Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Guess It Happens...

It seems funny to me looking back and seeing how miserable I was. It felt like I was buried deep into a swirling black vortex of destruction sucking every ounce of life out of me. Every corner I turned it was as if my nightmare got continually worse and worse.

These days, as many of you have noticed...I am not dealing with the same issues. No, the free weekend in LA sure cured me of alot. Of course, apparently that wasn't enough to cure me of EVERY little issue in my head.

Nope, the good Lord had something else in mind.

Here at work we are asked to take quizzes here and there to familiarize ourselves with the properties we take care of. There are over 3200 worldwide and more to come. I take the quizzes, even if they aren't in my area...WHY?!

To participate.

Marriott loves it when people participate. I will participate in any event I can, within reason of course. So, I turned in my quiz.

Today, while I was helping a delightful guest with his reservation in one of our luxury resorts an e-mail popped in. The results from the quiz. At the end...the winners!!!

Would you believe it? I won...Again!!!

No exciting trips this time...just a shiny new BluRay DVD player.

I'll be picking that up early on Monday!!!!

If you feel the earth shake...don't's me dancing.


Momza said...

Can you feel the energy from the big smile on my face for you????
Stinking happy for you, Tammy.

H.K. said...

The earth is shaking here too, cause I'm dancing with you!! Congrats!