Thursday, July 30, 2009

And the Winner is.....


Ok! I'm joking, but I feel like I could win a million dollars today.


The words I've been dying to hear were said:

"Welcome to the Marriott family!!!"


I start on August youngest daughter's 12th birthday to which she is VERY sad. She understands and she won't have started school yet so we can have a nice lunch together...breakfast even. But I will need to go to work that night and begin my training. I am excited and ready for teh rainfall outside...I want to dance.

It looks as if the sunshine is finally peeking through the clouds. Until then...I am going to enjoy some time with my kids, getting things organized and looking forward to getting our lives back under control. The two most beautiful words in the world...UNDER CONTROL!!!!

Time to celebrate!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Day of Rest...

Am I selfish? I'm not sure yet, but yesterday it seemed like there was one task after another to complete. It started out in home, isn't there always something to do in the house? I thought so... I ended up dropping Don off at work so I could use the car. Then I went off to my car is was job interview day.

I know what you are thinking: "Why are you still interviewing when you just took a drug test for Marriott?!" After the third hour I was thinking the same thing. Yes...I said third hour. I arrived at 3:15 and didn't get back into my car until 6:31pm. I don't know if this procedure was designed to weed out applicants because by the last interview I was ready to throw up the white flag and surrender. The good thing to know is that others will be subjected to the same torture as me. If they broke down worse than me...a seasoned veteran of the interview circuit, then I had a better chance. Those young girls don't know who they are dealing with!!! Mwahaha!!! Oh but that's getting off track isn't it?

Needless to say I nearly lost it in one interview. Many things have changed since 19 years ago when I did my last interview. As I was talking to one manager...pretty close to 2 1/2 hours into the process he began to pepper me with questions on honesty and stealing from the companies I worked for. He asked: "Would you ever steal from a company you worked for?" Now, in my defense I'd already answered 12 questions on the same subject and apparently this was the one that broke the camel's back. The words crossed my lips before I could bite my tongue. "H-E double hockey sticks No" I replied. Unfortunately, I didn't spell it out. The other gentleman sitting in on the interview began laughing as I said it. More than likely the shock on my face was where the laughter came from. I apologized and asked him not to write it, but he did. In big letters. Why does my mouth act before I can control it?! He thought it was the greatest answer ever. Insert sigh here!

Well, we shall see how this all turns out...won't we?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update...Job Hunt 2009!

I wanted to update you all and let you know I had my interview with Marriott to work in the call center...90 minutes later I left the building clutching a request form for a drug test and a list of clinics I could attend to have it done. As long as the background check goes through it looks like I will finally have a job!!! I am thrilled!!!However, knowing this world can be topsy turvy I am still attending interviews and working on some more applications. Thank you so much for your prayers!!! I feel them!!

Doin' the Pigeon....

Bert ALWAYS made me laugh when I was a child I remember dancing and "Doin' the Pigeon" moves with him as he sang. As an adult I confess...I had the song as a ringtone...just for fun factor, of course!!! Well, now my life has come full circle. As we moved into the aparments I noticed the pigeons hanging around the roof near our apartment. Didn't think any more about it...until the next morning. Bright and early at 7am each and every morning I am awakened to the sound of pigeons cooing and walking along my ceiling. SOmehow they've broken into the ceiling. Yes, I've reported it to management, but as of yet they have little or no desire to fix it. As long as I don't get a pigeon popping it's head into my room then we're all good. They don't bother makes me laugh. Seriously, how many people own a pigeon alarm clock?!

Monday, July 27, 2009

As American as Baseball and Apple Pie...

As I was sitting at the computer the other day I listened as Rickey Henderson's acceptance speech replayed on ESPN. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Ok! So let me put in easy understanding for those of you who aren't ginormous sports fans like myself. Rickey henderson was a "Slammin'" player for the Oakland A's. He did a great job...therefore Hall of Fame.

My family has a strong background of spending days, evenings, and some go late at times... together in Jack Murphy Stadium. It was magical. Climbing into our seats and settling in for a fun evening with treats such as salted peanuts and the forever fave of mine...cotton candy. It was a time where we could cheer, scream and yell at the umps...all very respectful of course!

As I listened to Rickey's heartfelt speech I was brought back to my teen years when he played for Oakland. We of course had attended a few agmes there, but it was never the same as watching the Padres with my grandpa. Something special about it. My thoughts drifted back and I remembered a little girl. She sat in the outfield, if I remember right...and she always had a sign for him. Anything to cheer him on. They grew and had a bond. It was really great to see. When he was awarded a base as an award she presented it to him. Heartborken when he was traded to another team she begged with a letter to the newspaper for him to come back. This was the last I thought of this girl until the moment I heard him speak.

I thought to myself: "I wonder what happened to that little girl."


I'd forgotten that I knew her family and that is why I knew the story so well. Cooperstown is so far away. She is now grown and has a family of her own...and yes....she was there with her signs!!!

Nothing Like I Had Expected...

TOday was meant to be an easy day...Wake breakfast...job interview...come home...give car to hubby for work and prepare for my next interview tomorrow morning. Little did I know it was destined to be a crazy day. I've logged 100 miles since the beginning of the day...and it's not over!!!

I drove over to the interview...just 17-18 miles from my home so 25 minutes later I found my way. I walked in and found the people working there to be very sweet and charming...I've got my work cut out for me. I managed through the interview and enjoyed myself. Next thing I know, the hour interview had now turned into 90 minutes. I left the building clutching a form to be delivered to a lab for the world famous drug test. Could it be? Have I found my place in ther world? I sure hope so!!! I had the opportunity to sit behind Gilbert and listen to a few calls coming in. He was a sweetheart and as I left I thanked him for the view of the work. To which he replied: "No problem, see you in here soon, sweetie!" I tell you these folks are all friendly. It wasn't the call after call I was used to as a 411 operator, but it is going to be fun!!!

