Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 7....Check!!!

It was a busy week. My last day off was a week ago today and I finished the long week with a splash....more like a shiver.

I've had training all week and realized just how spoiled I was.

Point and Click!!!

That's all we do. Move the little arrow and click where we want to look at the screen. Brilliant right?!?!?

Not when you have to go back to learning a DOS program....

Uh yeah!!! High tech job that I have leeaves me on 5 screens at once during the day. You'd think I'd know how to land a jumbo jet, but that perhaps is left for a later time....or the fact that I have no less than 12 login ids and 12 various passwords just to start work.


The result?!?!? Happy people because i am now turned into a one stop shop for them. The cream of the crop of our guests call one number and get everything handled by one person...Me.

BTW.....Did you know Paris Hilton is a Marriott Rewards member?

No...I'm not lying!!!

Anyway, With training my days off got switched leaving me with 7 straight days of work. Ugh...really?!?! Do I have to?!?

So, I survived. I made it through my days and smiled the entire time. And now...I am in recovery for one day. Hubby will rub my feet, draw me a bath and even pour bath salts in ready to make me one happy woman.

Yeah, right!!!

Have a great day all!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dearest Friends & Strangers,

It's been a long time. The move went well and we are now completely settled...with the exception of the two giant boxes in my bedroom I refuse to unpack. I've now given up my "cushy" job of working at home and commute again back into work. My job is now about 17 miles away which means by bus it takes me no less than 2 1/2 hours to get to or from work...IF I catch all of my buses....a bit longer if I miss any connections. I missed seeing actual human beings who didn't start their life in my womb. Actual face to face conversation is worth a great deal to someone who succumbs easily to depression.

I sit here at my bus stop, nearly a mile walk from my front door, at 5 am waiting for my first of three buses to begin my daily epic trek to and from work. I spend about 6 hours a day either on a bus or waiting for a bus. The blessing...I get to stand on an incredible old bridge at the Riverwalk each day enjoying the sunrise in the city and soaking in the vibe there....I love it!!! All in all In walk 5 miles each day.

Work-wise I've kept busy. I've been in training one day with two more to go. I am learning the Marriott Rewards system in three days proving myself more valuable to the company. My group I am in...which has worked with Resorts for over a year and a half since I've been on the team. We're now taking care of Platinum know, the ones that spend 1/3 of the year under the roof of one of our hotels. They bring in the money for us. AND now I am doing Marriott Rewards itself. Our group is so specialized we are the only group in the world that is handling so much...OH! And we are also booking the entire Autograph Collection by Marriott....when you call the 800 number that is....and if you want to see some incredible properties check those puppies out!!!

And for some reason it wasn't enough on my plate. I'm also going back to school full time. Yup!!! Fulltime along with working full time. What was I thinking? I have no idea to be honest except I've got a Pell Grant which is paying for it so why not. in fact, my oldest and I are currently having a race to diplomas. Who will get theirs first? She is getting her high school diploma and me my Associates....I'll beat her by 3 weeks if all pans out correctly....We'll see.

My fabulous foot is still here...causing me pain with each step. it has been decided that I need surgery but being that it will cause me not to be paid for one week and paying $350 I've put it on the back burner until our taxes come in and we can afford to let me take a week off. until then...I smile and endure it.

Thankfully through all the craziness I call my life the kids are doing remarkably well. Ages 13,14 & 15 now they are keeping busy with school and church activities. With one car being used at all times I am thankful that their church leaders pick them up for mutual and activities since our car is always gone. The older two are also excited as their high School varisty football team is in the State semifinals playing at the Alamodome this Saturday. if they win the team will take the trek up to Dallas to play at the Dallas Cowboy's stadium. And in the land of "Friday night Lights" THAT's saying something.

In this crazy holiday season I call my life I wish you all the peace I feel in my heart when I think of the Savior. i wish you the happiness I feel in my heart when I see my children standing upright before the Lord. I wish you the knowledge to know that what you want is normally not what you need. And most of all I wish smiles and laughter for your family throughout the holidays.

Merry Christmas to All!!!