Monday, March 29, 2010

I DID IT!!!!!

I felt as if I were making my triumphant entry back to church. We walked in and sat down early as the girls rushed off to their quick rehearsal before sacrament meeting began. All was quiet. One after another the nameless faces began filing in. I remembered some of their faces, but their names escape me. I haven't seen any of them since last was I supposed to remember their names. I sat quietly and read my scriptures...soaked in the spirit. As sacrament meeting was getting ready to begin the bishop and his counselors emerged from his office and took the stand. His eyes looked out upon the congregation and fell upon our family. All 5 of us...sitting quietly. Both he and his counselors saw me at the same time. I received three big smiles from the stand, a wave from two counselors and two thumbs up from the bishop. All through sacrament meeting I saw our bishop's eyes glancing in our family's direction with a big smile spread across his face. I may have even glanced upon a little tearage up there.

After sacrament meeting I went to play with all of my little friends in nursery. I still had my calling to attend to. I found myself grateful for the leaders who give my children rides when we can't make it. I am thankful for the leaders that teach my children how to have strong testimonies. I am thankful for a bishop who pulled back on the ourse strings for the adult activities in the ward so that our youth could attend both Young Women's Camp and Scout Camp compliments of our ward. My jaw dropped as we were told no payment was due for either camp. I felt a thankful burning in my heart knowing what a blessing it was to be in this ward.

I remembered back to the afternoon in California when I was lead to the apartment complex nearly 30 minutes from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's home. I was literally lead to this ward....and I feel blessed and now I know why.


Momza said...

Just big smiles over here.
So so happy for you Tammy.
You are blessed.

H.K. said...

OMG- I started tearing up reading this! I am soooo happy that you were all able to go to Sacrament together and feel the spirit and most importantly that you have such a supportive ward.