So, the bad things about the job: The hours are going to completely stink for least until I earn my way into the top performance group...which I fully intend to do as quickly as possible. The hours include weekends, holidays nights, morning and yes...afternoons too!!! Shocker!!!

The good things about the job: After 90 days with the permission of the manager can transition into working out of my home. Oh yeah baby!!!! I am excited. they supply the equipment (computer included) and I supply the internet and dedicated phone line. I can deal with it!!! I am pretty excited about it. I love knowing discounts on hotel stays are given as well!!! Discounted Marriott?!?!?! SUH-WEET!!!! I love the fact I will be here when my children arrive home from school. I love the fact that I don't need a bus pass or the car on certain days of work. I love the fact that I get to play on the computer all day, talking and booking hotel rooms. I know...I'm a travel nerd, but I love it!!! I love the fact that I can work my way up in the company.

Life is good my is good!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Things NOT to do during interviews...

So, as I've been going through interviews over the past few weeks I've discovered a few "No-No's" I'd like to share with you.

#1 NEVER show up to an interview wearing a t-shirt that reads:

"Better than sex...Tex-Mex", I'm not joking!

#2 Never eat a sour mint right before you interview. Your mouth will be watering and you will inevitably be spitting upon the interviewer...they don't like that.

#3 Never sit in the lobby chomping down the last of your Egg McMuffin before you go in for an interview...unless of course you are interviewing for the same job I am. In that case, go right ahead.

#4When asked the question: Do you have any convictions for felonies or manslaughter don't laugh and say...."well, no convictions, but there were a few I've dated I would've liked to kill."

#5 When asked "why" you want to go into food service try not to snort. They frown upon that. But really...who WANTS to go into food service?! Unless they are a classically trained chef who works in a reataurant...not a hospital!!!

#6 Never refuse to leave the office until they hire you...they WILL call the police.

No, I didn't do all of those, but there are a couple I may fess up to in the years to come. We shall see!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update on Job Hunt...2009!!!

The title sounds so it should be on the news or something. Winter Blizzard 2009!!! Ah whatever...anyway. I made it through the first interview at the imaging call center. that one really sounds amazing. I think it will be my first grown up job if I get hired. The food services...well, let's just say I may not get that position. You see, I am the type of person who opens their mouth and inserts foot and perhaps my sense of humor is lacking at some point, you see...there is no mute button on my mouth as many can testify. I say what I think sometimes before I have time to stop myself. We were laughing and having a great interview and they you have a criminal record? Then they apologized telling me they HAD to ask it. Well then...if they were embarrassed for asking me I'd give them something good to laugh about. My answer: "Well, I've thought about killing a few of the guys I've dated, but never followed through." Uh...yeah! So, I' fairly certain I'm not getting THAT job, but whatever!!! I enjoyed it. It was funny to me.

My next job is quickly turning into my favorite. Marriott hotels. For those who know me I am addicted to travel. I love travel. I love the entire thought of it!!! Planning, Reserving, Packing, Going, Taking tons of pictures, Coming home and day dreaming of my next trip. So...the thought of working for Marriott taking calls and making reservations for the company sounds appealing to me. The hours...well, that would be a work in progress for sure. However, they are hiring a large group to start training immediately. Once the 5 week training period is over we will move on to answering calls and handling reservations. The job is a 7 day a week kind of job. Not a Monday through Friday job. So, that is not so swift. However, here is the big part of it all...the part I love. Well, not really "love." Maybe instead it is more like "LOVE!!!!!" At 90 days after manager review they encourage us to work from our homes. Yes, people! That's what I am saying!!! I'd be weaing my pajamas to work!!! Oh yeah baby!!! Not feeling so well?! No problem!!! Stay in pajamas and shower after my shift. No, I would still be required to work the shift they gave me, but in the end I wouldn't need a car, gas, waste away in traffic. I would SOOOOO love it!!! And the best part...I am home with my kids and I know they are safe. the hotel discounts are sweet too!!!!

And The Letter Goes To.....


But, I didn't want the letter. It was a sad horrible letter. I'm tired of letters. It's been a long week.

The letter I received was yet another turndown on a job. I've had seven this week. For some reason this letter nearly broke me. I had, after all put in nearly 70, no, I'm not kidding on the number, applications for employment last week. This was the 7th turndown I'd had. I let my parents know as they gave me a pep talk I didn't believe. I told my hubby who gave me a hug and encouragement. And then...I told my friend. My goofball friend from high school who had got my foot in the door for this interview. And he literally asked me: "How did you screw up that interview?" I nearly lost it, but he quickly followed it up with "Did you spit while you were talking and drench the interviewer?" He then followed up with a quick lecture on how I shouldn't shoot spitwads at the interviewer...they don't seem to like it very much. I knew what he was doing...trying to get me to laugh. It worked. The screaming in my head melted away and I was left with calm. He knew hubby would give his support and show tenderness and love in my need. His job...court jester. It's been a routine with us for decades. I appreciate my friends and what they do to boost me up.

