Monday, November 16, 2009

And Then There Were Screams...

My weeks are drifting close together and I can hardly keep my mind straight. There's so much to think about and do. Keep apartment clean, drop kid off at seminary, get kids to school, get to work, grocery shopping...





How soon is Soon?

I came home completely exhauted from running one errrand to another all day with only one more to go...picking up my hubby from work. My eyes were having a hard time staying open and I still had to check my e-mail from work. Yes, I check it on my days off. If I don't then I have, no kidding, 50 e-mails after 2 days off. It's easier to check once a day.

Inside my inbox was a strange little message:

"You've Been Approved"

Fabulous! I've been approved. It's always good to be approved....for what?!

I'd received my approval to be a home agent. As soon as I an get my dedicated line set up then I will be available to pick up my computer system, webcam, monitor and clean out my locker because I'm coming home. Molly was excited. Tears nearly came to her eyes as we both screamed. Poor neighbors...I'm sure their little Chihuahuas were frightened. Corinna and Bryan were thrilled to. I've got no clue how long it will take me to transition home, but to the irritation of the rest of my training group....I'm going home.

Yes, some of y fellow trainees were put off that I was allowed to go home because they can't. Since I am on the Resort Desk I will stay with the same manager while they have to wait for an "At Home Manager" to become available. They are packed and are planning on hiring a new year. So they are a bit irritated that I not only got to the Resort Desk ahead of them, but I am going home. I count it a blessing that goes with paying tithing and lots of prayers and fasting.

Soon, I will say good-bye to my sore feet for walking nearly 2 miles to make it to my weekend bus stops. I will say good-bye to riding the bus with strangers that remind me why it is good NOT to take drugs and the ones who desperately need a few lessons in using deodorant. Nope...not kidding! I will say hello to plugging into my own little world and taking care of my customers from the comforts of my own home. I need to make some work pajamas now so I can simply be comfortable the whole time.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm sorry.....

Dear Bolg,
I feel like I've neglected you...and I'm sorry. You see, there was this crazy thing called life that happens.

At some points you have to work hard just to run to spend 2 hours on three busses with strangers, some of them needing a good dose of Anti-persperant and others who need a good lesson in manners.

I must add however, Texans are a very polite culture compared to those who live in other places. At the bus stop when the bus arrives, then men always let the women board first. If an elderly person or woman boards they for sure move from their seat to offer it to another...which is greatly appreciated for those of us who have foot issues. Anyway, the etiquette I am talking about is cell phone etiquette. No, I don't care that a person may need to make a phone call or attend to a matter that jsut cannot wait. However, to the point of seeming rude. I utterly detest being held hostage in your conversation...Yes, the conversation you had with at least 4 different people during the 30 minutes I was sitting in front of you. It was the same conversation you had when you spoke so loud I could barely hear the music pumping through the headphones of my Ipod that I had set fairly loud in order to keep your conversation private. I could never believe that ACDC's Back In Black would fail to block out another sound when turned up loud enough. You, Ma'am have indeed proven me wrong. Yet I digress.

After two hours of riding and trying very hard to control my motion sickness a few of the bus drivers drive as if they graduated from the "Mr' Toad's Wild Ride" Bus driver's school...I march up the quiet street leading to my complex. I pause slightly to wave at a few of the residents sitting outside and enjoying the twilight sky. After climbing what feels like Everest to my knees I turn the corner and finish the last three flights of stairs to my haven only to be mobbed by three overly adorable children.

I left work at 5:15pm

It is now nearly7:15pm. I am hungry, my darling children have made their own meals and are satisfied, but yet all three have a great desire to talk eagerly of the goings on in their days. I hear from my son about how tired he is of the girls here telling him he has "pretty eyes." I listen to my youngest recount the latest gossip and news from the middle school she looks at as a maximum security prison. I listen also to my oldest recounting the funny things that happened as well as catching up on the "girl talk" we love so much.

It is now nearly 9pm. I eat my dinner which now is the equivelent of two scrambled eggs as I don't have enough energy to make a real meal at that time.

I send the kiddies off to bed...of course one tends to put herself to bed early due to early morning seminary. All is quiet and it strikes my mind.

'I need to update my blog'

But my body doesn't move. Instead, I find myself moving towards the bathroom starting a long hot bath and throwing in a handful of the most delicious bath salts I've ever owned...For that I owe Ryan and Eddy!!!

Now now girls...don't get too excited. They work for the Vail Resort and Spa run by Marriott and brought me some of the precious Vanilla Ginger bath salts sold in their incredible spa to encourage me to be extra nice to the guests when they call wanting to make reservations. Ryan also begged me to come up for three days this winter in which he said he'd comp me three nights and arrange for my lift ticket and rental gear so we could race down the knees ache already. I emerge from the bath and jump in my jammies and look at the clock.

10 pm....I guess I'll have to try to update my blog tomorrow.

I hope!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Conversation With a Telemarketer...

Me- "Hola!"

Them- "Hello! I'm calling from AT&T. I see on records you were with us before and I wanted to see if I could interst you in coming back to us."

Me- "Como estas?!"

Them- "I'm fine thank you. Ma'am would you be intersted in hearing about our reduced rates?"

Me- "Que?"

Them- "Ma'am? Do you speak english?"

Me- "Que?"

Them- "Ma'am? Do you understand me?"

Me- "Que?"

Them- "Ma'am hold on, I'm going to find someone who speaks spanish."

Me- "Que?"

The transfer happens....

Them- "Hola! Como estas? Mi llama es Maria..." She then begins the same wording in Spanish."

Me- "Uh, I'm sorry, I don't understand spanish."


The best part was when my family were watching me carefully when they had no idea what I was doing. Their faces were priceless!!!

Of Halloween's Past....

I made it through Halloween. I know I've been struggling trying to keep up with everything. I'm fairly certain it is just because my mind is always on work. It's sometimes hard to turn off the power in your mind when you literally love your job. So, Halloween was a challenge to me...but I dressed up....well, sort of.

I dressed up for our work's Halloween contest. The best part. I wore my slippers and robe and claimed to be a home agent for Marriott. My manager had the same idea. In the corner of my mind I figured the interviews would be delayed that one day for the incoming training group....nope!!!! Interviewees were brought in as we wandered the halls in our bathrobes and slippers, some in pajamas, others in insanely incredible costumes. They now have an idea of what strange people we really are. Oh well, better to find out ahead of time.

I managed through that day and the following day was Halloween. It was very quiet that day, except for reservations being made by those who wished to completely avoid trick or treaters for one night. After work my kids and hubby waited outside my office with the car. We drove off to my sister-in-laws so we could let the kids trick or treat together for the first time ever. They were excited!!!

While the menfolk escorted the kids around the neighborhood us womenfolk grabbed a few chairs and we sat outside handing out candy....well, I pretty much relaxed while my sister-in-law....decked out in her gorgeous witchy wear....did all the work. Her parents were visiting so it was great to see her again. I think the last time I met up with her mother it was when they got married. So again we sat out on the porch while her mother kept passing me crackers with chicken salad on top saying... "You've worked all day, you must be!!!!"

All in all it was a really fun filled evening and we really did enjoy everything, to which i must thank my ever so fabulous sister-in-law. LOVE her!!!

Oh and in case you were wondering...the two gorgeous princesses on the right hand side...are mine. And that handsome ghost....oh he is not just a ghost...He's Charlie Brown as a trick or treater complete with saying: "I got a rock!"