to say he brought up the question...if he were to keel over right after signing the papers for the sale and we had not bought the house down in Texas...where would I go? Where would I move? Now that is a question!!! I am perplexed. I assure you it would be somewhere colder than here... Not that I don't love the warm Africa hot summers here, but I could do without it in the end. Maybe back into the Pacific Northwest...great writing weather let me tell you!!! Or even Idaho. I truly don't know. What I do know is that if money were no object I would throw myself back over to Tahoe and enjoy the snowy winters and beautiful summers. I would give my kids the same upbringing that I had. Now that would be a blast!!! Of course,Alaska wouldn't be bad, Italy is always on my mind...Scotland, but I think i would prefer to stay in the good ol' USA. So that being said...Where would you move if you could pick anywhere?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am Me!!!

A friend of mine e-mailed me a video done by ABC News about the LDS church. If you haven't seen it then it is here. Also, it has come to my attention comments have been made by different people in the general population as well as more popular people such as one of my personal favorite actors, Mr. Tom Hanks.

After watching it I have something to say. My name is Tammy. I am a full tithe paying member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I claim my privilege as a flag waving American...yes I pay my taxes as worship how I may, believe how I may and form opinions on my own. if I choose to use the power granted me by this countries forefathers to use freedom of speech sobeit. If I choose to vote for the passing of a proposition that means something down to my very core then I shall. And if I want to teach my children that when you believe in something so fully that you can feel it from the tips of your toes way on up to your nose then you must stand for it come what may. If I choose to believe marriage is between a man and a woman only then it is my right to think so. If you choose to assume that the Church of Jesus christ of Latter-Day Saints threw its money into the ring to help pass a proposition you don't believe in then go right ahead...however never forget what happens to those who "assume" things. It all comes out correct in the end and you will find that the church members donated to the passing of proposition 8...not the church itself. To call me and others like me Un-American is probably the dumbest think I have heard in my life. I must have confused what America I live in. In the America I live in not everyone agrees. In the America I live in we have the freedom to our own opinion and not just yours. In the America I live in the man I did not vote for president was just sworn in...therefore I honor him and will pray for his strength in the doing of his job. In the America I live in I don't throw a tantrum because others do not agree with me, I simply smile and realize we are all individuals.

I, for one, have decided it is now time for my head to be held up and know that I am a member of not only my church, but my beautiful country. I am an American. If anyone has criticism for my beliefs and wants to ask questions feel free to ask. I am not here to belittle anyone for not believing as I do. I don't mind having a calm and rational discussion about what I believe and learning what others believe. So, what do you say? Can we do it? Can we unite as Americans, as people of all faiths and backgrounds? Or would you rather keep slinging mud and insults. I for one would rather live in a tolerant society who agrees to disagree. As for Mr. Hanks...I'd love to hear from you and understand why you call my faith un-American. Don't worry, I don't bite.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Hoot!!!

Y'all know we want to move to Texas. This gave me a great big laugh while watching it today. Turn up your volume all the way and enjoy!!! Oh and jsut a warning I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants!!!
Watch here

Honey Bunny!!!

So, I am walking out of Sunday School on my way to thrill the young women with my fabulous lesson I have worked all of 12 minutes on...just kidding...this one I really did pour my heart and soul into and it came out great by the way... and saw my favorite Sunday School President standing at the doors greeting everyone. Sine I am married to said president I decide to make him smile. I said to him: "See you in an hour honey bunny," desperately hoping his friends heard so they could give him a majorly hard time. but no, he didn't hear. Instead the brother walking in front of me hears and says: "I didn't know you cared!" accompanied by a sniff sniff and fake tear wiping. Ugh!!! Men!!! Why don't the cooperate?!

