Friday, July 11, 2008

Glorious morning...

For those of you who are not living in the immediate area, you may not understand the bliss of a morning where you are not sweating to death, panting and dehydrated...and that is just waking up!!! This morning was that morning. In the last post I was so excited because of the hot wind. Guess what?! The wind died down last night as we laid in bed waiting for the cooling effect to take over our house. Nothing!!! I held my hand up to the screen above my head and it felt cool. I fell asleep easily letting my tired bones sink into the mattress. This morning...waking up on my own...I felt that cool air all over the house. Hopefully, that means no grumpy kids... we shall see in about 30 minutes. It will be a blissful day. The heat lamps have been turned off for the time being and that means our customers will find their way out to shop today. That is good all around!!!

Have a fabuloso day!!!

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The Robin's Nest said...

Hi Tammy...
I just love your banner... LOVE it!

Speaking of the weather... Can you believe I had a space heater on me this morning because I left the windows opened last night and it got too cold in the house! Crazy huh? I was born in Southern California and much of my family is still there...Seattle temps are so different-The weather here took a long time to get used to (4 years) And even after 4 years I am still always cold???
Hope you have a great weekend!