Thursday, July 10, 2008

One Watermelon...Two Watermelon...Three...Four...Five!!! Plus one makes 5 1/2

Fabulous news today...As we exited the store we felt that glorious hot wind kicking up. Now, why would that be a sign for celebration?! Of course, you know that with that incredibly blustering wind surrounding us was a sign of the coolness returning to the night. I AM GOING TO SLEEP TONIGHT!!! Wahoo!!!! You can't see my happy dance kicking in right now.

Before sleepy time could kick in though we had our list of things to do. First off was dinner and then return Bryan's backpack and brace for a fight with the manager since my receipt was non-existant. As it turns out the manager was more than willing to help and looked up our receipt from Monday and made a copy of it for us in case anyhting else happened. I was thrilled that we had such an easy time of it. Thank you Scott!!! From there we stopped by a fruit stand to pick up soem watermelons for the beach. The sweet little hispanic couple selling them told us $6 per watermelon. it was more than a fair price so we agreed and I paid them. They then ahggled with themselves to give us a better deal wince we were taking all five. We insisted that they stick to the original bargain since it was a fair deal. In the end they gave us an extra watermelon to enjoy. Afterwards we dropped off the kids...and watermelons at the house and took off to the grocery store. We did all of our shopping and asked the checker to bag three bags with paper so we could reuse them to recover the kids' schoolbooks. Instead they bagged them all in plastic and then packed away 6 bags...unused...for us to use later. As we unpacked I excused myself to the restroom and when I returned my oldest put away all the groceries so we could go swimming to cool off one last time while it was cooling off. Needless to say, it was a great day!!!!

I hoipe you all have a great day as well!!!

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Jan said...

Hope you have a great day today Tammy. And the watermelon makes me very hungry for it.