Before Young Women's starts, I see hubby walking through the halls. I walk out into the hallway where he tells me something all honesty I think he just missed me...what's not to miss, right?! At the end he gives me a peck on the cheek whispers he loves me and gives my hand a squeeze. Much to the delight of my laurels who start squealing about our hand holding. of course, it doesn't stop there. I am them heaped a load of questions as to just why we were holding hands. What's wrong with holding hands?! All this because I wanted to make hubby smile.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What would happen?

What would happen if we took the time to pay more attention to others rather than ourselves?

What would happen if we took the time to really listen rather than rushing into our day after saying our morning prayer?

What would happen if we all smiled all day for one full day?

What would happen if we didn't have to worry about ourselves because others had us in their minds and heart?

What would happen if our children didn't need to worry about pedophiles, drugs, peer pressure or hate?

What if everyday felt like that moment you wake up from your Sunday nap refreshed and happy?

Just wondering.

One day in history...

Good luck Mr. President. It has been a long uphill battle for you, but my prayers are with you. This country is a great nation built on the ideals of being free and our nation has given their voice and their voice has asked you to lead. Although, I am not as confident as most. Please don't be offended I have lost confidence in most politicians these days. May you lead us with honor. May your best be good enough and may wisdom guide your choices.

Happy Birthday Corinna!!!

Today my beautiful baby who was born at a sturdy 10lbs turns 14!!!! Other than making me feel old, and yes, I am putting my order in for one of those great scooters and even a walker with flames, I am excited for her. She has hit that next rung in her development. She is now allowed, much to her father's dismay, to go to church dances. He doesn't like the idea of young men putting their arms around his daughter, but I laugh at him because I just know he loves his little girl soooo much!!! She laughs too, though more nervous that his threats of going to every dance to thwart the young men's advances, will come true. It's going to be nice for her to have the opportunity to go to dances and hang out with her friends. Happy Birthday Corinna!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

About Last Night...

Last night hubby fell asleep, so as not to disturb him I wandered out with my little pink laptop to work on my writing. The girls asked me to pop some popcorn and join them for some chick flick time. Works for me!!! Now, you have to understand, when I am in the middle of a story my family knows nothing about what I am writing. Not a stitch. Hubby sees nothing. Children attempt to break into my laptop, but thank heavens they are computer savvy enough to hack into it...yet. Hopefully, I will learn more than they do. We shall see. I am happy that the writing is going well and the story developing fabulously. I finished the outline, but more and more details keep cropping up into my head. The family laughs when they see a big smile across my face. They know another twist has developed and yet they know nothing of what I am writing. My kids have begged for a fantasy that all three will enjoy reading. When you are dealing with boys and girls in the junior high level it's actually hard to incorporate everything they want. I've opted for the simple fun and adventure. I am very excited about it as this is the first time since the last novel I have held a vision of what I was supposed to write. It makes me happy. Happy is a good thing. Besides, it will help me concentrate on more than just the seemingly far away sale of the property. It's going to take forever!!!!
My mood changed today as we were wandering the highways around here and pulled up behind a semi that had a sign on the back:
"Caution: Tailgating may Result In Guacamole!!!"

and if that wasn't funny enough the side of the truck read:

"Look Mommy!!! it's the burrito truck!!!"

You've gotta love California!!! Oh and if you live where the snow falls..It was nearing 70 degrees today. no sweaters required!!! Oh yeah!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Grab Your Pitchforks and Torches Bloggers!!!

