Thursday, June 10, 2010


Aside from working a ridiculously 40 hours workweek...I know horrible isn't it?!?!
Aside from packing the house and getting ready for the move...though I'm not sure yet what date this will happen...Aside from trying to get all three kids ready for Youth Conference and their camps which are all happening within a few days of each other...Aside from getting hubby ready and taking him to the airport at some incredibly horrible hour of the morning for a weekend trip (Happy 50th anniversary to his parents)...Aside from hobbling to the doctor only to hear the words: "We'll give you a larger dose of Cortisone and re-evaluate if we should even do a third dose in 4 weeks...Aside from realizing the larger shot of Cortisone didn't work, but appreciating the pain in which I felt as it was injected into my foot...Aside from the loss of my sanity and taking a brief moment to enjoy the incredibly beautiful lightning storms...Aside from attempting to remember how to spell my own name....I'm here and I'm the side of course!!!

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