Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's been a long couple of weeks....working hard, playing hard, praying hard.

Long hours on the sales floor and connected to a headset listening to people tell me a bit about their lives. This morning I had a wonderful conversation with a woman who worked in a bridal shop part time and was taking her husband into the doctor to get his check up with his Parkinson's. Her oldest son has just sold his house and is living in her brother's condo, of which he is going to out in the next week or two to find a new home to start out his new life with his new job. And how do I know this? Because resevervationists are the bartenders of the travel world, dontcha know?!?!?

In between the packing we've found our way to the pool, doing a quick road trip...just to drop hubby off at the airport. All the while getting hit on by a guy in the Shell station...Here's what happened....and please keep in mind this is a biker with tattoos up his arm with a handlebar mustache.

Him "Hi"

Me "Hi"

Him "How are you?"

Me "Fine thanks, how are you?"

Him "Better now that you got here!!!"

OH MY!!!!

And finally, my best friend, My Bobby. He called and asked for a favor. For a friend? Absolutely!!! Can I watch his girlfriend's kids? No prob. Why?!

Because he is in the hospital and when his girlfriend finds out she's going to FREAK and will be wanting to get to the hospital to see him. Truth be told...she sure did. She did what she was told....brought the kids to me and left for the hospital. We watched their kids. her darling 4 year old son came up to me and fluttered his big brown eyes and said: "You're pretty." Sucking up?! Nope...far to innocent. Molly however was given a better offer: "You're pretty...will you marry me?" The little guys older brother who just happens to have a crush on Molly seems to agree.

...oh dear!!!

Come to find out our dear Bobby had a sugar level so high it made the doctor's scratch their head trying to figure out why he wasn't in a coma. YOWZA!!!! Apparently he has been diagnosed with juvenile onset diabetes. I told him he needed to grow've gotta love our friendship. He's the one that is renting us the house so our kids can be together and play together. The beginning o his own community. One where the kids can be kids and the grownups can shut down the street for a block party, just because we want to.

He is now recovering and slowly making his way back to work. He's a nurse and all of the doctor's he works with are keeping a very close eye on him...he is adjusting fine.

And finally, I am grateful for the goodness in my life and the close friends who I can depend on and who can depend on me. I am grateful for the love of my life who is at this moment celebrating his parent's 50th anniversary and for the first time in MANY years having all of his brothers and sisters in one place. I am grateful for the gospel that keeps my feet moving even when i don't want to move them. I am also grateful for the cool weather that will invade San Antonio on whatever date we decide to move....I can dream can't I?!?!? Just a little faith!!!!


H.K. said...

Hope your move goes well and congrats on moving to bigger and better things!

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