I am about to stand on my soapbox and say something you may or may not want to hear. I have read the Nie Nie Dialogues since my blogger birth and I have spent many tearful moments reading as her health has increased. I wanted to fully welcome Nie back to the blogging world. I am impressed with her strength and spirit. She reminds me much of one of my favorite sweet treats. At one point they changed the design on the wrapper. My heart sank and then I realized that the important part was not the wrapping, but instead that my delicious tidbit was the same chocolate and the same ooey gooey center that I adored. Nie is the almost the same. The wrapping may be different but inside she is the same with a touch more strength, a ton more love, a stitch more insight into who she really is and smidge closer to perfection. That is why we are here after all...right?
I would like you all to remember, though our trials will be dramatically different in some cases...and the same in others, when we reach a trial in our life, big or small, it is meant to teach us something. I find my trials go much smoother when I ask myself..."what can I learn from this?" I find my faith growing on daily basis and find my heart being drawn more to my Father in Heaven. Of course, we also need to remember to ask: "What can I teach others from my trial?" At times I teach my children with my words, but most times with my actions.
During the next trial, take a deep breath, ask yourself those questions and then plunge in head first. You'll find something won't be a trial as much as a chance to learn and grow closer to our Heavenly Father.
All right...soap box is gone. I will stop my corner preaching...for the time being! Have a great day!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do I hear 12?!?!? Someone give me 13?!?!?!

So, I was having this grand conversation with my youngest, Molly. You know the conversation I am talking about. It is the one where a child is trying to weasel something out of said parent. Gird up your loins, Mom...this one's a doozy!!! So, she wanted to know when she was allowed to have a Facebook account. I told her the same answer I have told all the kids...when you are 12 and there will be BIG monitoring on my part done. If you can deal with the fact that I am looking at what you are writing then I have no issues, but being that I am here to protect you this is the rule. Take it or leave it. I am ready for a huge battle...I will succeed!!! Honestly, there was no need for it...Molly ended the entire argument before it even happened!!! Here is the conversation:

Molly: Mom, When can I have Facebook?

Me: When you are twelve, sweetheart.

Molly: (sighing) How about when I am thirteen?

Me: (wondering what trap I am walking into) Sold!!! You can have Facebook when you are 13!!!

I walked away and she was stunned that she won the debate...until she realized...she truly lost. Sweet!!!!

A Help For You All!!!

Try it without looking at the answers......

1) Pick your favorite number between 1-9

2) Multiply by 3 then

3) Add 3, then again Multiply by 3

(I'll wait while you get the calculator....)

4) You'll get a 2 or 3 digit number.

5) Add the digits together

Now Scroll down ..............

Now with that number see who your ROLE MODEL is from the list below:

1. Albert Gore
2. Jesse Jackson
3. George Bush
4. Hillary Clinton
5. Mickey Mouse
6. Barack Obama
7. Rush Limbaugh
8. Jimmy Carter
9. Me!!! Tammy at "JUST ME"
10. Ted Kennedy

I know....I just have that effect on day you too can be like me.... :-) Believe it!
P.S.: Stop picking different numbers. I am your idol, just deal with it!!!!

---I couldn't resist making you smile today!!!

How far would U go?!

Seriously, people think we are absolutely nuts here trying to sell the store at a time like this, but when you receive a prompting, crazy as it may seem, or not, would you accept it? Don and I have been through several instances of being prompted to do something that may seem a bit crazy to some, but in the end a few months/years down the line made perfect sense. Once we drove down to California (10 hour trip each way) simply to stash some of Don's guns at his parent's house. Why?! I couldn't tell at that time, but soon I fell into a deep and horribly dark depression and it didn't click in then...I never thought I was THAT bad, but others disagree. In the end there was a happy ending...why?...because we listened. Where are we at now? In a major move during a very bad recession...Why?....because we are listening. Part of me is going to miss this area because of friends, who most definitely have promised to visit and I can't wait to see them!!! Oh wait, I'll see them at church. I can see in the eyes some people questioning our sanity, but whatever...I'm used to it. Think about it , though. How far would you go to follow a prompting?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random Wanderings...

