Sunday, May 31, 2009


I feel like i haven't written in ages...well at least not on my blog. Shame on me... I know!!! I've kept very bust lately. WIth the upcoming move it has really been tough to find time to mess around on the computer...I will find it eventually though. I never remembered moving as such a big deal but now that I look back, our first apartment...we didn't own anything. Our second apartment, I was pregnant and had a new baby so I wasn't involved in much. Our third apartment, I had the flu and therefore never really moved us. Our fourth move...hubby helped me with everything. Our fifth move was across town and we never unpacked from the previous move.Now we are here on the edge of our 6th move...our biggest yet. I am on my own for the most part in completing all the packing. I have a great group of men helping me load the trailer and then once I locked up and it is taken away all I've got left to do is drive some more.

I am planning on putting together a bunch of songs for the drive. I've got some Police and Sting for my chillin' time, Duran Duran for a blast back in time, Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" & U2's Vertigo is a head rush waiting to happen...and of course since I'm in sunny California you can't leave the state without blasting the Beach Boys greatest hits or the Beatles for that matter!!!! So, give me an idea! What songs do you like to listen when you go on a road trip?! Help me out!!! I've got 25 hours of drive time to fill up!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let the countdown begin!!!

It is quite scary to think about, but 30 days from today we roll out onto our new adventure. WOW!!! I can't believe it has started. I am still working on renting a home down in San Antonio within our means. I want to be able to go down there with two months worth of rent. By that point, I should have a job and we will have settled in. So, all is well here...Everything is falling into place and I am thankful for the confort in my heart. I am also thankful for my bloggy buddies who have been so warm and caring sharing their hearts, their cheer and encouragement. I can't wait to update you on my journey!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tears are falling...

Tears are flowing freely down my cheeks as I listen to the news anchor reporting the California State Supreme Court ruling on Proposition 8. They've upheld the vote. Marriage is legally deemed bewteen a man and a woman here in California.However, they've also deemed the 18,000 plus same sex marriages are valid and legal. I'm not surprised about that twist. It was legal at the time. I can't believe how emotional I am over this. I am so thankful that all that we've done as a family and a decision we have made through much thought and yes, most especially through prayer.

At this time though there are acts of civil disobedience all are peaceful demonstrations and both sides, I pray, are treating each other with mutual respect. I hope all remains peaceful and all return home safe, no matter what your beleifs are.

Don't get me wrong friends, I am grateful that my vote meant something this day, but I know it is not over. Trends show a drastic change in our country beginning. At some point you will need to stand for what you beleive in, regardless of what viewpoint you have.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Crazy Day...

First and more important...A Big Thanks to Momza!!! I was having a really stressful and bad day. The weight of the world fell upon my shoulders and I was feeling weighed down. As I peeked inside my mailbox a large envelope with elegant handwriting appeared. I pulled out a treat as a beautiful photograph appeared from the envelope with a quote from my our beloved President Hinckley. It appeared at just the right time. So, thank you for the gift of your spirit Momza!!! I love it...even if I have to dust it!!!
Alas! This is my life these days...The boxes are beginning to stack up and I am looking forward to finishing, but I really have a month from today until it needs to be ready. Plenty of time if you ask me!!! The kids go back to school tomorrow which means I get to start working their rooms. I can hardly wait!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

An open Letter of Thanks...

Dear Friends,

Tonight I write an open letter of thanks to those who served and continue to serve in the armed forces.

Grandpa, Thank you for serving in the Army. Though you never repeated a word of what happened while you served I thank you for protecting the innocent and furthering liberty on foreign shores. I admire your courage, but most of all I admired your good heart.

Dad, Thank you for serving in the Navy SeaBees during Vietnam. You departed serving your country with no thought of whether you would return, but gave everything. Thank you for sharing the article where you took some winnings from a company pool and bought local schoolchildren in Vietnam supplies so they could better their lives. I felt the sadness in your heart when decades later you revealed upon retunring to your beloved country what horrid treatment you recieved. Thank you for loving the pocket watch with the SeaBees emblem I bought for you for Father's Day. It was a small token of my appreciation for your service from a daughter who loves you and is grateful for what you've done for our country.