The good news now...again prayers work!!! Not only has hubby now gained more shifts, working 5 days, but I now have 4 interviews scheduled in the next 5 days. 2 today. One Monday. One Tuesday. The funny thing is that they are all so vastly different jobs and hours. It is quite a lot to think about. Here's what I mean:

Job #1- Baptist M&S Imaging- It's an MRI Center in which I would schedule MRIs and such along with handling patient records, data entry, filing and such with a small group of people. Hours are 10-7 Monday through Friday. Great benefits

Job #2- Baptist Hospital- Cafeteria Worker- Prepare food for patrons, staff and patients. Hours varied, cafeteria serves breakfast lunch AND dinner. Days- rotation as they are open 7 days a week. Great benefits

Job#3- Marriott Reservations specialist- Take calls in for Marriott reservations around the world. 5 weeks training...330pm-1130pm. After 5 weeks the schedule varies. Starting pay excellent. After 90 days at call center they plan on moving my office to home...I would work AT HOME whatever schedule they request. I can put in my request for certain shifts, but I still would have to follow their schedule they give me. Benefits excellent...hotel discounts FABULOUS!!! Call center hours 6 am- Midnight- 7 days a week.

Job#4- CarMax...I know it seems kind of funny since everything I've gone through with my car,but I wouldn't mind working for a business that stands behind their promises. Business Office. 7 days a week processing paperwork, such as registration and title transfer. The office is open until 9am, 7 days a week.

Honestly, right now my fave is #1 because I have the weekends off. I can go to church. I get home in the evening at 7pm and though it is late I still have time with my kids. I am also leaning towards the Marriott job as I love travel and getting my foot in the door with Marriott is fabulous. I love the discounts and I LOVE to travel so staying at a Marriott at a discounted rate wherever I go sounds DEEE-lightful!!! #3 isn't bad because I am taking care of the patients in my own way and I can make hospital prob!!! #4 is not my favorite, but right now a job is a job. I can't complain about that!!!

So my prayers are being answered one by one. I just pray I have no job offers until I finish all the interviews so I can ask my questions and get some prayers into what would help my family the most.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Full Day...

A pillow, this is where I wanted to put my head all day. I was exahsuted. It seemed we needed to run back and forth from one thing to another with only enough of a break to make it annoying.

First we registered Corinna for school. Sigh!! My daughter is a freshman. Sounds crazy to me!!! She's too little to go toschool. Ok! I know she is taller than me in heels! But she is my baby!!!!!! Ok!! Enough temper tantums!!! Go Marshall!!!! Can I just tell you I had NOOOOOO idea just how important football was to Texas in general. Our schol district has their own stadium for the kids to play in...literally a stadium!!!! Looks like our friday nights will be booked for awhile!!!

Once we got home...and climbed our now favorite three flights to get there...our other kids told us the car was finished and we could go pick it up anytime. Down the stairs we went. We drove off to favorite place to buy a car for sure!!! There in the parking lot...gleaming under the summer sun was Casper. I'd missed him. Not that I didn't appreciate the loaner of a 2008 Suzuki Vittara, wasn't Casper. He drive beautifully and I want to truly thank CarMax for honoring our limited warranty with no hassle, calling us everyday to give us the update on the car, checking back after the weekend to see how we were doing and ask if there was anything they could do to help us and providing a loaner car free of charge. We will be back to you!!!

Again we returned home about ready to pass out from the craziness already. It was lunch time. I ahd enough energy to make peanut butter toast and then I collapsed into my chair. We waited another hour and ran to another errand, returned home and within about ten minutes I realized I had no time to make dinner before hubby had to leave for work. He squeezed my hand and told me no worries. He promptly ate the leftover spaghetti and got ready for work.

Molly and I took Don to work and attempted to get home at a reasonable hour. Now this is a round trip that can easily be made in 4 minutes...2 hours later we walked through the front door of the apartment. Ugh!!! I was exhausted and ready for bed...Oh wait! I still had to pick hubby up. He called to let me know they managers were planning for them to be out at 10pm. I left here at 9:45 and headed over. At 10:05 I arrived in the parking lot...Nobody was there, but the cars were. Obviously the 10 o'clock exit was not going to happen. I always have a notebook in my purse to write with so I began working on some writing, in a deserted Target parking lot, sipping on my Dr. Pepper, while watching two stray cats searching for a way in to shop Target after hours...must've been out of kitty litter.

Finally at 11:00pm they all exited the building and off we sped home. Arriving at the top of the stairs, which in case you are wondering, my behind is looking better and better after all that climbing, we amde it home at 11:20pm and I dove into bed and drifted off to sleep immediately.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prayers Work...

As I typed in the title I simply typed in prayer and then I realized my mistake and quickly maneuvered to add in an "s". One thing I've learned is that in times of need we pray harder, longer and more often. So, my question is: "Why don't we do this when we aren't going through a trial?" For me in my laziness. I am not a scriptorian. I simply can't remember where each verse is located in the Scriptures. I remember the stories, the feelings I get when i read about them and imagine what it must've been like to actually be there. How it applies to me in my life. I am an old pro at that.

Recently...since we arrived here in beautiful Texas, hubby's hours were drastically cut. And when I say drastically...I mean it. He went from 26 hours a 10. I was frustrated beyond all belief. I mean really, how far can this trial go? So, we prayed. We prayed over and over again for more hours. We prayed for rain to ease the land from its drought. We prayed for me to find a job. We prayed to understand the scriptures we read. I prayed for my car's transmission to be covered. But, most of all...I prayed for serenity and understanding. It's not easy to get that understanding when you are standing in the refiners fire. It always seems to be when you look back when you understand more. As the flames lick all around me I can feel it...the prayers. I feel prayers from so many directions coming. I feel the love of my friend in Scotland as she diligently calls the temple every week to place my name on the prayer roll. I feel the love from Idaho where another friend prays for my strength while she is struggling herself through much harder trials. I feel the support and prayers from my family, my friends, my church leaders, my new ward, my old ward. I feel the love of my Savior raining down on me.

