Thursday, July 3, 2008

Absolutely nothing...

Really honestly and truly I have nothing to blog about. There is no major news in my life, I am not least not today anyway, I am sleepy and my head does not seem to be connected to the rest of me right now. So, what am I doing here then?

I blog therefore I am!!!! Does that make sense. I would surprised if it did right now.Nothing make sense but it all makes sense. OOohh! Look out!!! I am feeling philosophical...even it I can't spell it properly.

I have been e-mailing Corinna's new teacher back and forth a few times over the past day and a half. She seems like a very nice woman and I look forward to getting to know her...much to Corinna's dismay. In fact, her head sank lower and lower knowing that I am getting to know her teacher and the first day of school is next Monday. The way I figure it though is that if I teacher is willing to put her hand out there to get to now the parents and the children she teaches, yes Corinna, children...then I should be able to keep contact. No pressure though right? Oh for those of you who have young children. Enjoy them...Enjoy your freedom before they get into school! Enjoy them before they start to talk back. I think back to before my kids could talk...bliss. Of course then I remember all of the diapers and potty training. No, I am definitely good where I am at!!!!

Molly is growing up. my baby is no longer. She is a young lady now and growing bigger than ever before. Yes, she still likes her snuggles and cuddle time, but she is definitely getting older. I can barely believe she will be in the 6th grade already. Time sure flies. I guess if I blink they will be graduating high school and all headed off to college. Ahh the fun and excitement!!!!

Bryan, well, my little guy is gone right now at scout camp. He will get home either tomorrow night or Saturday morning. He is just a good kid. I think the guy time with his buddies is going to give him a good break. Tonight I will shop for his school supplies since we won't have time this weekend to do it. His teacher was hoping for him to be ready for the first day of school so I guess I had better be ready. Ahh the fun and excitement!!!!

Don is dead asleep. he was so tired last night when I got home. I kept him up until about 11pm so he will sleep for some time longer. I hope he does anyway. I don't need to deal with a grump today. More than likely with the holiday coming up he will be keeping busy filling up propane cylinders for BBQ'ers. It should be interesting. I will try and finish up the camp shopping list and finalize the order to Sysco for delivery to the camp. I am hoping that he keeps busy and so do I throughout the day. So much fun so little time!!!

You know, it stinks to have nothing to write about!!!!


Jan said...

I feel the same way alot of the time. I say "what do I have to blog about" all the time.

But you had a lot of great things to say. Your family is doing great and you seem like a very happy person, so just blog nothing. It worked today.

Happy 4th to you and your family.

Jules said...

Ha ha. Good thing things were slow your way.