Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Sunday for the Ages...

There's always that one Sunday when a plan always comes together...everything clicks. It started out early. 7:21am to be exact. It felt good to sleep in. Oh yeah, that WAS sleeping in for me...


It was the monthly early morning Presidency meeting and breakfast for the Young Women Presidencies which meant I had to roll my two girls out of bed. Clutching their binders, and stumbling blindly in their PJ's to the door it was a miracle they stopped yawning before walking into their YW President's home.

On the way home I pulled past the dumpster and scored with a large stack of moving boxes broken down and ready to be used!!! SUH-WEET!!!!

Afterwards they came home and hubby started a massive squirt gun war in the house...with the tiniest squirt gun imaginable. All while I attempted to domestic aren't I?! So, once the kids were sufficiently doused and it came to near tears I ended the war with a glass of cold water to hubby.

My sweet visiting teachers stopped by while the Fam got ready for church. I was incredibly entertained as were my visiting teachers when hubby entertained us with a rousing concert while he took a shower....Boy did he turn red when he found out they heard him. Oh yeah...they were so jealous!!!

Church went really well as and I survived my calling. For a woman who is not naturally drawn to babies being an Assistant Nursery leader, when our ward has no less than 4 nurseries, can be the true meaning of "enduring to the end." I felt blessed to be able to watch Corinna receive her final two ribbons of her Young Women's Bookmark. I was able to arrange Corinna's interview with the bishop and she will receive her Young Women's medallion next Sunday. I am so thrilled for her. I arranged for Bryan for his interview since he will be turning 14 next week.

After church Molly and I began our walk home. Hubby had to head to work the late shift so we opted to enjoy the fresh air. Corinna and Bryan had to wait after church for their BYC meeting. Our YM/YW leaders always make sure they get a ride home. We didn't even make it a full block until a wardmember pulled over and picked us up.

The reason our ward is so incredibly awesome...Thought we've tried many times...we've never walked the entire way home. Someone always stops. Too sweet!!!

So now, I am home with my feet up relaxing. 2 out of the 3 kids are home with me...Corinna opted to head out with her YW leaders for a special fireside with Brother Marvin Goldstein. He speaking to them all about developing their talents. I hope she has a wonderful time.

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