Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vacation Days & Lesson Learned...

It's here!!!! Glorious days are here again!!! it's vacation time!!! And yet, I'm going nowhere....for the most part.

Yesterday I had a very productive day of washing the car in the car this morning before it became hotter than the sun outside, making two batches of sourdough bread, making a new pair of pajamas for one kid out of fabric I'd planned on over a year ago. I entertained our neighborhood kids and got in a chick flick...it's all good!!!

Today's agenda...a little bit slower. I am heading out for a job interview. I still love what I do but at the same time I have an opportunity to jump for something. It's a position at a competitor's property to work the in-house reservations system. the job is Monday - Friday with weekends and evenings off with my kids. That would mean I could get back to church...which I desperately need. Hubby can drop me off in the morning and I can find my way back after an only 45 minute ride on the bus instead of 2 1/2 hours. Quite a difference don't you think?! I sure do!!! The pay doesn't change.

So, here's what I learned....#1 It was nearly a miracle I made it into Marriott as I've seen many try over and over again and not be accepted. Heavenly Father MUST have his hand in it. Now, after a year and moving into a house and living across from some terrific friends...this job post comes open. This company is about as easy to get into as Marriott. My friend applied for the same position having over 20 years experience working in a call center and working at Southwest Airlines...travel business experience. She couldn't even get an interview. It's crazy the way they pick the people to interview. I don't udnerstand it at all, but I've learned to accept the good Lord offers us a path and it is our choice whether or not to accept it. There's really no stress involved today because I already have a job right now doing the exact same things they are expecting their new hire to do. The main difference is weekends with my family and being home at night with my family as well. I'll update after the interview to let you all know how it went!!!


Cynthia said...

I hope you left the interview today feeling like you represented yourself as best you could. So long as you feel good about that, whatever happens with the job will happen.

I love reading your blog and seeing how you've come out the other side of some really hard trials. I'm in the thick of it right now (dog pile trial) and reading your blog gives me hope that I'll come out the other side of this too.

I had a job interview last week and might have a part-time job at a place which is also really hard to get on. The pay is low for my skill set but it's a foot in the door and I can do the work while my kids are at school. I REALLY hope this is the path the Lord wants for me because I want this opportunity BADLY!

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