And yesterday it all became too much and I lost it. Well, let's just say I got quizzical looks from my hubby and kids as I received a call that made me want to dance...and I did. My family came over to visit and with nephews and my niece running around the house it made me smile. Earlier before they arrived I received a phone call from a local hospital...St Luke's Baptist Hospital (and you were wondering how I was going to tie in Baptists at our BBQ in with this entry!!!). I applied there are a food service worker in the cafeteria. I would much prefer to do other things, but right now I need a starting point...and this is it. It will be income coming into our home and help in sustaining life a bit. It is less than 2 miles from my home....which eventually I plan to walk as I am able to get into better shape as time goes on, an of course as I get used to the heat here. This is a foot in the door so to say. Eventually I can work my way into Queen of the services supervisors sounds so blah! Actually, there are so many other positions I would like to slide into at the hospital that at least this will get my foot in the door and I can have a good start in all of this. i am really looking forward to my interview and even more forward to hopefully coming home with a job.

As for hubby's hours...he received a call yesterday. He went from 13 hours next week to 32 hours. Yes, several prayers of thanks were offered. so, today while you are rushing around, chasing your little ones, blogging, checking your facebook and e-mail, do me a favor? Don't forget to address your "knee mail?" I know someone pretty special who wants to hear from you.

Monday, July 20, 2009

40 years...

Today, is a special day I quietly celebrate each year. It puts a smile on my face to think about it...the moon landing. I know, I doesn't make sense. Oh but it does! You see, it all goes back over a half of a century ago now when a young mother needed to go and find employment to help feed her growing family. Having little education, she sought out a simple job and found a company hiring solderers. Not...not soldiers...but solderers. You know, joining to metals together at a high heat? It wasn't rocket science...or at least it didn't start out that way.

Delores stood in an assembly line soldering small circuits as the boards passed by. It was mind numbingly boring work, but it was also a job that brought in a decent wage for what was expected.

Approximately 45 years ago Delores and two other women were escorted to the office. Her mind raced trying to figure out just what trouble she'd gotten into. Nothing came to mind. Her supervisor told them women they were the best of the best and they were requested for another job, a very delicate one that needed their skills.

Out of relief, all three agreed to the new job. With the extra detail to work the pay would also increase making their time more valuable. They began right away.

Their new work setting seemed much different than the assembly line. This time it was a sanitized laboratory they worked in and the sturdy boards were replaced with paper thin boards they soldered. Instead of being left to their own work the three were closely monitored. If they showed any sign of needing a break they were called from the room and given a break. The stress in this situation was high. Just as high as 40 years ago when the moon landing occurred. Delores hid in the her bedroom, afraid to watch the television when the landing happened. It was only when she heard the cheering that she emerged to celebrate with everyone else. It was a day to be celebrated for many decades to come.

You see, Delores, the woman with little more than a seventh grade education, made history that day. It wasn't her footstep on the moon, but because of her that footstep was there. She, along with her co-workers, soldered all the circuit boards in the moon lander.

Where are they now. I don't know where the other women are, but as for Delores, she sits in a home being well taken care of, lost in the dementia that rules her mind. Today. On the television there will be celebrations for that first landing. But, at my house, we will celebrate Delores, her co-workers and all those who had a hand in creating the miracle we celebrate this day. Thanks Grandma!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Unpacking the Repentance...

As we've been unapcking my sense of humor has yet to be unpacked and I see myself slipping into the downtrodden "whoa is me" type of person I truly do not want to be. After spending several 12 hour days on the computer feeling insignificant and starting down the path of hopelessness I had to give it up and find where I packed my sense of humor....

I found it. While picking up hubby from work this last Tuesday I rolled up behind him as he was walking out into the parking lot trying to remember exactly which car we had as a loaner car and said: "Hey hot Stuff! Wanna ride?!" in front of his bosses and all his co-workers...Oh yeah baby!!! I'm back!!!

I really did appreciate Maya's work at the social security deparment and though I still don't understand the reason why they do the things they do, or you need the items you need...I can deal with it. I've decided once we get our feet under us I am getting the kids their will be so much easier that way...beleive me!!!

It's hard for me to remember we are literally a 2 hours drive from the border. We see cars with Mexico license plates on them all the time. It's not a big deal...just different. Normally when we move to a new place it isn't in such dire circmstances so I don't have to really dwell on each cent spent and feeling the pressure of my life. All I can tell you is that if I don't have a job set up soon...I'll lose my marbles...Of course that happens often so no worries there.

As I was sitting at my desk on friday and really working on job application after job application I felt a calm reassurance. I had deja vu. What I've noticed is that once I have that deja vu I realize I am where Heavenly Father wants me and where I want to be. My heart was softened and I was able to push on feeling elated with where I was. I felt grateful and said a silent prayer after all.

So my dear friends...I am turning over a new leaf. Ad this leaf is hope. There is hope and faith as my companions here. I have things to look forward to. In less than a month my youngest daughter will be moving on to young women's. I will have no primary age children. The coolest thing about her the day after is a temple trip. On that day...if I were able to attend I would be in the temple with all my children. What a beautiful sight it would be indeed.

So today...I repent for being Grumpy Dwarf and instead turn to Happy Dwarf with a side of Dopey!!!

