Monday, July 21, 2008

Much too early...

You would think that on my day off I could sleep in. No, not the case. I still ahve to get the kids to school and start my day out. Today on my adventures we are going to be heading over to Ripon to pick up cases of pourable eggs for camp. My entire life this week revolves aorund camp...except friday night that is. Friday night hubby and I are heading out for a date night. we are driving in to see Toby Keith over in Mountain View. It should be fun and take my mind off of camp. Because, what you don't know is that I woke up this morning at 5am and my thoughts were focused directly on camp. Oh my brain just hurts thinking about it!!! I am dead tired of thinking about it but the only thing I can do is to just head over and complete all of my shopping trips. Then I can focus on packing it all away and being ready for it all. Ahh the fun and excitement!!!!

And I still have to pack and do the laundry...and clean out the fridge!!!! I am leaving grocery shopping to the hubby and two kids. I jsut cna't even think about it all!!!! AAARGH!!! I am losing my mind!!!!! HELP ME!!!! Waaaaaahhhh!!!

No really, I am fine...just fine. No, there is nothign you can do to help me! I can lose my mind all on my own! I am quite self sufficient you know!!!!!

Just kidding. i just can't sleep. That's all!! I haven't gone completely's just my personality anyway!!!

Have a great day all!!!

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Jan said...

So sorry about this Tammy. I go through spurts of non sleeping too, and it just ripple affects every aspect of your life. I hope you can get caught up somehow. Take Care.