Luke, I am grateful you've found a love of the Air Force and how much you've learned. I was touched when the flag you flew over Iraq reached your Uncle Don and I. It wasn't good enough simply to nail it up on the wall of the store. No, not this precious gift you've given us. So we framed it, to honor you for your service and for all you've served with. Stay safe and fly high.

Steve, Thank you for your service. During high school you were always a friend I knew could make me smile when I needed it. You were always there as a friend for me and I was never able to tell you how much I appreciated you. You gave your country the greatest gift any man could give. You gave your life far from home. I couldn't bear to attend your memorial though it was a few short miles from my home. YOU wouldn't be there, my dear friend...only your shell was there. I never had the opoortunity to thank you for your today my friend I thank you for what you've always done the best...acted as a protector to all. Rest well my friend. Tomorrow and always you are in my thoughts and in my heart.

Thank you to all for your devotion and standing watch over liberty and freedom.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

20 Years Ago

20 years ago I graduated from good ol' Tracy High. I spent the evening walking in a horrible yellow colored cap and gown. I've never looked good in yellow. Needless to say we had the graduation to end all graduations. It was a disaster of epic proportions for every parent, grandparent and administrator. It was the year of a new principal who seemed to think she should completely turn the school on its ear and change everything without warning anyone...including students. I'm not sure how it started or whose idea it truly was, but as it turns out we the students had no second thought on showing our displeasure to the entire administration and superintendent of schools. The straw that broke the camel's back was the banning of tortillas from graduation. The tortillas started a few years earlier as a celebration of Tracy as we had Mi Ranchito in town where they made fresh corn tortillas. It was an original thing that belonged to the students where they would be thrown in celebration like frisbees. Since the principal pushed so hard during the entire year we pushed back and snuck in tortillas, beach balls among other items to disrupt the graduation. I believe we got our point across in our own unique way. The point is not that we "misbehaved", but the fact that we stood together to make a point. Sure, it could've been done a different route, but we were teens. You can't be perfect all the time.

The best part is the rules, still given to seniors this day, include the banning of tortillas, beach balls and other inflatable items we shall not discuss. So, today when I was blessed by one of my laurels to be present at her graduation I was so excited. 6 of my girls are graduating this year and I am thrilled to have them flying off into the real world. I will miss them, but I am excited for their new adventures to begin and the growth they are in store for. I love them all very much and I can't wait to see who they become. Congratulations my girls!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

What would you say as a ghost?

I have a certain affinity for Ghost Hunter's and love the study of the paranormal. It has always been interesting to me since I was a child. Nothing spooky, nothing crazy, just an interest as to why some spirits are here on the earth. I've got several theories behind it all and none of them scare me. However, my kids and I all love to watch and find the scientific aspect of it really incredibly interesting.

Now, on one episode in a sanitorium in Clovis they caught a voice on a digital recorder saying: "I like the one in the hat." To me that was hysterical.

Another investigation was a pool hall named Theodore's. They captured a voice saying:

"Welcome to Theodore's"

In our silliness right now we, as a family, have a question for you:

"If you were a ghost and could say one thing to a human ghost hunter what would it be?"

I am thinking I would say one of two things:
1. Would you like fries with that?
2. Give me Ghiradelli!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

So Thankful...

Not only did my parents go to bat for me and lug 20 rolled tacos and a large bag of tortillas from our family's favorite mexican food in the state...not many people can claim that...but today they We are truly thankful...took a load of stress of my mind.

It started with my father calling me and asking me about our sea kayak. He was interested in buying it so that we wouldn't have to lug it across three states and store in a garage or storage unit somewhere. THANK YOU Daddy!!! Needless to say I was thankful for that small gesture. As it is in my family...small gestures are never enough. We are truly there to take care of each other, when we need to we all chip in and out our shoulders to the wheel and take a stand to back each other up. It is family first at all times, in all things and in all places.