I all were wondering how I could turn this post around to fit the seven dawrves!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Huh!! What?!?!?

I wish I could post a picture of this fabulous woman I met yesterday. I could've kissed her!!! Hubby and I woke up early, with a purpose. We were taking on the Social Security Department. During the move we'd lost both his and Corinna's social security cards...I know...they will more than likely show up once we have the new ones. Needless to say, we needed them. Don needed his to get his driver's license and Corinna needed hers to register for school.

Of course, nothing is ever as easy as it seems!!! We needed Corinna's birth certificate as well...again...lost. So we ordered her birth certificate and waited ebcause I was SURE I needed a certified copy to work as proof of her identity. Aparently not so!

After waiting for my number to be was a long 10 minutes...if that!!! And I walked up to the window. I handed the man her birth certificate as well as my passport, social ceurity card and my birth certificate. To which he rudely explained.

"Ma'am, if you'd have taken the time to READ the signs posted on this wall it would explain that we do not accept birth certificates as proof of identity. WHAT?! Instead you need to bring your daughter's student ID with a picture on it or a report card, medical id card with a picture or any of these items here. He hands me a paper and screams for his next customer.

After wiping the "Are you serious?!" look off my face hubby went up and was able to order his no problem.

We called Corinna asking her to gather whatever items she could and she tore apart her room trying to find everything we asked for. We arrived back at the apartment and she climbed into the car and we started off again for the office.

Again, we take a number and wait...for awhile as the room begins to fill. Workers from the back area are now helping customers in front. A sweet woman named Maya calls us back and we hand her Corinna's report card.

She asks us for more proof...we hand her Corinna's expired id card. Not enough

We offer the certified birth certificate...not acceptable.

We hand her a immunization know, the type we fill in on our own to keep track of their shots? Also on the unacceptable list...yet she takes it. With a wink she knows we are telling the truth and accepts it. THANK YOU MAYA!!!!!!

So, here's my question...What is wrong with a branch of government when they won't accept another branch of government's certified copy with a seal on it? Why instead do they accept report cards, student id's, and immunization records that could easily be forged. They also would accept medical id cards and other ids, but really...does our healthcare providers truly check all of our id's and everything when we are enrolled?! I really think there is something wrong with our system folks.

Maybe I am getting too nit picky, but this is crazy to me? So tell I over the edge on this one?!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


This morning I was thrilled to have a bite of toast before jumping onto the web searching for a job...any job to occupy my mind...because I am going stir crazy here. I hate sitting around with nothing to do but stare at the four walls...besides, Don's hours were cut to 3 lovely days!!! Are you kidding me?! Yup! And after surviving the "car" incident...some of which you never knew. Here's the short version:

transmission out on last day of "limited warranty"
would they cover it?
Tow company comes and picks up car.
Bye bye Casper!!!!
Brother-in-law offers use of car until we get loaner
We walk out to go to church Sunday car
Not kidding!!!
Found out car towed because it was parked in resident parking and we didn't have a tag on his car.
$264 later car is retrieved from car jail
Not kidding.
Car Max declares they will pay for fixing the car!
Parade begins!!!
Go to pick up loaner car.
Found out my insurance was canceled after I paid several months ahead in cash!!!
Parade Ends!!!
No...unfortunately still not kidding!!!
Bought new insurance....lovely woman helped out!!! we love you Rose!!!
picked up loaner car...thank you Car Max!!!
Waiting patiently to hear about my patient.
Why did it have to be Casper?!?!?
Manuel calls to let me know the entire transmission is toast...I like toast!!!
Car Max is covering car with 1 year full warranty on transmission with unlimited mileage.
A Toast to CarMax!!!!

We are hoping to find my car will be returned tomorrow evening all better. I miss my Casper...yes...the car is white.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What I've learned....

What I've learned is that you should never beleive you hit rock bottom...there's always soemthing else that can happen...and it does. I went to pick up the loaner car and lo and behold...I've had no insurance!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! It was the most utterly ridiculous thing to have happened, but it did. It's a long story so I won't go into it. However, it will be fixed as of this morning. We've been talking to some lovely people who are taking care of our needs. So, by this afternoon we should be able to return my dear brother-in-law and sister-in-law's car to them and have the loaner car in our possession. I can't wait until this process is over.

Now, enough of trials. I want my life back to as close to normal as it can get. my basil has sprouted...along with my purple basil. I am so excited. The thought of cooking with fresh herbs sounds fabulous to me. The thyme is not far behind and the chives are barely sprouting. Remember my aerogarden. I was so thrilled to get it unpacked that I planted my garden,southward in Texas. I am truly excited to be getting it running again. Maybe I can grow enough to dry and then bottle up my herbs for Christmas, THAT would be incredibly fun!!! I have a great idea but we'll see if it comes to fruition.

You see, we've decided to make our gifts for one another for Christmas this year. Ever hand are my sister-in-laws that I'm sure they will come up with soemthing incredibly cool while this lame duck floats in the water!!!

I am excited, however because I came up with a brilliant idea for my parents. Our family is quarter dutch and I thought I would buy some full size carved wooden shoes and paint them with special designs for each one. I want to make them for my family too. Instead of hanging Christmas stockings we could lay out our wooden shoes which is tradition. What do you think? I need serious help people!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Power of Prayer

It may seem strange to pray for our new and yet most beloved car, but we've done so. We prayed our dear Casper...yes, I said "Casper" will be fixed up in no time and covered completely by the 30 day "limited" warranty.

