Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 7....Check!!!

It was a busy week. My last day off was a week ago today and I finished the long week with a splash....more like a shiver.

I've had training all week and realized just how spoiled I was.

Point and Click!!!

That's all we do. Move the little arrow and click where we want to look at the screen. Brilliant right?!?!?

Not when you have to go back to learning a DOS program....

Uh yeah!!! High tech job that I have leeaves me on 5 screens at once during the day. You'd think I'd know how to land a jumbo jet, but that perhaps is left for a later time....or the fact that I have no less than 12 login ids and 12 various passwords just to start work.


The result?!?!? Happy people because i am now turned into a one stop shop for them. The cream of the crop of our guests call one number and get everything handled by one person...Me.

BTW.....Did you know Paris Hilton is a Marriott Rewards member?

No...I'm not lying!!!

Anyway, With training my days off got switched leaving me with 7 straight days of work. Ugh...really?!?! Do I have to?!?

So, I survived. I made it through my days and smiled the entire time. And now...I am in recovery for one day. Hubby will rub my feet, draw me a bath and even pour bath salts in ready to make me one happy woman.

Yeah, right!!!

Have a great day all!!!!

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Silcox Stories said...

Hey, I've missed you! You are one tough woman! Hang in there dear friend, you are a shining example to all!