Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Taking Care of Mom...

It's inbred, natural really...
When we, as mothers, make dinner....we serve others first.
As women I find we watch over others moreso than ourselves.

Yesterday, after...well....let's just say several years...we needn't be too exact anyway...what's the point?!

I FINALLY took that step, albeit painful.

Why after so many years of dealing with the constant pain have I given in? I can't tell you an exact reason, but reality hit Sunday after church.

We walked home. Living less than a half mile from church is definitely a blessing when dealing with one car. Hubby unfortunately had to depart for work right before church ended to get make it to his shift on time. The kids and I...walked home. They never complained, but I found myself blessed to see their sweet spirits as every few minutes my girls would look back at me to make sure I was still with them. My son, walked next to me, hand in hand, watching over me the way only he can do.

As I approached the stairs, 3 flights of the most insane way to finish a half mile walk, I inwardly groaned, knowing the throbbing burning aching pain which would soon settle in and I would hide from my kids as we celebrated Bryan's 14th birthday a day early.

Going back, my feet began hurting several years ago whenever I climbed out of bed or sat for a length of time. It was never too bad and the ache went away after awhile. I've also never received much help when going to doctors. Upon going in for my knees when they first began hurting I received the admonition that I was too fat and needed to lose weight. Twice doctors have told me these words causing me to never want help from them again. it was an unconscious decision. Sunday, however sent me over the edge. i slept for 2 hours before being awakened at 1:35 am and desperately trying to get back to sleep while ignoring the pain.

Enough was enough. I'd done enough research on the Internet to diagnose myself with Plantar Fasciitis with possible bone spurs causing the pain. I searched my provider's directory silently feeling thankful I didn't need a referral which may have caused me to decide not to bother. I called my first choice after researching the doctors to find the earliest they could get me in was July...are you kidding me?! However, I had another idea to call another doctor...I can't explain why I picked him but let's just say his name stood out to me.

I called to check and see how early I could get to see him. I was aiming for friday...it is my day off so a perfect way to waste my day away. Was I in luck or what?! They had a cancellation if I could get there in the next 45 minutes. Seriously?!?! NICE!!!

Now, about this Doc....you know, the random one i picked out because his name just stood out to me. Pshaw...what a stupid way to pick out a doctor!!!! Not really!!! It seems he is VERY well educated and was appointed by the governor to be on the state board of podiatry examiners. NICE!!! My first thought...get a lottery ticket...just pick the numbers that stand out...yeah right!!!

The sweet ladies in the office took the xrays and it was discovered that I am such an overachiever that they considered calling the Guinness Book of World Records...no not really, but close. He showed me on the xray where I had not one but 2 fabulous beautiful bone spurs. The one on my heel...Not so bad, just good info to know. The one on my heel...big enough to be counted as an extra toe in my opinion.

The course of action...

cortisone shots, 3 of them spread out in a 6 week plan. By the way, if you've been blessed to never have a cortisone shot, feel blessed, but I'll liken it to being the Devil's own medicine, second only to Pitocin...ugh!!!

Wrapping my foot. Done!!!

Insoles, highly uncomfortable, but Done!!!

Not walking long distances if not needed. I'll give it a shot!!

Putting my feet up. NICE!!!

Not lifting heavy objects...including boxes while we move....I am loving my doctor!!!

All this in avoiding the desperate act of surgery.

After the doctor's office I ate a bagel and rushed to get dressed because I was supposed to make it into the office. One of our resorts was slated to visit so i was supposed to be there. I had a wonderful talk with my manager who gave me so much support and told me to keep her informed on the progress with my foot. And then we found out the property wasn't showing. I was there for no reason. I worked my shift and then sat down to wait. I was off at 8:30pm and unfortunately buses don't run at that time so I had to wait for my sweetheart to pick me up after his shift...he was off at 11pm. Oh yeah...

Before you get to feeling too sorry for me, I kicked back in the massage recliner in front of the big screen watching whatever I felt like watching. I know...I'm spoiled, but it's all right I'm good with it!!!

By the time I made it home, my foot was aching, my eyes were drooping as I was nearing the 23 hours awake mark. Hubby tucked me in bed and before he could say goodnight I was sawing logs, better than a lumber mill.

So...how was your day?!


H.K. said...

Ouch! I have a friend that has the same condition and he explained how excruciating the pain is- hope your on the mend!

Jen said...

I am so sorry you are struggling with this and other things. I wish I could give you a big hug and have a nice long chat. Hang in there. Focus on the things (the shots) that you are working on to get you better... I'll be praying for you! miss you!