I just received a call from Manual who told me Casper was in grave condition and was being sent to ICU, aka the transmission shop. Would you believe CarMax has declared it was fully under the limited warranty. Repairs will be made at their expense. Prayers of thanks are floating thick here in our little apartment. I am grateful. Truly grateful.

Now if I could just get a call back for my latest two would be good!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009



When you think you hit rock're not quite there yet!!!

As I posted earlier the transmission went out on our car and was towed to beautiful CarMax who is taking a look at it for us. Tomorrow, once they diagnose it we will find out exactly what is wrong with it. My sweet brother-in-law leant us one of their cars until we received a loaner from the dealership.

Today I awoke early and when I did I dove into my scriptures reading my Sunday School lesson. Why?! I never do that. So, why this time? I would need it!!! We got dressed and ready for church and walked outside...and no car.


We live in a gated community!!! There is a gate that controls who is in here and who isn't!!! Hubby got home at about 12:30am from work and parked the car. 10 hours car. Huh-What?!

It seems it was towed...for not having a parking permit sticker on it. Guess what?! We didn't get the car until after the office was closed!!! What were we supposed to do?!

So, we opened our wallets and emptied them for funds to pay the towing company who apparently patrols the complex in the early morning hours. FABULOUS!!!!! Needless to say I am none too thrilled. With one job in the family that had cut hours and no paycheck until Friday...this was incredibly not funny at all.

Thankfully my good friend had time to come over and pick up hubby to take him to the tow yard and then came over for lunch afterwards. I made some homemade taquitos with extra roast I'd turned into taco meat. He was so amazed I actually knew how to make my own flour tortillas I made him a couple dozen for thanks in his help.

So, today I pray and repent for not making it to church and also thanks for us having the money to retrieve the vehicle. I am also thankful for the extra hours hubby has received and prayt a new job is on the horizon for me very soon. For I am now tired of trials and would really like to get my life back on the uphill slope!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Perfection in the Rain

All was quiet here in our little corner of heaven. My life was nearly perfect...all I needed was a job...Now I need a working car!!! Yes, I gave you the quick version. My limited warranty ends tomorrow. They promised not to split hairs on the warranty with the transmission. I pray they can fix it easily and with no cost as there is no money!!! Hubby picked up an extra shift of which I am thankful. I pray he can continue to pick up more and more hours until he reaches 40 a week again. I myself enjoyed the week. the interviews were nice. No I wasn't perfect, but who is!!!

Tonight however began to pour. Buckets and buckets of moisture rained down from the heavens coating the ground instantly. I grabbed my kids and brought the downstairs and taught them the greatest pleasure in life...dancing in the rain. I lvoed it and they were laughing and smiling. For a world was perfect.

Bad News...Good News...Reader's Digest Version

Bad News- Transmission went out on my car.

Good News- Warranty still in effect until tomorrow!!!

Prayers are answered!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

As Dory says....Just Keep Drinking!!!

What IS the best part of the move for you? I think I'm in it now...unpacking. Honestly, I thought the worst was loading...oh no! The humidity and heat got to Don and I and we nearly collapsed during the unloading of the beds, a desk, a few chairs and a small table or two. Seriously, my heart was pounding in the heat. I know about drinking lots of fluids and gatorade. I drank nearly 3 gallons of water and gatorade and had one very tiny restroom break. The rest as was sweating it out. I am not kidding you when I say I walked up and down the stairs 23 times that day...I kept a tally sheet. Now remember...3rd FLOOR!!!!! I've got buns of steel now...just kidding. I have to say though. The men from our new ward who came to help us bring our items home were fabulous. Our ward has a core group of people who've lived in this area for years and then there are the med students who travel in and out of the ward on a constant basis. The med students rallied for us and helped us bring our thigns home. They made a chain and passed the boxes from person to peson so they didn't have to walk up and down the stairs all night either. One of the final items to reach its way upsatirs was our big screen tv. They had no idea what they were carrying as it was wrapped, but we unwrapped it as they put it down on the entertainment center. You would've thought it was manna from heaven. Their eyes grew big and silly grins spread across their faces. I am indeed grateful for them. AND as a gift to show my gratitude I told them they were welcome to come watch college/monday night football on our tv as long as they chipped in on the chips and salsa. Now my job is to unpack...unpack as if there is no tomorrow!!!

Update of job hunt 2009:

I received word from Bobby that the interviews are being closed down today for the Data Entry position. I would love to work in that close knit family The benefits are truly amazing and the people are phenomenol!!! I also did and interview over at Six Flags which I aced! I am not saying it was the best interview ever, but I AM saying I passed the interview and they told me I was being moved on to the next level of interviews with cash control. We'll see how I do on that one!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Another Long Day...But I'm officially a Texan now!!!

