Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Can you change the world with a cup of lemonade?

I wanted to share a little story about 2 girls, friends really. They wanted to make a difference....and they have. A big difference. Oh! Did I mention they are only in elementary school.

These two girls decided to make a lemonade stand to support Relay for Life and help further cancer research. Read about their big day here!!!

I am honored to say I know half of the duo. Her father is a cancer survivor. Her mother is an amazing woman who works had to help Relay for Life where I used to live. And this young lady and her friend are going to change the world....one cup of lemonade at a time.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Sunday for the Ages...

There's always that one Sunday when a plan always comes together...everything clicks. It started out early. 7:21am to be exact. It felt good to sleep in. Oh yeah, that WAS sleeping in for me...


It was the monthly early morning Presidency meeting and breakfast for the Young Women Presidencies which meant I had to roll my two girls out of bed. Clutching their binders, and stumbling blindly in their PJ's to the door it was a miracle they stopped yawning before walking into their YW President's home.

On the way home I pulled past the dumpster and scored with a large stack of moving boxes broken down and ready to be used!!! SUH-WEET!!!!

Afterwards they came home and hubby started a massive squirt gun war in the house...with the tiniest squirt gun imaginable. All while I attempted to iron...so domestic aren't I?! So, once the kids were sufficiently doused and it came to near tears I ended the war with a glass of cold water to hubby.

My sweet visiting teachers stopped by while the Fam got ready for church. I was incredibly entertained as were my visiting teachers when hubby entertained us with a rousing concert while he took a shower....Boy did he turn red when he found out they heard him. Oh yeah...they were so jealous!!!

Church went really well as and I survived my calling. For a woman who is not naturally drawn to babies being an Assistant Nursery leader, when our ward has no less than 4 nurseries, can be the true meaning of "enduring to the end." I felt blessed to be able to watch Corinna receive her final two ribbons of her Young Women's Bookmark. I was able to arrange Corinna's interview with the bishop and she will receive her Young Women's medallion next Sunday. I am so thrilled for her. I arranged for Bryan for his interview since he will be turning 14 next week.

After church Molly and I began our walk home. Hubby had to head to work the late shift so we opted to enjoy the fresh air. Corinna and Bryan had to wait after church for their BYC meeting. Our YM/YW leaders always make sure they get a ride home. We didn't even make it a full block until a wardmember pulled over and picked us up.

The reason our ward is so incredibly awesome...Thought we've tried many times...we've never walked the entire way home. Someone always stops. Too sweet!!!

So now, I am home with my feet up relaxing. 2 out of the 3 kids are home with me...Corinna opted to head out with her YW leaders for a special fireside with Brother Marvin Goldstein. He speaking to them all about developing their talents. I hope she has a wonderful time.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lights!!!! Camera!!! Roadshow!!!!

The many weeks of practice had passed and it was down to this day. I've become so desensitized from people never wanting kids to be a winner or loser I didn't realize prizes were on the line for their performances. We were entertained by each ward. The kids truly put their heart and soul into their performance. And it was time to shine.

Molly arrived ready for transformation. She is our drama diva in the family. She loves to sit in a chair and have someone do her makeup and hair. It doesn't necessarily matter what she looks like, it's a pampering aspect to her.

Our ward's time... "Back to the 80's!!!"

Oh yeah!!!

They wanted to experience a slice of life...dressing in the 80's...it truly was hysterical to see just how they interpreted the 80's.

They sang, they danced, and with a strobe light for added effect they even had a fight scene. In the end, everyone won a prize just for competing. When the announcement was made, though, our ward came out triumphant. Each rehearsal, every moment memorizing their lines, every dance rehearsal was worth it...they had fun in the end. That IS the point after all.

And for me...my busy day had almost come to an end. I simply needed to pick my eternal sweetheart up from work. While I waited for him to finish the skies lit up in a bright lightning display... I think Heavenly Father was quite proud of all the kids in our stake who participated.

I know I'm proud of my three.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Your Highness

Yes, you may all address me as your highness. I've been officially crowned. Well, temporarily until the 21st anyway. Oh!!! You're trying to figure out what I'm talking about...you're not alone...many people wonder on a daily basis.