Today my parents shared a tidbit of information...they have taken care of my move. It seems they've hired a company to bring a trailer and drop it off, we load it, I leave and they meet me down there within the week. Needless to say I am THRILLED!!! In turn, we are to pay it forward to our children. It is these beliefs I grew up with and I am eternally thankful for the lessons they have provided me.

With one less weight on my shoulders I can concentrate on my final two hurdles. First, find a place to live...I think I found a great spot. Second, sell the interior barnwood from the store. We are working on that as well.

For the first time in months I am starting to think everything might possibly work out. Imagine that!
All is quiet here on the western front. Hubby is preparing for another day of work, the kids are all sleeping, I should be sleeping, but instead I am awake and thinking about jumping into the shower before I hear the constant barrage of whining and complaining that comes along with the last few days before hte kids go back to school. I will survive because I am still on an El Indio's high. Rolled tacos of my dreams!!!

My youngest came with me to pick up the goods. We were to meet my parents at the off ramp nearest my house. So, in the shadows of a local prison we waited. Molly told me she thought this was all weird. I asked her how and she told me that it seemed kind of like a weird drug deal and instead of drugs it was mexican food. My child actually made fun of me. Whatever kid!!!

The exchange was made...and then she smelled the rolled tacos and freshly made tortillas. Then she understood.

For dinner, we devoured our manna from heaven. And from where I sit now I see the stack of tortillas staring at me screaming: "EAT ME!!!"

So, there is only one thing left to decide...where shall I place the fat? My hips or my thighs? Because honestly, that large stack of tortillas will be gone by dinnertime.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stand Deliver...

I'd like to introduce you to one of the most absolutely coolest people I've ever mother. Both my parents are the most incredibly awesome people you'd ever meet. They are always there for us and are still there. When life kicks us down they are always there to help us get our feet back under us. In fact, on June 27th they will be there helping me as usual. They are going to drive my moving truck from California to Texas in a 25 plus hours of driving. For that I will always be grateful. They are the most fun people ever. Yes, we've had differences at times, but for goodness sake who hasn't?! This is also the woman who taught me what it is to be who I am and let people accept it or get out of the way. We've had fun vacations/experiences and even got in our trouble when we had a small food dad tried to send us to our rooms!!!

This weekend they've had a fun time visiting their old Southern California haunts and getting know distant cousins from the UK. They were sure to call me when they stopped by at one of the greatest mexican food places around that my early youth revolved around. My memories of living in Tahoe revolved around sports. Yes, we are all sports fans in my family. I remember my parents taking us to see the Chargers play with my family including Grandparents and I think cousins, but I can't be too sure of that one. Needless to say, we stopped off as a family to El Indio's near old town and picked up several large trays of rolled tacos/taquitos and packages of freshly made corn tortillas...I'm drooling right now just thinking of them.

I talked to my parents and they said they were driving home tomorrow. but first they will head over to El Indio's at 8:30am to order their goods where they will then pack them away into an ice chest and bring them home. As they pass my hometown on their way home they will be calling and we will meet on the side of the road where they will deliver my manna from heaven including a large package of fresh tortillas!!! I have the greatest parents! Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!

Paperback Writer...Introducing Scooter

Lately to de-stress myself I've found writing helps my nerves hold together. I am excited that my latest story is starting to take form and I've made it to my favorite second chapter. Yes, there will be a bazillion changes I need to make. it is actually pretty funny to see me write. I let it play out in my head like a movie. The first thing I do is learn to soo who they are...what they look like...where they come from and what makes them tick. Yes, I even know what type of toothpaste even the most minor character uses. Why? Because in my mind this is what forms their personality, their likes, their dislikes, who they are. I'll give you an example.