I've got to give you a warning. If I ever stated how much I hated the DMV in California, I warn you. I've changed my mind. I truy and utterly detest the way Texas runs their system. One stop at a California DMV and you can register your car and pick up your new license. Here....oh no!!! First you must take your car in to get inspected. They purely make sure your car is working properly. They Do Not inspect the emissions at all, but they check your tires, wiper blades, headlights and yes...even your gas cap. Hu-WHAT!?!?! it was a strange custom that sends you off to the County Tax Assesor's office where you pay for your registration and pick up your new license plates. Are we finished?! Oh no! Not at all! Now you have to drive downtown because you know, a city like San Antonio with over 1.25 MILLION people living here has only 1 Motor Vehicle Department. Are you kidding me?! Nope! we had to stand in line just to get into the building. So, covered in sweat with red faces we finaly make it into the building where we must now stand in line for the information desk and then you get a number to stand in line one more time!!! Once we made it there we walked up to the counter where I presented not only my California driver's license, my social security card, my new registration, my California registration, my insurance and even my passport. Passports are big here. I assume due to the nature of the closeness of Mexico, but EVERYONE had one here. It was kind of neat. Some were from foreign coutnries living here for work. Poor hubby has to wait for his Driver's license as his social security card got lost in the move with Corinna's. Needless to say we are working at correcting this matter, but it will take some time. As soon as corinna's new birth certificate gets in we will head over to the social security office to request a new card for her and order a new one for hubby. The only other thing we were able to accomplish was to rent a garage for storage. The rest of the day was wasted away trying to make certain we have all of our documents. I'm not looking forward to this for next year!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


As you move through your life there are shall we shay? Certainties that come around. here are some that I've learned:

1. Nothing easy is ever worth it.

2. The gospel is the same no matter where in the world you attend church.

3. Simple things matter the most.

4. In Texas it is perfectly normal to wear Texas earrings and broaches to church.

5. California is the only maniac state I've lived in where people are constantly on the move running from one place to another.

6. I am truly geographically challenge when it comes to finding my way around anywhere...including inside the grocery stores here.

7. It's hot in San Antonio.

8. The best part about living in San Antonio is the lightning storms...we're expecting one tomorrow afternoon!!! Yay!!!

9. No matter how hard I try I can't blink my laundry done!!!

10. Living in a small apartment again I am counting it a blessing that I can vacuum my entire home and all bedrooms in less than 15 minutes!!!

This week I am looking forward to some major unpacking as well as a job interview with Six will do for now, while I find a more permanent job. I'll let you know how it goes.

Happy Birthday America!!!

Our 4th of July started a little different than most. Hubby and I woke up early and got him ready for work. He had an early shift. On my drive home I decided to take a road less traveled. It was my time to explore. I drove down the road of where we were looking at apartments before choosing the one we did. All I had seen of this area was a map. s I drove past this beautiful area in the quiet of the morning hours I wandered down this road I knew would take me back to the highway I needed to be on. I also knew a little secret....the temple was located on this street. As I drove over the rolling hills...Did you know they had rolling hills in Texas? I didn't, but onto the story!!! As I drove over the rolling hill directly in front of me stood the temple aglow in the morning sun. it was glorious to see. I didn't stop, but as I was passing I had to turn the radio off...and to stare at the incredible stained glass windows. The temple reminded me of the beauty all around, my family, which is most important in my life. I am grateful for the little things, the simple things which matter most....a smile, a morning hug, a wink and even my tiny little kitchen that I will stand in this afternoon to begin cooking our meal for the evening. It's not about what you've got, but who and how you share your lives. What a beautiful life!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Zoo and Reunion!!!

yesterday we had the bright idea to go to the zoo on possibly the warmest and humid days of the year. Oh yeah! We were headed for fun!!! Now, I'm a dork and I LOVE the zoo. I love to see the animals playing and having a good time. I was grateful not to run into flatulent elephants this go around...or perhaps they're only in Oakland, quite an experience let me tell you!!! Needless to say we brought 5 bottled waters and 5 gatorades in my purse. Don worried about me lugging around that load all day, but I told him I had it covered. I was grateful I was able to lug them around for the entire 30 minutes before everyone drank every ounce of fluid carried in my purse. We were well was great. We had a good time with cousins and my brother-in-law wandering around. We were getting close to the end...and that's when it happened. The sign:

I hope you all can read the words, but what made me laugh was the "Get Wild! Get Dirty! but don't get naked!" Really!!! Do we need a sign for this? tell me truly!?

Afterwards I was talking to my friend from high school. Bobby and I haven't seen each other for over 2 decades. in fact, Hubby talked to Bobby more in high school than he talked to me. It was great fun to have those anxieties as we drove towards his house. I felt bad as I read the directions he had to text to my phone....they were very detailed. His fingers must've been cramped by the time he was finished. Needless to say we arrived and my family climbed out of the car. He graciously had invited us to dinner, refusing to let us bring anything but some soda and paper plates. I've got to admit...the man knows how to BBQ!!! I guess it is a rule in Texas...Learn to BBQ or get out. We'll see. Anyway, after the awkward phase of my three kids staring at his three boys...they're all the same ages. He forced them to play Foosball to break the ice. Next thign we know they are playing video games and Bryan is enjoying his guy time. Dinner had been finished and I was excited that Bobby's girlfriend was able to make it. She is a sweetheart and they make a great couple. I hope things work out for them, but for now, they are taking it slow. it is really awesome to see him so happy.

before overstaying our welcome we said our good-byes and Bobby mentioned to Don to get his number from me so they could get together and do guy things...and I am swiss cheese apparently. It was great to see everyone getting along so well. I was grateful for both Bobby and his girlfriend who found some job openings in the business office of their work and Bobby is going to turn in my resume on monday. Cross your fingers.

It looks like life is leveling out here. Our belongings should be arriving on monday and we will start hauling things over here then. We'll more than likely have to get help from someone to bring the rest of our things over wednesday evening. Then the unpacking begins. I am praying and hoping we can get settled in and a job will fall into place. Everything else seems to.

