Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What the Heckie!?!?!?....And a Tag!!!

I was sleeping... Nice and comfy!!! No stress in my life and that was a good thing!!! A lot of the items were picked up yesterday for camp...including 10,000 cups. I have two more people picking items up before the weekend so I am feeling fairly confident in getting everything all together. So...then why am I awake at some fabulous hour of 5am (note...I've been awake for an hour). Our dogs began to bark. A lovely little creature called a possum wandered along the fenceline. FABULOUS!!

So here I am!!!

Now, to complete my tag and hopefully go back to sleep. I received a tag to write down 6 things that describe life...something of the anture so here they are!!!
1. creative
2. cautious
3. frustrated
4. hopeful
5. exhausted
6. growing

Let you all figure that one out!!!

And now for my tags!!! Here they go: Jen, Lora,Laura, Emma, and....Tami


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