Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Breaking The News....

Oh yeah...it's coming.

Moving time...again.

They all knew it was going to happen....and boy did it.

Our main goal was to find a place that was a bit less expensive so we could live within our means. Our ideal was to stay in the ward that has nurtured us during the dust settling. Our ideal was also to keep the kids in the school they've attended all year...though secretly Molly has prayed against staying in her school. Why? Nerd Uniforms. Yes, they have to wear uniforms...which are an incredibly large pain in my behind to find might I add.

Goals? We apparently need to stinkin' goals!!!

I received a call early yesterday morning from my friend, Bobby. He told me that one of the tenants of one of his houses wee coming available and he and his father were interested in renting to our family. Our rent right now is $1040 for a 3 bedroom apartment, on the third floor, with 1200 square feet. It was doable, and we made it work though many of our belongings remain in storage gathering dust. Like my favorite century old piano...I miss dear friend...sniff sniff!!!

So, instead of paying oodles of cash for a tiny three bedroom we will pay only $950 for a 1900 sq foot home. Of course, since we can pull our items out of storage we eliminate the rent from our storage as well. I fully understand the energy bill will be a bit higher and our water bill will be a bit higher as well and there will be the new bill of trash collection. However, after going through the figures we still come out ahead.

So, we are moving again in July. Out of our ward boundaries. Out of the school boundaries, yet still in the same district.

And how did the kids react?

Bryan was good with it...he's heading into high school anyway and most of his friends were headed to a different high school.

Molly? Oh that was easy...she won't have to wear her "Nerd" uniform any longer. She was ecstatic!!!

And finally...Corinna. My high schooler. The one who cried when we told he we were moving to Texas. She shrugged her shoulders and said: "OK."

Really? Just "OK"?!?!?

She was literally fine with it. The good Lord has prepared them for the move. now we just need to pick up our boxes from storage and get ready.


Hatch Family said...

good for you and your family! the extra space for a lot less is great. it's like you got a coupon!

Momza said...

You have really good kids.
And a home is better than an apartment.
Tammy, I continue to be amazed at how well your family handles transitions.
You could write a book!
I hope you get your 100 yo piano out of storage and enjoy it again!

Tammy said...

Unfortunately Momza...I dont play the piano and it isn't in restored condition, but it is beautiful with wonderful ivory keys...some chipped.

Tammy said...

But so my favorite furniture to look at

H.K. said...

I am so happy that your kids are fine with the move & that you found a bigger place for that rental amount. I wish rentals here were that cheap!