Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Holy Guacamole Batman!!!!

I need my dear fabulous blogging friends' creativity out there. As I am sitting in my dungeon of an office and trying to be creative while also working on monthly taxes my head is a bit fuzzy. here is my question. Girl's Camp is coming at the end of this month. This year we have a Super hero theme. I spent most of yesterday here at work drawing pictures of all of our super heros for each day including favorite. Anyway, We are desperately trying to come up with a name for the kitchen. For example...the quilting area of camp is called "The Fortress of Quilts" they actually named it that last year which was a VERY funny skit. So, any ideas what we can name the kitchen. get everyone involved!!!! I need help!!! In fact, let's turn this into a contest!!! I will put together a Super Pack of some fun stuff for the winner. My cut off day will be this Monday at 3:00pm. I will send the entries to the camp kitchen staff and let them pick their favorite!!!

Good Luck!
And May the Force Be With You!!!!

Yes, I know it is from Star Wars...can't you see what taxes do to me...they are really taxing my patience...oh that was bad!!!!


Poetry of Life said...

Ok, Can we do it more than once? So far I have:

Incredicooks! (from Incredibles)

Poetry of Life said...

Or the Fantastic Foodsome!

Redhoodoos said...

How about...
Iron Pan or Superpan. Gastric City. Wonder Young Women Cafe.

Sorry. Dumb. That's all I got!