I visited the dentist today. Now, I must warn you...I can't stand being at the dentist. Ugh...my jaw always aches for days following. Today was a big day for me. On the ToDo List:
1. Cause great pain while injecting novacaine into my system
2. Grind Hillbilly tooth down
3. add insult to injury as we perform a root canal
4. Shove foreign object into tooth to keep tooth strong
5. Crown patient/tooth.

Well, the wonderful woman that was my dentist crossed number one off my list with less pain than I was used to. However half my face was literally numb as I wondered just how long the proceudre was intended to last if she gave me THAT much novacaine. In fact, while we waited for the novacaine to spread to my toes I found I had no feeling in my right nostril. NO!!! Not one iota of feeling. As she began working I closed my eyes and silently mused whether or not someone could pick my nose and I'd never know a thing. Weird..I know.

She grinded that tooth down into my darling little nub. I love my nub.

To my pleasant surprise my tooth wasn't as bad as she thought and I needed no root canal or a post implanted in my tooth. It was just meand my nub. As they prepared to make the crown my dear little dentist remembered the materials she needed weren't being delivered until that afternoon. So, a temporary crown was fitted. And I will go back on the 21st to receive my full crowning glory.

After escaping the office and wandering outside I realized what a beautiful day it was. Not too hot, not too cold, overcast with a nice breeze blowing. I know, I love overcast days. Perfectly gloomy...my favorite!!! I walked home. As I approached the apartments I saw hubby heading to the car to come and pick me up.

For the rest of today I shall sip away at a tall drink while hubby takes care of the kids while I remain close friends with my bottle of extra strength Tylenol.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Breaking The News....

Oh yeah...it's coming.

Moving time...again.

They all knew it was going to happen....and boy did it.

Our main goal was to find a place that was a bit less expensive so we could live within our means. Our ideal was to stay in the ward that has nurtured us during the dust settling. Our ideal was also to keep the kids in the school they've attended all year...though secretly Molly has prayed against staying in her school. Why? Nerd Uniforms. Yes, they have to wear uniforms...which are an incredibly large pain in my behind to find might I add.

Goals? We apparently need to stinkin' goals!!!

I received a call early yesterday morning from my friend, Bobby. He told me that one of the tenants of one of his houses wee coming available and he and his father were interested in renting to our family. Our rent right now is $1040 for a 3 bedroom apartment, on the third floor, with 1200 square feet. It was doable, and we made it work though many of our belongings remain in storage gathering dust. Like my favorite century old piano...I miss dear friend...sniff sniff!!!

So, instead of paying oodles of cash for a tiny three bedroom we will pay only $950 for a 1900 sq foot home. Of course, since we can pull our items out of storage we eliminate the rent from our storage as well. I fully understand the energy bill will be a bit higher and our water bill will be a bit higher as well and there will be the new bill of trash collection. However, after going through the figures we still come out ahead.

So, we are moving again in July. Out of our ward boundaries. Out of the school boundaries, yet still in the same district.

And how did the kids react?

Bryan was good with it...he's heading into high school anyway and most of his friends were headed to a different high school.

Molly? Oh that was easy...she won't have to wear her "Nerd" uniform any longer. She was ecstatic!!!

And finally...Corinna. My high schooler. The one who cried when we told he we were moving to Texas. She shrugged her shoulders and said: "OK."

Really? Just "OK"?!?!?

She was literally fine with it. The good Lord has prepared them for the move. now we just need to pick up our boxes from storage and get ready.

Monday, April 12, 2010

And So It Begins...

The past few days for me have been filled with complete and utter pain and nausea. Why? No, it's not the flu. I gave up my Dr. Pepper. I am in my first detox week from that evil drink. Perhaps I'm going a bit overboard calling it the drink of the devil to my children, but it's still too fresh.

In an effort to be a team player and to change my life I am competing AND joining in with my team to become more healthy and active over the next month. My office has introduced a new activity to be offered to improve our lifetime health habits...completely voluntary of course! It's called "Game On! Kick your friend's butts while losing your own!" Now do you see why I love my office?!