Yesterday was a horrible day I want to erase from my memory...Oh! And let's not forget last night's tossing and turning. Ugh!!!! Today can get no worse. It was my day off! Did you hear that? My day off!!!! I am happy to report the best part of the day is that I slept in and didn't climb fully out of bed until nearly noon. By then I was caught up in a movie and didn't leave my bedroom until 2pm....That, my friends, was the best part of the day. Had I known what was in store I would have really stayed there, but let's not stop the story there shall we? At 2pm when I wandered from the bed and decided to complete a little extra packing, I was truly not feeling my best. For some strange reason my tummy was not happy like it normally is. I had eaten already, but it was just discomfort, nothing else. I can ignore discomfort, easily. My foot was hurting, not unusual for me as I always have a plethora of foot problems that I have gone to the doctor for a bazillion times, but basically one foot just ached with each step. Again, I have learned to ignore the aching. There is normally nothing you can do about it and it lessens with each day.

Anyway, we managed to get some of the packing done that we had set out to work on and I am thrilled. Later, I was talking to my kids and such and asked my oldest if I could sit in my normal seat so I can sit in the recline position to put my foot up. She completely understands and begins to get up when I begin to feel excruciating pain in my foot. I realize my little baby toe is caught underneath the chair she is trying to get out of (not an easy chair to escape to be honest). As the pain is shooting through my face she freezes, still leaning on the chair knowing something really bad is happening. It was the deer in the headlight look and yet she is still putting her full weight on my tiny insignificant baby toe. By the time she understands tears have welled up and my face is beet red. At this time I am soooo happy I didn't let out a string of curse words, they never even made it through my mind, because people : "IT HURT!!!!!" Needless to say once I sat down and hubby examine my new black and blue pinky toe that was swelling the size of my big toe I spent half my time convincing my eldest that it was not her fault. In case you were wondering: Yup!!! I broke the sucker. I am sure many of you are asking: "Did you head to the doctor now?" Of course not!!! Did you know that the only thing they can do for a broken toe is to tape it to the one next to it?! It's true, so there was no point in even thinking about going in. Oh, and for your amusement...the newly broken toe was not on the same foot that was hurting earlier. I knew you would enjoy that one!!!

Anyway, after the fiasco I was able to slip a beautiful shoe over my ginormous foot and we made our way to Gerard's Deli downtown. It is "THE" best sandwich place here in town. I have adored it since high school. We ate a bit, my tummy was still not happy. Hubby decided that we should take a walk through the "fake" mall over here... I'll explain that one later. So, basically my feet are aching with each step, but guess what? I am quarter dutch which declares that I must remain stubborn on how I am feeling. I spent a few minutes in the mall bathroom attempting to help my tummy feel better. Again details are not necessarily important at this moment. Finally we walk the entire mall and hubby declares it is time to go home. My kids had flitted around me the entire time slipping their arms around my waist and giving me the gobs of love that made me refuse to cancel our outing. How could I?

We made it home and I quickly slipped the shoes off my throbbing feet and sat in the chair that caused the trouble...after visiting my bathroom again for a minute or two...or three. I put my feet up and tried to force the bad of the day out of my system, but I couldn't.

Do you know what I discovered? I'll take my bad day. do you know why? I take this bad day and savor it because in the end I appreciate my good days much more if I have those bad days. Bring on the bad days!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Talk and a Tear...

I often hear from a member of the bishopric how sitting up on the stand you see things most people don't. You notice the strain in the eyes of some, the peace in others and even happiness in others. As for myself I saw all of that. I also noticed a young man sitting in the second row all by himself. This young man is painfully shy. He is very quiet at mutual opting to only speak to the young men, never uttering a word to the young women. I feel for him as when I was that age, although not to his extent, I had problems with shyness as well. After the sacrament was passed I watched the priest quorum one by walk walk up to this young man and shake his hand and then proceeded to sit next to him. A tiny smile spread across his face and his shoulders relaxed. These young men made a great contribution to anothers happiness and I am grateful I was able to watch their actions unfold.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Could it be?!

