Friday, July 16, 2010

All About Molly...

For some who may not know this young lady...this is Molly. Bee as she was nicknamed upon birth...long story. ANYHOO...this young lady started out as a spirited baby who literally kept me awake rocking her during the entire length of Princess Diana's funeral...a connection? Not sure yet. She, as a toddler, would give her grandparent's nasty looks and refuse for them to even hold her. Oh yeah...she's got quite a sting.

As she prepared to go off to kindergarten I found myself handing her to the teacher and darting out the door while she screamed: "Don't leave me here Mommy!!!!"
That lasted for only a mere 6 months. For those same 6 months she refused to speak in class...not to the teacher...not to her classmates. Her shyness had control of her. In fact, during a presentation by the kindergarten class where every student said their name and age Molly refused. Fortunately, the music teacher had a solution. In chorus the entire class said: "Her name is Molly, she's 5 years old."

The following year at school she broke out of he shell and made many new friends...including several young men. As her class enjoyed the last 10 minutes of class at the playground Molly skipped over to the swings flanked by no less than 5 boys. They lined up excited, as if they were standing in line to receive an ice cream. But no...that was not the plan. They were to each take turns pushing Molly 3 times on the swing and then get in the back of the line. I watched for that entire 10 minutes as those boys labored .

Why you may ask?!?! Because my dear sweet daughter didn't feel like pumping her legs!!!


Growing up as headstrong as can be she is one that never gives up when she puts her mind to it. She has fallen in love with acting....something for which only a drama geek mother of hers can appreciate. She took an improv class back in California and loved the freedom she felt.

Lately, she has heard several radio ads about talent scouts visiting San Antonio and she has literally begged us 5 times to take her. Each time we happily found a reason to avoid going, but we ran out of reasons last week.

Early on Saturday we awoke Sleeping Beauty fairly early so she could gt up, showered and ready. She and I traipsed off to the given location and waited for her time to shine. As we waited, the kids were all given some tips on acting from one other than Phil Lewis.

I know...he looks familiar...kind of like your second cousin 3 times removed on your great aunt's side? Let me give you a better picture:
Yes, she was introduced to the charismatic Mr Moseby who encouraged her in the pursuit of her dreams as she waited for her turn with the talent scout.

Butterflies crept in her stomach...who she have the right look for the Disney Channel...her ultimate dream.

As we met with Jimmy V he took a look at her and got to know her. She completed a cold read of a GAP commercial in front of the camera. Jimmy asked us to return on an appointed day with the commercial memorized and giving it her best. She received her call back slip.

For the next hours she read and re-read her commercial bringing it to memory. When we returned on the appointed day she performed again, no other kids in the room...just she, Jimmy V and I. After her performance he agreed she certainly had talent and mentioned that she had a great physique for print ads and modeling as well. he liked her look and told her to go into auditions as herself instead of trying to add extensions to her hair and being something she's not. He felt she could go far.

At the end of our meeting he handed me his cell# and took down her information in case he finds something for her.

As we walked from our meeting while other kids waited anxiously for their call backs Molly jumped and pumped her fist in the air.


Looks like my girl has her course steady. she is heading full steam ahead for her dreams.


Jen said...

WOW! that is all I can say! WOW!

Cynthia said...

No matter what comes of it, she's learned to RISK for what she wants. I am so proud of her for putting herself out there. I certainly hope good things come from it but she's a winner no matter what!