Monday, July 5, 2010

Tales of the Scorpion, Unpacking and Sweet Revenge...

It happened. I've been here a full year and the one thing I was afraid of happened. As we were walking home from our friends house, I love having friends right across the street, scurrying across our driveway was one of the most fearful creatures in my nightmares...the dreaded scorpion. They creep me out just as much as a spider or a snake...most definitely a snake. That night I overcame my fear and smashed the critter under my flip flops. The Scorpions will bother me no more!!!!

For the past week we've been unpacking and we are fairly well settled we simply need to paint. I'm so not looking forward to that....however my vacation is coming soon....and guess what am doing for vacation...Painting!!!! it's nice to be settled into our home now and feel normal again. My office AKA the in a hidden room next to our pantry/washroom. I love the privacy I have. We even made it to our new ward and met some fabulous families. I felt so comfortable. It is the smallest ward we've ever lived in. However, the numbers may be small but the hearts are large!!! I can't wait to get to know these ladies.

4th of July came about and we spent the afternoon after church with our fantastic friends, with whom we could've never made it through our trials without. This is the friend who literally kept me at an even keel and called me each night to give me encouragement when I was alone back in California as Hubby searched for a job. The nights I felt I couldn't take another step and go on...He told me I can and I will. Hubby struggled with depression at the same time I did. There was no way he could help me. Our dear friends across the street did. When Anne of Green Gables talks of kindred spirits....I now know who she is talking about.

As luck had it not only do we have some of our best friends across the street, but his father owns a firework stand. Oh Yeah!!!! Connections baby!!! His father already offered Corinna a job when she turns 16. She's thrilled. In fact, he offered jobs to all three of my kids when they turn 16. Suh-Weet!!! How can a teen turn away $10 an hour?!?! So he supplied our fireworks show. There are definite advantages to living in the county.

Have you ever seen $900 worth of fireworks?!?!

I have and we started approximately 9pm when the sun was completely own. We didn't finish until after midnight and there were still fireworks left we didn't get set off. It was a show to end all shows.

Oh...and the sweet revenge we were talking about?!?! Well, do remember when my dear friend Bobby introduced himself to my co-worker as the "shmuck she wouldn't date in high school"?!?! So, as his other friends showed up and I met them. I introduced myself and added..."I'm the girl who refused to date him in high school." They all enjoyed that and he turned beet red...Revenge is sweet.

And here's the thing. I told him I seriously never remembered him asking me to prom. I told my dear friend that the only thing I remembered was him approaching me and saying: "If Jeff asked you to prom would you go with him?"

I can barely believe what he said in return: "Yeah, you were supposed to say: No, I'd rather go with you Bobby."

What a dork?!?!? His fiance and I agree he's most definitely a dork, but he's our dork and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Silcox Stories said...

So excited for you Tammy!

H.K. said...

I hate scorpions- they freak me out, actually any creepy crawly things freaks me out.

I'm jealous of your fireworks connection! My son would have flipped if we had that type of connection.

Take care!