I made my way to the temple with the excited youth chattering on about this or that happening in their lives. I fasted throughout the day and by the time I made it to the temple I was weakened, but I felt the spirit. We entered the doors of the temple and the youth waited to be escorted to the chapel. I dressed and waited in the baptistery. Before the young men's baptisms began two brothers stepped into the water to complete some family names they had brought to the temple. As I watched the two men a memory flashed across my mind of a boy, who I adored as I taught the 11 year olds in primary for the first time. He was smaller than the rest of the boys in the class, but had a heart of gold. I taught him for only a few months before being released and called elsewhere. I watched the brethren complete the task they had set forth on and exit the font. Later I found this was the same boy I taught nearly 15 years ago. he was now a father of three and it touched my heart to know the boy I was taught was now a man who held and honored his priesthood. What could've been better than that?....Priceless.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last Night...

I must happily announce that I survived my fast, although much weakened and dealing with a few issues I always have to deal I made it through. As we arrived and I exited the car I felt the spirit whisper: "it is enough." With that message I enjoyed some time in the cold eating doughnuts with my laurels and the rest of the youth and soaking in their spirits. We entered the temple and I was greeted by an old familiar friend. Every time I entered the doorway I feel at peace with myself and I know what clarity is on the way. In the changing room my heart began to thump and I felt something special was going to happen that evening. If I were Spiderman my "spidey senses" would be off the chart. So I walked around enjoying the peace and the service I was performing. In the baptistery, I watched as two men entered the waters offering a baptism to those who had passed on from long ago. I heard one of their last names..."Astle" I craned my neck trying to get a better view of that man. My eyes got big and my jaw hit the floor. I knew him! But could it be?! I brushed it off as a mere coincidence, but my heart thumped the answer.
When I married 16 years ago hubby and I taught what was then called the Merrie Miss/ Blazer B (now known as the valiant 11) class in Primary for a few months at church. In that class were several children one of which I still keep in touch with this day. I'm sure many will agree with that age you wonder if they are even listening of if they are blocking you out. Tonight I realized that perhaps a little part of the lessons we taught slipped through the blockade.
In the hallway later on I saw the young man again and a friend talking to him. I asked another friend who had lived in the area for some time if she knew him and she answered sure as he was married to a young woman she knew from another ward. He was now the father of three children. In the end, I found out it truly was my young student who I last saw nearly 15 years ago. he didn't remember me, but then again how many of you remember all of your primary teachers?
And, in answer to the questions I had about the sale of the store and the move... I can't really tell you, but the response in my heart I received made even me smile!!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Searching for the perfect recipe!!!

In a desperate move to straighten out my head and receive confirmation on my crazy life I have chosen to fast today. Unfortunately, my body vehemently opposes the entire concept. I experience many crazy things like a drastic drop in sugar levels and the ability to dream up what food I would want to be chewing right now... for example, the only thing on my mind right now is the Queensland Salad from Outback Steakhouse or the Crispy Chicken Salad from Famous Dave's. They both sound fairly mouthwatering right now. I'll have to concoct a recipe that will imitate those tastes though right now I can pick up some chicken tomorrow night and maybe experiment on Sunday. Any ideas?! For now I'll search through the Internet to find something that sounds remotely close.

The best part about the fasting is to see hubby be so supportive. He can't go tonight because he has to close the store and our youngest is not yet twelve. they are going to head out to dinner together and hopefully have a good time. Anyway...hubby didn't want to eat in front of me so he went home for lunch so I wouldn't be tempted.

Oh, and if you were wondering our customer count has picked up in the past few days. We are definitely going to make it through this mess.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


That is what I am. Although on the outside I am watching people around slowly crumble under the strain of the crumbling economy, but secretly my heart pounds in worry for my family and eventually myself. Yes, I have been all about me. Why not? It seems my world is crumbling inside and out. I have our yearly tax season beating upon me, our lack of customer enthusiasm has been slowly causing worry lines to march across my face, the pump on our swimming pool decided to die (did you know that it is a law that your pool must be working at the point of the sale of the property), I am giving a talk on Sunday (one of my biggest fears in the world, although being the queen of the drama geeks put me on stage acting like a loon is normal for me) and I am planning on fasting tomorrow (I don't do fasts well).

