Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gnome Tag!!!

I have been hit by the the game of Gnome Tag in our ward!!! I accept your challenge Miss Emma and will take you on instantly. This is what my gnome is up to:

I know, I know!!! Just what you were thinking...Travel...that's no surprise!!!!! If your little gnome friend makes it to my house I guarantee not to disappoint with the picture..I have plans already!!! Mwahahahaha!!!!

For all of those who know nothign of what I am talking about...just ignore me today!!! Well, just forget it. I am slightly insane. You might as well know all about me! It seems Miss Emma knows me well!!!!


Redhoodoos said...

Well he is a cute little gnome.

Jan said...

You gnome what, I like that guy.

Jen said...

We will drop off the REAL gnome after you get back from camp....or you can tell me who you'd like to gnome and we can drop it off to them for you. :)