Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sorry for the lack of info...

We are planning on heading out of California and moving to San Antonio. I left out that detail...sorry guys. Don's brother and his family live there and I think now is a good time for them to be in the same city to have friends to spend time with. No, we are not planning to be live "Everybody loves Raymond" and suffocate them, but it will be nice to have their kids nearby. I have missed watching them growing up.
We will wait and see how they react to the news.

Here was the reaction from my kids:
Bryan: "Uh, Okay, whatever."
Molly: "I get my own room?! YES!!!" what you couldn't see is she knocked the chair over.
Corinna: bursting into tears thinking her life is over. Typical teen, but she has her best friend calming her down as she realizes that they still have phone, e-mails and they can still attend EFY together. She will survive I promise you!!!!
Don & Mine is pure excitement!!!

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Our Family said...

How about one more Tahoe adventure before you go? And will the travel agent connection still be good?

While I am sad to see you go; like we talked about on the phone I am trilled for you and the peace this will bring your whole family!

Besides, I think we e-mail and talk more than phone than we see you in person and you live in the same town, so now we have a new place to visit and our connection will still be the same except on Sundays!