In the current novel I am working on, there is a character named Scooter. He is approximately 5'8" tall a little heavy set and in his late twenties. He has chin length light brown frizzy hair. He also has a beard and reminds me of Shaggy from Scooby Doo. He drives an old Ford Pinto wagon in olive green...just like the one my parents drove. However, he has a brilliant mind with regards to electronic equipment and cameras. He is an inventor of sorts. He was raised by his grandmother as his parents dies right after his younger sister was born and contrary to his looks believes strongly in etiquette and respecting women. He opens doors for women and feels comfortable cooking. His younger sister looks up to him as a father figure. It is a role he is comfortable in playing. He is patient and hardworking in all he does including his day job as the head tech on the Geek Squad. His favorite drink is raspberry lemonade and he loves to go see old B monster movies. Everyone loves Scooter. He has a great sense of humor and finds the good in all things. He is patient with others around him and rarely gets upset.

A slight confession...I adore Scooter. He is one of my favortie all time characters and yes, ladies, this includes a comparison to Edward Cullen. Sorry, I know, but he is a realistic Edward. Scooter is the type of gentleman I would want my daughters to marry, what he may look like.

I am grateful for the moments I have to develop my talents whatever they may be...I hope cooking is the next one!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Touching Moment...

Today at church I arrived at the normal early time...yes, I am always insanely early for church and as we were sitting there filling out our tithing slips in our normal pew...4th from the back. Why is it we sit in the same place everytime. We sat one row back once and someone commented on it. Whatever! Anyway, one of my beautiful Laurels approached. These are my girls. If you never guessed it...I ADORE these girls!!! I just love 'em!!! Well, nearly all of them are graduating this year and colleges are swimming around in their thoughts. Today one of my girls stopped by and sat down to talk.This darling girl has the voice of an angel and is one of my own...a drama geek.

Today this sweet girl nearly sent me to tears when she asked if I would attend her high school graduation this saturday. I am thrilled and excited that she would invite me. So, forget the garage sales this weekend, load up on tissues and charge up the's time to celebrate!!!

Long Day...

Yesterday was and end to end long day. I felt like the worst parent in the world this morning as I woke up and realized I had fallen asleep BEFORE my daughter made it home from the dance. I was so upset I woke up at 5am this morning as I had to check and make sure she made it home. I know: "Bad Mom!" I hate being like that.

Yesterday morning, I woke up bright and early as Saturday had rolled around and it was time for yet another garage sale. I'm beginning to hate garage sales except it does happen to get rid of some of the excess laying around here. I will keep pushing along however until we are ready to go.

The garage sale went well. I managed to send a few of a large collection of porcelain dolls to new homes where they would be appreciated. Pots and pans left on a good note as did a few other items. Next week we will see if we can send even more items away to new homes. The one problem with yesterday? It hit 96 degrees. GASP!!!! By the time we finished and pulled everything inside I was gasping for air. Unfortunately, no air conditioning means I must cool myself down in other ways ie cold shower, wet washcloth on my neck...coincidentally the only place I sunburned. needless to say that time in the sun made me exhausted and I went to relax until i saw a friend was in need of moving in one hour. I showed up to offer my truck, but by the end of the first trip my stomach was in knots and I knew I had to go home.

Most who know me know I don't deal well with heat. A few days or even a week do take their toll, but I survive amongst the screams of protest. When I was younger and we drove down to Sacramento for school in lake Tahoe there were nothing but t-shirt stores lining the streets for tourists...and I would get sick from the heat every single time. I'm still that way. So yesterday, too much activity sent me packing.

Yes, I feel guilty not waiting up for my daughter. I planned to. I was even watching a movie...never made it to the end though. I missed our quick rundown of what happened at the dance, who she danced with etc. Hopefully we can share that when she wakes up!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bring on the Heat!!!

I am VERY excited about the heat wave coming. It's going to be fabulous! I figure the kids and I can just float around in the pool...oh wait! I forgot! The pool has still not been fixed and there is the little issue of about 100 small fish in there. The original fish are still there, but there are now babies...lots of them.

