Monday, July 14, 2008

Ready for bed...

We kept VERY busy today. By the time we dropped the kids off at school we were ready for breakfast so we headed out to the good ol' Banta Inn for our weekly breakfast date. Afterwards I kept my poor hubby busy running from one place to another trying to finish all the excess camp things I needed to finish. I managed to pick up some gloves...Thanks Brent for your help!!!.... check prices on all the things that I need, buy hand sanitizer for the week, check more prices at several stores and then pick up the kids before they think we forgot. We come home and head over to the local music store, then to the grocery store to buy garbage bags. I then come home and clean up my half of the room...yes, it desperately needed it. Picture a giant pile of clothes and shoes that never got put away properly. They add on more and more until finally it turns into the blob and is swallowing other items, purses, hats and small children. I am very thankful the blob has been sent away...possibly to my children's rooms. Slowly, i will pick up the rest of the all of my free time. I am concentrating mostly on the camp items since I have very little time. FABULOUS!!!!

Well friends. I have done enough...I am ready for bed!!! Good night! And Sweet Dreams!!!

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Jan said...

The Blob. How funny is that name. It is the best description so far. I have had a few blobs floating around the house before and it consumes alot of things for sure.
Have fun getting ready for camp.