Now, onto the good news....we had customers today that learned we were starting to bulk up and that hay is on the way. We have the most incredible pool guy you have ever seen. he was able to locate a pump that will cost a mere $400 instead of the new $2000 units that are soon to be required when pumps go out. I love you Super Ron!!! My talk is written, but I found out for a case a Snickers I could get someone else's name put into the program as the speaker. As for the fast....I figure it is all in the faith you put into it. This week I have been sufficiently humbled and I am truly grateful that I can serve the youth in the temple tomorrow and even more thankful that my kids totally love going to the temple. By August we should have our entire family be able to go and do temple work together. How fun does that sound?! I only pray that some clarity will be coming regarding the sale of the store. I know it is coming soon. I truly feel it in my very being. I trust Heavenly Father and I thank Him for everything He has done. This is an incredible learning experience and I am grateful for it. I know, I sound like a sick puppy. I am truly thankful for my trials. Let me give you an example: So far in my life:

* I married a man when not all of the family was happy....he is my heart and the love of my life.

*I could not birth my first child normal....I had a c-section where they found a cyst the size of a grapefruit on my ovary. I followed that with a c-section every year making it three babies in three wonder my doctor said no more.

*We've lived on $25 a week for groceries...I can't wait to start it again. besides, living humbly gave me so many incredible blessings and experiences.

*I made it through a newborn that had trouble breathing when she was born...Molly's still my baby even though she is 11 years old and looks more like a woman than a baby.

*I had to have surgery to remove my gall bladder during my 6th month of pregnancy...I really believe that's where Molly's curly hair came from

*my husband was missing on Mount hood up in Oregon for 9 hours...he was our stake's own lost handcart company and he was he didn't find the ten lost tribes, thanks for asking. he survived the hypothermia and I didn't go into premature labor ...Molly again.

* our apartment building was on fire...Nothing was damaged in our apartment.

* hubby lost his job and we had to move in with my parents earned many wonderful blessings for the long suffering they've endured...and of course the booger I am not telling you about that one. I think it's self explanatory.

*a child needing emergency surgery...Molly again...boy she's a troublemaker!!! She had an abcess behind her left cheekbone nearing her eye and brain. The doctor's believed it was going to cause her to lose her sight and brain damage...we learned faith as she was given a blessing. The next morning as they went in for the surgery...the abcess moved from behind her cheekbone to the front in her sinus cavity...thank you Heavenly Father!!!

So, with this trial I am re-learning humility. I am working on being meek. Most importantly I am trying to learn to focus on others instead of myself.


Yesterday, we began the overwhelming feeling of restocking our store. With one small shipment, as was intended, we began to re-fill our shelves to throw ourselves into this war against the roller coaster of an economy. Alfalfa is going to be back in the barn, vet supplies are now back on the shelves, and tack will soon be tackled. It is an ever evolving trip for us, but like Jack Sparrow versus the Kraken we will stand strong, scream our loudest war cry and fight like there is no tomorrow. I like this is empowering. I've found that our customers never gave up on us...we gave up on ourselves. We have gone from a store where customer service was at its highest to a place where we just didn't care anymore about the store simply because we knew we were selling. Boy was that a mistake. We need to care about the store...for now...if we are going to hold on and make it through until a sale happens. How do we go about it? Ancient chinese secret!!! Just kidding! It's as simple as putting the alfalfa in the barn. Simply put...alfalfa is a rarity at this time of year. It is hard to get your hands on, but I found some. Normally we have the barn fully stocked with it to hold us through until spring, when we bring in the fresh loads. Believe it or not, we will not have to call any customers to tell them. Once one of them actually sees it in the barn it will light up the Redneck hotline and people will tell their friends. Within a week it should be spread around our customers properly. It's like throwing 10 gallons of water on a bale of will light up like wildfire!!!!