So, yes, the heat will be delightful! I am pulling out the ol' space heater to really heat up this place!!! It's gonna be hot hot hot!!! So, let's heat it up a little bit. What is your best idea to heat up my can be anything! It can be a giant cup of hot cocoa to the spiciest salsa. Perhaps putting a little Bryan Adam singing "When you love a woman," or even a little bit of something to get your toe tappin' as you cook your family dinner. What is your opinion of how to really heat this place up?

And remember...with every comment I receive tomorrow morning from 7am-noon, pacific standard time, my little pink blackberry will vibrate and I will be outside standing in the 96 degree weather baking. I look forward to your comments!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Long Day...and Mission Unaccomplished

Seriously, I am quite exhausted. I've spent much of the day with the phone attached to my ear and rather willing to throw it directly into the wall. I am tired. I am frustrated and quite willing to hide under the covers until all is finished, but there is still so much left to do. I amanged to get the items out of the lower kitchen cupboards with the assistance of my darling children. We decided on the items that would stay while the others were rinsed off from the dust and put into the garage sale pile. So much to do and so little time. I am sick of it all.

The good news...I've made a date for the move. June 27th is D-Day for us. The kids finish school on the 26th for the school year and we will depart the day following. Whether I am ready or not. Whether any of us is ready or not. We will be ready. I've got about 5-6 weeks to be to that point. It's all good. Plenty of time to go through everything and rid myself of whatever doesn't make it into my "I love so much I cannot part with it pile." It's a great freedom to purge everything from your house you don't use. I love it!!! what a wonderfully easy unpack it will be!!!

Anyway all, I plan on disappearing for a small bit of time. Perhaps just a week or two. I've developed a rather nasty little cold draining my system. As some may know I must watch myself closely, perhaps more closely with the Swine Flu rumbling around, whenever I catch a cold as I've got very weak lungs since the two pneumonia bouts a few years ago. Needless to say it is bedrest, sleep, and much Vitamin C pumping into my system.

Ciao Bellas!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today is a Fabulous Day...

With a chest cold I've had a tough time getting to sleep. Truth be told I've had a tough time sleeping since hubby has left. I've been anxious about our future not knowing where it is going and worrying about this that and everything. Right now my hubby's biggest fear is me and the swine flu. Having weak lungs he is very nervous about me protracting it from somewhere...and no...while visiting my parents I did not kiss either of their pigs...aptly named "Sweet and Sour."

With hubby beginning his new job on Monday the sun is shining a little brighter...well it was until I learned a few details about tonight.

Tonight is mutual my friends and as it is combined this week we are having a karaoke contest. I donated the first place trophy and everything. Anyone who has been on a Carnival Cruise might recognize these bad boys!!!
I came home with for being the team leader in Match Game and my personal favorite was knowing WAYYYYY too much about cartoon trivia....including Snow White's sister's name. I know...freaky! So I am donating one to the winner tonight. They can take it home and I don't have to pack it...I know...... GENIUS!!!!! RIGHT?!?!?

Here was the part I heard from my dear son. There is a panel of four judges set up. I know them all fairly well. Apparently it will be an American Idol type deal except instead of one mean judge aka Simon...there will be two aka ME!!! They thought I could most definitely pull of the mean judge. OUCH!!! But it has been fun coming up with a few insults for the kids I know will understand it is all in fun.

So, if you have any fun insults send them my way...I can use all the help I can get!!!

Target Just Gets Better and Better.

