Thursday, July 24, 2008

News...from the assylum.

Hi all!
Well, I hinted that things are changing here at this time and they are. I forewarn any family members that are perusing this page. We have not yet told Mom & Dad so please do not let them know before we do. Don and I, after much thought, prayer and fasting have decided to put the store up for sale in November. We see the trend of western wear and animal feed dropping and I don't see it picking up anytime soon. Due to the foreclosures happening here we have decided it is better to get out now while we can. We will be able to pay off our loan, buy a new house in a suburb and pay cash for it and live completely debt free. It sounds Heavenly to me. Don will get a job to pay our utility bills as well as our food bill and to have medical insurance for us. We can live within our means and really feel good about it. I like that!!! We have just made this decision and the kids have no idea quite yet. Don is picking them up from school right now. Hopefully, it will sell so that the kids can finish out their school year here and not have to miss out on anything. we are relaxed and excited for the change. now, we just need to tackle the kids. We shall see!!! As far as I am concerned though, our main objective is to live debt free. that will be the best.


Poetry of Life said...

Wow! Very Big News! Are you going to try to stay in town?

Jen said...

:( :( I am sad, but I am so glad you are both reassured. HOw nice to be on the same page! And how nice you are both in tune with the Spirit at the same time! Congrats on the new adventure!!!!!!