Friday, July 4, 2008

All American Girl!!!

I lvoe Independence Day for many reasons, however the main reason is tht I get the time to spend with my family & friends. We are looking forward to a day filled with laughter and relaxation. No thoughts on business, no worries about the taxes and bills. We are actually in a very good position right now and I am thankful for that. my youngest, molly, decided to help me make the pasta salad. we talked about Al Dente and other girls stuff while she got her hands dirty so to say. In the end I taught hewr how to make the salad and she made it. the only thing I did was to cook the pasta. She was busy making pancakes for her Daddy. No, we didn't make it to the pancake breakfast...I slept in until 8:23am. What a blessed day!!!

I hope your day is filled with relaxation and friends, fun and fireworks!!!
Happy Independence Day to all!!!!!

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Jules said...

And the pasta salad looks deeeelish!
And from distance, if you squint...... a lot...... and are in the right frame of mind, it looks like a giant chocolate chip cookie. Alright, TO ME, it looks like a giant cookie. Apparently I'm in the right frame of mind! LOL