Anyone who really knows me knows that I adore Target. I especially love the housewares section. Truly you can get some great things at a fabulous price. However, I have one more thing to truly love about Target...they hired my hubby. Down in good ol' San Antonio at the Target Supercenter...yes ladies and gentleman... I said hubby will start his orientation next Monday. I am so proud of him for working hard and finding a job. It may not seem like the perfect job for some, but it is the perfect job for him and I am thrilled for him. Not to mention the perks of working there. HELLO!!! I love discounts on already discounted stuff. Can we say FABULOUS?!?!?! I love the way Target truly takes care fo their employees and families. I was reading all the info about the perks of working there and I am so thrilled and excited. Everything from vacation, 401k, education reimbursment for himself as well as educations loans for family members. So today, through the thick black murky clouds that have swirled over my head for some time there is a ray shooting through and showing me there truly is hope in all things.

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Times Like This...

It is times like this I am thankful to have the Word of Wisdom in my life. For those who may not be a Latter-Day Saint the Word of Wisdom is in its essence is a commandment from the Lord to forgo the consumption of alcohol, coffee, illegal drugs and encourages us to eat healthy foods, vegetables and grains.

Anyway, back to the subject of hand. It is times like this I am thankful for the Word of Wisdom because when hubby went in for his interview...and was there for three hours...then was sent in for the drug test there are no worries involved. I am so excited for him because the confidence inside of him is growing and he has gone from the frustrated hubby to happy that he finally has found something. He is especially excited because they have agreed to make allowances for his church attendance. Hey may still have to work on Sundays, but they are willing to work around his church obligations so I am thrilled!!!

Soon we hope to be celebrating...thanks everyone for your support!!!


2:00 is a nice time. In the afternoon the day hasn't hit its hottest point yet. The kids are still in school for an hour more. My day doesn't kick in until then.
So, why am I talking about 2:00? Because it is 2:00 right now...of course I am talking AM instead of PM. Yes, I am awake here at 2am. WHY?! Because this morning I am like a toddler in the dead center of the terrible twos who is so tired she can't sleep. Makes absolutely no sense does it? It never does. For now I watch movie after movie. A this hour of the morning it is always dicey just what movies will be available, but I have found one I've been wanting to watch for some time. Coincidence...perhaps, so for now I will enjoy every bit of my lack of sleep.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why we do what we do:

It's for the tiny giggles coming straight from the belly.

It's for the tiny feet taking their first steps.

It's for the first smile you can't attribute to gas.

It's for the very moment they become completely potty trained.

It's for their first baths.

It's for late night feedings.

It's for the teary eyed smile when you kiss their boo-boo away.

It's for the all nighters when they are sick.

It's for the last look before they walk into their kindergarten for the first time without you.

It's for that same first day when you don't know what to do with yourself during the few hours they are in school.

It's for the look of relief when they emerge from their classroom and see you waiting with open arms.

It's for the snack you share when they tell you all about their school day.

It's for the day you help them overcome frustrations on a homework assignment.

It's for their first day of middle school and realizing your baby is no longer a baby.

It's the celebration of womanhood when your daughters have their first period.

It's for the smile spread across your face when you overhear two girls talk about how cute your son is.

It's for having to have "the talk" with your kids when they ask.

It's for the days when you see your child succeed at something they struggled with in school.

It's for the sadness you feel when your child talks about what college they want to attend.

It's the comfort you feel when your teenagers ask for your advice AND listen to your answer.

It's for the day you can go to a chick flick with your daughters and have a blast.

It's when your teenage son hugs you and says he'll always give you hugs, but...ahem...not in front of his friends.

It's for the steps they've taken, the people they have become and holding onto the knowledge that all the love you've given them, the lessons taught as a toddler and the nights spent watching over them while they were sick.

It's every single moment you've given them and seeing their beautiful spirits emerge as the morph from the newborn baby to the adults expecting their first baby and ready to start the same journey.

This my friends is why we celebrate motherhood today.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Heart is Full, My body Sunburnt...

