Sunday, May 25, 2008

Being an avid sports fan...

It all started because quite honestly there weren't any show that could keep our itnerests. I look back to the tiem where every thursday night we could sit and watch the Cosby show that was humorous and uplifting. I miss the days were we had those happy endings every half an hour. I miss the days where Tim Taylor wanted "more power" (insert grunts here). Entertaining shows!!! Where are they?! I can't watch the news any longer because quite honestly I am tired of hearing of the horrible things that happen in these times. Believe me, I am not out of touch with the happenings in this great big world of ours, but I read the news on the internet because I ahve a better chance of filtering what I see and read. If it is big news I will hear of it, but my kids don't have to watch it or hear it when they pass the tv.

So, hubby and I have watched a lot of sports on tv. We enjoy it. It is healthy competition where one team wins and one team loses. Dr. Phil does not need to be called in, it is a fact of the game. You win some, you lose some. I grew up watching and palying sports so I enjoy the competitive edge, but am saddened by the use of steroids out in the sports worlds. As you all know I grew up in Lake Tahoe where I became a decent skier. I even raced for some time. My coach was previously a member of the New Zealand Olympic ski team. He could explain to us how to tweak our abilities to gain a faster line and lessen our times down the slalom course. When my brother broke his thumb at the beginning of our season a favor was called in and the US Olympic doctor set his cast to his ski pole so his season was not a washout. I grew up attending many pro sporting events and loving all of them. I believe I was a tomboy, if you will. My hopes of joining the Olympic team were killed when my father's job transfered him from our beloved mountains to Tracy, California...Farmland capital USA. My first day in high school I was nearly run over by a tractor in the hallway. The high school even had its own ski club. I tried that but it was truly a joke. They boasted about how good they were at skiing yet when I asked if they have ever hit a double diamond hill a look of terror shot through their eyes...well, at least it shut them up.

So, we do spend a lot of time watching various different events from soccer in the Uk and Italy to horseracing, basketball (not my favorite), baseball, football, hockey, rodeo, and...well pretty much anything else you can think of. One of our favorites was the Champion's League (soccer) over in the UK. Don had picked his time and I mine and then we see how they fare. So, I would like to offer a heart congratulations to manchester United hwo not only wiped out my dear hubby's chosen team...Arsenal, but also beat Chelsea to win the cup this past week.

Does anyone else get sick of some of the garbage that is on tv? or is it just me?

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Jan said...

I was just talking with a friend last night about how bored I am of tv. I just am not connecting to anything really. I did watch AI of course, but other than that, it is movies. I hate the commercials more than anything too. Drives me crazy to sit there with my daughter and have to have her turn her head every time. We do not watch sports either. Maybe occasionally, but very rarely..