Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just another day for me...

First and foremost, I wanted to thank all my blogging and not so blogging friends out there for all the happy wishes for my birthday. I really did have a good day. There were a few bumps in the road, but that is the anture of work. If it wasn't hard at times it would be called "vacation" instead of "work." So, I bee bopped off to work and enjoyed myself during the day. We had a really good time yesterday. Hubby surprised me with a card at my computer.

After work Molly, my 10 yr old, made me spaghetti for dinner. It was dee-lish!!!! From there we put on our shoes and made our annual trek out to the shops for the family to pick out little doo-dads to give to me. It is actually funny to see the kids try so hard to buy something that they know I will like. Here is what they came up with:

Bryan, before he left for scout camp, went out and bought me a little fish candle votive holder plus some scented candles. They smell yummy!!!!!!

Molly went next. She bought me a cute little patchwork bag. I loved it. The colors go with everything. Corinna, my artsy one, opted to buy me a picture frame along with a large picture of a gondola in Venice. Funny thing was. I knew exactly where that bridge was in the picture. Don did to so we had a good time laughing about that one. Don went a bit more traditional. He bought me a really cute pair of vans decorated in pink, black and white with the profile of a geisha on top. I LOVED the design when I saw it originally. He also bought me special socks the girls were not allowed to touch. That was not enough for my dear hubby. He then went to the "Smelly Lotion Store," aka Bath & Body Works for those of you who do not have boys. He filled up on scented lotions and body wash for me. Afterwards, I was looking forward to relaxing at home, but hubby was not done. he thought I needed a cake and so we stopped by Coldstone for a cake.

Unfortunately, we did not have candles here at the house so hubby put matches in the cake. it was quite the blaze. I only captured half of the forest fire on my cake. Sorry girls!!!

And finally, my girls each drew me a picture. The first one is me as a Tooth Fairy. Thanks Molly!!!

The last is a portrait from my oldest, Corinna. Thanks for the nice figure!!!! man I look good!!!


Jan said...

Wow Tammy, your family really came through for you on making it a special day. They are all so talented and thoughtful. You should be so proud of that.

Have a great day today too.

Jen said...

You know what??? You have one special hubby and one great set of kids!I love it all, you have to save those drawings!

Nicole Palmer said...

Hey Aunt Tammy, it's Nicole. Happy late Birthday!!! and I have to say Cori is an EXCELLENT little artist!!! she definatly takes after you!