Today was another garage sale and unfortunately it was a major dud for me. Others had better luck, but it was pretty much worthless to set things out and not have them leave. Frustrated beyond all belief I had to haul a lot of it back inside. Was it a loss? No, I wouldn't say that. The reason? A handful of former customers dropped by the garage sale to send their well wishes. I am indeed grateful for their show of support. It meant the world to me that not only one woman dropped by, but her daughter followed later on to show their support. Afterwards, I forced myself to go to the store and pick up a few things for breakfast and dinner tomorrow. I am incredibly grateful at this moment. So, tell me...what are the chances? What are the chances that while being exhausted after a day in the sun I would pull into my favorite store, pull into just the right spot at just the right time in order to get out, walk towards the store at just the right time to see a family walking back to their vehicle at just the right time in order to see the mother wearing one of our "Caldron's General Store" t-shirts I had designed. It reminded me at that moment in time Heavenly Father has this all under his control. I see the blessings coming and the dominoes are beginning to really fall.

Hubby has an interview on Monday with Target. He has humbled himself and realizes a job is a job right now and things are merely things. We do not need another fabulous vacation, wandering the streets of Venice, though it does sound dreamy. Right now, we need to work together to find our way in this crazy world. Hubby has finally decided to go back to school...something with his attitude towards school and his difficulty in understanding due to learning deficiencies I thought would never happen. I told him he could do some learning online and I could take time to help him understand and we could work on it together if needs be. He has sufficiently humbled himself and sounds like a new man. He is letting go of his frustrations and anger of disappointments. He is metamorphosing into the man I always knew he had the potential to become. Monday he walks into Target for a job interview. Most people would say Target is for after school jobs, but for him it is a chance to shine and start anew.

Earlier today I talked to my father-in-law who has been helping me on a major project. He unbelievably has found someone wanting to buy the train car...yes, our dear old boxcar. Perhaps before it leaves I will dare to climb up to the top of it and look down upon my little corner kingdom. Fabulous!!!For now the rest of the project is under wraps, but we shall see how it goes...the dominoes are falling after all!!!

Tonight my daughters babysat three lovely kids and when I talked to my oldest I could here the frustration in her voice. She felt a bit of a failure as she had to call the parents because she couldn't get one to listen. I listened to her frustration and felt her heart was worn from the day. However, she also had a note of appreciation in her voice for all that Mom's go through.

Tomorrow for Mother's Day the kids and I will spend the morning making strawberry syrup for pancakes, and then getting dressed for church. Afterwards I will teach my kids how to roast a chicken and how to stuff it. All three love to cook. My 11 year old knows how to sautee mushrooms, all three can create fabulous omelettes, my son baked blueberry muffins as a special treat for him and I tonight. I am grateful for the children I have. And though I do not have my dear hubby here, his heart is here beating in my chest reminding me in the eternal perspective our distance is but a sigh. So,yes...I miss him, but I feel the time is appraching fast. We will be moving in the next month and will find each other still being eternal sweethearts and knowing that our seperation was necessary to make us stronger and improve our attitudes in a way which would be impossible any other way.

Happy Mother's Day from me to all my fellow mothers!! I love you all!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Truth be told...

Things could be much worse!!!

The man who has a crush on me could be least at the age of 75 I am fairly guaranteed I can outrun him!!!

The property may go into foreclosure... however for the time being we have a roof over our head and money in our pockets.

We are having a garage sale....I am blessed to kow the items I am getting rid of...are just things...nothing more than "things"

My husband is in Texas looking for a job...I have him for eternity, a couple months apart will not kill us!

My husband is in Texas looking for a job...I am grateful to have a husband who isn't sitting around instead of trying to find a job.

the truth shall set you free!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here I am...

This is me, the woman who truly believes insanity is a step away. I have been on the go, non-stop...without going anywhere. I honestly believed much of my stress would drop off with Hubby being busy looking for a job. I find myself now wanting to chuck my phone as hard as I can at the brick wall outside. I am dead tired. I am having such a hard time balancing all that needs to get accomplished here alongside giving hubby the support he needs in what seems to be 24/7. I notice when he is frustrated he throws it all back...and I take it. Why? Because I love him...for time and all eternity...I love him. He will in turn handle all of my frustration while we are down there and I am looking for a job. I know he will support me, that's what marriage is all about.