My dear resort team has girded our loins and are ready for battle. This game is very simple. They've given us the tools to create a new diet for us and encourage exercise as well. We are to pick one habit in which to kick to the curb for one month. I myself, chose to rid my life of drinking Dr. Pepper/sodas. I never knew the extent of the withdrawls my body would go through when the dark brown substance left my menu. The first day was impossible...headaches began immediately. Hitting migraine status was a new low for me. I could barely move and I became literally nauseated and sick on friday to the point of not being able to work. Can a little drink possibly have THAT effect on my body? Impossible!!! It was unbelievable!!!

Saturday the headache wore down to a dull nagging ache. I managed to get my kids to where they needed to, ironed the backdrop for the kids' roadshow at church and came home 2 hours later feeling completely and utterly exhausted. Again, I fell back into my chair no wanting to move.

Sunday came around...The headache remained, though dramatically lighter, being in nursery would most certainly have an effect on the well being of my head. I felt light headed and shaky. Apparently I was literally shaking. I made it through and by the time we made it back to out apartment I was out of breath...remember we live on the third floor? Needless to say I sat back in my chair and my kids did their best to bring me an ice cold drink...non-caffeinated of course.

Today, the headache is all but gone and I now wonder to myself....if the caffeine alone did THAT to me...What does the rest of the drink do to me?

I guess it's time to go back to the basics!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Chameleon...

On a daily basis I speak to people from all around the world. I hear their beautiful accents and find myself playing a mental game of "Name where this person comes from." If you've never lived in the south you may never realize how completely different the accents are as you cross the state lines. Texas has their twang while Mississippi lilt is as smooth as it can be. I also hear a difference in the asian countries as well as scandanavian.

Perhaps it is the theater background I have, but I find myself begin to blend in with each guest. The chameleon in me begins to peep out. As I greet the guest with the Hawaiian Resorts and using the hawaiian words so often my mouth begins to form around and my mouth morphs into those beautiful hawaiian natives. I've had many hawaiians tell me that I speak with a hawaiian heart. It was an unforgettable compliment.

A few weeks back, I spoke to a businessman who asked which province I lived in. Confused, all I could mutter was: "Excuse me?" In essence, he thought I was Canadian and was curious what beautiful part of Canada I was from. We laughed as I told him I'm in Texas. He was floored. Apparently, my chameleon tongue snuck out.

My children have inherited the same trait. As a toddler, my son was a little englishman. He hated getting dirt on his hands outside and played a game of screaming "Mama! Dirt!!!" in his tiny little voice. I would brush it off and he would repeat the scene. Our game had begun.

My youngest has always had a peculiar way of speaking. A cross between Bostonian, English and Californian. There's nothing wrong with it, but she definitely hails from her own world. Yesterday, some truly rude classmates began making fun on her speech. They've teased her before. This is nothing new. Before they've tried to get her goat calling her "Mormon." I asked her if she wanted me to intercede. She simply said: "Mom, don't worry. I am a Mormon. No biggie." Yesterday, their focus was her speech. her friends had enough. They began calling her...well a word that rhymes with witch. While Molly chose the pathway of ignoring the boys, her friends were not willing to stand by and let it happen. They went straight to the principal and told him this had been going on for some time. Molly was called in and she answered the questions truthfully and the principal decided he needed to intercede in her behalf. At some point these boys could come back at her, but I doubt they will. Her friends are there watching her back.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Guess It Happens...

It seems funny to me looking back and seeing how miserable I was. It felt like I was buried deep into a swirling black vortex of destruction sucking every ounce of life out of me. Every corner I turned it was as if my nightmare got continually worse and worse.

These days, as many of you have noticed...I am not dealing with the same issues. No, the free weekend in LA sure cured me of alot. Of course, apparently that wasn't enough to cure me of EVERY little issue in my head.

Nope, the good Lord had something else in mind.

Here at work we are asked to take quizzes here and there to familiarize ourselves with the properties we take care of. There are over 3200 worldwide and more to come. I take the quizzes, even if they aren't in my area...WHY?!

To participate.

Marriott loves it when people participate. I will participate in any event I can, within reason of course. So, I turned in my quiz.

Today, while I was helping a delightful guest with his reservation in one of our luxury resorts an e-mail popped in. The results from the quiz. At the end...the winners!!!

Would you believe it? I won...Again!!!

No exciting trips this time...just a shiny new BluRay DVD player.

I'll be picking that up early on Monday!!!!

If you feel the earth shake...don't panic....it's me dancing.