Friday, July 16, 2010

In My Mind...

Tonight is my last night of working a night shift. My last day off was Monday and my next day off is's a long week. However, my vacation starts on Monday so I will have several days off to take in a deep breath and enjoy myself long enough to sling a paintbrush around the house and finally get rid of the awful brown color that is staring at us each and every day. Hubby and I picked the colors for our house a couple weeks ago and were thrilled with our decision...until yesterday. For some odd, strange reason he picked arctic blue for our living room. Not good enough. We wanted something to really pop as you came in and we are thrilled with our new choice. Honestly I don't know how dating I am to actually paint my walls a deep red, but with the baseboard and banister being painted white it's going to look great!!! It can't be worse than the brown can it? it can't. I've taken some truly horrifying before pictures and I can't wait until I am done to show you the after pictures. It's going to be fun...besides, the kids are helping me!!!!

Oh joy....someone pass the aspirin please!!!

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