Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lake House...And Twilight

Ok!! So, after tackling the "blob" in my room I have found one of my ultimate favorite chick flicks. It is not because it contains Sandra Bullock, one of my many faves, or even Keanu Reeves, not that it hurts, but I love the storyline. Have any of you seen the Lake House? I love the fact that it is a fabulous love story with a twist. It doesn't involve sex right off the bat ...in fact...no nudity. LOVE THAT!!! Am I the only one gung ho for this movie. I know, it is an odler one, but i still love it!!!
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And here is a link that will take you to ET to see the latest of Twilight. Enjoy checking it out!!!


Jen said...

I liked that movie...but I questioned my own intelligence asking people, "is that even possible?". I just read a book by James Patterson, the author, called Sundays At Tiffany's. It was a cute, summer read filled with many of the same charms as the Lake House. I can let you borrow it if you want. I read it in about 2 days, so did Lynne.

Jan said...

I have watched that movie probably 4 times. Every time I see and learn something new or different. It's an awesome movie. And I too love the fact that it doesn't involve all the garbage. Just a love story and the kiss is saved for the end. And what a kiss that was. It was well deserved.

Our Family said...

I liked it, but I'm still not sure I have a grasp on how it all worked out, but I think Lauren may have been a newborn when I saw and given my current lack of common sense with Tyler in the house, I suppose it was the same with Lauren and maybe I should watch it again.

I am planning on starting Twilight this weekend (as there is nothing on the agenda- don't holsd your breath). And I still need to return and purchase my own copy of the fanatastic Dragon of My Dreams book!

Redhoodoos said...

I really liked this movie. Haven't seen it for a while. Maybe I'll rent it this weekend. Thanks for the reminder of a great flick! Sandra Bullock is my favorite actress.

The Robin's Nest said...

My Mom and I both really liked that movie. And like Jan we learn or see something different every time we watch it. I need to see it again now that you brought it up!
Hey Tammy...Thanks so much for taking time to write that Rice Chex recipe out for me-So super sweet of you! Sounds REALLY REALLY good! I could use the extra calories...I've lost a lot since the doctor took me off gluten last January! I've now found decent crackers AND cereal now I just have to find a bread that's worth eating.
Hang in there with the girls camp!
Blessings to you for being there!

Poetry of Life said...

I have seen the movie, but only remember parts as it was a very long time ago. Did they end up together? If they did, then I probably liked it. I like happy endings.

Thanks so much for the Twilight link! I'm going to re-read all three books either next week or at camp.