Monday, July 21, 2008

Almost there....

Well dear hubby helped me finish the shopping for Girl's Camp. The only thing I have left that I need is: some baking powder and baking soda. not bad to be honest and unbelievably I have come just under budget. I am hoping that I make it completely, but the jury is still out on that one!!! We shall see... Here is what my living room looks like:

I can tell you all are jealous of me having Costco in my very own living room. I hope that it will be gone soon. I have some of the cooks loading up kitchen items tomorrow night and taking them home with them. They will bring them up. It's all good from there. I have more things to haul up in the garage. How thrilled am I?!?!?!

The funny thing is...this isn't all of our food. We have a half semi coming up on saturday. Now I know you are jealous!!! Wouldn't it be great if we could buy our groceries and have everything delivered when we wanted them. I know I know, Safeway does do it around here. I may have them do it over the holidays. Until then, we shall see.
I am hoping the stress is gone now. Anxieties will arise. I can pretty much guarantee that. I am grateful to my friends who have really checked in on me knowing that I am going downhill. please know, anxieties always hit me when I am dealing with being in charge. I despise being in charge, but I know that I will grow from all of this. From the moment I stop the truck at camp they will all be gone and I will then let the games begin and pray I did all right. I am so not good at this.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day!!! And remember: Whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger! I wanna be weak though!!!!!


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Redhoodoos said...

Good for you. I hate being in charge too. And I hate growing. But we try, right?!

I also get stressed out with projects. But hey - you're almost there! Your food looks so organized.

Good luck.

Hatch Family said...

what a job! it will be much appreciated, but i'm sure you are already worn out....