And you thought I was kidding!!! Yes, alfalfa will combust if soaked with water!!! not all hay will do that...simply alfalfa. Anyway, enough of a science lesson for you. I am simply happy to say that we are back!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Attitude is Everything...

Today was a grim day at the store. We waited...and waited and waited for our non-existent customers to show up. Small business owners could tell you nightmare stories of their economic woes. I won't. It's not worth it. Whining and complaining are not the key so I am looking at the things I am grateful for.

*I am grateful for the silence--it allowed me to concentrate on part of the taxes I was preparing.

*I'm grateful for the time--my son and hubby tore down a large shelving unit that was broken beyond repair. Today my son learned how to work.

*I'm grateful that I was able to hone my skills in the game of hearts on the computer...bad news, the computer players still won.

*I'm grateful for the roof still over my head.

*I'm grateful for the the peace in my heart...everything is going to be all right.

*I'm grateful for the son approached us yesterday with a list in hand of things he and his sisters would like from the grocery store to snack while they are on break from school...and the list was not sticks...yogurt...muffins. Yahoo!!! I'm doing something right.

So, the fact that our sales did not equal over a hundred dollars could possibly cause a lump in our throats pretty much sucks, but at the same time there were things to be grateful for the entire day.

Yes, dear......whatever.

I have to let you know that my normally optimistic attitude has gone down the proverbial toilet today...therefor I am officially naming this as National "Whatever" Day!!!

Do you like this? This is hubby's new comforter. He apparently is tired of the nightly tug of war for the covers. Funny thing is...he always has the covers in the morning. So, off we went to Bass Pro Shop...his favorite store of all time for now. Once we got home and he laundered his sheets and blankets I asked him with the most serious face that I could muster: "Isn't it uncomfortable to sleep on all of those leaves, branches and bark?" He looked at me for a second and I burst out into laughter. It was jsut way too funny to me. I asked him how I would find him...he tends to wear a lot of goes with outdoorsman look apparently. Whatever.

Here is my happy hunter getting ready to head out for turkey/deer/rabbits/duck...again I say...whatever.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Pure Lovely Sleep!!!!

Yes, I slept...I slept the night...and day away. I fell asleep at 10pm and woke up the following evening at 5:30pm. for those of you counting it sounds like 19 1/2 hours of blissful sleep. OK! i confess I had to take a few potty breaks and I did have to wake up long enough to tell hubby I was not leaving the bed and heading off to church. I truly needed that day though because I am still trying to fight this dumb cold. I am fine though. Don't worry too much. I was awake in time enough to help my Molly through her latest migraine. She gets them when she doesn't get enough sleep. She handles them like a trooper. I tell you, I tip my hat to her. She recognizes it coming on and just lays down in an attempt to sleep it off. If that doesn't work she visits her porcelain buddy and lets it all out and then lays down. It's sad to say that this is something she is used to at only age 11. Honestly, I believe it is the result of the medication I had to take during my pregnancy for the gall bladder problems and surgery. I'll never know, but she is doing great today. For us at this house...sleep is the word of the day!!!

Word of the Year...

I love the idea of having a word of the year instead of a resolution. After much thought and consideration my word of the year is....drum roll please!!!!!


I read it on a friend's blog...It was a Talk to Me Tuesday post

The reason I chose my word as patience is because honestly I need more of it. With the selling of a store in the middle of economic ugliness, raising the three kids, running the store, being a halfway decent wife, being a laurel a great group of girls who teach me more than I teach them.... loving the Savior and striving to be more like Him and less like Dory in Finding Nemo as she speaks brings a smile to my face jsut thinking of it...Paitience is something I lack. For example when a pair of alligator boots are marked as 75% off and then the customer asks for additional money off my psirit tends to get a little bit rumpled. Then as they are buying it they pull out a roll of hundred dollar bills it makes me want to scream. Yes, patience is indeed needed in my life.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Growing up in Tahoe...

