Thursday, July 24, 2008

I woke up at....and boy am I grateful!!!

5:13 am!!! Yay me!!! Well, technically I did wake up at 4:10am but I just used the restroom and got back into bed forcing myself to go back to sleep. IT WORKED!!!! For the first time in ages I got some sleep. I am so thrilled!!!! Ok! Yes, I did get up earlier than anticipated, but I think that is just the stress of trying to get ready. Tonight, I shall pack my clothes and items for camp. So, hopefully today I will be getting most of my work done... at the store and then we can come home and start packing. Yay!!!!I am so grateful that I have a hubby that is willing to help get me all situated. I am also grateful that he is willing to let me go for week and ditch him and the other two kids. Honestly, I think the stress has been too much for me and I doubt I will do this again next year. I don't think I can mentally handle it. I am quite sure though that someone else can. We shall see what happens.

I am also truly grateful for the spirit. Yesterday, while talking with my hubby we seemed to have both come to the same conclusion, but were afraid to make it known to the other person. I know that it was really a tough decision that we made, but we were able to finally get it all out in the open between us and agree on a decision that apparently has weighed down on our spirits. Once we made the decision our entire spirits felt lighter and we felt that calm assurance that you only get when you are listening to the spirit. I am truly grateful for that calm assurance and I am sorry that we cannot tell you of what this decision is yet. I assure you that I will let you know what the decision was that we came to, but first we need to take care of a few thins to make sure it will come through all right. I've got you curious...haven't I? It is a very good thing, I promise. I also promise I will tell you when the time is right. Until then, keep smiling and I will write again later!!!

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Jan said...

Glad you got that much needed sleep and hope that gives you the energy to carry on. And I love the spirit too. Glad He is there working in our lives always.