Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Almost Home...

I am sitting here in my dungeon...literally, although I think we need a few more gargoyles and skeletons hanging in the corner to be perfectly honest. Oh and by the way....I HATE MOVING!!!!!

The start of our moving season was beautiful...all three of my children were off at scout camp or Young Women's Camp. Bryan had a great time earning 7 whopping merit badges bringing him within 1 merit badge to earn his life rank... And of course he has 5 1/2 months to wit until he can advance. the girls had a blast of their own learning the power of prayer is great. While the other cabins at camp found spiders and scorpions lurking in their cabin, theirs was the one cabin with absolutely no incidences. The girls even enjoyed their horseback riding lessons at camp. It was great in their eyes.

While all three kids were gone we bagged and boxed all of their things and moved everything but the furniture. Moving day came and the hectic pace began. I consider ourselves blessed that we had so much help loading up...and there were 6 moves happening in our ward that day. We even had my car loaded to the hilt!!! I received a call from a friend saying that the girls would be arriving home in 1 hour. My care was packed to the roof. I had no choice but to run to the house, unpack my car and then run to pick the girls up. I made it about 5 minutes late. Once we loaded the girls into the car along with all their gear we ran back to the house. I knew I had about an hour before Bryan would be arriving home. So we loaded some of the final kitchen items...not all would fit in the car and began our journey to the new house.

Our friends, and new neighbors, lent me one of their cell phones since our phone would soon be down. As we were driving past the church the cell rang and we found out Bryan would be at the church in about 10 minutes. We turned around and drove back to the church and then desperately tried to rearrange things so that we could fit one more body AND all of his gear into the car. Let's just say there's a reason I'm good at Tetris.

For the past 3 days we've done nothing but unpack and rearrange. So much to do and never enough time let me tell you!!!

Today is a little slower pace. Don is at work and this is my final day off.We have just a few more boxes to unpack and then we can get back to our previously scheduled programming.

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You'll make it Tammy!!!