Thursday, July 10, 2008

In the car this morning...

As you can imagine my kids, hubby and I are on edge. We went swimming at 9:30 last night just to cool off before bedtime and the kids went to sleep in their wet swimsuits. So,this morning of course they are dead tired and are feeling sluggish and icky after enduring the heat of yesterday. Side note, they only endured the heat at bedtime as they were kept busy with homework here at the store and then went swimming right before we came home and went out to eat and to the mall for Daddy's birthday. So, I shuttled them off to school and we decided to pick up a couple bagels for breakfast. As we are driving we hear, on the radio, a commercial for real California milk. They are basically saying that we need to drink milk from California rather than from other states. There is one catch...the women talking on the commercial have New York accents. In the words of my daughter when she was three: "WHAT THE HECKIE?!" Sure, try to convince me to spend my money on local business when you have a couple of New yorkers talking!!! Grand idea!!! Am I overreacting or does that make sense in some sort cosmic funky way? My brain could be as melted as the candles on my wall from two years ago when we had the worst heat wave in history.

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