Yes my friends, there is a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds that have hung over me for some time. I recognize that. Don is applying for a lead position with Target and I pray he gets that position so his hours will be boosted and he will begin to really take the lead in his life. He loves his job for now and I know if given the chance he will thrive. If it is meant to be it will happen. until then we pray, we hope for the best and we remain grateful for what we do have.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Butt Dialing and Chairs

Running errands for the second day in a row I laughed as I found I had spent most of the day "butt dialing" I called various companies such as American Express, the local grocery store, the electric company as well as the cable. The worst was when I called a friend. It wasn't just any friend...the one who lives here in San Antonio. Can we say EMBARRASSING?!?! Apparently I called him as I climbed back into the car after running into the store to purchase a couple gallons of milk. he heard our family's entire conversation on know, the plastic piece at the end of the shoelace allowing you to easily lace up your shoes? I know!!! Who knows that?!?!? My family...sigh. We also know the name of the raised dots in the center of lanes on the road. now you know the extent of my insanity. Needless to say I ad a good conversation with my friend who has been a MAJOR support during this difficult time. He is probably one of the best friends I've ever had. He never asked for anything but friendship. 20 years later we meet up again after losing contact for a good portion of that time. Tomorrow we go to the zoo with the kids and Don's brother and his family. we will never top the moment when we attended the Oakland Zoo only to find the elephants had gas issues...if you've never been around a flatulant've never laughed!!! Afterwards we will make the trek out to his house and sit down and catch up on the good ol' days. neither my friend nor hubby have an easy time making friends, but I have a feeling they will be the best of friends in no time. We did actually all go to high school together, though Bobby talked to my hubby more than I did during those years. I'm kind of nervous to see my friend. You know we all change, but I hate seeing peple who used to know me as the skinny person in the school. He laughs it off, but we all have insecurities and by the time we walk through his front door all will be forgotten.

We also had to give in and buy a few chairs. I can't sit on the floor typing any longer. The good news is that by next Wednesday I will finally have my bed and things back and hopefully be unpacking all evening. I miss my things and not the normal ones. I miss my tiki, our framed American flag our nephew flew over Iraq on Sept 11th several years ago, my handpainted mexican pot, my ginormous popcorn popper (i'm dying for popcorn right now!), my zulu basket and my picture of mygrandfather and I waltzing around the dance floor at my uncle's wedding while everyone watched. All hold treasured memories. I am happy to say I managed to get another treasured item here safely my oil and vinegar bottles I carried home from Italy on the airplane. It too has made it safely home. For now though...We have chairs to sit in our living room. No longer confined to the floor my back cries out in happiness!!! i will drag my camera with me to the zoo and my friend's home to capture our kids meeting for the first time and us back together again...Look out San Antonio!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My New Town..

A friend was asking me what San Antonio was like. Was it spread out like San Jose? Or was it compact like San Francisco? The answer? Yes!!! The town is actually a little bit of both. There are palces where the large downtown buildings tower over the rest of the city, while having the Alamo nestled in bewteen all of them. no...I am not kidding. The Alamo is downtown. I used to picture it far off in a distant field. The battles I read about in my American History books flooded back to me. The truth? It was tiny...a few of your homes could probably encompass the entire main building. Much different from the films portrayal.

Anyway, nearby the Alamo in the downtown area is the incredibly lovely Riverwalk area. I look forward to date nights in this romantic spot. The Riverwalk lined with incredibly yummy cafes and restaurants. I am dying to spend an evening down there just my hubby and I wandering hand in hand. And by the way, in case you ever wondered...after being away from each other for over two months...our hands remembered exactly how they liked to be held. We have a certain way our hands clasp and I love it. It reminded me of our dating.

Away from the downtown area San Antonio was laid out by a brilliant planner. Green areas are spread all throughout the city with old oak trees dotting the land. It is beautiful and they've welcomed me most wholeheartedly. Truth be told there are many rolling hills. This large metropolitan city has not only managed to grow beyond its walls, but to keep the small town feel. To give you an example...after passing a piece of property over ten times I finally realized it was a cemetary. Natural rocks are handcrafted from the ground to be used in building everything. The highways leading to San Anotnio even took on the light creamy color of the natural rock.

Yes, it is hot here. Yes, climbing three flights of stairs to bring your groceries upstairs is not always pleasant, but I wouldn't miss it for the world. I love that my kids are excited to see Sea World looming in the distance, roller coasters and all. I love the fact we live a mere ten miles from Six Flags amusement park. I love the fact that across the street from our complex is a beautiful new Elementary School. I love the fact that on a billboard today I read: "Do you want to teach? We want you to!!!" And then proceeded with a web address for the city recruiting high quality teachers for the children.

The only thing about this city is something that made me literally sick to my stomach. I went shopping the first day we arrived to pick up some essentials for the kitchen as well as the bathroom. What happened made me angry and sickened all at once. Here's the story:
We drove into Target wanting to not only see where hubby worked but to buy a few items I needed for the house. We bought a few necessary items and then turned our attention to body wash. Hubby's skin has been drier than dry since we moved from oregon to California. Now that we are don't need it as much. however, he still likes the body wash and therefore asked if we could buy it. Normally this item costs at its lowest price about $8.99. At Target down here at the "normal" price...$2.50. So, why is it cheaper here rather than California. All this time we were being gouged and overcharged. My dear is truly sad!!!. I paid for dollars for a package of ground beef....a 2 pound package!!!! I love shopping here and spending much less money than I used to.

So? My assessment on San Antonio? I love it here. I love the feel of the big city. I lvoe the people and I am going to love it much more once i get a job...I'm working on it!!!I look forward to showing off my city to anyone who chooses to wander this way!!! you're all welcome, but you have to climb the stairs to the third floor!!!

M favorite thing about San niece and nephews live here. I love being near them!!!