I read this evening about a blogger friend tell us about her ski day. I felt a kinship with her falling and thought I would stand...or rather fall in next to her so she didn't feel alone.

When you grow up in Lake Tahoe and your mother works at a ski area, chances are you will be skiing any free time you have. I can remember every weekend spending hour after hour speeding down the slopes and loving every minute of it. I remember practices with my coach after school and weekends. I remember setting the gates before a race. I remember dressing up as the Easter Bunny on Easter....ha! you thought I would say Christmas! Anyway. i also remember my friends chasing me down the...ahem...bunny hill as I joined all the little kids...of course they were trying to make me fall. I remember heading out on the cross country course to build stamina and end up being run over by my father...yes, the man that can be the body double for Santa...can we say OUCH!!!!! Needless to say I was never thrilled to go cross country again. My biggest memory was during one particular race we had set up the gates and found our course was getting icy as the day lingered on. I took my last run and was weaving in and out of the gate well ahead of the other girls. As I neared the bottom, three gates to go the tip of my ski hooks the evil bamboo gate that quite honestly jumped in front of me as I came through. In front of not only my teammates, competitors, local race fans and every other blooming fool on the slopes, I began tumbling. I don't remember the first impact or even the tumbling, which quite honestly lasted a fairly long time.

I don't remember my impression of a small avalanche. No, what I do remember is my coach bringing me a hot chocolate in the lodge, along with a few doaen ice packs and aspirin while my teammates played the crash over and over on the lodge's VCR. Oh yes, from then on in I rivaled the agony of defeat guy on ABC sports. The replays only lasted two hours. Boys are stupid!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Any thoughts?!

As I was talking to a friend in the hallway on Sunday before Sunday school I turned to find one of the bishop's counselors smiling fiendishly at me. I sighed and asked when he wanted me to speak and what he wanted me to speak on. It is interesting to me in my head I actually held not one, but two conversations. I'll include both what I said and in "( )" you can read my thoughts. I think actually it would have been rather funny if I had just said what I thought. Oh well...

"Sister, we'd like to have you speak in two weeks."

"Sounds great! (GRRRRR!!!) What is my subject?"

"We'd like you to speak on the 8th article of faith."

"No problem! I'll get to work on that!! (Huh! I thought there were only 7!) Which one is that?"

"We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly. We also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God."

"Got it! (How in the world am I supposed to speak on that!?)"

So, I come to the masses, my blogging friends, and ask you. Do you have any ideas? Quotes, Thoughts?

Help me Obi-Bloggy kenobe! You're my only hope!!!!

Ok! So thought the Star Wars begging would help, alas I have cemented my bid as the Queen of the dorks! Yay me!!!!

There is something confusing....

There is something confusing about having a holiday hit directly in the center of the work week. We normally run from Tuesday through Saturday and then take off Sunday and Monday for our weekend. Two weeks of one day being closed has confused my mind and I find it hard to remember that I have my weekend coming very soon. Our friend, Becky had a little fun a few days ago here at the store.

We were lucky to have some friends from Oregon drive down and celebrate the New Year with us. It was a fun time of playing cards, eating, watching movies, playing more games,
realizing we really stink at any Wii games(and yet how funny we look while playing them!!yes, they were boxing), talking, catching up, riding the quad, climbing the train car, torturing my children (figuratively only) and just plain having fun!!!

Molly was sweet enough to pose for me.

Then I caught a picture of the hubs looking over his kingdom. It was a sad bittersweet moment where he fell into deep thought about selling the house, store and property and how much he would miss it, but a smile overcame the gloominess as he realized we would be where our Heavenly Father wanted us.

Life didn't seem so bad after that. So, if you ever hit that gloomy part of your life where things just seem wrong remember we are where our Heavenly Father wants us and that's all we need to be.