The good news for the day...we have interest in the property and if that doesn't work out we have interest in selling the incredible aged barn wood that lines the inside of our store. One way or another I will make the money to make my way down south. The calmness dwelling in my heart is incredible. In the past few days I have learned my family's name has been put in temples in Fresno, Oakland, Sacramento, London and Los Angeles. It brought tears to my eyes to know of the fasting, prayers and sincere love and support across the globe from our friends.

Gratefulness is what rules my heart and mind. I am grateful for the friends who call, the e-mails sent and the laughter I've been given. The other night I sincerely laughed my fanny off...of course I found it later on...bummer I know. Laughter was something which has eluded me for some time. So I ask everyone to find a reason to laugh today for me. Spread the joy!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Job Search...

Seriously I've read this description of Food Defense Specialist and I still have absolutely no clue what this job really is. Can someone help me?!

Serves as a Food Defense Specialist within the Food Safety Division, Food Defense Program. Assists program manager in the planning, conducting, reporting, and evaluating food defense assessments and programs. Performs food defense assessments with higher headquarters assessment teams, supports installation food defense programs, supports special event food programs, conducts or supports the investigation of food recalls, and trains personnel on food defense. Participates in food defense assessments for special events, either as the lead or a team member. Administers the Food Defense Program as directed by the Food Defense Program Manager, Headquarters Veterinary Command, and regulatory guidance. Prepares and submits for approval, technical food defense assessment reports of installations and special events. Assists in the preparation, review, staffing, and implementation of policy and procedures related to food defense and safety of subsistence.

So, all I got out about it was a food fight specialist!!!

8 Things...

Momza...this is for you!!!!


I'm looking forward to:
Seeing my hubby again
Sleeping through the night
Finishing the perfect resume
Finshing my latest novel
Seeing my latest novel published
Related to that...walking into barnes and noble and seeing my book there.
Watching my children's dreams come true

I did yesterday:
worked on resume
watched a chick flick
played with the kids

I wish I could do:
Find a job for my hubby
move today
sell the property
take a long relaxing family vacation
finish my resume
snap my fingers and have everything done
finish my novel today.

Shows I watch:
paranormal tv
ghost hunters
ghost hunters international
dancing with the stars
any chick flick you can think of
deadliest catch
any Disney sitcom plus iCarly

People I tag:


Where has it gone?

I remember sitting up late as a teenager not watching slasher movies like many of my peers, but the classics such as "Casablanca" or even such musicals as "Brigadoon."

Such epic love stories these days have been replaced by those infused with pure lust and sex. What happened to love stories that touched on ones own emotions rather than relying on showing as much skin to the youngest youth allowed. I long for a movie to emerge from what is considered the norm which truly touches the emotions and lifts the spirit. Triumphing over the adversities of life.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Welcome to beautiful California...ROADTRIP!!!

Welcome to glamorous land of sun and celebrities!!!!

Oh and uh, know...the not so glamorous side...That home is worth about 1 million dollars...just kidding!!!! Real Estate though here is undeniably expensive here, well it was anyway, until the recession hit.

Anyway, it was a road trip weekend for me as I drove up to my sis-in-law's house. I left thed kids at her house with their cousins and we took off early in the morning for a road trip of eternal proportion. My brother-in-law and Sister-in-law were getting sealed for time and all eternity. Thought my dear hubby was unable to attend, still searching for a job, his spirit was there. For a mother and father it must have been a very tender moment to see 8 of their children and spouses at the temple at one time.

Congratulations Frank & Kathy!!! It was a beautiful sweet moment to see their tender kiss over the altar and I am grateful I was there.

The ride home? Very adventurous and wild, but my lips are sealed...what happens on a roadtrip...stays on a roadtrip.

We made it home by 10:45pm...then I had to drive to my parents house...thankfully just around a few corners. We zonked out for the night and woke up the next morning to head off to church