Thursday, March 24, 2011

Therapy Needed....

So, being that walking is still not my forte so to say, I am still stuck in my blasted chair. I've forced myself to walk around the block even though afterwards I can't walk. I simply hobble around here and there. Anyway, more to the point...having three teenagers the first thing they ask as they come on in from school: "Can I go on Facebook?!" How can I not have fun with them?!?!?!

When my dearest Bee walked in she asked me her fatal question. To which I replied:

"Absolutely.....after you touch my scab." Devious me smiled and she danced for nearly 20 minutes. I was nearly in tears laughing so hard tryingto catch my breath. I was unable to tell her I was simply joking before she danced her way over and gently touched all the while cringing...

Yes, my daughter will now need therapy for the rest of her life....because I am her mother.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Cast" Away

No, I am not sitting on a deserted island, though it is Spring Break and my two girls are PMSing big time so it does sound quite tempting, My cast was removed on Tuesday. I thought I'd be up and running and all would be fine....Boy was I wrong!!!

The cast was removed and I was left with a foot wrapped and bandaged. Needling to leave it for 48 hours without unconvering it I found myself dying to see my foot and how bad it was. Now I regeret it. Why did I even want to look?

If you are queasy I suggest you forward past the picture coming

May I present: "FRANKENFOOT!!!!"

Yup, it used to be a cute little foot. So "little" is strestching it a bit. I confess, I'm a size 10. Anyway, I no longer have a simple normal foot. No it's a huge scarred mass of footage. Bummer.

I'm looking forward to walking with less and less pain as the time goes on. It's a good thing to know I'm almost done with this. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ahhh Yesterday.....

I felt a bit more human yesterday as I slept in a bit longer and for the first time in two and half weeks I got up, showered, and got dressed in my truly adorable suit I bought a month earlier. Now, I will tell you I've bathed every single day, but this is the first time I've dressed up for the day. Hubby got home from picking the kids up from seminary and dove under the covers to snag 8 hours before needing to leave for work later that afternoon.


I was on my way downtown for an interview. By all means I am soooo a Marriott girl for life and would love to stay with this company until I retire, but for a different position on property. I was able to get myself in the position to be interviewed for a high profile position in the property. At this property over 1,000 groups come through every year. Only 6 poeple coordinate these groups and create the groups in the system. They are the ones that deal with the clients and are there to greet the groups as they come in. I love the thought of working with a close knit group. I love the fact that I am responsible for the clients as they come in and my job is to make sure their group's visit is memorable enough to bring them back next time. One problem....I am one of 5 interviewing. I think I rocked the interview and was brought up to meet everyone in the group. Now I simply have to wait until the decision is made....beginning of next week, they said.

Of course, I've been through enough interviews to simply say...."We'll see"

All I can ask is prayers...this is a monday through friday position with few appearances on the weekend required. Church attendance every week would be VERY possible.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Less than 4 months and Counting...

I never really thought about it...Who does?! It almsot sounds like a dirty word to so many. I was recently at my daughter's school a young girl was telling her girlfriend that she would rather be shot than turn 30. I stifled my laughter as my daughter and I rolled our eyes. 30 is when you're just tarting to live. You know what the world is like and you simply don't care. You are who you are and that's all there is to it

My 20's were years that tested my mental health as I struggled with my identity. being a bride and mother at the age of 21 was difficult yet not altogether impossible. having 3 kids in 3 years sent me nearly over the edge. Looking back...I was weak. I wouldn't change a thing. I am who I am and that's all I can say.

This year, July 1st, I am celebrating my age. I am stepping out a woman of distinction in knowing what I want. Many women shy away from 40. They believe it's halfway to the grave. But I declare 40 to be the greatest age on earth. I will celebrate the woman I've become after staggering through some mind numbing trials and some incredibly beautiful triumphs.

So what do you think?! Is 40 beautiful or what?!?!?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Field Trip...Texas Style!!!

If there's one thing you learn living in Texas is that it's not unusual to drive an hour or more to reach a good barbecue place. And Oh Yeah!!! We found just the spot to hit the spot.

Black's Barbecue in Lockhart, Texas.

The biggest draw is their Brisket and Homemade Suasage Links. Filling up your plate is a new concept. You grab a tray and a plate. Side dishes are extra and you buy your meat by the pound. Sausage links are ordered by the link. Don picked up 2 lbs of brisket and 5 homemade sausages, 2 regular, 2 garlic and 1 jalapeno. So yummy!!!!

Much to my kids' dismay I've been enjoying the Brendan Fraser marathon of movies this past week. No...I didn't write a long e-mail to the station asking for all the Brendan Fraser they could give me.....3 movies in 2 days. SuhWeet!!! I enjoy action and comedy rolled into one. So...yeah...I love the Mummy movies and saw Journey to the Center of the Earth for the first time last night. I so needed to laugh...this not walking thing is going to send me over the edge!!!

Well, have a Rip Roarin' Day!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gimpalooski and Other Thoughts...

All right, so after meeting with my fabulously incredilbe doctor who has singlehandedly removed the horrid pain from my foot and replaced it with a healing pain, which I find frighteningly bearable I am doing fairly well. I still gimp around and resemble Sir Gimp-A-Lot, but whatever, the lack of pain I was used to is gone and that's all that matters.

School is going fairly well. I am frustrated in some classes but soaring in others. Who knew when you really care about going to school it could go so easily. I am in a huge battle with my oldest to graduate with a degree, albiet an Associate's Degree, but a degree nonetheless, before she receives her high schoo, diploma. I've got time as she is only a sophmore. Secretly, she told me she wants to be there at my graduation and if I graduate after she is off to college there's a chance she won't be there. So, that is why I push. I look forward to a summer without classes and enjoy some off time before picking up again in the fall. We shall see how it all goes. I will continue to push on the way I need to to amke it on through,but as long as I don't start some Charlie Sheen rants I am counting myself as all right.

Seriously, he has made my job as a parent easy.....See kids, this is what taking drugs does to you. After watching his tirades and pouting I feel sort of sorry for the guy. How could he have gotten THAT screwed up. He is one of our Father in Heaven's children after all. How could his friends and family let him get to that point without trying to intervene. Or perhaps they did, but couldn't succeed. It's a sad testament to the world. Satan is still out there...and he is real.

I am thrilled to announce all three of my kids are signed up to go to EFY this year together, but seperately. Does that even make sense? Anyway, they are going to be here in San Antonio, but simply have a week on their own in a wonderful program. They'll also each have a week of camp going on. For the girls...they'll be home a day and a half before heading off to camp. Now that'll be interesting....that's for sure. I think they'll have a great time and some great experiences this summer. Never dull I must say...never dull.

Other than that I am simply wasting my time online...annoying my friends on facebook . My only job right now is to take the kids to seminary. I enjoy it...though I ahve to peel myself out of bed so least I can take a nap in the morning. it's a good thing. A very good thing methinks.

Have a great day everyone!!!